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Letters and Emails to the Editor 2013

Dear Bernard,

Iíd like to use a number of images from the John Hope Collection on my website if possible. I should credit them to yourselves as ĎAll Rights Reserved; and provide a link to the Collection website on the Acknowledgements page. My website is a non-profit-making site.

If possible Iíd like to use the photographs listed below on my Quinton pages plus my Camomile Green pages and also my Harts Green pages Ė The numbers and description as follows

8. Monckton Barn
12. College Road Methodist Church
21. Quinton Farm
26. The Old Toll House and Wesleyan Chapel
36. Camomile Cottages
57. Harts Green Farm

Best regards,

Bill Dargue

Dear Mr Taylor,

My father lived in Quinton from 1930 to his death in 2002. Among his possessions is a photo of the residents of Ridgacre Road assembled on the green space in front of 401 where he lived celebrating VE day. I thought it may be of interest to your society and attach a copy for your archive.

The houses are facing Ridgacre Road before the "new" road made it a dual carriageway. The white one on the right is 401 where my father Maurice lived from c1930 till his death in 2002. (Gwen, his wife died in 1972). The track in front of the houses was narrow and unfriendly to cars. I remember gas lighting. The other photograph has VE Day 1945 written on it. Top left is Mrs Mary Philips and her peke, next to her, my mother and I am on my fatherís shoulder just above her.

All the best,

Richard Molineux

Ridgacre Road

Ridgacre Road

Ridgacre Residents

Ridgacre Residents

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