Quinton Local History Society

Register of Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, The Quinton, 1840 to 1868

The register has been printed with the kind permission of the rector of Christ Church, The Quinton.

Imformation provided here is already in the public domain. However, please notify us if you have special reasons for wanting an entry removed from this website.

The Register records burials in the OLD BURIAL GROUND until its closure in 1889. It has been transcribed by Carole Bradley, Jackie Hill and Doreen Bright. We apologise for any spelling errors. Where any doubt has arisen, the query has been marked with a question mark.

The complete set of registers is available together with births and marriages. For further enquiries please contact either of the following:-

Carole Bradley, 283 West Boulevard, Quinton, Birmingham - Tel. 0121 426 1951 or

Jackie Hill, 367 Shaftmoor Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 8TB (Tel. No. 0121-777-2552)

No.Date of BurialNameAgePresidingTitleAbode
No. 11840 November 11thEsther Wood45W.R.SkiltonCurateHill
No.21841 January 3rdCharles Fox2.5W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 31841 January 3rdWilliam Fox6monthW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 41841 January 24thMary Read62W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 51841 February 25thWilliam Yomaur ?11W.R.SkiltonCurateRowley Regis
No. 61841 March 28thAnn Partridge2W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 71841 April 21stAnn Naillyr 3mthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 81841 May 13thSarah Partridge3J. ClancyCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 91841 June 13thRebecca Powell2 weeksW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Salop
No. 101841 June 27thSamuel Mason75W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 111841 July 10thWilliam Cooksey52J. ClancyCurateRidgacre
No. 12 1841 August 10thWilliam Wood19W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill
No. 131841 August 17thRobert Millward56W.R.SkiltonMinister Ridgacre
No. 141841 August 29thThomas Sadler20W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 151841 October 3rdMary Taylor67W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 161841 October 31stAmy Read11W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 171841 December 6thBridget Davenport89W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 181841 December 9thEnoch Read48W.R.SkiltonMinister Ridgacre
No. 191842 January 5thAnn Neale13W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 201842 January 30thGeorge Woodward4 mthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 211842 February 6thEliza Wood18W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill
No. 221842 February 14thJoseph Read8W.R.SkiltonMinsterRidgacre
No. 231842 February 20thHenry Prady6 weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 241842 March 18thJoseph Casterton1yr 10mthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 251842 March 21stObedience Partridge13W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 261842 April 2ndMary Ann Yeomans15W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 271842 April 27thWilliam Johnson64W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 281842 May 15thHannah Pitchford15W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 291842 May 15thJane Gould8 mthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 301842 May 22ndMary Neale29W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 311842 July 9thLucius Augustus Macdonald8W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 321842 August 6thJohn Yeomans33W.R.SkiltonMinisterBlackheath Rowley Regis
No. 331842 September 4thLucy Prady21W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 341842 September 18thMary Ann Coley9 weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterLapal
No. 351842 September 25thJoseph Beat2W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No, 361842 October 12thEliza Nail5 yr 9mthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 371842 October 16thElizabeth Allen23W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 381842 November 13thLavinia McDonald4 yrs 8mthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 391842 November 16thJoseph Pitchford19W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 401843 January 29thHenry James Allen2 yrs 6mthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 411843 February 12thMary Ann Cottrill4W.R.SkiltonMinisterCakemore
No. 421843 March 9thSarah Harris6 weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 431843 March 19thElizabeth Powell3 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 441843 May 7thElsie Read9W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 451843 June 15thJohn Haycock36W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 46 1843 August 13thLazarus Jarvis Hadley11 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 471843 December 31stSamuel Holloway59W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 481844 January 7thHannah Record85W.R.SkiltonMinister Ridgacre
No. 491844 January 14thRichard Neale2 yrs 9monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 501844 January 21stMary Shepherd3W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 511844 February 11thSarah Powell18 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHarborne
No, 521844 February 18thRichard Burriston5W.R.SkiltonMinister Hill Quarter
No,.531844 March 17thElizabeth Bishop81W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 541844 April 5thJohn Davenport83W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 551844 April 14thThomas Hyde9 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 561844 April 14thWilliam Record84W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 571844 April 28thJoseph Burriston3 weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 581844 May 16thHarriet Burriston36W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 591844 May 26thJoseph Partridge7W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 601844 May 26thGeorge Cutler7W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 611844 May 29thJoseph Cutler18 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 621844 June 2ndGeorge Haycock4 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 631844 June 2ndMartha Burton4 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 641844 June 4thHenry Hall1 yearW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 651844 June 6thIsaac Hill69W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 661844 June 15thThomas Goode33W.R.SkiltonMinisterLapal
No. 671844 June 30thJohn White55Frederick CalderMinisterWarley Salop
No. 681844 August 1stLucy Payne30W.R.SkiltonMinisterRowley Regis
No. 691844 August 9thCharles Partridge14 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 70`1844 August 18thAmy Ragg7 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No 711844 September 11thJane Adams67W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No 721844 September 22ndSarah Cutler59W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 731844 October 13thJane Bishop45W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 741844 December 10thWilliam HaycockInfantW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 751845 January 2ndJames Smith18 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 761845 February 16thJohn Read68W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 771845 February 23rd Mary Richards76W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Salop
No. 781845 March 21stEdward Smart76W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 791845 March 24thSamuel Farmer13 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterLapal
No, 80 1845 June 8thEliza Powell32W.R.SkiltonMinisterHarborne
No. 811845 June 11thHenry Hyde2 yrs 6 mthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 821845 June 22ndAnn Hodgette9 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 831845 June 25thRosina Insley3 weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 841845 July 7thMary Ann Stanley15 monthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterOldbury
No. 851845 July 14thJoseph Powell6 weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 861845 December 16thJohn Foley74W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 871845 December 21stDaniel Dean39W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 881845 December 31stElizabeth Deeley38W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 891846 January 4thMartha Timms77W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley
No. 901846 March 24thSarah Harris55W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 91 1846 March 29thMary Butler13W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 921846 June 8thHannah Coley77J ClancyMinisterRidgacre
No. 931846 October 1stSarah Mander78W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 941846 November 15thSarah Smart84W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 951846 November 18thHenry Wild5W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 961846 November 18thRichard Ancorn48W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 971846 November 22ndEliza Kinas19W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No 981846 November 25th George Hall5W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley
No. 991846 December 27thHannah Greaves24W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1001847 January 3rdAbel Greaves13 weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1011847 January 22ndElizabeth Jakeman94W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1021847 January 31stAnne Maria WhiteInfantW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley
No. 1031847 February 10th Henry Allen24W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1041847 February21st Charles Woodhouse2yrs 10 mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1051847 March 1stMary Hadley36W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 1061847 March 2ndAnn Read6W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1071847 March 16thZachariah Parkes3yrs 6mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1081847 March 18thHenry Read1yr 8 mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1091847 March 28thMatilda Read25W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1101847 April 23rdWilliam Wild35W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1111847 June 6thAnn Powers32Mr.LaingMinisterRidgacre
No. 1121847 June 18thMary Mops11Mr. LaingMinisterWarley Salop
No. 1131847 June 24thAnn Mary Chatwin40J.ClancyMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1141847 July 25thMary Yeomans70W.R.SkiltonMinisterLapal
No. 1151847 July 30thJames Woodhouse33W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1161847 August 11thSarah Dearn3yrs 6 mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1171847 August 14thJohn Yeoman1yrW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1181847 August 14thLucy Yeoman3yrs 6 mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1191847 August 22ndThomas Read1yrW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1201847 August 31stWilliam Read3yrs 6 mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1211847 September 9thBenjamin Fingley7W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1221847 September 10thJoseph Sadler58W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No.1231847 September 18thJohn Birch56W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1241847 September 19thPriscilla Morton17W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1251847 October 3rdMary Ann Bishop13W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1261847October 17thJames Charles Woodhouse10weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1271847 October 31stWilliam Wild3yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1281847 November 6th Rose Anna Jane Gray8yrs 6mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1291847November 6th William Edmund Gray6yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1301847 November 8thJohn GuestInfantW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 1311847 December 26th Mary Ann Partridge37W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1321848 January 18thJames Cutler75W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1331848 February 6thMatilda Elizabeth Olden2yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1341848 February 6thJoseph Swain46W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1351848 February 10thJohn Taylor74W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 136 1848 February 10thLavinia Fox1yr 8mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1371848February 16th Harriet Dearn8mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1381848 March 5thJoseph Jones1yr 11mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterCakemore
No. 13918484 March 10thJane Goode1yr 5mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1401848 March 15thJohn Coley84W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No.1411848 March 27thThomas Cutler82W.R.SkiltonMinisterNorth Harborne
No. 1421848 March 29th Ann Phillis Hingley1yr 9mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No.1431848 May 14thMary DearnInfantW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No.1441848 May 28thJames Chatwin9mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1451848 May 29thThomas Garner14weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley
No. 1461848 June 25thJames Dearn45W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley
No. 1471848 October 6th Susannah Jakeman72W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1481848 November 19thWilliam Yeomans10yrs 9mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley
No. 1491849 January 7thAnn Hyde57W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No.1501849 January 17thElizabeth Read8mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No.1511849 January 24thThomas Deeley19W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No.1521849January 30thSarah Hodgetts21W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley
No. 1531849 February 12thRueben Fletchers 4yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1541849 March 4thThomas Neale3mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 1551849 March 6thJames Prady30W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1561849 March 22ndMartha Dearn11mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1571849 May 20thElizabeth Holloway1mnthW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1581849 May 25thJames Parker10weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1591849 May28thAlice Hall9weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 1601849 July 1st John Partridge13weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1611849 July 1stThomas Ball1yr 5mnthsW.R SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1621849 July 18thJohn Fox83W.R SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No.1631849 August 9thJames Hall7yrsMr.LaingMinisterHill Quarter
No.1641849 September 8thIsaac Dearn37W.R SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1651849 September 19thMary Ann Read15W.R SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No.1661849 October 25th Maria Pitchford19W.R SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No.167 1849 November 11thJoseph Holloway50W.R SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1681849 November 25thEdmund Jones48HoursW.R SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1691849 December 24thHarriet Bates45W.R.SkiltonMinisterCakemore
No. 1701850 January 29thAnne Connor68W.R.SkiltonMinisterLapal
No. 1711850 February 17thGeorge Hall2W.R.SkiltonMinisterNorth Harborne
No. 1721850 February 21stWilliam Ring7weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1731850 March 7thAnn Cutler76W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1741850 March 10th John Fletcher9yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterLangley
No. 1751850 March 11thJohn Hall37W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1761850 March 24thEmma Neale8weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 1771850 March 31stFrederick John Robins8weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1781850 May13thJoseph Price65W.R.SkiltonMinisterLapal
No. 1791850 June 9thWilliam Henry Underhill2yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1801850 June 9thMary Ann Goode8yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No.1811850 June 12thGeorge Deeley52W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1821850 August 13thWilliam Holloway13daysW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No.1831850 August 17thHenry Allen 7mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHurst Green
No. 1841850 September 11thEllen Elizabeth Greenup3weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1851850September 16thAnn Fox75W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1861850 October 10thThomas Hadley7yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1871850 October 17thEphrain Hinton47W.R.SkiltonMinisterLapal
