Quinton Local History Society

Register of Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, The Quinton, in the County of Worcester, 1869 to 1898

The register has been printed with the kind permission of the rector of Christ Church, The Quinton.

Imformation provided here is already in the public domain. However, please notify us if you have special reasons for wanting an entry removed from this website.

The Register records burials in the OLD BURIAL GROUND until its closure in 1889. It has been transcribed by Carole Bradley, Jackie Hill and Doreen Bright. We apologise for any spelling errors. Where any doubt has arisen, the query has been marked with a question mark.

The complete set of registers is available together with births and marriages. For further enquiries please contact either of the following:-

Carole Bradley, 283 West Boulevard, Quinton, Birmingham - Tel. 0121 426 1951 or

Jackie Hill, 367 Shaftmoor Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 8TB (Tel. No. 0121-777-2552)

No.Date of BurialNameAgePresidingTitleAbode
No. 1.1869 January 5thThomas Cutler2daysFrederick Keatch-Warley Green
No. 21869 January 8thMary Ann Dingley30C.H.OldfieldMinisterHasbury
No. 31869 January 14thWilliam Bissell1yrC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 41869 January 26thSamuel Reed3yrsP.Young-Cakemore
No. 51869 March 26thAndrew Underhill11C.H.OldfieldMinisterSmethwick
No. 61869 April 5thWilliam Parkes5yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCrock Street
No. 71869 April 13thAlice Parkes20C.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 81869 April 14thGeorge Henry Parkes14mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLapal
No. 91869 April 19thElizabeth Guest46Frederick Keatch-Beech Lane
No. 101869 June 11thGeorge Ferriman14mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 111869 June 16thWilliam Burriston64C.H.OldfieldMinisterWhite Heath
No. 121869 June 16thFrederick Ernest Drain6weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 131869 June 23rdJohn Hodgetts70C.H.OldfieldMinisterBleak House
No. 141869 June 26thAnn Essex30hrsR.Laste-Beech Lane
No. 151869 July 10thHarry Mason5weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 161869 July 31stAnn Foley87C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 171869 August 19thEmily Bissell6yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 181869 August 25thSarah Essex2mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 191869 August 26thWilliam Drain11C.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 201869 September 8thWilliam Andrews17C.H.OldfieldMinisterHort Green
No. 211869 October 7thHorace William Harry McDonaldC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 221869 November 12thJohn Jakeman79Frederick Keatch-Worlds End
No. 231869 November 12thAmbros Foley19Frederick Keatch-Quinton
No. 241869 November 13thWilliam H. Male1yrFrederick Keatch-Warley Wigorn
No. 251869 December 6thMartha Partridge33Frederick Keatch-West Bromwich
No. 261869 December 13thSarah Deakin11mnthsFrederick Keatch-Bristnal Field
No. 271869 December 14thEmily Cartman20C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 281869 December 20thGeorge Cross3yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 291869 December 30thSarah Jakeman82C.H.OldfieldMinisterHarborne
No. 301870 January 13thOwen Williams22mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 311870 January 15th Thomas Stanley50C.H.OldfieldMinisterLangley
No. 321870 January 17thHannah Deam50C.H.OldfieldMinisterCastle
No. 331870 January 20thMary Martha Neal15Frederick Keatch-Long Lane
No. 341870 February 23rdMary Davis42Frederick Keatch-Warley
No. 351870 February 26thJohn Cooper6yrs 6mnthsFrederick Keatch-Perry Hill
No. 361870 March 2ndSar Ibaldi2weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 371870 March 19thEliza Robinson34C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 381870 March 21stCharles Partridge33C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 391870 April 11thJames Whitehouse7yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWorlds End
No. 401870 April 14thEmma Fould41/2 weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterCocks Head
No. 411870 April 11thMaria White45C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No, 421870 April 19thErnest Read11weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 431870 May 3rdAnn Neal25C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 441870 May 21st Rose Anna Oakley9weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 451870 May 27thJames Jones12Frederick Keatch-Ladywood Birmingham
No. 461870 July 29thJason Robinson12C.H.OldfieldMinisterWhite Heath
No. 471870 August 25thMary Ann Lenton13weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 481870 August 29thThomas Coley66C.H.OldfieldMinisterWorlds End
No. 491870 September 19thEliza Rose34Fredericke Keatch-Quinton
No. 501870 October 8thEmma Alice Parks1yr 8mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 511870 November 21stWilliam Jones60C.H.OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
No. 521870 December 10thWilliam Hodgenth48E, SimmellMinisterHarborne
No. 531870 December 15thJoseph Baker7 weeksFredericke Keatch-Long Lane
No. 541870 December 15thEphrain Dean55Fredericke Keatch-Bristnal Field
No. 551870 December 17thWilliam Rose66Fredericke Keatch-Quinton
No. 561870 December 28thAgnes Knibbs21C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 571870 December 29thGeorge Edward Yeoman19 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 581870 December 29thJames Harley6 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 591871 January John Male35C. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No, 601871 January 27thSarah Dingley64C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
N0. 611871 January 28thWilliam Tay83C. H. OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 621871 February 9thGeorge Lewis Baptised John3 weeksFredericke Keatch-Warley Wigorn
No. 631871 February 9thThomas Andrews65Fredericke Keatch-Quinton
No,.641871 March 1stAlbert Field2 weeksFredericke Keatch-Warley Wigorn
No. 651871 April 3rdJohn Horton2 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterLangley
No. 661871 April 4thAnn Maron60C. H. OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 671871 April 13thThomas Hogetts88C. H. OldfieldMinisterHarborne Hill
No. 681871 May 5thSara Chatwin89C. H. OldfieldMinisterWest Bromwich
No. 691871 May 12thJames Perry68C. H. OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 701871 June 19thJohn Mason70John Edward Simmell-Warley Salop
No. 711871 June 19thAlbert Gould11 monthsJohn Edward Simmell-The Cock Short
No. 721871 June 30thHenry Oakley42C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley Salop
No. 731871 July 15th Sarah Hooyetts ? Hodgetts88C. H. OldfieldMinisterNorthfield
No. 741871 August 8th Mary Perry65Fredericke Keatch-Carters Lane
No. 751871 September 12thEmily Oakley3 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterPerry Hill
No. 761871 September 27thRosannah Sadler47C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 771871 September 28thJessica Beatrice Mary Robbins6 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterLangley
No. 781871 November 8thHenry Liegh Holbichs19C. H. OldfieldMinisterEdgbaston
No. 791871 November 22ndSarah Maria Dearn18 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 801871 December 13thElizah Reade78C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 811872 January 2ndHannah Hill17C. H. OldfieldMinisterLapal
No. 821872 January 4th Ernest Smart14 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 831872 February 29thThomas Hill63C. H. OldfieldMinisterLapal
No. 841872 March 2ndBenjamin Powel77John Edward SimmellMinisterBeech Lane
No. 851872 March 5thJames Robinson80Fredericke Keatch-Quinton
No. 861872 March 9thFrances Price7C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 871872 April 10thHarriet Harley41C. H. OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No 881872 April11thAnnie Cooper14 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterLangley
No. 891872 April 24thOwen Havley6 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 901872 April 24thGeorge Slim24C. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 911872 May 8thMary Neale67C. H. OldfieldMinisterHill Quinton
No. 921872 May 10thSarah Robinson77C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 931872 May 15thJoseph Haglington6 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterSmethwick
No. 941872 May 16thArther Brown2 yrs 9 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterWorlds Ends
No. 951872 May 17thEliza Thompson7 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 961872 May 22ndHannah Bacon37C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 971872 May 27thJohn Male1 monthC. H. OldfieldMnisterLong Lane
No. 981872 June 11thJane Gray37C. H. OldfieldMnisterCarters Lane
No. 991872 July 13thEliza Smith62C. H. OldfieldMnisterQuinton
No. 1001872 August 5thSarah Goode87Fredericke Keatch-Carters Lane
No. 1011872 August 21stElizabeth Nach5 weeksFredericke Keatch-Long Lane
No. 1021872 September 14thOwen Webster13 weeksC. H. OldfieldMnisterLong Lane
No. 1031872 August 26thDavid Sealey48C. H. OldfieldMnisterQuinton
No. 1041872 October 2ndWilliam Mauders70C. H. OldfieldMnisterLong Lane
No. 1051872 October 11thJoseph Blundell1 yearFredericke Keatch-Quinton
No. 1061872 October 31stJohn Hadley75C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 1071872 November 11thBenjamin Clay57C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 1081872 November 13thZachenish Parkes59Fredericke Keatch-Ladywood Birmingham
No. 1091872 November 16thHubert Price16 monthsW. E. Simmell-Quinton
No. 1101872 November 18thEmily Caroline Dearn27W. E. Simmell-Langley
No. 1111872 November 23rdHannah Hall73Fredericke Keatch-Long Lane
No. 1121872 November 23rdElizabeth Parkes11Fredericke Keatch-Spies Lane
No. 1131872 November 30thRobin Reade4C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1141872 December 16thMary Ann McCullock2C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1151872 December 16thAlbert George John Thompson8 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1161872 December 19thEliza Read21 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 1171873 January 19thMary Hodgetts51C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 1181873 January 27thWilliam Webster75C. H. OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 1191873 January 28thBejamin Harley9 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 1201873 February 7thGeorge Ragg33Simmons-Spies Lane
No. 1211873 February 8thThomas Nash35Fredericke Keatch-Long Lane
No. 1221873 February 11thHannah Read41Fredericke Keatch-Quinton
No. 1231873 February 26thEliza Rudge2 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 12451873 March 8thEliza Powell84C. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 1251873 March 25thAnn Vale47Fredericke Keatch-Ridgacre
No. 1261873 March 31stArther White47C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 1271873 April Edward Goddard59C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1281873 May 3rdThomas Partridge63C. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 1291873 May 5thJohn Grovenor96Simmons-Quinton
No. 1301873 June 14thJohn Robert Chambers66C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1311873 June 16thSara Rudge43C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 1321873 June 21stGeorge Swain12C. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 1331873 July 16thGeorge Parkes33C. H. OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 1341873 August 16thSelina Chatwin5 yrs 8 monthsFredericke Keatch-Warley
No. 1351873 August 16thAnn Dearne35Fredericke Keatch-Warley
No. 1361873 August 29thJames Davenport81Fredericke Keatch-Carters Lane
No. 1371873 August 29thAnn Emily Wright7 monthsFredericke Keatch-Spies Lane
No. 1381873 October 18thBeatrice Mary Field7 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1391873 November 8thLucy Cutler74C. H. OldfieldMinisterCastle
No. 1401873 November 11thSarah Ward58C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1411873 November 14thMaria Edith Cooper3 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 1421873 December 11thJames Dearn15 monthsFredericke Keatch-Warley
No. 1431873 December 13thJoseph Hodgetts45Fredericke Keatch-Warley
No. 1441873 December 17thElizabeth Partridge56Fredericke Keatch-Ridgacre
No. 1451873 December 25thSara Grates58C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1461874 January 7thJohn Coley83C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 1471874 January 8thJoseph Butter88C. H. OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
No. 1481874 January 23rdAlice Mason2C. H. OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 1491874 January Lucy Hadley68C. H. OldfieldMinisterHawthornes
No. 1501874 February 2ndSara Hall2yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 1511874 February 13thAnn Grazier49C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 1521874 March 13thElizabeth Sadler84C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1531874 March 18thWilliam Robinson5 monthsFredericke KeatchLong Lane
No. 1541874 April 8thEmma Daniels29C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1551874 April 20thRebecca Willock44C. H. OldfieldMinisterBalsall Heath Kings Norton
No. 1561874 April 27thMartha Horton2 weeksFredericke Keatch-Quinton
No. 1571874 May 26thEdward Mark ?10 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1581874 June 17thWilliam Rose2 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterCastle
No. 1591874 June 27thMary Allen82C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1601874 August 1stThomas Parkes7 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1611874 August 11thHannah Read6 yearsRredericke Keatch-Cakemore
No. 1621874 August 22ndPhoebe Foy10 yearsFredericke Keatch-Hill
No. 1631874 August 22ndBeatrice Thomson6 monthsFredericke Keatch-Quinton
No. 1641874 September 12thSara Jones46C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1651874 September 21stThomas Hadley72C. H. OldfieldMinisterCauseway Green
No. 1661874 September 22ndHarry Allen6 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1671874 October 15thSara Cross1 yearC. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 1681874 October 29thLilly Neal4 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1691874 November 7thCharlotte Webster84C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1701874 November 24thEllen Read11 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 1711874 November 24thHarry Read60C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 1721874 December 3rdFred Smart6 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1731874 December 17thMary Boulton82R. L. G. PidockMinisterLong Lane
No. 1741875 February 18thMary Hunt34James Stove-Birmingham
No. 1751875 February 18thSarah Read73James Stove-Quinton
No. 1761875 February 22ndRichard Harcourt82C. H. OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 1771875 March 1stHannah Brave28C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1781875 March 3rdMary Hankon74C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley Salop
No. 1791875 March 10thGeorge Herbert Chance22 monthsGeorge Lea MinisterEdgbaston
No. 1801875 March 12thHyav Isabella MacDonald7 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1811875 March 30thPhoebe Chambers73C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1821875 April 29thJane Robinson29C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
Nol 1831875 May 1stMary Hall23C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No 1841875 May 8thMaria Jane Foz10 weeksFredericke Keatch-Halesowen
No. 1851875 June 19thAgnes Mary Powell9 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1861875 July 3rdWilliam Mark30C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1871875 July 13thWilliam Mark10 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 1881875 July 23rdJess Parkes2 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1891875 August 6thJoseph Walters15 weeksJames Stove-Rowley Regis
