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Here are some articles from past issues of "The Quinton Oracle" :

Quinton Recreation Ground (part 3) by Peter Beck New!
Pictorial Memories of Birmingham and Round About - Page 6 New!
Middleton Hall New!
Coughton Court New!
Pictorial Memories of Birmingham and Round About - Page 5
Quinton Village Heritage Trail
Local Open Air Museums
Pictorial Memories of Birmingham and Round About
Quinton - a Dark and Wicked Place
Winterbourne House
Society Visit to Moseley Old Hall
Pictorial Memories of Birmingham and Round About - Page 4
Lucy Parkes-The Quinton Midwife
Cricket St. Thomas
Pictorial Memories of Birmingham and Round About - Page 3
Quinton Park/Quinton Recreation Ground by Peter Beck
Walker's Newsagent of Quinton
The Village Blacksmith
Self Build Housing in Quinton
More Pictorial Memories of Birmingham and Round About
Old Emails, Letters and Articles from the Archives
Day Out to the Red Cone Museum and Lace Guild
QLHS Break in North Wales
Pictorial Memories of Birmingham and Round About
A Potted History of Lightwoods Park and House
Heritage Open Weekend
Nailers' Cottages
Littlecote House
Stretton Watermill
Holme Lacy House and the Scudamores
Buildings of Historic Interest
Quinton's Home Guard
Who needs a doctor?
QLHS Visit to Hartlebury Castle - 24th March 2016
Who shot down the Heinkel?
Inglenook Cottage
Heritage Weekend
Harborne Walks by Edward Chitham
QLHS visit to Melton Mowbray
A Visit to the Black Country Museum's '40s Event
Tennal Hall - what’s in a name? by Alan Hill
The Real "Peaky Blinders" Brum Tours by Bernard Taylor
Quinton’s own Generic War Memorial by Bernard Taylor
The Story of a Bomber in Proville by Mary Archer MBE
My Visit to Newman Brothers in Birmingham by Bernard Taylor
Memories of Pot Black by Bernard Taylor
A War Memorial for Quinton
Post-war Memories of Christmas
Society Visit to Aston Hall and Blakesley Hall
"Leaving the Door Ajar" and "A Knock on the Door" by Gladys Jones
The Building of the New Infant School
Quinton in 1900 and Quinton School
Quinton Nailers by Brian Parkes
Foot Care in the Elderly by Sharon Byatt>
Memories of days long ago by Bernard Taylor
Local Place Names
Cottage Convalescent Home at Quinton
My Brush With Fame by Jean Sunderland
Bygone Farms of Hurst Green by H R Wilson
Collecting Old Postcards by Andrew Maxam
Pitts Wood, Quinton
The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Official Census by K S Taylor
Memories of the Red Lion
Kenelm: King, Martyr, Legend by Dr Michael Hall
What's happened to our Quinton shops? by Bernard Taylor
The Guinea Pig Club
First Holiday By Doreen Crowder
1st Quinton Scout Troop (Part One) By Maurice Castle
History of the Martineau Centre in Harborne
Black Country Village Life in Roseville by Charlotte Tate
Childhood Memories from Days Long Ago
The Day the Sweep Came
Working in Wartime by Doreen Crowder
John Davenport and Sons' Brewery Limited by Dianne M Wilson
Youth Service Corps By Doreen Crowder
They Don't Come Any More By Denis Colclough
Memorial to William Butler
Hopscotch versus zap space aliens By Denis Colclough
Annexation Day Centenary Celebrations
A War Time Childhood in Quinton By Gillian Collins (nee Yates)
Memories of Old Quinton By Marjorie Billings (nee Mullett)
History of Highfield Cottage, High Street, Quinton by Malcolm K. Read
Life in Quinton for the "Spies Lane Gang" By Gladys Jones
The Hystericals "Brief Encounter" by Bernard Taylor
The Post War Years by Vivienne Harris
A Delightful True Story by Christine Windsor
My First Job by Bryan Palser
Quinton Methodism - Forty Years and More by Mike Hall
Pax Hall by Malcolm Read
Warley and Round About by Mary Bodfish
Genealogy Corner
A Country Boy by Barry Sunderland
Memories of Shell Corner by Audrey H. Brodie
An Alien in Quinton by Doreen Crowder (nee Willetts)
Christmas in 1900 by Helen Cooper
Girls Brigade Camps - Quinton Methodist Church By Betty Rose
