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The Gospel according to Brother Les While

Lo, it came to pass that those of the tribe called Hystericals of the Land of The Quinton did go forth from their land even unto the land of the Celts.
They took unto themselves a worthy charioteer, Que Vin, of height many cubits and he it was who drove the mighty chariot wherein were one score and eleven of the tribe and its leader, one Bare Nard.
Bare Nard had prevailed upon the people of Llandudno in the land of the Celts to give food and room unto his people even unto four nights at the great house upon the shore called St. Kilda. Here the Hystericals were filled with great joy and were glad.
Que Vin, the Charioteer, did drive the chariot into diverse places where the Hystericals could look upon the great works of God and Man, unto places where silks and apparel of great price lay and the women gave unto the merchants many shekels. Went they also into the bowels of the earth from whence powerful metals were torn by men of old. They went even unto a place of worship wherein the Elder, a Celt of great age, spoke to them of the beauty of the place.
Filled with fine food at the house of St Kilda the Hystericals rejoiced greatly and praised their host and gave thanks to Bare Nard for his wisdom.

Here endeth the Lesson.