No. 1881850 November 3rdThomas Fox47W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1891850 November 8thElizabeth Meredith48W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 1901850 December 13thWilliam Henry Foley39W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 1911851 January 5th Mary Pitchford57W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1921851 January 16thSarah Martha Parkes2mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 1931851 January 26thStephen Fisher13mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1941851 February 5thLucretia Harpers38W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1951851 February 21stSusannah Woodward57W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 1961851 February 25thSamuel Detheridge2mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 1971851 March 5thEmma Fox1yr 4mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterLapal
No. 1981851 March 6thCharles Jones8yrsW.R.SkiltonMinisterNorth Harborne
No. 1991851 March 12thMaryAnn Haycock1mnthW.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No.2001851 March 30th Samuel Hadley70W.R.SkiltonMinisterRidgacre
No. 2011851 March 30thWilliam Allen21W.R.SkiltonMinisterCakemore
No. 2021851 April 20thSamuel Oakes83W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2031851 April 29thWalter Thomas Cooper17mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterDistrict of Langley
No. 2041851 June 8thFrances Selina Ewins9weeksW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2051851 July 9thWilliam Hall1yr 4mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No. 2061851 July 29thMary Hackett71W.R.SkiltonMinisterHill Quarter
No.2071851July 31stGeorge Fox13W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No.2081851 August 1stEdward Stanfield22W.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2091851 September 3rdJoseph Holloway10weeksThomas AtkinsMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2101851 September 7thMary Mason85Thomas AtkinsMinisterRidgacre
No. 2111851 September 7thJane Fox1yr 5mnthsThomas AtkinsMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2121851 September 18thHenry Bannes9weeksThomas AtkinsMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2131851 September 23rdCaroline Gray Goode5yrsThomas AtkinsMinisterLapal
No. 2141851 September 28th Walter Lee5weeksThomas AtkinsMinisterRidgacre
No. 2151851 September 28th Mary Cater19Thomas AtkinsMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2161851 October 12thJoseph Ball72Thomas AtkinsMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2171851 October 12th Sarah Preedy10yrsThomas AtkinsMinisterRidgacre
No. 2181851 October 23rdJohn Wood1yr 6mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2191851 October 25thThomas Goode10weeksW.R.SkiltonCurateLappal
No. 2201851 October 26thHannah Barnes40W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2211851 October 26thIsabella Male7yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2221851 November 20th Mary Ann Haycock11weeksW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No.2231851 December 21stAnn Dearn88W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2241851 December 21stPhoebe Guest63W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No.2251851 December 24thWilliam Rufsell2yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2261852 February 8thIsaac Dearn1yr 9mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2271852 February 18th Miriam Hall1yr 11mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No.2281852February 22ndSarah Coley71W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No.2291852 February 28thMary Ann Payne7mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No.2301852 February 29thJohn Brockkhouse11mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateCakemore
No. 2311852 March 10thSelina Guest7mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2321852 March 25thAnn Haycock76W.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2331852 May16thJohn Robinson18mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2341852 May 25thJames Neale21W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2351852 June 10thThomas Goode5weeksW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2361852 June 17thKate Smith4yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2371852 June 27thSamuel Robinson56W.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2381852 July 18thHannah Webster1yr 8mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2391852 August 29thFielding Fletcher14W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2401852 September 5thEnoch Hale Dearn5weeksW.R.SkiltonCurateLangley
No. 2411852 September 12thElizabeth Ball67W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No.2421852 October 3rdJohn Hodgetts2yrs 7mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No.2431852 November 28thPrisciall Fox11mnthsW.R.SkiltonMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2441852 December 5thElizabeth Burton5mnthsC.R.HydeMinisterWarley Salop
No. 2451852 December 18thWilliam Cox75C.R.HydeMinisterWarley Salop
No. 2461852 December 19thJake Timms81P.C.PrattMinisterWarley Salop
No. 2471852 December 23rdJane Davenport38F.L.DaleMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2481852 December 25thWilliam Ring8mnthsC.R.HydeMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2491853 Jnuary 6thThomas Read49W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2501853 January 14thEmily Hodgetts20W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2511853 January 16thWalter Round11W.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2521853 February 6thAnn Powell6weeksW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2531853 February 13thBenjamin Dearn9mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2541853 February 20thEliabeth Dearn82W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2551853 April 18thPhoebe Hall9mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2561853 April 18thHenry Foley Macdonald59W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2571853 May 15thSimeon Bifsell5mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2581853 May15thThomas Coley14W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2591853 May 22ndJames Wood4mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2601853 June 14thMary Websters5yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2611853 June 26thAnn Allen18W.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2621853 June 28thSarah Ann Bell4mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2631853 June 29thAlice Harris11weeksW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2641853 August 10thJoseph Malon54D.F.MorfasMinisterThe Quinton
No. 2651853 August 13thWilliam Haycock1mnthD.F.MorfasMinisterSedgley
No. 2661853 October 20thJohn Olden20W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2671853 November 20thElijah Hingley30W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2681853 December 18thAnn Dearn79W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2691853 December 23rdJames Cooper53W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2701853 December 28thMary Hadley60W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Salop
No. 2711854 January 10thJames Olden49W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2721854 January 29th Jane Clark7mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 273 1854 February 7thRichard Brunton75W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2741854 February 19thAnn Hall88W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2751854 March 5thEliza Cutler3yrs 7mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2761854 March 12thDavid Smith40W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2771854 April 8th William Milton17daysW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2781854 April 8th William Robinson1yrW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2791854 April11thEmma Hall2yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 2801854 April 12thAnn Foley75W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2811854 April 13thJohn Dearn5yrs 6mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2821854 May 21stCharity Robinson16mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 2831854 May31stThomas Wood36W.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No.2841854 June 4thJulia Anna Stanley2mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2851854 June 10thAnn Haycock10mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateSedgley
No. 286 1854 June 17thJames Hodgkins38W.R.SkiltonCurateTraveller
No. 2871854 June 18thJohn Pitchford21W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2881854 June 18thBetty Green2yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateLapal
No. 2891854 June 20thMary Webster20W.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No.2901854 June 21stJulia Ann Stanley39W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2911854 July 9thRosannah Essex ?67W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2921854 July 11thWilliam Clay63W.R.SkiltonCurateSpies Lane
No. 2931854 July 26thElizabeth Hingley 42W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 2941854 August 28thRichard Tomlinson74W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 2951854 September 10thSamuel Connop74F.P.DaleMinsterLapal
No. 2961854 September 10thJames Hall4mnthsF.P.DaleMinsterMolbury
No. 2971854 October 1stObedience Price62W.R.SkiltonCurateCarters Lane
No. 2981854 October 11thJoseph ThompsonInfantW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 2991854 November 12thEliza Male10yrsRev.John GasMinsterLong Lane
No. 3001854 November 15thDavid NealInfantRev.John GasMinsterLong Lane
No. 3011854 November 16thHenry Danks9mnthsRev.John GasMinsterCakemore
No. 3021854 November 19thBetty Parkes81Rev.John GasMinsterHarborne
No. 3031854 December 2ndHenry ReadInfantRev.John GasMinsterWarley
No. 3041854 December 2ndJoseph Harris68Rev.John GasMinsterRidgacre
No. 3051854 December 31stJohn Neal9mnthsRev.John GasMinisterLong Lane
No. 3061855 January 9thJames Hall9mnthsRev.John GasMinisterLong Lane
No. 3071855 February 15thJane Cutler39W.R.SkiltonCurateCauseway Green
No. 3081855 February 25thRebecca Goodwin1yr 6mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateCakemore
No. 3091855 March 11thMary Hall69W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 3101855 March 26thMaria Morton57W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 3111855 March 27thPhobe Pugh3yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3121855 March 27thJoseph Pugh4yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3131855 April 3rdJohn HarrisInfantW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3141855 April 15thMary Ann Neal8mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateHurst Green
No. 3151855 April 22ndEmily Powell15mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateBeech Lane
No. 3161855 May 17thPhoebe Smart9mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3171855 May 20thGeorge Hall40W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3181855 May31stJames Adams67W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3191855 June 7thAnn Powell68W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Salop
No. 3201855 July 22ndWilliam Hingley89W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3211855 July 25thGeorge Partridge11W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3221855 August 19thPhoebe Lucy Hall1yrW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3231855 August 26thWilliam Thomas Goodwin9mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateCakemore
No. 3241855 September 9thEmma Sadler30W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3251855 September 10thJohn Hall5mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3261855 September 23rdLucy Mucklow35W.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3271855 October 10thHarriott Underhill8mnthsJames ValentineMinisterSmethwick
No. 3281855 November 16thThomas Grosvenor6daysW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3291855 December 9thJessie Greaves ?11W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3301856 January 4thCatherine Lewis5yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateHarborne
No. 3311856 January 26thLavinia Rose14W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3321856 January 27thAlice Bowen3yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateBeech Lane
No. 3331856 February 10thJohn Mason60W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3341856 February 10thBenjamin Standley70W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3351856 February 10thFrederick Hodgetts10mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3361856 February 19thSarah HigginsInfantW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 3371856 February 24thJoseph Record62W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3381856 March 2ndJohn Neal6mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3391856 March 4thAnn Goode31W.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 3401856 March 16thThomas Page60W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3411856 March 19thJames Hinton3yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 3421856 March 23rdCharles Gee8yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3431856 April 26thLucy GreenInfantW.R.SkiltonCurateHill Quarter
No. 3441856 April 30thRebecca Smart2yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3451856 May 11thWilliam White4yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley
No. 3461856 May 17thCaroline Goode13mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateQuinton
No. 3471856 July 8thHannah Partridge2yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3481856 August 26thAnn Andrews9mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateQuinton
No. 3491856 September 22ndWilliam Joseph Edmunds9mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3501856 October 5thEzekiel Dearn87W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3511856 October 8thWilliam ClayInfantW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3521856 October 23rdBenjamin HollowayInfantMr.RobertsMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 3531856 November 9thHannah Woodhouse7mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateBrisnall Field
No. 3541856 November 19thThomas Mucklow8weeksW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3551856 November 22ndAnn Underhill21W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3561856 December 25thSarah Smart3yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3571856 December 28thElizabeth Yeomans5yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateBristnal Field
No. 3581857 January 25thEdwin Herbert EwinsInfantW.R.SkiltonCurateSmethwick
No. 359 1857 February 7thSarah Haycock84W.R.SkiltonCurateQuinton
No. 3601857 February 6thThomas Morgan48W.R.SkiltonCurateCakemore
No. 3611857 February 25thJane Robbins5yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateLangley
No. 3621857 February 28thMary Haycock75W.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3631857 March 8thJoseph Baker6yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateHarborne
No. 3641857 March 8thEdward Smart10mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3651857 March 14thSaverenty Buckland27W.R.SkiltonCurateCakemore
No. 3661857 March 17thMaria Butlers60W.R.SkiltonCurateSt.Johns Ladywood Birmingham
No. 3671857 April 2ndWilliam Samuel Haycock2yrs 11mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateRidgacre
No. 3681857 April 12thJohn Partridge 2yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateBeech Lane
No. 3691857 April 12thThomas Partridge3yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateBeech Lane
No. 3701857 April 19thJohn Yeomans5mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateRood End
No. 3711857 April 26thThomas Lowe2yrs 11mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateBristnal Field
No. 3721857 May 3rdHenry SmithInfantW.R.SkiltonCurateSpies Lane
No. 3731857 May 10thWilliam Foley81W.R.SkiltonCurateBirmingham
No. 3741857 May 10thThomas Haycock47W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3751857 May 13thRachael Hingley34W.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3761857 May24thSarah Downing72W.R.SkiltonCurateBeech Lane
No. 3771857 May30thHannah Read7yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateQuinton
No. 3781857 June 7thEdward Hodgetts4yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3791857 June 10thElizabeth Grovenor77W.R.SkiltonCurateQuinton
No. 3801857 June 22ndElizabeth Neale3mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateLong Lane
No. 3811857 August 22ndJoseph Gray8mnthsW.R.SkiltonCurateSpies Lane
No. 3821857 September 8thUriah Reed6yrsW.R.SkiltonCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3831857 September 24thThomas Hill8mnthsB.J.CouchMinisterQuinton
