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The society has many ongoing conservation and research projects. Peter Beck, our conservation officer, keeps his eyes and ears alert to changes in and around Quinton and acts accordingly. The society are at present working on trying to get the Christ Church listed as a building of historical interest and importance.

The Old Burial Ground is an ongoing project and although progress seems quite slow and tedious, we do appear to be making some headway. Although having said that recent appeals for funding from the Co-operative Community Fund have been rejected. It is a pity but we will continue to look for fresh sources of money to finance the project.

Another ongoing project is the recording of shops, businesses etc from as early as possible to present day. When we have enough information on spreadsheet, it will be placed on the “archive section” of the QLHS Internet site and also filed in folders for reference by members during meetings and at the exhibitions.

Various areas have already been researched with the help of the old trade directories that can be found on the 6th Floor of the Central Library in Birmingham. However, these directories are now being placed on CD-rom and can be viewed in the comfort of your home on the computer. The society has used the money available to it to purchase quite a number of these CD’s, in order that an archive of its own can be built up. Society members can loan the CDs for their own study and reference.

On the next page will be a list of the CD-roms that the society own at present. If anyone wishes to loan them, for a week, they should contact me. There would be no charge for the hire, but the hirer must collect and return them to me and if any damage occurs, then a charge would have to be made to replace the CD.

If you are interested please contact me.


1851 Census of England-Worcestershire
1861 Census of England-Worcestershire
1871 Census of England-Worcestershire
1881 British Census and National Index
1891 Census of England-Worcestershire
1873 Return of Owners of Land
1830 Pigot’s Directory-Combined Counties
1873 Littlebury’s Directory and Gazetteer of Worcestershire
1878 Post Office Directory of Birmingham and Suburbs
1879 Post Office Directory of Birmingham and Suburbs
1913 Kelly’s Directory of Worcestershire (with map)
1924 Kelly’s Directory of Worcestershire (with map)
1940 Kelly’s Directory of Worcestershire (with map)

The above cost between £20 and £60 so as you can see we would have to make a charge for any damages. Hopefully, the list will increase as the society’s bank balance improves and our treasurer feels that the society’s funds are healthy enough to warrant the purchase.

The basic requirement to view is a computer with a CD-rom drive and the programme–Adobe Acrobat Reader vers. 5 or 6

The society is presently contemplating the purchase of a laptop computer but only when funds are available.

This would allow members to hire the machine at a modest cost and do their own research without the need of their own capital outlay. It would also be available at our monthly meetings, enabling those who are doing research to access the information. We are always looking at ways to improve the service our members but always making sure that we spend the society funds wisely. However, more about that in the future.

Bill Yates draw a map of the area dated 1904 –1928 and also found, by referring to Kelly’s Directories, the shops along the Hollybush, see below.


Note in 1928:
Beech Lanes/The Hawthornes/Quinton Hill/Ridgacre Road becomes Hagley Road West

Hollybush Shops-North side-1952

From Birch Road

380-Lindsey & Chapman Garden Stone & Slabbers
444-Griffin, J H Ladies Hairdresser
454-Lucy, John Joseph Physician & Surgeon
456-Jarvis, C N Electrical Engineer
458-Darby, Edwin Grocer
464-Griffiths, Fredk. Douglas Physician & Surgeon
498-Dawson Boys Ltd Outfitters
502-Keys Ltd Cycle Agents
504a-The Pottery Shoppe
504-Harris, Joseph Ltd Dyers & Cleaners
506-B’ham Value Shops Ltd
508-Beardsley, L A Chemist
510-Wrensons Stores Ltd Grocers
512-Turner, W & E Ltd Boot & Shoe Dealers
514-Dewhurst, J H Ltd Butchers
516-Mason, George J Ltd Grocers
518-Boots, the Chemist
520-Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd
522-Bakers (Retail) Ltd Butchers
524-Broadheads Ltd Bakers
526-Scrivens Ltd Opticians
528-Hawley A E & Co Ltd Dyers & Cleaners
530-Juvenile Wear Drapers
532-Brighter Home Stores Ltd Wallpaper Merchants
534-Glarry’s Gown Shop (Quinton) Ltd
536-Chowens Ltd Bakers
538-Perks Dairies Ltd Provision Dealers
540-Brindley K & D Knitting Wool Warehouse
540a-Pearce, Edith Gowns (B’ham) Ltd
542-Timpson, Wm. Ltd Boot & Shoe makers/dealers
544-Empire Snack Bar
546-Lett, Frank E Florist
548-Mills, F M Fishmonger
550-M E B
570-Smith Bros (Quinton) Woodworkers
574-Potter, Oswald Butcher
576-Johnsons Newsagents
578-Beckett of B’ham Ltd Dyers & Cleaners
584-Stait, Jas H Boot & Shoe Repairer
588-Harringtons Garage Motor Car Agents & dealers
616-Cooper, A Shopkeeper
616-Witcomb, Wm. Hy. Furniture Remover
734-Alford, W G & Son Ltd Stationers
736-Moyle, C Grocer
766-Gane, W J & Sons Ltd Funeral Directors
772-Jordan, A M Confectioner
774-Milward & Calloway Motor Engineers
778-Cutler, David Boot & Shoe Repairer.

I am sure that the above will stir many memories and perhaps the occasional comparison of what we have on offer today.

Staits Shoe Repairs and Beckett
Photo by kind permission of John Stait

If you would like to help or do some research for the society then please contact Bernard Taylor on 0121-422-1792 or e-mail

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