No. 1901875 September 1stThomas Daniels43C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 1911875 September 9thEsther Ark7 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 1921875 September 10thLavinia Speakeage not givenC. H. OldfieldMinisterCrock Street
No, 1931875 October 16thSarah Darn4 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 1941875 October 23rdMary Maria Read9 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 1951875 November 1stHenry Dearn6 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 1961875 November 23rdWalter James Read3 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterLangley
No. 1971876 January 3rdEliza Underhill57C. H. OldfieldMinisterSmethwick
No. 1981876 February 17thMichael Chatwin44Fredericke Keatch-Thimble Mill
No. 1991876 March 6thFrederick Mullett2 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2001876 March 11thJosiah Coley81C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2011876 March 18thGeorge Hadley2 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterHarborne Lane
No. 2021876 March 23rdAlice Emily Glaze2 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2031876 April 4thLucy Green66R. L. G. PiddockMinisterLapal
No. 2041876 April 7thMartha Jane Glaze3 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2051876 April 20thRichard Farmer67C. H. OldfieldMinisterHowley Grange
No. 2061876 April 22ndAnn Record85C. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 2071876 April 29thSarah Partridge53C. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 2081876 April 29thGeorge Hall66C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2091876 May 2ndJohn Holberke60C.H.OldfieldMinisterHagley Road Edgbaston
No. 2101876 June 2ndJeremiah Wakelsnam2weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 2111876 July 31stBenjamin Ivor Richards18 monthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 2121876 August 5thEliza Dearn11 weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 2131876 September 30thSarah Maria Partridge4 weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2141876 November 11thHannah Oakley35C.H.OldfieldMinisterHalesowen
No 2151876 November 15thJane Partridge1 yearC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2161876 November 18thAnn Partridge90C.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 2171876 December 15thHannah Walters6 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterRowley
No. 2181876 December 16thWilliam Yeates73C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2191877 January 13thSarah Hill13C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
Nol 2201877 January 31st Edward Green43C. H. OldfieldMinisterBog Farm
No. 2211877 February 8thEmma Cross38C. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No 2221877 February 19thAda Rose30C. H. OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 2231877 February 26thEdward Hyde64C. H. OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 2241877 February 27thWilliam Gould2 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No 2251877 March 5thConstance Mary Chance2 yrs 3 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterEdgaston
No. 2261877 March 6thHarry Baily19C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 2271877 March 26thSamuel Powell90C. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 2281877 March 27thAnna Williams77C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2291877 March 28thJames Halls87C. R. Pughe-Beech Lane
No. 2301877 March 31stThomas Farmer82C. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 2311877 April 14thHannah Page78R. L. G. PidcockMinisterBeech Lane
No. 2321877 April 18thJoseph Gould38C. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 2331877 April 23rdAnne Horton35C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2341877 April 30thMargaret Hasmfratz26C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley Hall
No. 2351877 April 30thSarah Ann Read3 yearsC. H. OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 2361877 May 9thSamuel George Detheridge1 monthC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2371877 May 22ndEmma Haslington39C. H. OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 2381877 May 29thSarah Ann Hollies1 yearR. L. G. PidcockMinisterQuinton
No. 2391877 June 4thGertrude Catherine Cooper6 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterOldbury
No. 2401877 June 4thWalter Grove5 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 2411877 September 22ndMary Sadler21C. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2421877 October 1stWilliam Hall50C. H. OldfieldMinisterBistnal Field
No. 2431877 October 15thWilliam Lees49C. H. OldfieldMinisterBistnal Field
No. 2441877 October 24thSusannah Lewis17C. H. OldfieldMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 2451877 November 7thJoseph Toy1 yr 3 monthsH. Hardy-Quinton
No. 2461877 November 14thWilliam Thomas Detheridge11 weeksC. R. Pughe-Warley Wigorn
No. 2471877 December 18thRichard Haycock93C. H. OldfieldMinisterLapal
No. 2481877 December 19thEllen Cutler44C. H. OldfieldMinisterMoor Lane
No. 2491877 December 22ndJohn Haycock10 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2501878 January 24thWilliam Walters18 weeksC. H. OldfieldMinisterRowley Regis
No, 2511878 January 31stLucy Ann Mason2 yrs 4 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterHalesowen
No. 2521878 February 7thJoseph Clay1 yr 8 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 2531878 February 11thMary Coley69C. H. OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 2541878 March 4thFrederick Wood8 monthsC. H. OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 2551878 March 10thJoseph Speake71C. H. OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 2561878 March 23rdFlora Greaves ?3 yrs 6 monthsH. Hardy-Langley
No. 2571878 April 4thPhoebe Walters6weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 2581878 April 4thJoseph Richard Guest6mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 2591878 April 13thJohn Dearne16C.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 2601878 April 15thJoseph Fulford62C.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 2611878 April 24thCharles Clay69C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 2621878 MayHannah Deathridge58C.H.OldfieldMinisterSt. Kenelms
No. 2631878 JuneRuth Smart2yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterRound Green
No. 2641878 June 17thSarah A. Neal2yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 2651878 June 24thHenry Haglington13yrsH.Hardy-Smethwick
No. 2661878 June 27thErnest John Robbins9yrsFred Keatch-Langley
No. 2671878 July 29thEliza Allen-C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 2681878 August 12thMavis Robinson1yr 10mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 2691878 August 17thSarah Kate Thompson3yrs 5mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 2701878 August 20thEthel Maria Dudley2yrs 7mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterDudley
No. 2711878 August 24thAnnie Thompson2yrs 9mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 2721878 August 31stWilliam Read8C.H.OldfieldMinisterWinson Green Birmingham
No. 2731878 September 6thFrank Thomas Speake7mnthsH.Hardy-Harborne
No. 2741878 September 9thLucy Coley3yrs 11mnthsP.Young-Quinton
No. 2751878 September 11thHannah Hall50Egbert Ring-Quinton
No. 2761878 September 17thViolet Ann Rose1dayC.H.OldfieldMinisterLadywood
No. 2771878 September 19thWallace Hadley21mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 2781878 September 20th Phober Higgins20mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHurst Green
No. 2791878 September 25thDavid Cash6yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 2801878 October 2ndSarah Parkes77C.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 2811878 October 11thRebecca Hadley53H.J.Haffell-Beech Lane
No. 2821878 October 19thMarian Faulkener5yrsH.J.Haffell-Beech Lane
No. 2831878 November 30thBenjamin Gough11WeeksE.Hackring-Thimble Mill. Lane
No. 2841878 December 4thElizabeth Martin2yrsE.Hackring-Beech Lane
No. 2851878 December 14thWilliam Tay57E.Hackring-Crock Street
No. 2861878 December 21stJohn Alfred2yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterClark
No. 2871878 December 26thElizabeth Hadley55C.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 2881878 December 28thWilliam Hacket68?C.H.OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 2891879 January 18thElizabeth Field94C.H.OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
N0. 2901879 January 23rdGeorge Rugg73C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Salop
No. 2911879 January 27thMary Johnson69C.H.OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 2921879 February 14thAnn Maria Taylor33C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2931879 February 18thJoseph Davenport83C.H.OldfieldMinisterFour Dwellings Farm
No. 2941879 February 27thAlfred Perry1yrC.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 2951879 March 4thJoseph Reade68C.H.OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
No. 2961879 March 5thMary Deatheridge11weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2971879 March 8thGeorge Minor46C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 2981879 March 20thPhoebe Fox1yr 4mnthsH.Hardy-Harborne
No. 2991879 March 31stFrederricke Hadley64C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 3001879 April 3rdEliza Ragg29C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Salop
No. 3011879 April 4thMary Hodgetts52C.H.OldfieldMinisterMoor Street
No. 3021879 April 12thEdwin Fredericke Dowell5yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Salop
No. 3031879 May 14thJohn Thompson1mnthC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3041879 June 17thJohn Holbeche1mnthC.H.OldfieldMinisterMoseley
No. 3051879 June 28thWilliam Ottley59C.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 3061879 July 26thJoseph Dimmach48C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3071879 July 31stWilliam Record55C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 3081879 August 7thHannah Cutler72C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3091879 August 30thEliza Jones1weekH.Hardy-Warley Wigorn
No. 3101879 October 11thHenry Critchley57C.H.OldfieldMinisterKings Norton
No. 3111879 Ocotber 11thGeorge Neal29C.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 3121879 October 18thAnn Rebecca Thompson6weeksC.H.OldfieldMinister
No. 3131879 October 29thJohn Johnson69C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 3141879 November 18thEmma Whale11mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 3151879 November 22ndMary Detheridge40C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3161879 December 2ndJames Haglington42C.H.OldfieldMinisterSmethwick
No. 3171879 December 10thLucy Partridge40C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3181879 December 20thAlice Harpick3mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3191879 December 22ndElizabeth Elsmere92C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3201880 Jannuary 2ndWilliam Jennings33C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3211880 January 13thBeatrice Mabel Chance4yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterEdgbaston
No. 3221880 January 19thFlora Mason13mnthsPhilip Norton-Quinton
No. 3231880 January 29thSarah Elizabeth Wood4C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3241880 January 31stCharles Partridge3mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 3251880 February 7thAgnes Rose33C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3261880 March 13thWilliam Perry54C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3271880 March 16thEliza Neal9yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 3281880 April 13thEliza Lewis31C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 3291880 April 26thSamuel Percival97C.H.OldfieldMinister-
No. 3301880 Appril 28thGertrude Powell15mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3311880 May 7thThomas Harris62C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 3321880 May 16thFredericke Robbins5mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3331880 June 9th Fanny Parkes3mnthsPhilip Norton-Quinton
No. 3341880 June 18thHarriett Howard57Frederick Keatch-Long Lane
No. 3351880 June 22ndBenjamin Wheeler44Philip Norton-Bristnal Field
No. 3361880 July 24thSamuel Dingley88C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3371880 August 10thSarah Field62C.H.OldfieldMinisterBordesley Aston Parish
No. 3381880 August 12thAnn Hill64C.H.OldfieldMinisterLapal
No. 3391880 October 23rdJoseph Dixon82C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 3401880 October 26thAnn Dixon71C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 3411880 November 3rdJames Garner12mnthsPhilip Norton-Hill Top
No. 3421880 November 16thMary Lane Macdonald74C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3431880 November 20thSarah Dearn74C.H.OldfieldMinisterBristnal Field
No. 3441880 November 26thCatherine Hyde57C.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 3451880 December 17thMary Morral21C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3461881 January 5thFlorence Hunt7yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHillTop
No. 3471881 January 12thMary Read65C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3481881 January 15thGeorge Pitchford34C.H.OldfieldMinisterSmethwick
No. 3491881 March 30thRichard Farmer3yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3501881 March 31stBeatrice Linton6yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3511881 April 2ndMary Eliza Morral3mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3521881 April 4thRosanna Blundell6yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 3531881 April 11thJohn Evans---
No. 3541881 April 18thJoseph Lowe67C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 3551881 April 27thWilliam Hall52C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3561881 May 14thMary Hill53C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3571881 May 14thEliza Clay35C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3581881 May 23rdAlbert Edward Dixon1yrC.H.OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
No. 3591881 June 16thMary Ann Partridge5mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3601881 July 13thArthur Henry Wood5mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3611881 July 14thElizabeth Minor53C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3621881 July 16thMary Ann Eliza Cooper3mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3631881 August 6thEllen Garner3yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3641881 August 15thEdith Ward5weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterLondonderry
No. 3651881 August 31stAnn Coley49W.H.Biggs-Bristnal Field
No. 3661881 September 10thJoseph Knibbs92C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 3671881 September 16thAnn Kate Thompson3yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 3681881 September 26thGeorge Robbins5yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3691881 October 10thFanny Rose7weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3701881 October 13thThomas Haycock45C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 3711881 October 25thMiriam Rachel Perkes5mnthsPhilip Norton-Quinton
No. 3721881 November 1stPrudence Follows55C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3731881 November 3rdThomas Lewis63C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 3741881 November 18thMary Hingley61C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 3751881 November 21stAnnie Deane6weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 3761881 November 21stJoseph Mason60C.H.OldfieldMinisterLapal
No. 3771881 November 23rdSarah Birsall5yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3781881 November 30thSusan Holloway56C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 3791881 December 10thJohn Smith3yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3801881-Elizabeth Jones63C.H.OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
No. 3811881 December 30thWilliam Neal4yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3821882 January 27thRuth Neal3yrs 11 mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBirmingham
No. 3831882 Februrary 4thGeorge Rose4yrs 10mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 3841882 February 13thElizabeth Seeley34C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3851882February 16thEdith Fanny Hesston8yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHill
No. 3861882 March 1stWilliam Albert Swain11mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 3871882 March 22ndWilliam Partridge71Walter Mosall-Hawthorns
No. 3881882 April 22ndElizabeth Ann Chittleburgh6yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 3891882 April 26thFrank Townsend6mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterLondonderry
No. 3901882 May 15thAnn Winwood86C.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No.. 3911882 May 19thStephen George Knowles6weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3921882 May 25thHannah Hampson81C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 3931882 June 3rdHannah Goode74C.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 3941882 June 3rdMary Ann Fellows46C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 3951882 June 9thThomas Robinson49C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 3961882 July 20thHilda Holloway5weeksWalter Mosall-Bristnal Field
No. 3971882 August 2ndThomas Swain23C.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 3981882 August 12thAnn Ragg75C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Salop
No. 3991882 September 15thMarian Powell8yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Salop
No. 4001882 October 17thMary Hall73C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Salop
No. 4011882 November 13thEliza Rose40HowsonMinisterQuinton
No. 4021882 November 25thJohn Gates54C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 4031882 November 25thThomas Dearn75C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 4041883 January 6thMargaret Salter18mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 4051883 January 27thHenry Thompson55C.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 4061883 January 27thAnn James71C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Wigorn
No 4071883 February 6thAmelia Hackett75C.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 4081883 February 15thFrank Dearn10mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Wigorn
No. 4091883 February 17thAnthony Marshall16weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley Wigorn
No, 4101883 February 22ndRuth Chittleburgh3daysC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 4111883 March 3rd Joseph Wood6yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 4121883 March 9thHenry Elsmore63C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 4131883 March 23rdHannah Grouman68C.H.OldfieldMinisterLangley
No. 4141883 April 3rdLuther William Bissell2yrsC.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 4151883 May 26thJohn Farmer1yrC.H.OldfieldMinisterHurst Green
No. 4161883 June 1stCecelia Agnes Ward13mnthsMatthew Ward-Quinton
No. 4171883 June 9thHannah Jennings66E.N.Rogers-The Pollery Warley Salop
No. 4181883 June 11thEdward Neal1mnthFrederick Keatche-Long Lane
No. 4191883 June 14thHannah Haycock59E.A.Rogers-Spies Lane
No. 4201883 June 19thThomas Smart81E.A.Rogers-Long Lane
No. 4211883 June 19thGeorge Read59Frederick Keatche-Quinton
No.. 4221883 July 13thMary Ann Masey9weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterHill Top
No. 4231883 October 8thJohn Smith13weeksC.H.OldfieldMinisterLong Lane
No. 4241883 October 24th Thomas Haycock70E.A.Rogers-Spies Lane
No. 4251883 October 31stSusan Haycock85E.A.Rogers-Quinton
No. 4261883 November 15thAnn Deeley27C.H.OldfieldMinisterSparkbrook
No. 4271883 November 29thRalph Perry4mnthsG.Middleton-Quinton
No. 4281883 December 12thMary Farmer74C.H.OldfieldMinisterCakemore
No. 4291883 December 19thGeorge Brice73G.MiddletonMinisterQuinton
No. 4301883 December 22ndJames Underhill73C.H.OldfieldMinisterQuinton
No. 4311884 February 7thHarry Farmer5yrsW.RobinsonMinisterHurst Green
No. 4321884 February 16thThomas Powell84Frederick Keatche-Beech Lane
No. 4331884 February 22ndBessie Grovenor67Fredericke Keatche-Quinton
No. 4341884 March 17thWilliam Hampson84C.H.OldfieldMinisterWest Bromwich Union
No. 4351884 March 19thFrances Davenport15mnthsS.A.Dougherty-Ridgacre
No. 4361884 March 24thJoseph Partridge39S.A.Dougherty-White Road Sparkbrook
No. 4371884 March 25thMary Birch39S.A.Dougherty-Quinton
No. 4381884 April 9thErnest Benjamin Clay5yrs 7mnthsS.A.Dougherty-Upper Hagley
No. 4391884 April 12thCharles Sadler53S.A.Dougherty-Quinton
No. 4401884 April 25hBernard Lawrence Felton1yr 11mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterBeech Lane
No. 4411884 May 3rdEdith Annie Hill5mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterCarters Lane
No. 4421884 May 24thWilliam Rose69C.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 4431884 June 5thJohn Bead12yrsS.A.Dougherty-Heath Street Birmingham Heath
No. 4441884 June 7thAlbert Says2yrs 6mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterRidgacre
No. 4451884 June 14thGeorge Perry33C.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 4461884 June 21stEdith Hadley3mnthsC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 4471884 July 2ndFrederick Fulford1yrC.H.OldfieldMinisterWarley
No. 4481884 July 8thThomas Cutler3mnthsS.A.Dougherty-Long Lane
No. 4491884 July 17thPhoebe Payne66George Middleton-Quinton
No. 4501884 September 4thThomas Thompson14weeksS.A.Dougherty-Quinton
No. 4511884 September 13thMary Ann Powell24Frederick Keatche-Quinton
No. 4521884 November 1stEva Gougmore5 weeksW.Robinson-Quinton
No. 4531884 November 8thJoseph Mason35W.Robinson-Quinton
No. 4541884 November 19thTimothy Clay50W.Robinson-Quinton
No. 4551885 January 17thJames Round22W.Robinson-Warley
No. 4561885 January 28thSelina Partridge91W.Robinson-Quinton
No. 4571885 January 31stJames Dearn82W.Robinson-Warley
No. 4581885 February 3rdSarah Toy34W.Robinson-Quinton
No. 4591885 February 28thEdith Annie Rock6mnthsW.Robinson-Deritend
No.. 4601885 March 25thAnn Hanson53W.Robinson-Causeway Green
No. 4611885 March 26thElizabeth Mole4weeksW.Robinson-Hancock Street Warley
No. 4621885 March 31stGeorge Grovener43Frank Roberts-Harborne
No. 4631885 April 4thMaria Fox71W.Robinson-Beech Lane
No. 4641885 April 16thRose Jenkins10daysW.Robinson-Londonderry
No, 4651885 April 16thElizabeth Smallwood6mnthsW.Robinson-Warley
No. 4661885 April 23rdLily Jenkins20 daysW.Robinson-Londonderry
No. 4671885 May 27thHarriet Round10 yrsC.G.Calthorpe-Hancock Street Warley
No. 4681885 June 27th Florence Emma Edgington1yrW.Robinson-Warley
No. 4691885 July 2ndAnnie Rock27W.Robinson-Harborne
No. 4701885 July 7thElizabeth Parkes5yrsW.Robinson-Quinton
No. 4711885 August 4thJohn Wood73W.Robinson-Quinton
No. 4721885 August 29thEmma Yield22W.Robinson-Long Lane
No. 4731885 September 10thJohn Sadler73W.Robinson-Quinton
No. 4741885 September 26thHannah Edwards71Frederick Keatch-Warley
No. 4751885 October 31stAnn Powell62Frederick Keatch-Quinton
No. 4761885 November 14thEsau Cutler75Frederick Keatch-Bartley Green
No. 4771885 November 21stTimothy Price3mnthsE.A.Coghill-Quinton
No,. 4781885 November 27thDavid Wakeman64E.A.Coghill-Warley Wigorn
No. 4791885 November 28thFlorence Regan3mnthsE.A.Coghill-Warley Wigorn
No. 4801885 November 28thJohn Robinson24E.A.Coghill-Quinton
No. 4811885 December 12thThomas Hall85E.A.Coghill-Long Lane
No. 4821885 December 28thThomas Taylor82C.G.Calthorpe-Ridgacre
No. 4831885 December 30thHarriet Yates53C.G.Calthorpe-Quinton
No. 4841886 January 8thArthur Higgins2yrsE.A.Coghill-Cakemore
No. 4851886 January 16thCharles Haycock61Frederick Keatch-Quinton
No. 4861886 January 28thMary Sadler82C.G.Calthorpe-Quinton
No. 4871886 February 8thEphraim Dearn35Frederick Keatch-Quinton
No. 4881886 February 12thFredercik Arthur Mullett4mnthsC.G.Calthorpe-Lapal
No. 4891886 February 19thWilliam Green3daysC.G.Calthorpe-Lapal
No. 4901886 February 27thCharlotte Deeley57A.L.Mauby-Spies Lane
No. 4911886 March 11thMary Ann Thompson8mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 4921886 March 13thKora Fanny Glaye4yrsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 4931886 March 19thMary Ann Cooper28A.L.Mauby-Long Lane
No. 4941886 March 20thLucy Mason14mnthsA.L.Mauby-Spies Lane
No,. 4951886 March 24thRobert Pitchford5yrsA.L.Mauby-Bleak House Lane
No. 4961886 March 30thEmily Haglington19A.L.Mauby-Ridgacre
No. 4971886 April 2ndGeorge Henry Powell1yrA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 4981886 April 7thWilliam Clay75A.L.Mauby-Spies Lane
No. 4991886 April 12thElsie May Robbins75A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5001886 April 19thFrederick George Robbins7mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5011886 April 26thFlorence Waterfield9mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5021886 May 5thArthur Edgar Dearn9mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5031886 June 10thThomas Blundell10mnthsA.L.Mauby-The Hawthorns
No. 5041886 July 31stFred Howard62A.L.Mauby-Selly Oak
No. 5051886 August 9thCharles Slater50A.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5061886 September 9thFlorence Horton15mnthsA.L.Mauby-Long Lane
No. 5071886 October 11thJames Marshal Jenkins4mnthsA.L.Mauby-Londonderry
No. 5081886 October 16thGeorge Guest80A.L.Mauby-Spies Lane
No. 5091886 October 30thFrederick Marshall7yrsA.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5101886 November 2ndAnn Brinton1mnthA.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5111886 November 10thMary Daniels25A.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5121886 November 13thRichard Herbert Dearn10mnthsC.W.Barnerd-Beech Lane
No. 5131886 November 27thSusannah Neal61A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5141886 December 1stFrederick William Johnson3mnthsA.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5151886 December 4thCaroline Davis50A.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5161886 December 11thEliza Farmer27A.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5171886 December 28thGeorge Smith76A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5181886 December 30thEber Parkes6mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5191887 January 1stMaria Coley84A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5201887 January 1stGeorge Hadley30A.L.Mauby-Bristnal Field
No. 5211887 January 8thFrank Goode32A.L.Mauby-Long Lane
No. 5221887 February 10thJames David FoxNo. ageA.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5231887 March 14thHarry Mullett1mnthA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5241887 March 21stEveline Mullett1mnthJohn-Quinton
No. 5251887 March 25thSarah Robbins65A.L.Mauby-Langley
No. 5261887 March 30thEmily Payne39A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5271887 march 31stArthur Lewis39A.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5281887 May 4thDavid PayneNo ageA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5291887 May 10thWilliam Roy7yrsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5301887 May 19th John Rose53A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5311887 June 6thJoseph Worrall18mnthsA.L.Mauby-Londonderry
No. 5321887 June 16thMary Douglas60A.L.Mauby-Ridgacre
No. 5331887 July 18th Mary Male85Walin-Birmingham
No. 5341887 August 10thAlfred Berfred9mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No.. 5351887 August 20thFlorrie Thompson24daysA.L.Mauby-Harborne
No. 5361887 August 25thJames Brotherton62A.L.Mauby-Worlds End
No. 5371887 August 30thEdwin Parkes2mnthsA.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5381887 August 31stJohn Cater86A.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5391887 September 2ndGeorge Robbins69A.L.Mauby-Langley
No. 5401887 October 6thSelina Hyde78Calthorpe-Clifton Road Moseley Birmingham
No. 5411887 October 12thCatherine Garmer78A.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5421887 October 20thJohn Long47A.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5431887 November 8thMary Pitchford58A.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5441887 November 24thMary Pitchford26A.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5451887 November 24thMary Gould87A.L.Mauby-The Hill
No. 5461887 December 1stThomas Rowley20A.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5471887 December 4thJoseph Dearn2mnthsA.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 5481887 December 5thThomas Rawlings8mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5491887 December 17thAlice Faulkner25A.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5501888 January 14thEmma Clay40A.L.Mauby-Ridgacre
No. 5511888 January 18thJohn Rollason13mnthsA.L.Mauby-Londonderry
No. 5521888 January 21stEmily Hadley33A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5531888 January 25thLily Rose2yrsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5541888 March 5thAgnes Hipkiss22mnthsA.L.Mauby-Londonderry
No. 5551888 March 10thPeter Ellesmore26A.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5561888 March 10thLily Faulkner3mnthsA.L.Mauby-Harborne
No. 5571888 Appril 14thGeorge Thompson73A.L.Mauby-Long Lane
No. 5581888 April 30thSarah Cutler75A.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 5591888 June 9th Eliza Andrews26Frederick Keatch-Quinton
No. 5601888 June 18thJames Greaves46A.L.Mauby-Langley
No. 5611888 July 23rdAaron Millward49A.L.Mauby-National School Quinton
No. 5621888 September 8thEliza Allen Roe43A.L.Mauby-Bristnal Field
No. 5631888 September 12thFrank John Haywood22mnthsA.L.Mauby-Worlds End
No. 5641888 September 15thHannah Clay78A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5651888 September 19thPhoebe Jane Hipkiss4mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5661888 October 8thJoseph Parkes72A.L.Mauby-Spies Lane
No. 5671888 October 27thJulia Fanny Hunt2yrsA.L.Mauby-The Hawthorns
No. 5681888 December 4thSarah Goode69A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5691888 December 31stAnn Blunt50A.L.Mauby-Bristnal Field
No. 5701889 January 12thAnn Dearn80A.L.Mauby-Bristnal Field
No. 5711889 January 16thAnn Price81A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5721889 January 16thJoseph Grosvener83A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5731889 January 28thGeorge Coley2mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5741889 February 22ndSarah Hollies35A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5751889 March 25thArthur Ashby Smith9mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5761889 April 10thEliza Clay73A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5771889 April 20thRobert Pitchford87A.L.Mauby-Warley Wigorn
No. 5781889 April 20thMary Ann Gates25A.L.Mauby-Birmingham
No. 5791889 May 4thHenry Wilfred Wallker12yrsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5801889 May 13thBetsy Cutler23mnthsA.L.Mauby-Long Lane
No. 5811889 May 29thJames Cutler8mnthsA.L.Mauby-Long Lane
No. 5821889 July 6thJoseph Blundell7yrsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5831889 July 23rdMary Neal59A.L.Mauby-Long Lane
No. 5841889 August 12thFred Abel Jones10daysA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5851889 August 29thBetsy Hall19yrsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5861889 September 28thMary Guest9daysA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5871889 November 7thThomas Pitchford37A.L.Mauby-The General Hospital Birmingham
No. 5881889 November 16thWilliam Rudge62A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5891889 November 23rdFrancis Joseph Kraft40A.L.Mauby-Ridgacre
No. 5901889 December 3rdSarah Knibbs87L.L.Barday-Beech Lane
No. 5911889 December 0Thomas Hipkiss2mnthsL.L.Barday-Londonderry
No. 5921889 December 30thJames Partridge75L.L.Barday-Beech Lane

These registers record Burials in the old Burial ground until its closure in 1889 and Burials in the consecrated portion of the New Burial Ground (NGB) which opened in 1890

No. 5931890 January 3rdMary Partridge80C.C.Natin-Quinton
No. 5941890 January 29thMary Bootherton65Michael Fryer-Worlds End
No. 5951890 February 8thJulia Kate Bissall26A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5961890 February 19thJemima Foley75A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 5971890 February 22ndLewis Samuel Partridge11mnthsG.Craggs-Quinton
No. 5981890 February 25thSydney Ash14mnthsA.L.Mauby-Bristnal Field
No. 5991890 February 27thAnn Maria Betheridge18A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 6001890 March 5thWilliam Thompson Yates12mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 6011890 March 10th Ernest William Partridge3yrs 6mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 6021890 March 22ndWilliam Hart59A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 6031890 April 9thHarvey Lenard Cooper7mnthsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 6041890 May 7thAlfred Thompson14mnthsA.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 6051890 May 19thEliza Roy81A.L.Mauby-Perry Hill
No. 6061890 May 31stMary White66A.L.Mauby-Warley Lane
No. 6071890 July 1stElizabeth Rose72A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 608 NBG 11890 September 5thLaura Haywood42A.L.Mauby-Worlds End
No. 609 NBG 7741890 September 18thGeorge Faulkner81A.L.Mauby-Holly Bush Hill
No. 610 1890 September 29thJohn Betheridge77A.L.Mauby-Chapmans Hill Bromsgrove
No. 611 NBG 3091890 October 14thAlfred Percy Byrig?9mnthsA.L.Mauby-Long Lane
No. 612 NBG 21890 November 9thElizabeth Hill54A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 613 NBG 3101890 November 14thJohn Walker4yrsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 614 NBG 3111890 December 20thGertrude Partridge5yrsA.L.Mauby-Beech Lane
No. 615 NBG 31890 December 27thFrancis Harris41A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 6161891 January 7thHarriet Colldrick62A.L.Mauby-Warley
No. 6171891 January 23rdJohn Foley84A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 618 NBG 51891 March 18thSarah Sermon86A.L.Mauby-Moat Lane
No. 619 NBG 81891 April 6thMary Blundell76A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 620 NBG 3121891 April 25thWilliam Joseph Clay3yrsA.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 621 NBG 991891 April 27thThomas Hodgetts72G.Craggs-Crook Lane
No. 622 NBG 101891 May 10thCharles Parker26G.Craggs-The Hawthorns
No. 6231891 May 20thHannah Mason69G.Craggs-Castle Lane Halesowen
No. 6241891 June 5thElizabeth Long60G.Craggs-Beech Lane
No. 625 NBG 111891 June 11thEmma Walker65A.L.Mauby-Hurst Lane Warley
No. 626 NBG121891 June 12thAnn Goode78A.L.Mauby-Castle Lane Halesowen
No. 627 NBG 451891 June 18thErnest William Fitter34A.L.Mauby-Gillott Road Edgbaston
No. 628 NBG 131891 June 25thDavid Reed57Enoch Reed-Quinton
No. 629 NBG 141891 June 27thAnn Hunt67C.C.Natin-The Pheasant Lane
No. 630 NBG 151891 June 29thWilliam Follows63A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 631 NBG 71891 June 30thMary Allen76A.L.Mauby-Quinton
No. 632 NBG 171891 July 10thJoseph Record65G.A.Amning-Holly Bush Beech Lane
No. 633 NBG 3131891 July 17thAnnie Pitchford3mnthsG.A.Amning-Bleak House Lane
No. 634 NBG 161891 August 2ndMartha Mauders84G.A.Amning-The Workkhouse Kingswinford Staffs
No. 635 NBG 3141891 August 8thJohn Howard Adams4mnthsG.A.Amning-Long Lane
No. 636 NBG 181891 October 20thMaria Johnson 68A.C.Howell-Beech Lane
No. 6371891 October 22ndJoseph Martin Kniibbs37A.C.Howell-The Queens Hospital
No. 6381891 November 20thSally Clay75G.A.Amning-Bearwood Road Smethwick
No. 6391891 December 15thFrederick Smith4mnthsMichael Pryon-The Queens Hospital
No. 640 NBG 211891 December 30thJohn Dearn55Alfred Howell Lang Lane-Birch Road Beech Lane
No. 641 NBG 191891 December 30thStephen Stanfield61Alfred Howell Lang Lane-12, Mill Lane
No. 642 NBG 221892 January 8thWilliam Green Hollies19Michael Bryer-Birmingham Road Hill
No. 643 NBG 891892 January 8thSarah Faulkner73James Jones-Plough & Harrow Road Edgbaston
No. 644 NBG 3161892 January 9thDavid Guest69G.A. Amning-Beech Lane
No. 645 NBG 3151892 March 10thMaud Beatrice Hall2yrsJames Jones-Quinton
No. 646 NBG 461892 March 12thSarah Greaves75James Jones-Worlds End
No. 647 NBG 231892 April 14thHannah Cutler32James Jones-New England Long Lane
No. 648 NBG 241892 April 21stFrederick Palmer20James Jones-Beech Lane
No. 649 NBG 3171892 April 27thHannah Guest72James Jones-Spies Lane
No. 650 NBG 231892 May 25thJames Cutler1mnthJames Jones-New England Long Lane
No. 651 NBG 3161892 June 9thHannah Guest73G.A.Amning-Beech Lane
No. 652 NBG 441892 July 13thGeorgina Louise Himsley Mackenzie53James Jones-Edgbaston
No. 653 NBG 171892 August 10thLucy Record40James Jones-Beech Lane
No. 654 NBG 471892 August 16thHenry Cooper35James Jones-Quinton
No. 6551892 September 19thAnne Holbeche (G.Clyd Vault )74James Jones-York Road Edgbaston
No. 656 NBG 1331892 September 19thMary Ann Handasyd Gibson47James Jones-Monument Road Edgbaston
No. 657 NBG 3141892 October 4thBrit Adams4mnthsJames Jones-Long Lane
No. 658 NBG 481892 October 12thSamuel Ernest Goode2yrsJames Jones-Hancock Street Bristnal Fields
No. 659 NBG 251892 November 1stElias Hadley61James Jones-Worlds End
No. 660 NBG 261892 November 9thJohn Bennet63James Jones-Spies Lane
No. 661 NBG 271892 November 17thJoseph Hall70James Jones-Quinton
No. 662 NBG 1771892 December 30thSophia Laister71James Jones-Quinton
No. 663 NBG 541893 January 21stWilliam Parkes54James Jones-Spies Lane
No. 664 NBG 3181893 January 23rdWilliam Kendal65James Jones-Warley Farm
No. 665 NBG 511893 February 13thMary Jane Rollins28James Jones-Lower Quinton
No. 666 NBG 2651893 February 18thEliza Smith52James Jones-Thimble Mill Lane Warley
No. 667 NBG 281893 March 25thAnnie Isabella Burns21James Jones-Londonderry Warley
No. 668 OCY1893 April 1stHannah Wood72James Jones-High Street
No. 669 NBG 3541893 April 3rdFlorence Beatrice Pitchford5yrsJames Jones-Hancock Street Bristnal Field
No. 670 NBG 471893 May 8thJoseph Ernest Cooper11yrsJames Jones-Hagley Road Quinton
No. 671 NBG 3551893 June 17thWillie Jones7yrsJames Jones-Bissell Street Quinton
No. 672 NBG 356Albert Jones10 weeksJohnson-Hancock Street Bristnal Field
No. 673 OCY1893 August 11thSarah Thompson65James JonesRectorSandon Road Edgbaston
No 674 NBG 3571893 August 16thLeonard Field19mnthsJames JonesRectorClay Lane Langley
No. 675 NBG 3581893 August 29thHarry Satchwell22mnthsJames JonesRectorBeech Lane
No. 676 NBG 3591893 September 1stWilliam Toy2mnthsJames JonesRectorHagley Road Quinton
No. 677 NBG 901893 October 6thGeorge Deeley54James JonesRectorBearwood Road Smethwick
No. 678 NBG 3831893 October 9thSarah Ann Hill3mnthsJames JonesRectorLong Lane
No. 679 NBG 291893 October 10thWilliam Green84James JonesRectorLong Lane
No. 680 NBG 3841893 October 21stHenry Powell2yrsJames JonesRectorLower Quinton
No. 681 NBG 301893 November 11thSarah Lees29James Jones RectorHancock Street Warley
No. 682 NBG 271893 November 27thLucy Hall66James Jones RectorThe Hawthorns Quinton
No. 683 NBG 141893 November 29thHenry Hunt84James Jones RectorBeech Lane
No. 684 NBG 2211893December 1stJoseph Crump59James Jones RectorLong Lane
No. 685 NBG 911893 December 2ndMary Dearn78James Jones RectorBristnal Field
No. 686 NBG 311893 December 16thEmma White31James Jones RectorHancock Street Warley
No. 687 NBG 531893 December 23rdJohn Taylor14James Jones RectorCrock Street Hill
No. 688 NBG 3191894 January 5thAlfred Richards45James Jones RectorNarrow Lane Quinton
No. 689 NBG 551894 January 13thArthur Harold Parkes2yrsJames JonesRectorNew Road Quinton
No. 690 NBG 3851894 January 13thJoseph Nash1dayJames JonesRectorThe Hawthorns Quinton
No. 691 NBG 461894 jJanuary 15thJosph Greaves 80James JonesRectorWorlds End
No. 692 NBG 561894 January 24thEliza Garnet38James JonesRectorMassmill Lane
No. 693 NBG 881894 February 12thElizabeth Gladys Dingley2yrsJames JonesRectorHagley Road Edgbaston
No. 694 NBG 521894 February 12thJohn Rudge67James JonesRectorNew England, Long Lane
No. 695 NBG 561894 February 13thEliza Garnet5mnthsJames JonesRectorMassmill Lane
No. 696 NBG 571894 February 19thMaria Roe79James JonesRectorQuinton
No. 697 NBG 3861894 February 24thLilian Blundell1mnthJames JonesRectorQuinton
No. 698 NBG 387 1894 February 26thRebecca Blundell6hoursJames JonesRectorHancock Street Bristnal Field
No. 699 NBG 3141894 February 28thGladys May Adams11daysJames JonesRectorLong Lane
No. 700 NBG 12 1894 March 31stJohn Goode78James JonesRectorCarters Lane Lapal
No. 701 NBG 134 1894 April 2ndWilfred James Dugmore2yrsJames JonesRectorHigh Street
No. 702 NBG 388 1894 May 2ndWalter Cater1yrAlfred Howell-Beech Lane
No. 703 NBG 571894 May 5thChristopher Joseph Rollins14mnthsAlfred Howell-Spies Lane
No. 704 NBG 2661894 May 31stEsther Hadley70James JonesRectorSpies Lane
No. 705 NBG 321894 July 14thThomas Collins56James JonesRectorDied in West Bromwich Lived Londonderry
No. 706 NBG 201894 August 20thMaud Beatrice Thompson Yates6mnthsJames JonesRectorLower Quinton
No. 707 NBG 3891894 September 25thArthur Mason2mnthsAlfred Howell-College Road
No. 708 NBG 581894 October 1stEliza Attwood43James JonesRectorLondonderry House
No. 709 NBG 501894 October 6thAnn Maria Mucklow28James JonesRectorSpies Lane Quinton
No. 710 NBG 591894 October 13thMinnie Mason20James JonesRectorSpies Lane Quinton
No. 711 NBG 3991894 December 4thEliza Alice Chamberlain13mnthsJames JonesRectorHill Top Warley
No. 712 NBG 601894 December 22ndJoseph Bruce Garnet4mnthsJames JonesRectorHancock Street
No. 713 NBG 1351894 December 29thGeorge Edgar Wood6mnthsJames JonesRectorCollege Road Quinton
No. 714 NBG 341895 January 14thGeorge Harris (Coroners Order)60James JonesRectorBristnal Field
No. 715 NBG 691895 January 21stJohn Hancock78James JonesRectorHarborne Lane
No. 716 NBG 611895 January 22ndLaura Bradford5yrsJames JonesRectorCollege Road Quinton
No. 717 NBG 3201895 February 11thGeorge Lewis7yrsHenry Tilley-Three Shires Oak Road, Smethwick
No. 718 NBG 1781895 February 16thWalter John Thompson8mnthsHenry Tilley-Bissell Street
No. 719 OCY1895 March 9thAnn Maria Hook27Henry Tilley-Beech Lane
No. 720 NBG 491895 March 9thMary Walsons37Henry Tilley-Hill Top Warley
No. 721 NBG 361895 March 23rdMary Swain68James Jones-New England
No. 722 NBG 389 1895 April 3rdElizabeth Blundell2daysJames JonesRectorLangley Road
No. 723 NBG 1771895 April 3rdThomas Lister75James JonesRectorIvy House Farm
No. 724 NBG 2671895 April 5thWilliam Ashmead50James JonesRectorBecks Lane
No. 725 NBG 931895 April 9thAnnie Vincent67James JonesRectorPottery Farm Warley
No. 726 NBG 3861895 April 11thArthur George Blundell6daysJames JonesRectorQueens Hospital Birmingham
No. 727 NBG 3881895 April 18thEdwin Dutton1dayJames JonesRectorHarborne Lane
No. 728 NBG 371895 May 8thHarriet Yeomans66James JonesRectorPax Hall Quinton
No. 729 NBG 941895 May 11thThomas Hill36James JonesRectorBirch Road Beech Lane
No. 730 NBG 951895 May 3othBenjamin Hill42James JonesRectorCatle Road Warley
No. 731 NBG 2221895 May 31stGeorge Septimus Dexter66James JonesRectorBeech Lane
No. 732 NBG 961895 June 1stFlorence May Robinson3yrsJames JonesRectorNew England
No. 733 OCY1895 July 1stEmily Hill38W.A.Wood-Carters Lane Halesowen
No. 734 NBG 621895 July 10thIsaac Johnson36James JonesRectorBirch Road Beech Lane
No. 735 NBG 351895 August 21stWilliam Alderthay73James JonesRectorBristnal Field
No. 736 OCY1895 September 28thSamuel Clinton Edwards84James JonesRectorBroomHill Quinton
No.737 NBG 971895 October 12thMary Ann Rudge33James JonesRectorCrock Street
No. 738 NBG 268 1895 November 8thBenjamin Earl Pewtress15minutesJames JonesRectorRed Lion Inn Quinton
No. 739 NBG 3221895 November 16thHannah Long29James JonesRectorQuinton
No. 740 NBG 381895 November 19thJohn Mason55James JonesRectorHill Top Warley
No. 741 NBG 981895 December 21stRuth Cutler6yrsJames JonesRectorSpies Lane Quinton
No. 742 OCY1896 January 18thWilliam Yeomans82James JonesRectorTat Bank
No. 743 NBG 391896 February 3rdGeorge Grazier42James JonesRectorQueens Hospital Birmingham
No. 744 NBG 991896 February 8thEthel Florence Rollins1mnthJames JonesRectorWarley
No. 745 NBG 1361896 February 15thEmma Wood55James JonesRectorThe Hawthorns Quinton
No. 746 NBG 3601896 February 26thGladys Mullett7mnthsJames JonesRectorHigh Street
No. 747 NBG 341896February 26thAda Clift6mnthsJames JonesRectorNew England Quinton
No. 748 NBG 2631896 February 26thLaura Clift6mnthsJames JonesRectorNew England Quinton
No. 749 NBG 3881896 March 12thJohn Dutton15hoursJames JonesRectorBeech Lane Harborne
No. 750 NBG 3641896 March 26thThomas Dearn3daysJames JonesRectorWarley Farm
No. 751 NBG 2661896 April 4thJoseph Hadley69James JonesRectorSpies Lane
No. 752 NBG 1001896 April 20thEliza Doyle65Felix Hawardson-Quinton Hill
No. 753 NBG 1011896 June 9thDorothy Ann Ball1mnthJames JonesRectorRound Hill Farm
No. 754 NBG 3651896 June 17thThomas Dutton44James JonesRectorBeech Lane
No. 755 OCY1896 June 17thJune Ann Parkes77James JonesRectorSpies Lane
No. 756 NBG 631896 July 8thMary Lowe72R.R.Farrant-Moat Road
No. 757 NBG 731896 August 1stAlice Robinson20James JonesRectorNew England Long Home
No. 758 NBG 401896 August 21stFlorence Beatrice Cox13yrsJames JonesRectorWorlds End
No. 759 NBG 1371896 September 16thRobert Taylor52James JonesRectorRed Lion Inn
No. 760 NBG 3611896 September 23rdSara Jane Williams39Michael PriorVicarFarm Road Warley
No. 761 NBG 1021896 September 28thJohn Parkes6yrsJames JonesRectorCollege Road Quinton
No. 762 NBG 431896 October 9thKate Foster30James JonesRectorBeech Lane
No. 763 NBG 641896 December 9thElizabeth Price81James JonesRectorHill Top Road Warley
No. 764 NBG 3531896 December 16thRichard James Wooluin4minutesJames JonesRectorNew England Long Lane
No. 765 NBG 701897 January 7thWilliam Haycock82James JonesRectorHarborne Lane
No. 766 NBG 371897 January 13thJoseph Haycock66James JonesRectorThe Hawthorns
No. 767 NBG 651897 February 1stWilliam Price2daysJames JonesRectorPollery Road
No. 768 NBG 411897February 1stWilliam Dearn65James JonesRectorGeorge Road Warley
No. 769 NBG 1001897 Febbruary 18thHenry Doyle61J. HanardonReverendHalesowen Road Quinton
No. 770 NBG 741897 February 25thSamuel Robinson56James Jones RectorNew England Hill
No. 771 NBG 651897 March 6thLucy Parry15daysJames Jones RectorPound Road Warley
No. 772 NBG 3831897 March 11thJohn Henry Hill6mnthsJames Jones RectorLong Lane
No. 773 NBG 661897 March 13thThomas Eli Yates4yrsJames Jones RectorBissell Street
No. 774 NBG 651897 March 22ndSamuel Dearn2daysJames Jones RectorWarley Farm
No. 775 NBG 1381897 March 29thBenjamin Hill67James Jones RectorHalesowen Road Warley
No. 776 NBG 671897 March 31stHannah Guest57James Jones RectorSandown Road Edgbaston
No. 777 NBG 651897 March 31stWilliam Plant2mnthsJames JonesRectorNew England Long Lane
No. 778 NBG 3621897 April 1stWilliam Thomas Jones67James JonesRectorClay Lane Oldbury
No. 779 NBG 2741897 April 26thElizabeth Kendall32James JonesRectorWarley Farm
No. 780 NBG 3271897 May 3rdMary Ann Powell1dayJames JonesRectorBeech Lane
No. 781 NBG 3881897 May 6thEthel Dasson1dayJames JonesRectorBeech Lane
No. 782 NBG 1391897 May 22ndFrederick Tomlinson29James JonesRectorLong Lane
No. 783 NBG 711897 May 26thGeorge Thompson52James JonesRectorLion Hill
No. 784 NBG 1401897 June 14thWilliam Rudge11daysJames JonesRectorBleak House Road Warley
No. 785 OCY1897 July 19thJohn Rae58J.E.Brown-2,Brunswick Street Blackpool
No. 786 NBG 721897 July 24thJoseph Robinson57James JonesRectorNew England Hill
No. 787 NBG 3971897 August 7thRobert Marshall Rae14mnthsJames JonesRectorBleak House Warley
No. 788 NBG 751897 August 23rdHenry Howard Cooper11mnthsJames JonesRectorBirch Road Warley
No. 789 NBG 761897 August 31stWilfred Reynolds1mnthJames JonesRectorLong Lane
No. 790 NBG 3531897 September 11thSarah Deeley15daysAlfred HowellThe Four Dwellings
No. 791 NBG 771897 September 15thWilliam Payne38Alfred Howell-Bristnal Fields
No. 792 NBG 1031897 September 18thAlbert Edwards Park10mnthsG.A.Anninns-Queens Hospital
No. 793 NBG 1041897 September 23rdAmelia Hodges23H.Howell-Bissell Street Quinton
No. 794 NBG 921897 September 30thSharlot Powis58James JonesRectorHigh Street Quinton
No. 795 NBG 2751897 October 5thJames Frederick Richards52Marwell-210 Lozells Road Birmingham
No. 796 OCY1897 October 7thAnna Elsmore81Stephen Phillips-Longmore Lane Shirley
No. 797 NBG 3721897 November 1stJames Dutton4yrsJames JonesRectorHarborne
No. 798 NBG 1391897 December 1stFrances Anne Tomlinson8yrsE.Johnson-Bell View The Hill
No. 799 NBG 781898 January 8thEthel Rose14daysJames JonesRectorLong Lane