A War Memorial for Quinton

For several years I have contemplated arranging for the erection of a generic war memorial for Quinton. There are a number of specific memorials for example the white graves in the old burial ground (photo below)

W Z Dingley and Charles Grafton

of course the marble one that used to be in Bourne College to the lads from Bourne College who lost their lives in the First World War(photo next page). This was destroyed when Quinton Methodist Church was demolished and which the society arranged for a replica to be made in oak and erected in the foyer of the Quinborne Centre.

And finally the marble one on the wall in Christ Church to those who lost their lives in the First World War(below).

During the celebrations this year, commemorating the centenary of the First World War, I was asked by the acting head of the Church School if there was such a memorial for Quinton that the children could lay down a poppy wreath. Sadly, I replied there was not, and then I thought it was about time that the people of Quinton had their own War Memorial, a generic one to all those who had given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I approached the councillors and asked if the society could have a grant from the Ward Community Chest. The answer was a resounding “Yes!”, so I am very pleased to announce that the memorial will go ahead and be placed in front of the tree planted by the Lord Mayor during the Annexation Centenary celebrations in 2009.

The Lebanese cedar planted by the then

Lord Mayor, Councillor Michael Wilkes

The venue of course is Quinton Recreation Ground or Quinton Park, between Meadow Road and Powell Avenue.

The memorial, an example of which can be seen below, will be in black polished marble with gold lettering to the back and the base.

The base will read

We will remember them”

and the inscription on the sloping top section will read:-

Erected in honour of the men and women from Quinton who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of their country in order that we may all live in peace and freedom”

I am sure you all agree that the above is a worthwhile project undertook by yours truly on behalf of Quinton Local History Society. I would also like to convey my thanks to the three Quinton councillors who have supported the project, Caroline Bradley, John Clancy and Matthew Gregson. Also the financial support of Birmingham City Council Community Chest without which the memorial would not have happened. Supply and erection will be by Dallows Monuments of Quinton, no doubt there will be an enveiling ceremony but at the time of going to press that date is unknown.

It is then hoped that, in the future, when the anniversary of a significant event takes place a floral tribute will be laid at the memorial. Also where possible and as near to Remembrance Sunday a poppy wreath will be laid at the memorial by members of Quinton Local History Society but dates will be made known to our members via the website, the Quarterly Oracle and meetings.

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