No.3841857 October 18thAlfred Read3weeksB.J.CouchMinisterLong Lane
No. 3851857 October 18thJames Hall1yr 8mnthsB.J.CouchMinsterBristnal Field
No. 3861857 November 1stSarah Rose39B.J.CouchMinsterQuinton
No. 3871857 December 13thDavid Anole29C.H.OldfieldCurateHill Top
No. 3881857 December 26thMary Hackett3mnthsC.H.OldfieldCurateQuinton
No. 3891858 January 3rdThomas Wood2yrsB.J.DoyleCurateLong Lane
No. 3901858 January 17thWilliam Holloway71B.J.DoyleCurateBristnal Field
No. 3911858 February 6thEllen Oakes85B.J.DoyleCurateBristnal Field
No. 3921858 February 14thEmily Cutler2yrsB.J.DoyleCurateRed Hill
No. 3931858 Febraury 21stJoseph Dearn2weeksC.H.OldfieldCurateWarley Wigorn
No. 3941858 February 21stJames Benjamin Powell1yrC.H.OldfieldCurateQuinton
No. 3951858 March 5thRobert Hunt8mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateQuinton
No. 3961858 March 5thThomas Lawleys1yrB.J.DoyleCurateQuinton
No. 3971858 March 7thThomas Wood10mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateCarter's Lane
No. 3981858 March 7thJohn Broadfield32B.J.DoyleCurateBlackkheath
No. 3991858 March 9thGeorge ShipleyInfantC.H.OldfieldCurateQuinton
No.4001858 March 12thElizabeth Edmunds4yrsC.H.OldfieldCurateWorlds End
No. 4011858 March 14thIsabella Bateman2yrsC.H.OldfieldCurateBristnal Field
No. 4021858 March 21stCatherine Stanley69C.H.OldfieldCurateHollybush Hill
No. 4031858 March 28thJoseph Mason3yrsC.H.OldfieldCurateQuinton
No. 4041858 April 2ndWilliam Lee1weekC.H.OldfieldCurateRidgacre
No. 4051858 April 14thWilliam Ewins1yrB.J.DoyleCurateSmethwick
No. 4061858 April 18thPhoebe Bridgewater54B.J.DoyleCurateCakemore
No. 4071858 May 16thElizabeth Lewis74C.H.OldfieldCurateBeech Lane
No. 4081858 May 16thAnn Maria Powell2yrsC.H.OldfieldCurateBeech Lane
No. 4091858 May 25thAmos Rose5yrsC.H.OldfieldCurateQuinton
No. 4101858 June 4thMaurice Macdonald19C.H.OldfieldCurateQuinton
No. 4111858 August 1stThomas Goodley80C.H.OldfieldCurateHill Top
No. 4121858 August 6thJohn Barker2mnthsC.H.OldfieldCurateBristnall Field
No. 4131858 August 22ndKate Follows7mnthsC.H.OldfieldCurateMerry Hill
No. 4141858 August 27thPhoebe Skildon19mnthsC.H.OldfieldCurateCauseway Green
No. 4151858 November 7thSarah Swain2yrs 6mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateBristnall Field
No. 4161858 November 8thSamuel StanfieldInfant---
No. 4171858 November 18thCharles Moore14 mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateBristnal Field
No. 4181858 November 23rdJoseph Coley3yrsB.J.DoyleCurateRidgacre
No. 4191858 November 23rdThomas Hall9yrsB.J.DoyleCurateQuinton
No. 4201858 November 24thBenjamin Henry Robbins7weeksB.J.DoyleCurateLangley
No. 4211858 November 28thJoseph Wood2mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateLong Lane
No. 4221858 December 1stCatherine Yates78B.J.DoyleCurateQuinton
No. 4231858 December 3rdFlorence Elizabeth Isabella Green4mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateCauseway Green
No. 4241858 December 28thMarilyn Houghton1yr 3mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateQuinton
No. 4251858 December 29thJoseph Faye12mnthsC.H.OldfieldCurateCook Street
No. 4261858 December 29thWilliam Gray2weeksC.H.OldfieldCurateCarters Lane
No. 4271859 January 6thJohn Fay3yrsC.H.OldfieldCurateGooch Street
No. 4281859 January 16thJane Hadley3mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateCauseway Green
No. 4291859 January 23rdJoseph His5yrsB.J.DoyleCuratePenny Lane
No. 4301859 January 26thSusannah Savant2yrsC.H.OldfieldCurateNew England
No. 4311859 January 27thHarriet Miuton21mnthsC.H.OldfieldCurateLong Lane
No. 4321859 January 29thDavid Pramay1mnthC.H.OldfieldCurateCarters Lane
No. 4331859 February 6thBenjamin Skildon87C.H.OldfieldCurateCauseway Green
No. 4341859 February 9thJemima Smart1yrC.H.OldfieldCurateNew England
No. 4351859 February 20thDavid Robinson17C.H.OldfieldCurateCakemore
No. 4361859 March 6thBenjamin Saul 21C.H.OldfieldCurateQuinton
No. 4371859 March 6thMary Powell57Mr. CuckleyMinisterBeech Lane
No. 4381859 March 8thThomas Smith84B.J.DoyleCurateQuinton
No. 4391859 March 8thElizabeth Brice2yrs 6mnthsB.J.DoyleCurateHarborne
No. 4401859 April 3rdClara Lowe7mnthsT.CrichleyMinisterLong Lane
No. 4411859 April 4thWilliam Samuel Haycock2daysT.CrichleyMinisterRidgacre
No. 4421859 April 4thHenry Coley49T.CrichleyMinisterLapal
No. 4431859 April 15thAnabella Maria Macdonald8weeksT.CrichleyMinisterK. Thomas Birmingham
No. 4441859 April 20thGeorge Wood6mnthsT.CrichleyMinisterLong Lane
No. 4451859 May 1stIsabella Macdonald15C.H.WoodfieldCurateQuinton
No. 4461859 May 5thJames Good9mnthsT.CrichleyMinisterCauseway Green
No. 447 1859 May 11thWilliam Robinson1yr 9mnthsT.CrichleyMinisterQuinton
No. 4481859 May 20thNacy Room66T.CrichleyMinisterSmethwick
No. 4491859 May22ndThomas Woodhouse15mnthsT.CrichleyMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 4501859 June 9thJoseph Cutler22T.CrichleyMinisterLong Lane
No. 4511859 June 19thLeah Elliman33T.CrichleyMinisterWorlds End
No. 4521859 June 22ndSarah Jane Cutler6yrsT.CrichleyMinisterWarley
No. 4531859 July 13thGeorge Chatwin19T.CrichleyMinisterAll Saints Parish Birmingham
No. 4541859 August 3rdAmos Goode74T.CrichleyMinisterCarters Lane
No. 4551859 August 23rdMary Yeomans63T.CrichleyMinisterQuinton
No. 4561859 August 31stJohn Hyde78T.CrichleyMinisterQuinton
No. 4571859 September 18thMary Edwards55C.H.Oldfield MinisterHurst Green
No. 4581859 October 16thBetty Gould77T.CrichleyMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 4591859 October 30thThomas Haycock1yr 2mnthsC.H.Oldfield CurateLangley Green
No. 4601859 November 2ndGeorge Woodhouse39C.H.Oldfield CurateLong Lane
No. 4611859 November 13thJohn Yeates53C.H.Oldfield CurateSmethwick
No. 4621859 November 14thEmma Mason17daysT.CrichleyMinisterQuinton
No. 4631859 November 30thSamuel Bridgewater1yr 8mnthsT.CrichleyCurateCakemore
No. 4641859 December 11thThomas Bridgewater74C.H.Oldfield CurateRidgacre
No. 4651860 January 8thSarah Butts70T.CrichleyCurateLime Street Square Leadenhall Street London
No. 4661860 January 18th Samuel Bridgewater52T.CrichleyCurateCakemore
No. 4671860 January 22ndHonor Davies8mnthsT.CrichleyCurateHill Top
No. 4681860 February 10thHannah Cooper51T.CrichleyCurateSmethwick
No. 4691860 February 26thLetitia Bishton65C.H.Oldfield MinisterNetherton
No. 4701860 March 6thGeorge Bell3mnthsC.H.Oldfield MinisterWarley
No. 4711860 March 9thJoseph Hill23C.H.Oldfield MinisterRidgacre
No. 4721860 March 21stThomas Neale8yrsC.H.Oldfield MinisterCakemore
No. 4731860 March 23rdWilliam Purks52T.CrichleyCurateLadywood Birmingham
No. 4741860 April 1stMary Ann Taylor10T.CrichleyCurateCauseway Green
No. 4751860 April 11thMary Ann Jenkins17mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 4761860 April 22ndMary Payne10weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 4771860 April 22ndJohn Downing65C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 4781860 April 24thHannah Hodgetts62C.H.OldfieldMinisterBleak House Warley
No. 4791860 May 2ndPhoebe Male96T.CrichleyCurateWarley
No. 4801860 May 27thCharles Reynolds Eden9weeksT.CrichleyCurateWarley
No. 4811860 July 2ndThomas Read49C.H.OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 4821860 July 18thEmma Rudge25C.H.OldfieldMinisterHalesowen
No. 4831860 August 5thGeorge Humphreys2yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 4841860 September 4thAlfred Deeley2daysC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 4851860 September 23rdEllen Miles27T.CrichleyCurateMile Heath Gate
No. 4861860 October 20thJames Goode41C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 4871860 November 13thJoseph Greaves16C.H.OldfieldMinisterWood End
No. 4881860 November 16thJosiah Moor69T.CrichleyCurateBristnal Field
No. 4891860 November 18thIsaac Jones57T.CrichleyCurateBristnal Field
No.4901860 December 6thJane Clay28T.CrichleyCurateHeyes Laine
No.4911860 December 16thBenjamin Hill67T.CrichleyCurateWards End
No. 4921860 December 11thLouisa Moor14mnthsT.CrichleyCurateBristnal Field
No. 4931861 January 1stJesse Cutler14C.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 4941861 January 8thMary Smart54C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 4951861 January 13thBetsey Racord13mnthsT.CrichleyCurateRidgacre
No. 4961861 January 13thCharles Lewis80T.CrichleyCurateWarley
No. 4971861 February 9thBertha Green11mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 4981861 February 10thSarah Ann Hartihome2yrsT.CrichleyCurateCauseway Green
