Dear Bernard,

I, today, received my latest copy of the Oracle ns was so pleased to see the article about the opening of the Danilo cinema. I was 12 at the time and remember being there with my parents and two cousins who were staying with us at the time. They lived in Rugby. I do not remember very much about the ceremony or actually seeing the films mentioned in the article, but do remember the Charlie Chan pictures and Jane Withers was quite a favourite of mine. I must have gone to the show because I remember being very impressed with the wonderful curtains covering the screen. They were a russet shade, velvet, with beautiful trees appliquéd on them in gold and other shades of green.

I know about the Danilo being used for the Home Guard, because there was a German plane shot down, which crashed somewhere in Smethwick, and one of the crew bailed out and landed in the allotments in the back of Barston Road, where I lived. I remember my mother was outside then watching his descent and someone called out, 'It's a Land mine!' My Mother replied, 'Don't be daft, I can see his legs dangling.' The German landed amidst the vegetables growing in the allotments and three men got to him, my father one of them. They had to rouse the local Home Guard man who was asleep in bed during all the commotion, and took him off to the Home Guard Post at the Danilo. The worst part was that as he was marched away, I heard someone shout out 'Kill him. Kill him'. (It was the time we had read that some of our RAF boys were being shot if they bailed out over Germany.  Of course there was no killing, but I was very upset. Troubled times then, but interspersed with some good and happy times too.

All good wishes from Doreen Crowder, Walsall



Dear Bernard

I always find The Oracle an interesting journal but it is only recently that I caught up with the February edition. The article by Chris Reason was a fascinating, well researched but sad piece. It helped bring home just how dreadful this war was for all concerned. My paternal grandfather (Augustus – Gus) was in the Royal Engineers and was about to join the Royal Flying Corps when he was gassed and lost a lung. My great uncle was in the Royal Warks but he was shot and killed by a sniper on 20th September 1918.

Thank you to you and all those in the QLHS who keep the society running.

Kind regards, Sue Taylor  




I have been looking into my family tree and found an ancestor living at Four Dwellings Farm in the 1880s. Mary Ann Davenport was married to Joseph and it appears that though they did not have their own children, she took in those of poor relatives. I have the apprenticeship document of my great grandfather which was signed by Mary and gives the Four Dwellings address. I would be grateful if you have information or pictures relating to the farm and family.

Helen Smith

Ed’s Comment-I asked for a copy of the agreement and anything else that related. She sent a photo but we are not sure where it was taken so I have not included it

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