Quinton Local History Society

Register of Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, The Quinton, 1898 to 1919

The register has been printed with the kind permission of the rector of Christ Church, The Quinton.

Imformation provided here is already in the public domain. However, please notify us if you have special reasons for wanting an entry removed from this website.

11898 January 20th132Margaret OrangeGeorge Road Warley69James Jones Rector
21898 January 22nd269Victoria Mary Elizabeth PewdressThe Grange Rowley Village49James Jones Rector
31898 January 24th141Samuel RudgeCrock Street Hill Quarter61James Jones Rector
41898 February 16th176John DarbyThe Hawthorns Beech Lane58James Jones Rector
51898 February 24th276William WinwoodMeadow Road 63James Jones Rector
61898 February 24th79Arthur CrumpBeech Lane 28James Jones Rector
71898 February 25th105William BraggD.Kings Norton Infirmary R.St Marys Road38James Jones Rector
81898 March 16th80Philip HodgessHurst Green Cakemore50James Jones Rector
91898 March 26th42Elizabeth Daisy ThompsonBeech Lane3James Jones Rector
101898 March 26th181George WharsonAbbey Road Warley49James Jones Rector
111898 March 29thOCY 5 ftJohn ClewesHigh Street Quinton82James Jones Rector
121898 April 9th106Ernest JonesLong Lane Hill Quarter5 monthsJames Jones Rector
131898 April 12th223William DowningBeech Lane78James Jones Rector
141898 April 20thSusannah PearceThe Hawthorns Warley55James Jones Rector
151898 April 20thOCY 5 ftFlorence HodgettsSmethwick2James Jones Rector
161898 April 21st81Hannah WebsterCrock Street Hill Quarter66James Jones Rector
171898 April 27th277Amelia FosterThe Hawthorns Quinton53James Jones Rector
181898 May 12th107Charles Richard MoseleyBirch Road Beech Lane2 monthsJames Jones Rector
191898 July 18th180Edgar WoodBirch Road Warley3 monthsJames Jones Rector
201898 August 25th22Ann GreenHalesowen Road68James Jones Rector
211898 September 24th82Gladys Mary Mason148 Birchfield Lane Oldbury5 monthsW. K. Roberts Curate Blackheath
221898 October 14th142Edwin James Tarrant3 Warley View Beech Lane11 monthsW. K. Roberts Curate Blackheath
231898 October 14th108Arthur William GoodeBeech Lane13 hoursW. K. Roberts Curate Blackheath
241898 Ocober 15th83Maud Edith FoxBeech Lane16 monthsJames Jones Rector
251898 October 26th220Vivien Reginald ParkerBeaufort Road Edgbasron 2 yrs 3 monthsJames Jones Rector
261898 October 26th182John William HankomLondonderry Road 62James Jones Rector
271898 October 29th356John ToyeMeadow Road Quinton9 weeksJames Jones Rector
281898 November 16th109Arthur DickensQueens Road Londonderry1 yearJames Jones Rector
291898 November 22nd224Alice GuestSpies Lane26James Jones Rector
301898 December 7th110Alice HadleyBeech Lane16 daysJames Jones Rector
311898 December 8th143Ann Allen Bissell St Queens Hospital Quinton58James Jones Rector
321898 December 10th84Martha BurlingHill Top Road Warley69J Venables
331898 December 14th264Elizabeth Layson CourtBeech Lane55J Venables
341898 December 17th144Emma SwayneSpies Lane 21 monthsJames Jones Rector
351899 January 4th145Joseph JonesLong Lane60James Jones Rector
361899 January 9th146Mary AyresPound Road Warley34James Jones Rector
371899 January 12th270William Edward HadleyHigh Street 4 monthsJames Jones Rector
381899 January 14th183Richard Alfred Charles AttwoodCrock Street2 yearsJames Jones Rector
391899 January 19th123Sarah Jane DearnGladys Road Bearwood Smethwick22James Jones Rector
401899 February 4th147Lilly Parthena JonesNew England Hill Quarter10 monthsJames Jones Rector
411899 February 9th19Harriet Stansfield10 Mill Lane Oldbury70James Jones Rector
421899 February 16th184Elsie Lilly Smith Crock Street Hill Quarter12 monthsJames Jones Rector
431899 February 22nd126John EllimanPerry Hill Road Warley78James Jones Rector
441899 February 23rd116Hannah CrumpD.Fever Hospital R.New England Hill23James Jones Rector
451899 February 27th111Henry SuchBeech Lane56James Jones Rector
461899 March 1st117Robert William OrchardBrand Hall Farm2 daysJames Jones Rector
471899 March 11th185Beatrice Amy TaylorHalesown Road 2 yearsJames Jones Rector
481899 March 23rd225Joseph CrumpLong Lane2 minutesJames Jones Rector
491899 March 23rd6Thomas AllenMeadow Road74James Jones Rector
501899 March 30th271Winifred HadleyD.Fever Hospital R Spies Lane2 yrs 6 monthsJames Jones Rector
511899 April 11th112Thomas GuestMasshouse College Somerset Rd Edg.52James Jones Rector
521899 April 29th149Cyril Percy LensonThe Hawthorns Quinton2mnthsJames Jones Rector
531899 April 29th323Elizabeth ClewesHigh Street Quinton74James Jones Rector
541899 May 3rd68Emma HadleyClark St. Ladywood Birmingham58James Jones Rector
551899 May 11th226Martha HaycockCrock Street Hill Quarter72James Jones Rector
561899 May 12th115Alice BallHagley View Beech Lane3mnthsJames Jones Rector
571899 May 20th125Thomas HadleyNew England Lime Lane24James Jones Rector
581899 May 23rd227Ethel Frances DowningRutland Road Edgbaston2 monthsJames Jones Rector
591899 May 25th393Jemina ReidCakemore Lane 55James Jones Rector
601899 May 31st394Lucy Ann HassallStation Road Blackheath47George A Anning Curate Langley
611899 June 9thOCY 5 ftFlorence PowellBleak House Warley32James Jones Rector
621899 June 17th152Ann HodgettsHill Rop Road46James Jones Rector
631899 June 17th392Joseph GregoryLong Lane21 daysJames Jones Rector
641899 June 22nd68Emma Agnes HadleyClark Street Ladywood Birmingham26James Jones Rector
651899 June 28th98Bessie CutlerSpies Lane6James Jones Rector
661899 July 6th228Esther Rebecca HemingwayD.General Hospital R.Beech Lane35James Jones Rector
671899 July 8th308Bertha AllenHolly Cottage Narrow Lane25James Jones Rector
681899 August 16th153Florrie DearnFrankley View Beech Lane9 yearsJames Jones Rector
691899 August 22nd186Arthur CoxWorlds End Quinton13 daysJames Jones Rector
701899 September 12th110Ethel Phoebe HadleyFrankley View Beech Lane4 yearsJames Jones Rector
711899 September 21st272Joseph Albert HallD.Queens Hospital R.Bissell Street37James Jones Rector
721899 September 27th115Elsie GriffinMeadow Road Quinton14 daysJames Jones Rector
731899 September 30th229Sydney RoseBirch Road Beech Lane3 yearsJames Jones Rector
741899 September 30th187Nellie WoodPound Road Cakemore7 monthsJames Jones Rector
751899 September 30th114John CookeThe Hawthornes4 monthsJames Jones Rector
761899 October 13th25Ann HadleyD.City Asylum Bham R.Eaton St Hockley67James Jones Rector
771899 October 21stOCY -Archibald William John Rock156 Lambeth Rd Lambeth London18James Jones Rector
781899 November 14th154Rose Elizabeth SuttonBeech Lane2 yearsJames Jones Rector
791899 December 11th264Mary Elizabeth SmithBeech Lane27James Jones Rector
801899 December 28th64Timothy PriceHill Top Road Warley82James Jones Rector
811900 January 3rd120Hannah RussellBirch Road Beech Lane91James Jones Rector
821900 January 8th324Sarah WoodBirmingham16James Jones Rector
831900 January 11th188Eli PerryHancox Street Warley56James Jones Rector
841900 January 17th121Thomas ClarkeRose Cottage Quinton74James Jones Rector
851900 January 17th121Martha ValeRose Cottage Quinton70James Jones Rector
861900 February 12th155Jese RollasonSpies Lane66James Jones Rector
871900 February 12thOCY 6' 6""Charles Henry Neal104 Constitution Hill Birmingham59James Jones Rector
881900 February 14th189Emily JonesSpies Lane5 yearsJames Jones Rector
891900 February 17th36William SwaineD.Powicke Asylum R.New England 75James Jones Rector
901900 March 3rdOCY -Elizabeth ThompsonNew England Hill Quarter84James Jones Rector
911900 April 7th156Stanley Charles HughesHigh Street16 monthsJames Jones Rector
921900 April 17th230Arthur Frederick DeeleyThe Dwelling Quinton15 monthsJames Jones Rector