No. 4991861 February 17thJoseph Skildou5mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 5001861 February 20thWilliam Essex76C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 5011861 March 6thJohn Smart5mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5021861 March 7thSarah Norton9weeksT.CrichleyCurateCauseway Green
No. 503 1861 March 10thSarah Dunn53T.CrichleyCurateBristnal Field
No. 5041861 April 4thWillaim Fulot4mnthsT.CrichleyCurateQuinton
No. 505 1861 April 21stEmily Bate14mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5061861 May 7thElizabeth Clay4yrs 6mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 5071861 May14thWilliam Beech18T.CrichleyCurateLong Lane
No. 5081861 July 14thSarah Hollyoak85T.CrichleyCurateWarley
No. 5091861 July 15thThomas Alfred Parkes16mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 5101861 July 25thGeorge Bennett10 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 5111861 July 30thFanny Neal9T.CrichleyCurateLong Lane
No. 5121861 July 31stFrederick Southal16C.H.OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 5131861 August 4thJames Walters27T.CrichleyCurateBristnal Field
No. 5141861 August 4thHenrietta Green3yrsT.CrichleyCurateLong Lane
No. 5151861 August 25thCaroline Hartshouse18mnthsT.CrichleyCurateCauseway Green
No. 5161861 September 25thRebecca Robinson3 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5171861 October 5thSarah Green13 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 5181861 October 6thHannah Stokes82Charles Lane-Ladywood Birmingham
No. 5191861 October 6thElizabeth Haycock44Charles Lane-Warley Salop
No. 5201861 October 26thMary Smith84C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 5211861 October 30thMary Tomlinnson64C.H.OldfieldMinisterHawthornes
No. 5221861 November 10thMary Smart1yr 10 mnthsCharles Lane-Long Lane
No. 5231861 December 29thAnn Bedworth24Charles Lane-Carters Lane
No. 5241862 January 3rdJoseph Cooper49C.H.OldfieldMinisterSmethwick
No. 5251862 January 5thMary Ann Haycock2yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 5261862 January 14thJoseph Norton64Charles Lane-Bristnal Field
No. 5271862 January 19thWilliam Hollyoak72C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 5281862 January 19th John Hall3yrs 4 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5291862 January 23rdEmmanuel Jenkins Harlewood4yrsCharles Lane-Causeway Green
No. 5301862 January 24thHenry Clarke6weeksCharles Lane-Bristnal Field
No. 5311862 January 30thFrederick Walker2 mnthsCharles Lane-Hagge Farm
No. 5321862 February 2ndJohn Anthony Chatesus7 mnthsCharles Lane-Londonderry
No. 5331862 February 16thJames Male11 mnthsCharles Lane-Beech Lane
No. 5341862 February 20thJoseph Baker4 mnthsCharles Lane-Long Lane
No. 5351862 February 23rdElizabeth Downing11 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5361862 February 28thAnne Maria Read1yr 9 mnthsCharles Lane-Bristnal Field
No. 5371862 March 3rdJoseph Deely5mnthsCharles Lane-Quinton
No. 5381862 March 16thWilliam Parkes53Charles Lane-Causeway Green
No. 5391862 March 16thJoseph Allen69Charles Lane-Long Lane
No. 5401862 March 23rdSusannah Jasper ?5yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLangley
No. 5411862 March 30thWilliam Parkes5yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHarborne
No. 5421862 March 30thMary Smart19mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLangley
No. 5431862 April 9thAnnie Abella Macdonald4mnthsCharles Lane-Birmingham Heath
No. 5441862 April 20thPhobe Hadley15 weeksCharles Lane-Cakemore
No. 5451862 April 27thSarah Jane Tuiffe17 weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green Cakemore
No. 5461862 April 29thAbsalom Cooper77Charles Lane-Cakemore
No. 5471862 May 7thMinnie Amelia Carmichael Macdonald5mnthsCharles Lane-Birmingham Heath
No. 5481862 May 18thMary Anne Dearn2yrs 6 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHarborne
No. 5491862 May 18thMira Rose6mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 5501862 May 19thHannah Hill66C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 5511862 May 21stJoseph Hodgett80C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5521862 May 25thRichard Henry Feruday17 mnthsCharles Lane-White Heath Gat
No. 5531862 May 30thSamuel Dingley10 mnthsCharles Lane-Quinton
No. 5541862 May 31stSarah Mills50C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 5551862 June 1stJoseph Hall53C.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnall Filed
No. 5561862 July 5thEmma Kate Smith6mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 5571862 July 10thEmily Millward6mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 5581862 July 20thFred Partridge5yrsCharles Lane-Beech Lanes
No. 559 1862 July 23rdHannah Allen6yrsCharles Lane-Quinton
No. 5601862 July 27thAnne Neal16mnthsCharles Lane-Long Lane
No. 5611862 July 27thWilliam Taylor6 weeksCharles Lane-Causeway Green
No. 5621862 August 3rdSarah Anne Shakespear5yrs 9mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 5631862 August 3rdHenry Neal2 weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 5641862 August 3rdFanny Coley2yrs 6 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHarborne
No. 5651862 August 5thAlice Lowe7yrsCharles Lane-Long Lane
No. 5661862 August 10thSarah Jane Partridge2yrs 6 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 5671862 August 11thMary Maria Robins12 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No.5681862 August 17thGeorge Lowe18C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5691862 August 24thSilas Whitehouse47C.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 5701862 August 27thJemima Mole9 mnthsCharles Lane-Bristnal Field
No. 5711862 September 7thThomas Male6 yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 5721862 September 12thJane Bennett25Charles Lane-Hagge Farm
No. 5731862 September 15thAnna Maria Partridge3yrsCharles Lane-Ridgacre
No. 5741862 September 15thAnn Hunt1 yrCharles Lane-Quinton
No. 5751862 September 17thElizabeth Jones Robinson5yrsCharles Lane-Birmingham
No. 5761862 September 17thCatherine Morgan1yrCharles Lane-Long Lane
No. 5771862 September 28thJoseph Ewins1yr 8mnthsCharles Lane-Thimble Mill Lane
No. 5781862 October 12thThomas Lees15C.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 5791862 October 30thThomas Henry Adams10C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5801862 November 7thThomas Bottom62C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No.5811862 November 18thMary Foley75Charles Lane-Long Lane
No. 5821862 November 23rdJames Allen72C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5831862 November 30thPhobe Hingley87Charles Lane-Langley Green
No. 5841862 December 5thJohn Cutler46Charles Lane-Beech Lane
No. 5851862 December 14thSusanna Haycock8 mnthsCharles Lane-Langley Green
No. 5861862 December 16thJames Woodhouse3yr 7 mnthsCharles Lane-Bristnal Field
No. 5871862 December 19thWilliam Morton2weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 5881862 December 23rdEmma essops?30C.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 5891862 December 28thWilliam Milton4yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5901863 January 25thEnoch Reade45C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 5911863 February 18thTimothy Lowe1yr 9 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5921863 February 22ndSolomon Baker8mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No 5931863 February 22ndLucy Thompson 15 daysC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 5941863 February 27thFanny Smith22C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 5951863 February 27thWilliam Green32C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 5961863 February 28thMatthew Eden43Charles Lane-Warley
No. 5971863 March 15thWilliam Fox9mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWhiteheath Gate
No. 5981863 March 19thJames Robinson4 weeksCharles Lane-Quinton
No. 5991863 March 22ndThomas Hadley32Charles Law-Causeway Green
No. 6001863 March 24thFrederick Hall14 weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 6011863 April 8thHannah Reed21Charles Lane-Cakemore
No. 6021863 May 27thMary Anna Hadley22Charles Lane-Cakemore
No. 6031863 June 2ndSarah Mills14C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 6041863 June 14thJohn Hingley42R.B.HomesMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 6051863 June 23rdWilliam Moore9mnthsH.FisherMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6061863 July 1stAlice Hodgetts30H.FisherMinisterLapal
No. 6071863 August 6thBetty Sadler18C.H.OldfieldMinisterSt.Thomas Birmingham
