The building of the New Infant School

People find the Quinton LHS on the internet and send emails asking if I would like various things associated with the area. One such document was the following, an estimate from John Newey (Builder) from Harborne. The date on the quote is April 5th 1871, I am sure you will find this to be a fascinating item of social history, I am sure you will be amazed at the final quote for all of the work, materials etc. The specification as follows:-

New Infant School at Quinton, 31ft x 18ft in clear on the North Side of present schools

Earthwork-The ground to be removed for walls to a solid foundation and the whole surface underneath floor joist to a depth of 1ft 6ins.

Brickwork-The walls to be thick built with good sound hard bricks of an approved quality laid old English bond splay. Bricks to windows to match the present school’s. The mortar to be composed of one third Good Lime and two thirds sharp sand and to be properly mixed. Two course of footing to walls and to be the same height as present school, the joints inside and out to be neatly struck and inside white-washed 2 coats. Build air flue in chimney and fix therein on of Dr. Arnott’s Ventilators. Build in six 9 x 3 air bricks under floor level also one course of bricks in cement. Build in six cast iron windows as shown on plan.

Carpenter and Joiners Work- The whole of the timber to be good red deal free from large, loose or dead knots. Floor joists and rafters to be 12 inch apart of the following sizes. Floor joists 7 x 2½, the floors to be laid with 7 x 1¼ boards, well nailed down and properly cleaned off. Wallplates, 3 x 5½; rafters 3½x 2½; purloins 11 x 3;ceiling joists 3 x 2¼; ridge 7 x 1¼; valley pieces 9 x 2; facia board 4½ x 1¼; flashing 4½ x ¾and 3 x 4½; Bond on Dwarf wall , fix two shutters on ceiling 1 ft x 2ft to hang upon. Pivots to a 4 x 2 frame and to be opened and closed by means of a cord. One framed Principal to roof beam 6 x 4, backs 6 x 4 , king 9 x 4 and streets 4 x 4 to be wrought for painting. The ends of rafters to be wrought. Provide and fix Gallery as shown on plan according to the Government Regulation. Two in ledged doors 6ft 6ins x 2 ft 9ins hung with strong ‘T’ -hinges to 3 x 4½ red deal frame dowelled into stone step-10inch stock lock and 1 thumb catch to each door.

Stone Mason- 2 solid York steps to door 10 x 7, 3 inch York flag 3 ft square fixed in school room for stove to rest upon.

Slater- The roof to be covered in the best Bangor Duchess slate 3 lap on 1¾ x ¾ red deal laths. Zinc nails to each slate. The ridge to be covered with blue cress tiles set in cement.

Plasterer-The ceiling to be lathed and plastered three coats with good hair-mortar. Cement reveals to windows.

Plumber, Glazier and Painter-The valleys and chimney gutters to be laid with 6lb lead and to be flashed with 4lb lead. The windows to be glazed with good crown glass and bedded in putty. The new doors and jambs and other wood work to have 4 coats of good quality paint. Also the iron windows and spouts to have two coats of oil paint.

Spouting-Fix 5 half round cast iron spouts to the eaves in wrought iron brackets. Two stack of 3inch down pipe with proper heads and shoes. A 4inch glazed socket.

Pipe drain- to be laid down from down pipe to the nearest existing drain. One 9 inch brick cess pool with cast iron frame and grate under each down pipe.

The whole work of the within named work to be done in a good substantial and workman-like manner for the sum of £159.0s.0d

The estimate was sent to Reverend C H Oldfield beautifully hand written in script, hence the reproduction of the document above, hope you enjoyed the article.

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