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The Quinton - a Century in Birmingham

The Quinton - a Century in Birmingham

By Bernard Taylor
Quinton Local History Society

"Quinton has changed dramatically over the last century, but like all places its name and its people call out to us to hark to their history. That they are listened to is thanks to a highly-active and industrious Quinton Local History Society. Through an excellent website, newsletter and publications its members bring the past to the present and the future and much credit for that success goes to Bernard Taylor. The indefatigable and talented chairman of the Quinton Local History Society, Bernard is motivated by a passion to ensure that modern Quintonians know who they are. This latest work makes a vital contribution to that goal and Bernard is to be commended for his dedication to the cause of local history."

Professor Carl Chinn MBE

Price : 6.95

Tilton - Francis Brett Young's Quinton

Tilton - Francis Brett Young's Quinton

by Dr. Michael Hall

Price : 8.50

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