No. 6081863 August 23rdCatherine Hartshorne15 mnthsCharles Lane-Causeway Green
No. 6091863 August 26thWilliam Farmer57C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 6101863 August 29thJohn Bullus63Charles Lane-The Hill
No. 6111863 September 7thEhud Smith16Charles Lane-Long Lane
No. 6121863 September 9thAnn Hadley 63Charles Lane-Causeway Green
No. 6131863 October 9thThomas Hadley3 weeksCharles Lane-Causeway Green
No. 6141863 October 12thAbsalim Lees3yrsCharles Lane-BlackHeath
No. 6151863 October 12thJames Stanfield69Charles Lane-Causeway Green
No. 6161863 October 14thAnn Baker3 mnthsCharles Lane-Long Lane
No. 6171863 October 26thElsie Hall1yrCharles Lane-Quinton
No. 6181863 October 27thThomas Darby65R.B.HoneMinisterRowley Regis
No. 6191863 October 29thWilliam Laddler3daysCharles Lane-Quinton
No. 6201863 November 1stLucy Lowe15D.Robertson-Long Lane
No. 6211863 November 17thDavid Mills21Charles Lane-Ridgacre
No. 6221863 November 28thSarah Maria Duley9mnthsCharles Lane-Quinton
No. 6231863 December 1stMary Harford72Charles Lane-Beech Lane
No. 6241863 December 6thEdward Albert Bell3mnthsH.FisherMinisterLangley Green
No. 6251863 December 20thAnna Hinton61Charles Lane-Ridgacre
No. 6261864 January 20thBenjamin Read57C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 6271864 January 25thLizzie Read3yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 6281864 January 27thElizabeth Vale49C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane Quinton
No. 6291864 February 10thThomas Crichley43C.H.OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
No. 6301864 February 22ndJohn Cutler57C.H.OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 6311864 February 25thJames Robinson36C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 6321864 March 2ndElizabeth Hall76C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 6331864 March 7thJoseph Dearn3weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 6341864 March 19thJoseph Jones32J.C.HarrisMinisterSmethwick
No. 6351864 March 22ndGeorge Alfred Powell8mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 6361864 March 28thJane Ancott29C.H OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 6371864 April 5thLucy Ann Reed2 daysC. H OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6381864 May 30thEmily Male1 yearC. H OldfieldMinisterSmethwick
No. 6391864 June 9thElizabeth Wood33D. RobertsonMinisterLong Lane
No. 6401864 June 13thJemima Detheridge6 weeksM. Laing-Hurst Green
No. 6411864 June 22ndJohn Jones6D. Robertson-Bristnal Fields
No. 6421864 July 6thBenjamin Wood77Thomas WoodMinisterCarters Lane
No. 6431864 July 7thSarah Lowe47James KiddMinisterLong Lane
No. 6441864 July 16thMary Ann Hadley30 mthsJohn C. WoodMinisterLong Lane
No. 6451864 July 18thElizabeth Price3yrs 5 mthsJohn C. WoodMinisterHill Top
No. 6461864 July 28thGeorge Hadley38John C. WoodMinisterWorlds End
No. 6471864 July 30thMary Ann Essex41J. KiddMinisterWarley Salop
No. 6481864 August 5thSarah Price44John C. WoodMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 6491864 August 16thJosiah Adams4D. RobertsonMinisterOn The Hill
No. 6501864 September 3rdElizabeth Williams6 monthsD. RobertsonMinisterCauseway Green
No. 6511864 September 11thHannah Haycock4 monthsJ. KiddMinisterSedgeley
No. 6521864 October 1stCatherine Saddler60Frederick KeatchMinisterSt Martins Birmingham
No. 6531864 October 1stMary Pallet70Frederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
No. 6541864 October 3rdAnn Hall28Thomas WardMinisterBlack Heath
No. 6551864 October 24thSarah Ann Goode5 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterCauseway Green
No, 6561864 November 14thGeorge Hall11 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 6571864 December 8thWilliam Read16 weeksFrederick KeatchMinisterCauseway Green
No. 6581864 December 28thSarah Ann Robinson10J. KiddMinisterQuinton
No. 6591865 January 4thMary Harris8 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterNew England Long Lane
No. 6601865 January 6thRichard Salter74Frederick KeatchMinisterRed Hill
No. 6611865 January 9thNaomi Smith7 weeksFrederick KeatchMinisterWarley
No. 6621865 January 14thEliza Smith44Frederick KeatchMinisterWarley
No. 6631865 January 17thThomas Hirons ?60Frederick KeatchMinisterThimblemill Lane
No. 6641865 February 4thJane Hirons ?67Frederick KeatchMinisterThimblemill Lane
No.6651865 February 6thMary Harcourt67Frederick KeatchMinisterCakemore
No 6661865 February 17thJosiah Coley11 weeksFederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Field
No.6671865 March 11thJohn Jakes37Frederick KeatchMinisterSmethwick
No. 6681865 March 13thAnn Cutler5 daysFrederick KeatchMinisterWarley Green
No. 6691865 March 20thHenry Dearn6 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterWarley Green
No. 6701865 March 22ndThomas Haycock85Frederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 6711865 April 19thThomas Lewis16 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterWarley Green
No.6721865 April 19thLouise Lewis6 daysFrederick KeatchMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 6731865 April 22ndSarah Essex39Frederick KeatchMinisterBeech Lane
No. 6741865 May 1stGeorge Lees3J. KiddMinisterRowley Regis
No. 6751865 May 1stThomas Henry Bell6 monthsJ. KiddMinisterLangley
No. 6761865 May 18thJohn Parkes9Frederick KeatchMinisterSpies Lane
No. 6771865 May 27thJames Dearn24Frederick KeatchMinisterBeech Lane
No. 6781865 June 3rdJoseph Coley67Frederick KeatchMinisterRidgacre
No. 6791865 June 12thFanny Millett ?76C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 6801865 July 12thWilliam Holloway16 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterCakemore
No. 6811865 July 19thJoseph Parkes66Frederick KeatchMinisterBeech Lane
No. 6821865 August 22ndAlice Smith21Frederick KeatchMinisterLadywood, Birmingham
No. 6831865 September 5thWilliam Brittain3C. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6841865 October 2ndAlice Thompson1 yr 10 mthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBeech Lane
No. 6851865 October 2ndAlice Hingley6Frederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6861865 October 3rdRichard Moore5 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6871865 October 16thGeorge Moss2 yrs 6 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6881865 October 23rdAnn Rain10 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6891865 October 27thWilliam Cole52C. H. OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 6901865 October 31stDavid Mark Hadon3C. H. OldfieldMinisterHill Quinton
No. 6911865 December 2ndLilias Dearn3C. H. OldfieldMinisterThe Castle
No. 6921865 December 11thEliza Payne9 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 6931865 December 19thLouisa Hadley14 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterWhite Heath Gate
No. 6941865 December 23rdHarvey Grazier22 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6951865 December 30thMirah Payne19Frederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 6961866 January 7thEliza Grazier3 yrs 9 mthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Field
No. 6971866 January 6thChristopher Chambers44Frederick KeatchMinisterWarley
No. 6981866 January 13thAnn Maria Rose9 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterThe Quinton
No. 6991866 January 15thElizabeth Taylor5Frederick KeatchMinisterCauseway Green
No. 7001866 March1stGeorge Hadley68Frederick KeatchMinisterSpies Lane, Quinton
No. 7011866 March 6thAnn Parkes10 daysFrederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 7021866 March 10thFrank Green6 rs 5 mthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBirmingham
No. 7031866 March 11th Elizabeth Mills47Frederick KeatchMinisterSmethwick
No. 7041866 March 20thGeorge Mills63Frederick KeatonMinisterQuinton
No. 7051866 March 26thAlfred Read5 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 7061866 April 3rdWilliam Fox1 yr 8 mthsFrederick KeatchMinisterWhiteheath Gate
No. 7071866 April 20th William Hill Harris5 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 7081866 April 21stSarah Clewes69C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 7091866 April 25thSuhanna Mason84C. H. OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
No. 7101866 May 12thThomas Male63C. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 7111866 May 21stSarah Reade27Frederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 7121866 May 22ndEliza Reade58Frederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
No. 7131866 June 19thSusannah Hall84Frederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
