Annexation Day Centenary Celebrations

In 1901 the population of the parish of Quinton was 5200, later in 1907 there was strong feelings towards backing Hales Owen’s plans for a sewerage system covering both areas. The Reverend James Jones, Chairman of the parish Council, was a very formidable personality.

Rev. Jones
Reverend James Jones, PCC Chairman

and there was no doubt in his mind that Hales Owen’s proposal should be rejected, in favour of an approach from Birmingham. The many advantages of becoming part of Birmingham were overwhelming and so, on 9th November 1909 annexation took place and Quinton extended Birmingham by 838 acres.

Celebrations in Quinton Park
Celebrations in Quinton Park (rear of Meadow Road)
fire service
Arthur Masters-Quinton Fire Service

After twelve months the council agreed to develop the area for residential use, with a low housing density of twelve to the acre. Factories were banned for two reasons, there was no railway line and second, Quinton was up wind of Edgbaston and the council didn’t want the smoke, smells and sounds of manufacturing wafting over the wealthy populace of Birmingham.

It was the first scheme in the country to be accepted under the Housing and Planning Act of 1909 and was to become a model for other local authorities. Between the wars, the area was almost entirely built up and the population of Quinton increased twenty fold between 1921 and 1961. The urbanisation of Quinton was long delayed because for many years it had remained a rural spot dominated by half a dozen farms, of which World’s End Farm; Four Dwellings Farm; Welsh House Farm and Goodrest Farm were but four.

The Centenary of this most significant part of Quinton’s history takes place next year. Your history society is to co-ordinate a programme of events in November beginning with (hopefully) a re-ennactment of the day on Sunday 8th November 2009. I am hopeful that the Lord Mayor will be there to open the event as in 1909. I also hope that the schools and churches will get involved in the celebrations. When the events are in place and the dates fixed you as members will be the first to know-so watch this space!

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