Pictorial Memories of Birmingham and Round About

Chamberlain Square in the 1950s

Corporation Street in the 1950s

Colmore Row in the late 1940s/1950s

Advert for Kunzle Cakes

Hagley Road West, Quinton in 1965

Typical kitchen in the 1950s

The Thimblemill circa 1890

Thimblemill Pub in 1955 (now demolished)

Pheasant Inn in early 1900s

Wigorn Road in 1896

Hurst Lane (now Road) in 1928

Hurst Road on a Bird’s postcard in 1935

Ridgacre Road and Edenhall Road circa 1955

Bearwood Road on the corner of St Mary’s Road 1930s

I hope you have enjoyed the feature in the last few Oracles, and trust I have evoked a few memories of Birmingham and Round About. When I have collected a few more photos I will share them with you.

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