My Working Life began at Bournville By Gladys Jones
Old Quinton in the 1930s by Eileen Groeneweg-Jones
Our first holidays after the War by Betty Rose
Week Day Activities in 1948 by Betty Rose
Reginald Horace Wilson - Obituary
Reginald Horace Wilson - Oral History
Dark Deeds at Brandhall School by Bill Yates
Music was my first love by Jean Sunderland
Midland Red Magazine Adverts by Bernard Taylor
Pax Hall by Charlotte Tate
The Story of Road Transport by Bernard Taylor
The Celebration of a New Ministry by Bernard Taylor
News Update on the Ruins of Weoley Castle by Bernard Taylor
The Danilo Story by Bernard Taylor
Englesea Brook by Sue Hall
Escomb Saxon Church by Bernard Taylor
The Monarch's Way by Trevor Antill
The Elizabeth Rose Story by Elizabeth Rose
Wartime Memories of Quinton Church School by Charlotte Tate
Map collecting is a work of art by Bernard Taylor
Mondays to Sundays in Quinton by Mary Lord (nee Rose)
My Days Spent in Quinton by Mary Lord (nee Rose)
Slatchouse Farm By D E Yates
Editor's Report - Winter 2005
Quinton at War by Bernard Taylor
The Stanley Road Murder By Chief Supt. W. Worrall
Arthur Bird - Help Required
Edward Airey - Brickmaker
Hugh Bourne and William Clowes
The Gospel according to Brother Les While by Les While
Society Archives and Projects
Methodism in Quinton
The Bygone Farms of Hurst Green, Halesowen By H R Wilson
Quinton Methodist Church Girls' and Boys' Brigades By Betty Rose
Greenhill House By H.R. Wilson
Life at Quinton Church School in Wartime
Rudolf Müller's Story
Quinton's Home Guard by Joyce Barber
Wartime on the other side of the Road by Marjorie Berry ( nee Phillips)
A Story of One Quinton Evacuee by Stella Linnington (nee Bradbury)
A wartime Christmas memory by Charlotte Tate (nee Masters)
Memories of days long ago by Bernard Taylor
Kinver Light Railway by Dr Paul Collins
A Driving Force in Quinton by Brian Lee
The Toll Gate Keeper by Judith Lloyd
Francis Brett Young by Michael Hall
The Poplars by Bill Yates
A wartime washing day by Charlotte Tate
Farm labouring at 2s with beer, 2s.6d. without by Leslie Frost
Entertainers and theatres from the past by Stan Eades
Stories of Birmingham Municipal Bank Part 2 by Stella Linnington (nee Bradbury)
Stories of Birmingham Municipal Bank Part 1 by Stella Linnington (nee Bradbury)
Dig for Victory by Charlotte Tate
Father Smith by Geoff Smith
The One-o-three by Les While
Memories of Smith Bros (Quinton) Ltd. by Clifford David Smith
Childhood Memories of Quinton by Margaret Statham
Growing up with the "Co-op" by Vivienne Harris
A Historical Sketch of Quinton Village by Henry Dingley
Quinton Village History by Susie Coxill
Aaron Millward (1839-88) - an early schoolmaster of Quinton by Geoffrey Harlow
The heart of "Old Quinton" by Keith McDonald
Reminiscences of places, men, and times. by Henry Dingley
Nailed to the Poverty Line by Geraldine Sheridan
Arthur Masters by Charlotte Tate
Birch Road: Baskets and Brassicas by Peter Charles Turner
Wilmington Road by Keith McDonald
War Memories by D. Timms
A thousand years of Birmingham by Dr. Chris Upton
Spies Lane in the 1930s by Gladys Jones
150 not out in Beech Lanes by Graham Downing
My early days in Quinton by Bryan Palser
In the beginning of the Railway in Birmingham by H R Wilson
The Belle Vue Story by Joe Hunt
A Brief History of Quinton Recreation Ground by Peter Beck
The Pitfalls of Writing a Book by A N Rosser


The following are personal recollections about the heart of old Quinton by people who live, or have lived there The memories are reproduced with the kind permission of Anthony N Rosser from his book “Quinton and Round About", vol. II, chapter 30.
During the War by Denis Colclough
The Bissels by Edna Toye
Bissell Street Memories by Winifred Courier
War, Sport & Jewellery by Ron Smith
Local People by Bert Price
Farming, King Charles and the Two-way Pump by Fred Clay