931900 April 26th139Jane Georgina LashfordBelle View Cottage 38James Jones Rector
941900 May 16th382Frederick SmithStation Road Blackheath13James Jones Rector
951900 May 29th141Ann RudgeCrock Street Hill Quarter63M B Parrott
961900 June 13th150Harry JohnsonBirch Road 24M B Parrott
971900 July 2nd231Alice Maria GuestSpies Lane2 monthsJames Jones Rector
981900 July 14th355Thomas BotfieldLong Lane7 yearsJames Jones Rector
991900 July 25th190Mary Ann RecordHolly Bush Hill Beech Lane74James Jones Rector
1001900 July 28th278William LewisSmethwick53James Jones Rector
1011900 August 8th94George Ernest HillFrankley View Beech Lane14 monthsJames Jones Rector
1021900 August 10th175Silas WhitehouseQuinton Hill Warley49James Jones Rector
1031900 September 18th232Thomas PearceRidgacre Lane Quinton48M B Parrott
1041900 September 22nd151Frank Gawiner ?Hilltop Road Warley4 yearsM B Parrott
1051900 September 24th121Alice ReadCastle Road88M B Parrott
1061900 October 3rd372Ernest DuttonBeech Lane15 hoursM B Parrott
1071900 October 13th191Frances WeatherallMoat Road Warley80M B Parrott
1081900October 17th193John TaylorCollage Road Quinton81James Jones Rector
1091900 October 23rdOCY -Mary WilliamsHagley Road Quinton5 minutesJames Jones Rector
1101900 October 25th228George HemingwayGarbett Street Ladywood36M B Parrott
1111900 October 29th255Emily HackettBirch Road21 hoursJames Jones Rector
1121900 October 29th233Eliza FauxSmethwick60James Jones Rector
1131900 November 5th273Lucy LewisThree Shire Oak Road Smethwick36James Jones Rector
1141900 November 7th270Frank HadleyHigh Street Quinton12 hoursJames Jones Rector
1151900 November 15th187Florence WoodPound Road Cakemore28James Jones Rector
1161900 December 17th364Thomas DearnPerry Hill Road20 daysM B Parrott
1171900 December 22nd157Phoebe HortonHagley Road Hill Quarter53James Jones Rector
1181900 December 28th396William GrosvenorHalesowen Road Quinton77James Jones Rector
1191900 December 31stOCY =David HodgettsMoor Street Northfield69James Jones Rector
1201901 January 7th193Harriet TaylorNew Endgland Hill Quarter84James Jones Rector
1211901 January 17thOCY -James Henry HaglingtonHighfield Farm Quinton8 daysJames Jones Rector
1221901 January 19th312Mary Ann ClayHigh Street Quinton46James Jones Rector
1231901 February 16thOCY =Charles Henry Dunlop France8 Vicarage Rosd Edbaston55James Jones Rector
1241901 February 22nd158Ann Eleanor WhitehouseThe Hawthorns Quinton54M B Parrott
1251901 February 23rd 63Ben Richard LowePound Road Cakemore44James Jones Rector
1261901 March 4th107William MoseleyBeech Lane5 yearsJames Jones Rector
1271901 Marech 4th273Kitty FewtrellBeech Lane47James Jones Rector
1281901 March 18th194Dorothy Mary PeaseBirch Lane Beech Lane3 yearsJames Jones Rector
1291901 March 23rd195William PeaceBeech Lane64James Jones Rector
1301901 April 8th196Joseph WoodwardNew England Hill Quarter16 monthsJames Jones Rector
1311901 April 13th148Hannah DownsThe Flats Warley78James Jones Rector
1321901 April 20th159Samuel SimmonsLong Lane Hill Quarter45M B Parrott
1331901 April 24th119Annie Mary DearnBeech Lane7 monthsJames Jones Rector
1341901 April 27th33Arthur Knight Bleak House Road Warley19 monthsM B Parrott
1351901 April 29th162Annie Frances WhittakerBeech Lane7 monthsJames Jones Rector
1361901 April 30th279George HumphreysRidgacre Farm Quinton67James Jones Rector
1371901 May 4thOCY -Arthur GreenMoor Street Lapal10 daysJames Jones Rector
1381901 May 4th82Emily Elizabeth MasonPottery Road Warley1 dayJames Jones Rector
1391901 May 11th352John Regan George Road Warley46James Jones Rector
1401901 June 22nd85Harold HaddockThe Hawthorns Quinton2 yearsJames Jones Rector
1411901 July 6th87William Benjamin RondallBirch Road Beech Lane57James Jones Rector
1421901 July 20th230Henry DeeleyBirch Road Beech Lane16 monthsJames Jones Rector
1431901 July 24th122Sarah Ann FisherThe Flats Beech Lane64James Jones Rector
1441901 August 20th397Ada RaeBleak House Warley32James Jones Rector
1451901 September 24th197William AdamsLong Lane Hill Quarter24James Jones Rector
1461901 September 28th226Richard HaycockLong Lane Hill Quarter76James Jones Rector
1471901 October 9th353May RobinsonLong Lane Hill Quarter1 hourJames Jones Rector
1481901 November 9th325Gertrude Jane RobinsCollage Road Quinton27James Jones Rector
1491901 November 20th124Elizabeth ColeyBeech Lane39James Jones Rector
1501901 November 25th 169Gladys May HadleyNew England Long Lane5 monthsJames Jones Rector
1511901 December 19th192Samuel PlantNew England Long Lane17 daysJames Jones Rector
1521901 December 24th160Emma FulfordMoat Road Warley77James Jones Rector
1531902 February 8th355Harold DavenportBeech Lane1 monthJames Jones Rector
1541902 February 8th393George ReidLower Holt Cakemore20James Jones Rector
1551902 February 15th161Charles John SmallwoodBeech Lane44James Jones Rector
1561902 February 17th22Annie Maud WoolwinCrock Street Hill Quarter14 daysJames Jones Rector
1571902 February 21st355Elizabeth ParkesNew England Hill Quarter1 monthJames Jones Rector
1581902 February 27th98Amelia CutlerMeadow Road Quinton6 yearsJames Jones Rector
1591902 March 1st365William DuttonBirch Lane Warley82James Jones Rector
1601902 March 13th319Fanny Amelia Ridgway21 York Road Handsworth29James Jones Rector
1611902 April 26th62Sarah JohnsonBirch Road 44James Jones Rector
1621902 April 30th198Arthur DearnD.West Bromwich Workhouse R. Warley72James Jones Rector
1631902 May 10th364Charles DearnWarley Farm Perryhill Road Warley8 hoursJames Jones Rector
1641902 June 5th38Leonard Samuel JonesHancox Street Warley11 daysJames Jones Rector
1651902 July 9th393Elijah ReadCakemore Lane Cakemore67James Jones Rector
1661902 July 30thOCY -Joseph FoxGeorge Road Warley85James Jones Rector
1671902 September 10th163Timothy DearnNew England Long Lane71Robert A Ellis
1681902 October 8th164Sarah Jane BlundellThe Hawthorns 54Robert A Ellis
1691902 October 13th234Caroline ClayFour Dwellings Farm Quinton63James Jones Rector
1701902 October 17th273Alfred FewtrellBeech Lane53James Jones Rector
1711902 October 18th196Elsie WoodwardLong Lane Hill Quarter6 monthsRobert A Ellis
1721902 October 25th219Beatrice Amy CookBirch Road Warley1 monthRobert A Ellis
1731902 October 27th165George AndrewsHagley Road Quinton66Robert A Ellis
1741902 November 5th385Nellie DavenportBeech Lane23 monthsRobert A Ellis
1751902 November 8th351James Frederick BurtonHill Top Road Warley5 yearsRobert A Ellis
1761902 November 15th44Catherine Jane Lea18 Portland Road Edgbaston55Robert A Ellis
1771902 December 5th166Joseph SmithCastel Road Warley69Robert A Ellis
1781903 February 12th350Charles AshHill Top Road62Robert A Ellis
1791903 March 26th329Reginald MasonMeadow Road Quinton1 yearRobert A Ellis
1801903 April 8th127Ellen Louise DavisPound Road Warley9 monthsRobert A Ellis
1811903 April 8th383Catherine RobinsonNew England Long Lane12 hoursRobert A Ellis
1821903 April 13th395Hilda Frances Georgina HuntBeech Lane8 monthsJames Jones Rector
1831903 May 6th27Fanny Hall104 Church Lane Smethwick33Robert A Ellis
1841903 May 11th326William BrownBeech Lane78Robert A Ellis
1851903 May 23rd355Edward BosfieldNew England Hill Top10 mnthsJames Jones Rector
1861903 July 8th128Marie DrewittBeech Lane38James Jones Rector
1871903 July 11thP.G.Floranol Hasted Chance Lawnside Norfolk Road Edgbaston53G S Walker Christchurch,
1881903 July 20th205Sarah TosbyMoor End Farm Quinton46James Jones Rector
1891903 July 25th167Helen MatthewsWarley House Perryhill Road76James Jones Rector
1901903 August 12th113Joseph Tom Elias HaycockD.General Hospital R.Harborne Lane39James Jones Rector