No. 7141866 June 25thPolly Fox2 yearsFrederick KeatchMinisterWhiteheath Gate
No. 7151866 June 26thAlbert Howid ?1 yearFrrederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Fields
No 7161866 July 4thJohn Gates77Frederick KeatchMinisterCakemore
No. 7171866 July 4thFred Thompson6 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 7181866 July 26thCornelius Hadley10 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Fields
No. 7191866 August 18thGeorge Henry Whitehouse11 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterWorlds End
No. 7201866 August 21stJohn Cutler67Frederick KeatchMinisterCastle
No. 7211866 September 5thJohn Ward57C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 7221866 September 10thWilliam Price19 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 7231866 September 24thGeorge Henry White3 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterWarley Salop
No. 7241866 October 10thMary Ann Cutler1 monthFrederick KeatchMinisterSpies Lane
No. 7251866 October 19thGeorge Darley59Frederick KeatchMinisterCarters Lane
No. 7261866 November 7thAnn Eliza Cross2 yrs 6 mthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Fields
No. 7271866 November 10thMiriam Cooper12 daysFrederick KeatchMinisterCakemore
No. 7281866 November 10thMary Ann Wood7 weeksFrederick KeatchMinisterOn The Hill
No. 7291866 November 26thLavinia Jones7 yrs 8 mthsFrederick KeatchMinisterSt Johns Birmingham
No. 7301866 December 13th Eliza Hall1 yr 5 mthsFrederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 7311866 December 17thMatilda Goddard9C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 7321866 December 26thWilliam Hall84C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 7331867 January 3rdEliza Coley14Aemen W. PascoeMinisterBristnal Fields
No. 7341867 January 23rdBenjamin Yates88Frederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 7351867 January 12thThomas Mucklow17 daysFrederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
No. 7361867 February 18thCharles Hadley1 yearC. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 7371867 February 20thHannah Holloway78C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 7381867 February 22ndMary Mucklow75C. H. OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 739 1867 March 18thEdward Holloway8 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
No. 7401867 March 20thJoseph Goode82Frederick KeatchMinisterKingswinford
No. 7411867 March 21stSarah Stanfield74Frederick KeatchMinisterLangley Green
No. 7421867 March 23rdErnest William MacDonald10 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterAll Saints Birmingham
No. 7431867 May 2ndElizabeth Reade39C. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Fields
No. 7441867 May 8thSarah Jane Hadley6 weeksFrederick KeatchMinisterCauseway Green
No. 7451867 May 21stWilliam Goode64C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 7461867 June 10thGeorge Moore31C. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Fields
No. 7471867 June 10thJoseph Price29C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 7481867 July 5thEdward Ernest Downing7 mts 2 weeksFrederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
No. 7491867 July 15thAaron Williams5 weeksFrederick KeatchMinisterHurst Green
No. 7501867 July 15thCharles Haycock11Frederick KeatchMinisterCrack Street
No. 7511867 July 20thJohn Hyde59Frederick KeatchMinisterSpies Lane
No. 7521867 July 23rd George William Parkes6 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterSpies Lane
No. 7531867 August 15thWilliam Payne41Frederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Field
No. 7541867 August 26thEllen Millward10 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 7551867 September 17thEmma Duley28C. H. OldfieldMinisterWorlds End
No. 7561867 September 19thJoseph Haycock65C. H. OldfieldMinisterThe Quinton
No. 7571867 September 19thStephen Bejamin Rose7 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 7581867 September 21stThomas Oliver Williams1 yr 11 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterHawthorne
No. 7591867 October 1stWilliam Henry Willock3weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 7601867 October 4thJames Garner38C.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 7611867 October 28thElizabeth Jones75Frederick KeatchMinisterCauseway Green
No. 7621867 November 7thEnoch Read7 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterWest Smethwick
No. 7631867 November 16thCharles Wallin45Frederick KeatchMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 7641867 December 4thDavid Taylor73Frederick KeatchMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 7651867 December 5thMary Amyes2 yearsFrederick KeatchMinisterWarley Green
No. 7661867 December 7thReubin Field8 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 7671867 December 9thMary Glaze30Frederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Field
No, 7681867 December 21stDaniel Cutler80Frederick KeatchMinisterWarley Green
No. 7691867 December 28thAndrew Houghton5 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 7701867 December 28thSamuel Hadley64C. H. OldfieldMinisterHawthorne
No. 7711868 January 1stCatherine Sadler32R. B. HoneMinisterQuinton
No. 7721868 January 25thAnna White76Frederick KeatchMinisterWarley
No 7731868 February 3rdAlfred Fireday ?4 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterCakemore
No. 7741868 February 11thGeorge Guest14 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBeech Lane
No. 7751868 February 19thWilliam James McCullock8 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterRidgacre
No.. 7761868 February 22ndJane Jay16Frederick KeatchMinisterCrock Street
No. 7771868 February 29thMiriam Harris6 weeksFrederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
No.7781868 March 6thHannah Moore68Frederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Field
No. 7791868 March 16thJames Hall85C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 7801868 March 16thJoseph Neal15 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 7811868 March 17thDavid Parkes12 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 7821868 March 21stElizabeth Reade48C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 783 1868 April 15thThomas Wright18C. H. OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No, 7841868 April 22ndHenry Spears9C. H. oldfieldMinisterWhite Heath
No. 7851868 May 13thJohn Rudge9Frederick KeatchMinisterRidgacre
No. 7861868 May 18thEmma Whitehouse7Frederick KeatchMinisterWorlds End
No. 7871868 May 26thHarriett Slade8 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Field
No. 7881868 June 1stAlfred Whitehouse11 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterWorlds End
No. 7891868 June 6thLetty Parkes75Frederick KeatchMinisterBeech Lane
No. 7901868 June 9thSarah Alice Duyley4C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 7911868 July 24thJohn Oliver52Frederick KeatchMinisterAston Park Birmingham
No. 7921868 August 15thThomas Haycock13Frederick KeatchMinisterSpies Lane
No. 7931868 August 20thPhoebe Ann Hadley9 weeksFrederick KeatchMinisterCauseway Green
No. 7941868 August 24thMary Ann Parkes1 dayFrederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
No. 7951868 September 5thElizabeth Wakeman80Frederick KeatchMinisterWarley Salop
No. 7961868 September 8th Elizabeth Neal20Frederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
No. 7971868 September 24thBetsie Neal ?22Frederick KeatchMinisterManor Lane
No. 7981868 September 24thThomas Morton12Frederick KeatchMinisterCakemore
No. 7991868 October 12thJoseph Hadley3 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterCauseway Green
No. 8001868 October 17thMary Nash2 yearsFrederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
-1868 October 24thJohn Landers2 yearsFrederick KeatchMinisterLong Lane
-1868 October 26thLucy Dearn8 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBristnal Fields
-1868 October 28thJoseph Daniels6 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterQuinton
-1868 October 28thAmelia Fox9 monthsFrederick KeatchMinisterBeech Lane
-1868 November 19th William Thomas Edmonds7 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterHarborne
-1868 November 28thHannah Farmer70C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
-1868 December 7thAgnes Fisher1 yearC. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
-1868 December 7thRichard Haycock3C. H. OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane