Pictorial Memories of Old Quinton and Round About

David Hassall was a keen collector of photographs and postcards of Quinton. He would meet regularly with friends and over a cup of coffee would view and discuss any new material that they had unearthed. All this happened prior to the formation of the Quinton LHS.

Sadly, David passed away last year but thanks to his wife Karen the albums have been donated to the history society. Meaning that David’s lifelong collection will be seen by our members, which I am sure you agree will be a fitting tribute to his memory and work.

Over the next 5 or 6 issues I will show photographs of Quinton, possibly never seen before. Then later in the year at one of the monthly meetings there will be a slide show of “Nostalgic Quinton”.

Cottages, corner of Spies Lane and Carters Lane, 1962

Spies Lane circa 1936

Shenstone Valley Road circa 1938

Royal Oak Inn, Manor Lane circa 1934

Mucklow Garage Limited circa 1930s

Kings Highway at night in the 1950s

The text reads The latest of the group of “Fewer and Better” houses erected by the company in the pre-war years. The Kings Highway was not completed until 1940. At the same time there was some doubt as to whether it would be called up for National Service immediately upon completion but fortunately it was decided that the work of dispensing comfort and good cheer, through the medium of “Good Honest Beer” was in itself a most essential form of National Service in those bleak days of 1940. Accordingly it was allowed to open its doors on 23rd December, just in time for Christmas.

The Kings Highway stands high on the Quinton Ridge, 730 feet above sea level. It stands equally high in the good opinion of the surrounding residents and they come, not only from Quinton itself, but also from the Black Country, to make use of the superb amenities provided. The fact that the Assembly Room is booked up night after night for months ahead is sufficient evidence of the quality of the service provided.”

Kings Highway interior circa 1958

Red Lion Hill in the 1920s

Witcombs Removals front view of house in 1952

Goodrest Avenue circa 1938

Howley Grange Road circa 1938

Beech Lanes Baptist circa 1907

(Opposite Fitzroy Avenue)

E W Kings circa 1910

(Corner of Beech Lanes and Redhall Road)

Four Dwellings Staff circa 1940

Old Hollybush c.1929(where Hollybush Grove is now)

Ed’s comment- I do hope you have enjoyed me sharing these memories with you and will look forward to the next batch in Oracle Number 80. Once again my thanks to David’s wife, Karen.

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