1911903 August 15th171Emily ShawGeorge Road Warley26James Jones Rector
1921903 August 15thArthur ClayNew England Long Lane13James Jones Rector
1931903 August 18th366Elizabeth WalkerSpies Lane53James Jones Rector
1941903 August 21st199George MoseleyBeech Lane Warley50James Jones Rector
1951903 August 22nd168Sarah WentMonckton Road Warley51James Jones Rector
1961903 September 7th400Frederick LinthwaiteHigh Street Quinton6weeksR.A.Ellis Assistant Curate
1971903 September 7th386Rose BlundellThe Hawthorns3daysR.A.Ellis Assistant Curate
1981903 September 9th200Winifred Hilda KingsFrankley View Beech Lane2mnthsJames Jones Rector
1991903 September 11th200Irene PatrridgeThe Hawthorns Quinton9mnthsJames Jones Rector
2001903 October 14th400George JarmainBeeches Vicar Beech Lane14daysJames Jones Rector
2011903 October 17th202Annie Elizabeth WalkerBeech Lane Warley9mnthsJames Jones Rector
2021903 November 7th390William FletcherHagley Road Quinton6yrsJames Jones Rector
2031903 November 25th83Alfred FoxBeech Lane Quinton1dayJames Jones Rector
2041903 December 19th229Ethel RoseBirch Road Warley11yrsJames Jones Rector
2051904 January 8th236Mary Hannah HigginsLower Ridgacre Farm64James Jones Rector
2061904 January 23rd296Emma GrosvenorD.WestBromwich R.81James Jones Rector
2071904 February 1st129Timothy ClayNew England Long Lane30James Jones Rector
2081904 February 13th144Alfred Allport SwainD.Queens Hospital R. Manor Lane Quinton18James Jones Rector
2091904 February 15th201Ann HaycockNorthfield80Christopher Assistant Curate
2101904 March 7th352Rose RyanSchool House Warley48Christopher Assistant Curate
2111904 March 14th189Thomas Robert JonesBissell Street Quinton50James Jones Rector
2121904 March 23rd208Henry EssexBirch Road Quinton81James Jones Rector
2131904 March 24th263Mary Ann FieldMeadow Road Quinton64James Jones Rector
2141904 March 29th170Sarah JohnsonHarborne Road Warley68James Jones Rector
2151904 April 2nd391Grace Eveline JenksThe Dog Inn Beech Lane11mnthsChristopher Assistant Curate
2161904 April 15thOCY-Caroline GreenManor Lane Lapal Halesowen72James Jones Rector
2171904 April 25th74Aaron SadlerNew England Long Lane2yrsJames Jones Rector
2181904 June 2nd130Lily HadleyLion Hill Quinton1yrsChristopher Assistant Curate
2191904 June 3rd400Ellen BarchelorPackhal Quinton3hrsChristopher Assistant Curate
2201904 July 9th173John Rueben HarwoodPond Road Warley72James Jones Rector
2211904 August 4th73Joseph RobinsonD.Workhouse Wordesley R.Log Lane22James Jones Rector
2221904 August 13th214William GouldNew England Long Lane46James Jones Rector
2231904 August 15thOCYBenjamin Enoch SherrettNew England Long Lane13mnthsJames Jones Rector
2241904 August 20th400Charles James ToyHagley View Beech Lane7mnthsJames Jones Rector
2251904 August 22nd383Sarah Loise RobinsonLong Lane Hill Quarter1mnthJames Jones Rector
2261904 August 22nd170Norman Thomas Rodvere DoidgeHarborne Road Warley1mnthJames Jones Rector
2271904 September 21st237John LeesHancox Street Warley36James Jones Rector
2281904 September 24thOCY -Miriam Margaret SherrettLong Lane New England2yrs 6mnthsJames Jones Rector
2291904 October 8th206Mabel Dorothy JenningsQueens Road Londonderry5yrsJames Jones Rector
2301904 October 17th115Frank Edward GriffinD.Queens Hospital R.Meadow Rd Quinton8mnthsJames Jones Rector
2311904 October 20thOCY -James CutlerMoor Street Near Quinton73Edward Jones Mtodist Minister
2321904 November 3rd248Louisa ThomasBirch Road Beech Lane85James Jones Rector
2331904 November 7th147William Samuel JonesNew England3yrs 6mnthsChristopher Assistant Curate
2341904 November 16th110George Leslie HadleyWarley View Beech Lane Warley2yrsJames Jones Rector
2351904 November 25th266Edward HadleyCauseway Green Black Heath59James Jones Rector
2361904 December 8th238Martha SmithMeadow Road Quinton59James Jones Rector
2371905 January 7th196Joseph WoodwardNew England Long Lane11weeksJames Jones Rector
238 1905 January 23rd174Constance Muriel AndrewsCollege Road Quinton6mnthsJames Jones Rector
2391905 January 23rd220Adelaide Harriet Parkes26 Reservoir Road Edgbaston40A.G.Lloyd Vicar Edgbaston
2401905 January 28th48Thomas GoodeHancox Street Warley64James Jones Rector
241 1905 January 30th207Dorothy NightingaleBeech Lane18mnthsJames Jones Rector
2421905 February 4th212Elsie WentMeadow Road Quinton15weeksJames Jones Rector
2431905 February 4th212Gladys WentMeadow Road Quinton15weeksJames Jones Rector
2441905 February 8th289Sarah RobinsonNew England Long Lane55Christopher Assistant Curate
2451905 February 23rd285Sarah BoyceBeech Lane Warley49James Jones Rector
2461905 February 25th216Norman Johnson CorkhillD.General Hospital R.Mop Beggar Farm6mnthsJames Jones Rector
2471905 February 28th307Joseph Mease?The School House Quinton73James Jones Rector
2481905 March 8th85Ivy Gertrude HaddockThe Hawthoorns1mnthJames Jones Rector
2491905 March 15th213Catherine AstleyLong Lane48James Jones Rector
2501905 March 16th240Matilda DearnHill Top Road Warley61James Jones Rector
2511905 March 18th160Annie FulfordMoat Road Warley36James Jones Rector
2521905 March 20th158Elsie DearnBeech Lane Quinton9yrsJames Jones Rector
2531905 April 26th281John PittHancox Street-James Jones Rector
2541905 April 29th282John ThompsonCollege Road Quinton65James Jones Rector
2551905 May 4th400Martha HarrisLong Lane17daysWardle Assistant Curate
2561905 May 10th209Philip Vernon BlundellFrederick Road Beech Lane Warley7mnthsJames Jones Rector
2571905 May 10th283Elizabeth CresswellHill Top Road Warley68James Jones Rector
2581905 May 16th262William DowningBeech Lane Warley62James Jones Rector
2591905 May 24thOCYJoseph DouglasMulous Farm Quinton76James Jones Rector
2601905 May 27th54Emily ParkesSpies Lane Quinton65James Jones Rector
2611905 June 17th149Joseph Edgar LensonQuinton Hill2omnthsJames Jones Rector
2621905 June 28th241Felix RoseThe Lodge Lightwood Hill62James Jones Rector
2631905 July 7th272Ronald Frank MillerMoat Road Warley9mnthsJames Jones Rector
2641905 July 8thOCY-George MillwardHigh Street Quinton8hrsJames Jones Rector
2651905 July 11th376James Hall Known as HenryBeech Lane Warley47James Jones Rector
2661905 July 19thOCY Betsy HarrisNew England Hill79James Jones Rector
2671905 July 22nd74Violet CliftNew England Hill9 daysJames Jones Rector
2681905 July 25th210Stephen MaiseyThe Hawthorns Quinton54James Jones Rector
2691905 August 5th60Emma Eliza GarnerHancox Street Warley9 yearsJames Jones Rector
2701905 August 8th211Alfred John LeesThe Cottage Beech Lane Warley65J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2711905 August 9th374Florence WoodLong Lane Halesown32James Jones Rector
2721905 August 29th242Elsie Maria JohnsonBirch Road Warley17 yearsJames Jones Rector
2731905 September 6th330Mary Ann PiperBeech Lane Warley55J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2741905 September 12th218Emily DarbyMeadow Road Quinton16J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2751905 September 20th398Matilda PowellBleak House Warley69J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2761905 October 26th166Sarah Smith138 Uplands Smethwick73James Jones Rector
2771905 December 9th328Annie Lillian Powell Hagley View Beech Lane Warley1 monthJames Jones Rector
2781905 December 11th207George NightingaleBirch Road Beech Lane Warley1 monthJames Jones Rector
2791906 January 2nd303Minnie Victoria JordanD. Childrens Hosp Bham R. Harborne Rd4 yearsJ. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2801906 January 15th284Henry WhittleMeadow Road Quinton40J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2811906 January 18th153Thomas Taylor New England55J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2821906 January 20th126Evonne EltimanHarborne64J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2831906 January 30th243Doris Irne EastopePound Road Cakemore1 yr 11 mthsJ. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2841906 January 31st160Annie Murial Daisy FulfordMoat Road Warley10 monthsJ. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2851906 February 15th371George RobinsonLong Lane 61J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2861906 February 10th214Albert TuffleyBirch Road Beech Lane74J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2871906 February 10th285Charles ChambersD.Queens Hospital R.Quinton73J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
2881906 February 24thOCYSarah Ann MillwardHigh Street Quinton74James Jones Rector
2891906 February 24th244John MountfordLondonderry Road Quinton80James Jones Rector
2901906 February 24th173Ann HarwoodQueens Road Warley71James Jones Rector
2911906 February 28th94Joseph HillKensington Avenue Balsal Heath23James Jones Rector
2921906 March 24th381William ClayHalesowen Road Quinton70James Jones Rector
2931906 April 6th395Rebecca HallQuinton Hill Warley70James Jones Rector
2941906 April 7th376William ThompsonBeech Lane Warley24James Jones Rector
2951906 April 28th286Robert HadleyThe Flat Beeches Lane Warley81James Jones Rector
2961906 May 2nd402Frederick PayneNew England Long Lane Hill17 hoursJames Jones Rector
2971906 May 9th291Horace John ThompsonMeadow Road Quinton4 yearsJames Jones Rector
2981906 May 14th83Wilfred Alfred FoxBeech Lane Quinton16 monthsJames Jones Rector
2991906 May 19th334Herbert Swain Meadow Lane Quinton18 monthsW.E. Davis Winstone Curate Halesowen
3001906 May 21st52Hannah Haycock RudgeLong Lane80J. R. Wardle
3011906 May 26th38Elizabeth MillsHancox Street Warley68J. R. Wardle
3021906 June 4th287William MaleThe Flat Beech Lane Warley75James Jones Rector
3031906 June 22nd402Ernest Robert ReevesNew England The Hill14 monthsJames Jones Rector
3041906 July 10th365Owen DuttonBeech Lane Harborne53James Jones Rector
3051906 July 12th66James YaksHigh Street Quinton6 yrs 9 mthsJames Jones Rector
3061906 July 14th260George AdamsD. Workhouse Wordsley R.New England72J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
3071906 July 14th250Charles Joseph Bayliss156 Park Rd Warley72H. M. Hough
3081906 July 18th194Martha Jane PeaceBirch Road Beech Lane Warley37J. Jones Rector
3091906 July 31st245Clara Elizabeth FoxPoint Road Cakemore3 monthsJ. R. Wardle Asst Curate
3101906 August 8th324Alfred Wood69 Ethel Street Smethwick26James Jones Rector
3111906 August 11th217Emma RudgeHalesowen Road Warley7 daysJames Jones Rector
3121906 August 18th402Nellie GuestSpies Lane Quinton42 hoursJames Jones Rector
3131906 September 3rd74Eliza SadlerLong Lane 17 daysJ. R. Wardle Asst Curate
3141906 September 13th331Mary MooreBristnal Hall Road Warley69J. R. Wardle Asst Curate
3151906 September 26th288Louise DixonBeech Lane Quinton75James Jones Rector
3161906 October 6th82George MasonGeorge Road Warley11 monthsJames Jones Rector
3171906 October 22nd246Elizabeth SomersSpies Lane 20James Jones Rector
3181906 October 31st200James KingD.Cambridge Hosp Aldershot R.Beech Lane20James Jones Rector
3191906 December 3rd247Agnes Ellen BunnsWorlds end Quinton19 monthsJames Jones Rector
3201906 December 24th246John SomersSpies Lane Quinton76C. E. Ind Asst Curate
3211906 December 26th322Edith HackettBissell Street Quinton18mnthsJames Jones Rector
3221906 December 27th289Ronald Howard Ernest TaylorD.Hospital Hagley Green R.Meadow Road4yearsJames Jones Rector
3231907 January 2nd351Florence Mary BurtonD General Hospital R, Park Road Warley17James Jones Rector
3241907 January 16th289Goerge HillHigh Street Quinton72James Jones Rector
3251907 January 17th360Alfred MullettRidgacre Road Quinton26James Jones Rector
3261907 January 28th395Louisa Maud Littley ?61 Bishopgate Street Birmingham27James Jones Rector
3271907 February 6th67John Grant60 London Road Edgbaston68James Jones Rector
3281907 February 8th395Harry HallD. Tottenham Hospital Tottenham R.Meadow RD33James Jones Rector
3291907 February 16th290Caroline DunnMeadow Road Quinton86James Jones Rector
3301907 February 26th332Nellie MucklowBirch Road Warley15mnthsJames Jones Rector
3311907 March 20thOCYKenneth ParkesSpies Lane Quinton67C.E.Ind Asst. Curate
3321907 March 20th4Mary Faulkener28, Warley Road Smethwick66C.E.Ind Asst. Curate
3331907 March 23rd149Alfred MicklewrightD. Burntwood Asylum R Thimblemill Lane39C.E.Ind Asst. Curate
3341907 March 30th172Joseph Henry HickinHigh Street Quinton17James Jones Rector
3351907 March 30th337Thomas DeeleyHollyBush Hill Quinton46C.E.Ind Asst. Curate
3361907 April 1st380Myra GoodeBeech Lane69James Jones Rector
3371907 April 1st241 ? Hanson LovattNew England Long Lane3yearsJames Jones Rector
3381907 April 2nd292Jessie May RichmondBirch Road Beech Lane Warley14 yearsJames Jones Rector
3391907 April 4th306William DearnCastle Road Warley84James Jones Rector
3401907 May 1st293Harriet Eleanor AdderlyBeech Lane 38James Jones Rector
3411907 May 14th325Mary Robena ShawCrock Street The Hill5yearsC.E.Ind Asst. Curate
3421907 May 22nd157Phoebe Anne HoltonBissell Street Quinton9mnthsJames Jones Rector
3431907 May 30th129Amy ClayBirch Road Beech Lane Warley31James Jones Rector
3441907 July 20thNNTrissie LinkSpies Lane 18 daysJames Jones Rector
3451907 July 27th215Eric Bernard Davey7 Wigorn Road Warley18 daysJames Jones Rector
3461907 July 27th294Joseph HaycockRidgacre Lane Quinton66James Jones Rector
3471907 August 8th379Caroline Theresa ReadHaelsowen Road Quinton65James Jones Rector
3481907 August 17th375Frederick DuttonD.WestBromwich WorkHouse R Birch Lane49James Jones Rector
3491907 August 29th259Thomas HallLong Lane Hill67James Jones Rector
3501907 September 4th295Esther ReadeBirch Road Beech Lane57C.E.Ind Asst. Curate
3511907 September 13thCatherine Mary BrennannPerry Hill Warley45Samuel Taylor Rector St.Philips
3521907 November 14thFlorence Thomas151 Birch Road Beech Lane Warley29C.E.Ind Asst. Curate
3531907 November 25th336Elizabeth MoxtonLickey View Beech Lane Warley77James Jones Rector
3541908 January 1stOCYHannah Chatwin39 Hill Top Road Warley69C.E.Ind Asst Curate
355 1908 January 7th403Joseph Fulford6.Rubbery Road Warley8mnthsJames Jones Rector
3561908 January 11th252Thomas Hardwick124 Birch Road Warley38James Jones Rector
3571908 January 24th34Alice HamsD. Kings Norton R Warley62C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3581908 January 25th337Albert William WosketGeorge Hotel Warrley47C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3591908 January 29th244Sarah MountfordLondonderry Lane Warley80C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3601908 January 30th296Gilbert PearceThe Hawthorns Warley63James Jones Rector
3611908 February 15th374George William RobinsonNew England Long Lane18mnthsJames Jones Rector
362 1908 February 22ndOCYLucy LeesD.West Midlansd Workkhouse R Hancox Street76C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3631908 February 27th85Clarissa Haddock72 Upper Street Warley45James Jones Rector
364 1908 March 3rd338Daniel CharlesLion Hill Quinton49C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3651908 March 13th253Alice GreenBeech Lane Warley34C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3661908 March 18th157Walker John HortonBissell Street Quinton64C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3671908 March 21st339Mary LangstonRidgacre Lane Quinton83C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3681908 March 21st258Mary SmithLong Lane Hill91C.E.Ind Asst Curate
369 1908 March 30th286Sarah Powell144 Vicarage Road Long Lane74C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3701908 April 4thB.H.Jane CliftNew England Long Lane48 hoursJames Jones Rector
3711908 April 4thB.H.Samuel CliftNew England Long Lane48 hoursJames Jones Rector
3721908 April 13th254Jonah ThomasMuttons Farm Quinton77C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3731908 April 18th255George Edward RoseHagley Road Quinton3years 6mnthsJames Jones Rector
3741908 April 18th38Walter JonesHill Top Road Warley1mnthJames Jones Rector
3751908 April 27th258Henry AdamsLong Lane59James Jones Rector
3761908 May 2ndNNMarie Amy Wilson7 Hagley View Beech Lane Warley23mnthsJames Jones Rector
3771908 May 6th2Bertha HillHigh Street Quinton10 minutesJames Jones Rector
3781908 May 9th141Samuel Thomas ShawPenn Cricket Lane Warley21mnthsJames Jones Rector
3791908 May 11thOCYHannah DeeleyThe Post Office Quinton74James Jones Rector
3801908 June 20th370William RobinsonNew England Quinton73James Jones Rector
381 1908 July 22nd278Sarah Ann RhodesHalesowen Road Warley52James Jones Rector
3821908 August 1st366Gladys JonesLong Lane Halesowen2mnthsJames Jones Rector
3831908 August 15th340Albert WillettsD Issolation Hospital R. Ridgacre Road Quinton4yrs 6mnthsJames Jones Rector
3841908 August 19th38729 1909 Onry BlundellQuinton Hill Quinton17 daysJames Jones Rector
3851908 September 19th256Charles Oliver RookerHancox Street Warley20W.B.Parsons Assit Curate
3861908 October 31st363Dorothy RyallHagley Road Quinton30 minutesJames Jones Rector
3871908 October 31st257Jack WallThe Hawthorns Warley4mnthsJames Jones Rector
3881908 November 5th297Arthur JonesBirch Road Warley8mnthsJames Jones Rector
3891908 November 7thOCYGeorge RoseRidgacre Lane Quinton71James Jones Rector
3901908 November 18th302Arthur BennettRidgacre Lane Quinton6mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
3911908 November 19th305Elizabeth JonesThe Rectory Quinton73Hill
3921908 November 21st295Mary Lowe36 Hancox Street Warley78C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3931908 December 3rd301Edward MorrisWarley Hall Farm60James Jones Rector
3941908 December 8th4Ernest George GriffithsThe Hawthorns Beech Lane13C.E.Ind Asst Curate
3951908 December 9th299Jack DavisD. Queens Hospital R. Beech Lane2yearsJames Jones Rector
3961908 December 18th341Elizabeth PriceBleakhouse Road Warley56James Jones Rector
397 1908 December 10th359Frederick MucklowCrock Street Quinton10 daysJames Jones Rector
3981908 December 19th300John William LloydThe Hawthorns Quinton25James Jones Rector
3991908 December 26th304William WhitworthRidgacre Lane Quinton32James Jones Rector
4001909 January 16th141Frederick Abel ShawPenn ricket Lane Oldbury1mnthJames Jones Rector
4011909 January 25th305Ellen DearnFour Acres Farm Packwood80James Joens Rector
4021909 January 26th132Thomas Orange179 George Road Warley79James Joens Rector
4031909 January 30th315Thomas AdamsNew England Long Lane2daysJames Joens Rector
4041909 January 30th358Archibald William Thompson YatesBissell Street Quinton6weeksJames Joens Rector
4051909 February 8th342Lily Mans LudlowThe Hawthorns Warley9yearsJames Joens Rector
4061909 February 13th90Ann Deeley7 Anderson Road Bearwood68James Joens Rector
4071909February 13thOCYHannah TrhompsonNew England Long Lane61James Joens Rector
4081909February 27thOCYSarah Read73 Frederick Road Warley78James Joens Rector
4091909 March 5th343Felix Smith12 Frederick Road Warley60James Jones Rector
4101909 March 25th297Martha Dearn3 Birch Road Beech Lane Warley71James Jones Rector
4111909 March 29th20Emma Ellen Yates47 Harley Street Birmingham42James Jones Rector
4121909 May 1st83Frank FoxBeech Lane Quinton15minutesJames Jones Rector
4131909 May 1st162Sarah Elizabeth WhittakerBeech Lane Quinton14James Jones Rector
4141909 May 13th289Vera Maud TaylorMeadow Road Quinton6 weeksC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4151909 May 17th344Joseph Edward Harvey5 Birch Road Beech Lane Warley60C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4161909 May 18th369Frank BlomerWarley View Beech Lane1mnthC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4171909 July 1st214Edward Jones Parris21 Birch Road Beech Lane19 daysC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4181909 July 10th299Thomas DavisWarley View Beech Lane51C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4191909 July 31st368George Thomas SheppardThe Cottages Beech Lane12 mnthsJames Jones Rector
4201909 August 3rd297William Jones3 Birch Road Beech Lane Warley4mnthsJames Jones Rector
4211909 August 7th359Louisa MucklowCrock Street8hoursJames Jones Rector
4221909 August 12th362Myra JonesClay Lane Oldbury80C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4231909 August 24th347Jane RochesterBissell Street42C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4241909 September 7th317George GuestD. Aston Union Workhouse R.?53C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4251909 September 9th329Frank MasonFurnace Hill Halesowen28James Jones Rector
4261909 September 14th377Louisa Rosamund DavisThe Mount George Road Warley6yearsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4271909 September 21st263Joseph FieldMeadow Road Quinton69C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4281909 October 20th328John PowisMeadow Road Quinton83C.E.Ind Asst Curate
oadEdgbasctober 25th281Sarah Ann ThompsonMonckton Road Warley69C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4301909 November 19th285Lucy ClayIvy House Hagley Road Quinton19C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4311909 November 13th358Alfred Field ?22 Clay Lane Oldbury58W.Whale Minister of Langley
4321909 November 16th345Phoebe RobinsonNew England Long Lane73James Jones Rector
4331909 November 20th346John Garner81 Hill Top Road Warley78C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4341909 November 27th243Frank Silas Salisbury403 Moat Road Warley2mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4351909 December 1stNNEdward Airley13 Gillott Road73W.F.Hunter Curate Christ Church
4361909 December 13th347David SmithRidgacre Lane 61C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4371909 December 18th162Emma WhittakerAcasia Beech Lane44C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4381910 January 6th348William HaddockThe Upper Street Warley Wood70James Jones Rector
4391910 January 22nd349Mary Ann RobertsOak Mount Beech Lane68James Jones Rector
4401910 February 10th349Arthur BlundellRidgacre Road41James Jones Rector
4411910 February 8th157Cyril Perry HortonNew England Long Lane5yearsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4421910 February 14thOCYSarah PowisMeadow Road Quinton58W.Turner Methodist Minister
4431910 February 19th395Catherine YeomansRed Lion Hill Quinton51C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4441910 February 28th378George Henry BartleD.Queens Hospt. R.71 Barclay Rd Warley Wood42James Jones Rector
4451910 March 8th339Ernest Charles LongstonRidgacre Road Quinton6weeksC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4461910 March 12th214Robert InffleyAbbey Cottage Birch Rd Warley42C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4471910 March 16th49Hannah Walker77 Hill Top Road Warley75C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4481910 March 17th212James WhentGorely Hill Halesowen31James Jones Rector
4491910 April 14th296Harold Spilsbury4 Eyre Street Birmingham23mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4501910 April 14thOCYDavis ThomasLong Lane Halesowen1dayC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4511910 May 4th349 Sarah Jane BlundellRidgacre Lane 48James Jones Rector
4521910 July 6th296Ernest CutlerNew England Long Lane4yearsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4531910 July 18th189Mary Ann Irene JonesBissell Street Quinton16mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4541910 August 10th38John OliverHigh Street Quinton3weeksC.R.Martys Rector
4551910 October 6th331William MooreBishall Road Warley82C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4561910 October 10th351Arthur Alexander Burton249 Galton Road Warley Woods11yearsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4571910 March 16th108 UCElizabeth GoodwinBirch Road77James Jones Rector
4581910 March 16th54 UCFrederick FerkinsCastle Road50James Jones Rector
4591910 March 16th422 UCJohn LeesHancox Street13James Jones Rector
4601910 May 27th452 UCRose Hilda MossQuinton87James Jones Rector
4611910 June 16th107 UCHenry ReadNarrow Lane39James Jones Rector
462 1910 June 20th451 UCJoseph Frederick AlderthayBristnall Hall Road Warley20C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4631910 July 8th53 UCLily Lathain4 Aubrey Road Beech Lane19C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4641910 August 17th273 UCWilliam FranigerRidgacre Lane Quinton48C.R.Martys Rector
4651910 September 1st450 UCAnnie Farmer17 Hill Top Road Warley33C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4661910 October 15th421 UCWilliam James BlundellD. City Hosp Lodge Road R Ward End97C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4671910 October 17th475 UCMartha ReidNew England8mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4681910 October 20th57 CBert RoweNew England6yearsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4691910 October 26th475 UC G/CWilliam Stanley TitleyNew England3mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4701910 November 5th474 UCConstance Rose Ellen WoolainNew England8mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4711910 November 17th469 UCSarah Ellen BarberLong Lane37C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4721910 November 17thNCDavid Jones49 Hanox Street33C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4731910 November 24th106 UCAlfred Smith123 Wigorn Road Warley Wigorn71C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4741910 December 31st475 UCArthur Partman120 Long Lane Hill3 weeksC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4751910 December 31st319 CEdward Harold WoolninNew England Long Lane24 daysC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4761911 January 3rd52 UCThomas WalkerHancox Street Warley50C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4771911 January 4th256 CHannah GuestBack of 15 Hancox Street60C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4781911 January 12th121 CEliza Wallis98 Nelson Street Birmingham57C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4791911 January 11thOCYLouise Hannah Neal27 Marshall Street Sout Birmingham68C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4801911 January 14th420 UCSamuel Thopmson50 New England Long Lane71C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4811911 January 26th395 CLillian Edith Hunter1 Cleeve Stret/ William Street Birmingham71C.E.Ind Asst Curatr
4821911 February 16th229 CJoseph RoseBirch Road Beech Lane60C.E.Ind Asst Curatr
4831911 March 8th81 CMatilda Ann HallHigh Street Quinton51C.E.Ind Asst Curatr
4841911 April 10th468 UCThomas Reamey44 Birch Road Beech Lane52C.E.Ind Asst Curatr
4851911 April 11th450 UCAnn Garner17 Hill Top Road Warley68C.E.Ind Asst Curatr
4861911 April 13th326 CAmy Mills45 New England Long Lane20 nthsC.E.Ind Asst Curatr
4871911 May 3rd294 CMary Ann HaycockRidgacre Lane Quinton67C.E.Ind Asst Curatr
4881911 May 19thNN UCErnest Lorenzo Field610 Hawthorns Quinton Hill2yearsC.E.Ind Asst Curatr
4891911 June 24thNNIsaac Smith65 New England Hill10 hoursC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4901911 June 24thNNJohn Smith65 New England Hill5HoursC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4911911 June 26th419 UCJohn Fox92 Beech Lane73C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4921911 June 28th370 UCSamuel JonesNew England2yearsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4931911 June 29th49 UCEthel HackettMeadow Road Quinton3 yearsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
4941911 July 10th467 UCFlorence Emily Southam37 Birch Lane Beech Lane22C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4951911 July 22nd208 CHannah Essex75 Villa Road Handsworth74C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4961911 August 7th51 UCAmy McCullock29 Hancox Street Warley65C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4971911 August 8thNNRichard FauxD. Union Infirmary R. Kings Norton75C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4981911 August 12th229 CGeorge Davis55 Wood Lane Harborne19C.E.Ind Asst Curate
4991911 August 12th298Joseph Lowe347 Moat Road Warley80C.E.Ind Asst Curate
5001911 August 12th419 UCSarah Fox92 Beech Lane62C.E.Ind Asst Curate
5011911 September 23rd105 UCDavid SmithQuinton68C.R..Martyn Rector
5021911 October 14thNCSarah NealeBeaumont Road Cakemore Blackheath79Green Vicar in Blackheath
5031911 October 28th104 UCLucy Gough114 George Road49C.E.Ind Asst Curate
5041911 November 11th119 CJoseda Stirton7 Beech Road Beech Lane38C.R..Martyn Rector
5051911 November 25th50 UCDavid Partridge8 Birch Road50C.R. Martyn Rector
5061911 December 14th395William Francis Hunter17 Cleve Terrace30C.R. Martyn Rector
5071912 January 4thNN NCHarriet Alexandra PerryIvy Tavern Icknield Street48C.R. Martyn Rector
5081912 January 27th418 UCJoseph Swain12 Hales Lane Warley77C.R. Martyn Rector
5091912 February 1st448 UCHenry Fulford48 George Road Warley61C.R. Martyn Rector
5101912 February 3rd103 UCAnne Wainwood64 New England72C.R. Martyn Rector
5111912 February 3rdNN NCHoward Jones49 New England16 mnthsC.R. Martyn Rector
5121912 February 7th486 UCSamuel Tauz22 Frederick Road67C.R. Martyn Rector
5131912 February 10th195Caroline Peace252 Beech Lane78C.E.Ind Asst Curate
5141912 March 14th49 UCRuth Robinson44 New England44C.R. Martyn Rector
5151912 March 23rd472 UCElsie Judd260 Beech Lane12mnthsC.R. Martyn Rector
5161912 April 3rd236Hannah HigginsLowes Ridgacre45C.R. Martyn Rector
5171912 April 13th417 UCMary Ann Partridge92 Birch Road Beech Lane77C.R. Martyn Rector
5181912 May 11th447 UCDavid BoolsPottery Road Warley27C.E.Ind Asst Curate
5191912 May 22nd259Caroline HallLong Lane71C.E.Ind Asst Curate
5201912 May 29th465 UCJames Jones18 New England56C.E.Ind Asst Curate
5211912 June 6th471 UCEdith Mary Taylor16 Moor Street Quinton11 mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
5221912 June 13th74 FullJames Sadler28 Long Lane Quinton5 hoursUnbaptised no service by request of parents
5231912 June 20th102 UCWalter Law64 New England Quinton5 weeksC.E.Ind Asst Curate
5241912 June 29th48 UCThomas Harcourt28 Hurst Green Blackheath82C.E.Ind Asst Curate
5251912 July 11th416 CWilliam Alfred Shirnington407 Moat Road47R.M.Davis
5261912 July 24th221 CMary Crump157 Long Lane Quinton77C.R.Martyn Rector
5271912 July 23rd44 CHenry Lea18 Postland Road Edgbaston73James Jones Rector
5281912 August 1stNN UCMary Ann FoleyMonton Road Quinton68C.R.Martyn Rector
5291912 August 10th529 NCAnn ColeyHigh Street Quinton74C.R.Martyn Rector
5301912 August 10th446 UCSarah Ann Munslow49 Salter Road28C.R.Martyn Rector
5311912 August 17th464 UCEliza Ambrose260 Beech Lane84C.R.Martyn Retor
5321912 September 13th394 CDorothy Hill28 Frderick Road Beech Lane5 daysC.E.Ind Asst urate
5331912 September 16th380 CPhoebe CrockettHalesowen Road Quinton71C.E.Ind Asst urate
5341912 November 21st338 CLucy DeeleyHolly Bush Hill Beech Lane52C.E.Ind Asst urate
5351912 November 23rd101 UCJohn Round64 Hill Top Road Warley70C.E.Ind Asst urate
5361912 December 21stNN UCWilliam Edward Davis5 New England Long Lane12mnthsC.E.Ind Asst urate
5371912 December 26thNN CEmma Jackson108 Birch Road Oldbury9mnthsC.E.Ind Asst Curate
5381913 January 15th47 UCBertie MooreRubery Hill Asylum23Barr
5391913 January 18th47 UCCharles Henry Moore237 Galton Road52Row
5401913 January 16th445 UCDoris JacksonOakmount Beech Lane14mnthsRow
5411913 January 25th29 CHarriet Green169 Long Lane88Parr
5421913 February 4th191 CGeorge Weston52 George Road Warley54Row
5431913 February 8th463 UCLizzie Lydia Fox47 Frederick Road Beech Lane43Row
5441913 February 22ndNN CLuther Thomas Hill11 Long Lane5mnthsRow
5451913 March 1st100 UCJohn Joseph DolphinOld Cottages Beech Lane34W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5461913 March 8th224 CCharles GuestSpies Lane68W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5471913March 15thNN UCGladys Mabel Beardsmore40 New England4mnthsE.A.Parr Curate
5481913 March 29th46 UCErnest David Nash6 Back Street Garbett Street Ladywood8mnthsW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5491913 April 13th414 UCJohn BrintonPerry Hill Farm Perry Hill Road60E.A.Parr Curate
5501913 April 24th398 CCharles Marshall PowellOaklodge Haslucks Green Road Shirley79W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5511913 April 25th444 UCJoseph ValeSpies Lane Lapal93E.A.Parr Curate
5521913 May 3rd462 UCCharles Harding38 Birch Road63W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5531913 May 3rdNN UCStanley Willetts15 New England Long Lane5mnthsW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5541913 May 10th99 UCGeorge Hall Dearn403 Moat Road Wasrley68W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5551913 May 17th61 CJoseph BradfordCollage Road Quinton51W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5561913 May 31st45 UCJohn PhippsThe Abbey Warley Park88W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5571913 June 26th413 UCJoseph Hughes GillMoor End Farm Quinton23E.A.Parr Curate
5581913 July 15th443 UCAnn MilnerBeech Lane77W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5591913 September 16th431 UCAlfred Robert Gaul473 Gillott Road76R.Bruce St.Agustines Edgbaston
5601913 September 17th98 UCEdith James68 Aubrey Road Quinton32E.A.Parr Curate
5611913 September 18th348 CEliza HaddockD. County Asylum R. Burnsley Hall Bromsgrove74W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5621913 September 29th44 UCThomas ParkesPerry Hill Road Quinton69E.A.Parr Curate
5631913 October 10thNN CFrank LentonLye Close Farm Halesowen1mnthW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5641913 October 18th412 UCRuby May AckrillCastle Road5yearsW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5651913 October 25th442 UCThomas Clift65 Hinnings Road Blackheath60E.A.Parr Curate
5661913 October 30th97 UCSamuel ThomasLong Lane56E.A.Parr Curate
5671913 November 3rd232 CSarah Pearce131 Milcote Road Smethwick69W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5681913 November 1543 UCWalter MinerMeadow Road51W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5691913 November 26thNN UCGeorge Thomas Darby22 Birch Road11 daysW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5701913 November 26th236 CWilliam HigginsLower Ridgacre Farm81W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5711913 November 26th411 UCWilliam Arthur Mills604 Quinton Hill44W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5721913 December 9thNN CWilfred John Holford151 Birch Road16 mnthsE.A.Parr Curate
5731913 December 27th441 UCAnn HoweEdward Street Long Lane46W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5741913 December 27th96 UCHenry HigginsMeadow Road Quinton49E.A.Parr Curate
5751913 December 29thOCYSarah Williams51 Penncricket Lane75E.A.Parr Curate
5761914 January 1stNN UCMarion DetheridgeSoutwick Road Long Lane13E.A.Parr Curate
5771914 January 24thNN UCMuriel Dora GauntHagley Road6 weeksW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5781914 January 24th410 UCWilliam BynsMeadow Road75W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5791914 February 7th440 UCEmma Jones8 Birch Avenue Birch Road88W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5801914 February 14th265 CCharles Smith123 Sycamore Road Smethwick79W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5811914 Febraury 18th20 CJohn YatesRidgacre Lane53W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5821914 February 23rd372 CMary DuttonBirch Road Beech Lane82W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5831914 February 26th14 UCMary Coley264 Beech Lane16 W
5841914 March 2nd95UCElizabeth Smith608 The Hawthorns66W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5851914 March 19th41UCEric David Sadler58 New England Long Lane12 mnthsW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5861914 March 24th409 UCSarah Parks170 Long Lane72W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5871914 March 26th305 CJessie Hannah JonesRushbury Rectory Church Streton50W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5881914 April 2ndNN UCGeorge Willetts159 Long Lane20hoursW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5891914 April 4thNN UCBertram James Burling84 Abbey Road21 daysW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5901914 May 14th164 CGeorge BlundellRed Lion Hill69W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5911914 June 8th439 UCLillian Eliza YatesHagley Road Quinton20W.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
592 1914 June 15th438 UCMary Hunt64 Aubrey Road Beech Lane28 daysW.Aylmer Rowlands Rector
5931914 June 20th94 UCAllan Percival RoseMason Road Quinton14mnthsE.Dodson Wilkinson Curate
5941914 July 14th40 UCMary Elizabeth BartlettBrandhall Lane Police Station5 yearsE.Dodson Wilkinson Curate
5951914 July 22nd408 UCElizabeth Dearn50 Hancox Street Warley85E.Dodson Wilkinson Curate
5961914 July 25th92 UCLeslie Thompson YatesHigh Street Quinton22mnthsE.Dodson Wilkinson Curate
5971914 September 2nd433 UCEsther Griffiths378 Beech Lane68W.A.Rowlands Rector
5981914 September 8th116 CJohn Robinson67 New England56W.A.Rowlands Rector
5991914 October 3rd443 UCJohn Milner Beech Lane80W.A.Rowlands Rector
600914 October 10th39 UCHannah Stokes308 Queens Road Londonderry52W.A.Rowlands Rector
6011914 October 12th164 CEvelyn Miriam CorkeGeneral Hospital Birmingham6yearsSwatiam
6021914 October 28th409 UCFrancis Powell PriddyThe Hawthorns Quinton53W.A.Rowlands Rector
6031914 November 7th92 UCRolland HigginsLower Farm Ridgacre32W.A.Rowlands Rector
6041914 November 26thOCYGeorge Davis4 back of 135 Hingleston Street Birmingham83W.A.Rowlands Rector
6051914 November 28th38 UCJames Whitehouse209 Long Lane31W.A.Rowlands Rector
6061914 November 28th308 CBenjamin AllenSchool House Quinton69W.A.Rowlands Rector
6071914 November 28th607 UCMaud Marion Windgway ?128 Pottery Road Warley39F.D.Wilkinson
6081914December 2nd91 UCWalter Richardson14 George Road Warley64F.D.Wilkinson
6091914 December 3rd111 CAnne Maud Cutler12 Rathbone Road Bearwood26W.A.Rowlands Rector
6101914 December 4th436 UCMary HaycockWorlds End88W.A.Rowlands Rector
6111914 December 9th37 UCEllen Wilmot75 Metchley Lane Harborne25W.A.Rowlands Rector
6121914 December 19th405 ucSusannah Hodgetts35 Masters Lane Cakemore85W.A.Rowlands Rector
6131914 December 31st435 UCRalph SherwoodSpies Lane5 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
6141915 January 5thNNFrederick William Lock108 Milcote Road Smethwick73F.D.Wilkinson Curate
6151915 January 6th36 UCJohn William Taylor213 Hagley Road Edgbaston57J.S.Swatain
6161915 January 7th90 UCJoseph Richard Evans6 Prestbury Road Aston6 yearsJ.S.Swatain
6171915 January 9th469 UCFrederick George BarberBromsgrove Road Hunnington16F.D.Wilkinson
6181915 January 26th134 CEvelyn Elsie May ShawBissell Street18 mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
6191915 February 5th404 UCHenry George Drury1 Crock Street Hill60J.S.Swatain Curate
6201915 February 20th434 UCSarah Phillips103 Galton Road73W.A.Rowlands Rector
6211915 February 25th231 CCharles Alfred GuestSpies Lane Quinton35J.S.Swatain Curate
6221915 February 27th403 UCAdelaide Grimmett18 Sedgley Road Edgbaston41Bruce
6231915 March 3rd402 UCJohn William Paling3 Rathbone Road Oldbury9 yearsJohn A. Leag
6241915 March 13thNN UCGladys May Shorney100 Beech Lane9mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
6251915 March 22nd89 UCWinifred Sarah Pegler112 Birch Road16J.S.Swatain
6261915 March 29th401 UCHannah PitchfordBleakhouse Road55W.A.Rowlands Rector
6271915 April 10th247 CWilliam BurnsWorlds End51B.Connolly
6281915 April 10th96 CJohn Thomas Robinson30 New England47W.A.Rowlands Rector
6291915 April 17th272 UCEdward HadleyHolly Cottage Staken Bridge Kiderminster83W.A.Rowlands Rector
6301915 Aprilll 21st35 UCHerbert George Doggett55 Park Street2 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
6311915 April 27th400 UCChristian Frederick WolboldIvy Cottage Worlds End Quinton56F.D.Willkinson
6321915 May 8th88 UCJohn Frederick Hadley252 Beech Lane52J.S.Swatain
6331915 June 3rd87 UCJames ClayIvy House Farm Quinton34W.A.Rowlands Rector
6341915 June 16th34Petrus Joseph De KnoepWarley Abbey39Hurtekkond Oratory Hagley Road
6351915 June 18th292 CMaud Clare Richmond27J.S.Swatain
6361915 July 7th362 UCJames GoodeHermitage Road Edgbaston79W.A.Rowlands Rector
6371915 July 16th363 UCRuth Mary WillkinsonGrafton Harborne Road39Neals
6381915 July 28th33 UCRaymond Henry Breunand56 Lightmoors Hill18 mnthsJ.S.Swatain
6391915 July 31st86 UCClare Cutler427 Moat Road33W.A.Rowlands Rector
6401915 August 30th45 UCMary Ann PhippsWarley Abbey80W.A.Rowlands Rector
6411915 September 1st399 UCHelen Margaret Shammi10 Beech Lane50W.A. Rowlands Rector
6421915 September 18th308 CMary Ann AllenSchool House Quinton66W.A. Rowlands Rector
6431915 November 13th32 UCConstance Beatrice WoodThe Hawthorns Quinton18W.A. Rowlands Rector
6441915 November 30th167 CCharlotte Francis Roberts903 Stratford Road Hall Green Birmingham63J.S.Swatain
6451915 December 3rd85 UCWilliam Garner9 Hancox Street Warley60F.D.Wilkinson
6461915 December 9th382 CWilliam Smith9 Avenue Road Blackheath60W.A. Rowlands Rector
6471915 December 19th84 UCFrederick William Tromans178 Long Lane Halesowen7 yearsF.D.Wilkinson
6481915 December 21st31 UCCharles Jones154 Lightwoods Road67W.A. Rowlands Rector
6491916 January 1st398 UCJohn Stanley Yeomans1 Birch Road Beech Lane32W.A.Rowlands Rector
6501916 January 29thNN UCAlbert Sommai Sheldon VanderaaWarley Abbey4mnthsMeysmors
6511916 February 9th30 UCEmma Jane CharltonHarborne Road Beech Lane66J.S.Swatain
6521916 February 9th52 UCMary Walker351 Moat Road Warley68F.D.Wilkinson
6531916 February 12th82 UCThomas Charles Broom114 Birch Road68W.A.Rowlands Rector
6541916 February 16thOCYAnn DimmackHadley Road Quinton88W.A.Rowlands Rector
6551916 March 4th29 UCEliza GuestSpies Lane Quinton71W.A.Rowlands Rector
6561916 March 4th72 CAlice May Caffery65 New England Long Lane18 mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
6571916 March 4th72 CAlice TaylorEdward Road Long Lane1 dayW.A.Rowlands Rector
6581916 March 8th13 UCGladys TaylorEdward Road Long Lane7 DaysW.A.Rowlands Rector
6591916 March 16th397 UCThomas Yeomans24 Richmond Hill Langley59W.A.Rowlands Rector
6601916 March 20th81 UCGeorge Johns73 Wigorn Road21W.A.Rowlands Rector
6611916 March 27th28 UCHarold Joseph Randle221 Pershore Road32W.A.Rowlands Rector
6621916 March 30th336 CEmily Martin10 Birch Road61W.A.Rowlands Rector
6631916 April 15th396 UCHenry William YoungHagley Road Quinton69W.A.Rowlands Rector
6641916 April 20th290 CEliza Jane DunnHigh Street Quinton53W.A.Rowlands Rector
6651915 December 22nd176 CMartha DarbyHolly Cottage The Hawthorns72W.A.Rowlands Rector
6661915 December 29th83 UCDoris Irene Thompson74 Beech Lane3 yearsJ.S.Swatain
6671915 December 30th168 CJohn WentMeadow Road Quinton63W.A.Rowlands Rector
6681916 April 28th80 UCDoris Backe130 Birch Road Beech Lane10 daysW.A.Rowlands Rector
6691916 May 3rd27 UCHenney Franks42 Hill Top Road Warley74F.D.Wilkinson
6701916 May 5th395 UCMarion May Osborne77 Aubury Road Beech Lane2 yearsF.D.Wilkinson
6711916 May 24th111 CMargaret SuchCounty Mental Hospital Burntwood Lichfield68W.A.Rowlands Rector
6721916 June 20th79 UCEllen HackettSpies Lane Quinton64W.A.Rowlands Rector
6731916 July 10th75 UCWilliam Clay395 Abbey Road Warley78F.D.Wilkinson
6741916 July 26th77 UCEdward JonesButlins Cottage Quinton Hill73F.D.Wilkinson
6751916 July 27th416 UCSarah Sherrington46 Hancox Street Warley51F.D.Wilkinson
6761916 August 4th76 UCSarah Townsend2 Balden Road53W.A.Rowllands Rector
677196 August 5th464 UCMillicent JuddBeech Lane7 yearsW.A.Rowllands Rector
6781916 August 12thNN UCMary HodgesSpies Lane1 dayJ.S.Swatain
6791916 August 15thBeatrice Harcourt27 Golden Hillock Road28Thelwell Vicar St.Oswalds
6801916 August 25thWilliam BestKing George Hospital Lambeth London33R.Bruce Vicar St.Augustines Edgbaston
681 1916 September 25th73 UCBasil Harry HardwickChildrens Hospital Birmingham10 yearsJ.S.Swatain
6821916 September 26th433 UCMaria Faulkener7 Willes Road Leamington69W.A.Rowlands Rector
6831916 September 30th72 UCHannah DraperTinkers Farm Quinton76W.A.Rowlands Rector
6841916 October 3rd26 UCEnoch Read21 Birch Road74W.A.Rowlands Rector
6851916 October 19th166 CEdward Fulford34 High Street Langley57W.A.Rowlands Rector
6861916 November 29th229 CElizabeth RoseD. Queens Hospital R. 8 Birch Road65J.S.Swatain
6871916 December 2nd224 CNancy Rebecca Yeoman1 Birch Road Beech Lane72J.S.Swatain
6881916 December 9th101 UCElizabeth Round36 Hill Top Road Warley73J.S.Swatain
6891916 December 22ndMary Ann Rollings80?
6901916 December 23rd169 CJacob Hadley63 New England Long Lane56W.A.Rowlands Rector
6911917 January 1st346 CEliza Garner8 Hill Top Road Warley85J.S.Swatain
6921917 January 1st82 UCJessie BroomD Queens Hospital R. 119 Birch Road ?J.S.Swatain
6931917 January 2nd394 UCWilliam Thomas LawsonHill Crest Lightwood Hill70J.S.Swatain
6941917 January 3rd71 UCCharlotte HadleyHigh Street Quinton50W.A.Rowlands Rector
6951917 January 20th70 UCSamuel Jones13 New England Long Lane67W.A.Rowlands Rector
6961917 January 15th27 UCSamuel Franks50 Church Road Stockingford76W.A.Rowlands Rector
6971917 February 15th245 UCRhoda Louisa Robinson28 Gateley Road Warley57W.A.Rowlands Rector
6981917 February 17th24 UCClare Nansen80 Lightmoor Hill73W.A.Rowlands Rector
6991917 February 17th17 UCJames HallThe Infimary Selly Oak59W.A.Rowlands Rector
7001917 February 19th393 UCJames WyattThe Lodge Beech Lane51W.A.Rowlands Rector
7011917 February 19th254 CMary Ann ThomasThe Glynn Farm81W.A.Rowlands Rector
7021917 February 19th18 UCMary Ann Wheale409 Moat Road Warley73W.A.Rowlands Rector
7031917 March 5th19 UCWilliam Prect-don?73 Abbey Road Warley Wigorn68Hulbert
7041917 March 6th239 CThomas Robinson70 New England Long Lane71B.Cutler
7051917 March 12th379 CGeorge Henry Read3 Digbeth Birmingham76W.A.Rowlands Rector
7061917 March 20th201 UCElizabeth Waldron69 Aubrey Road Beech Lane42W.A.Rowlands Rector
7071917 April 17th104 UCIsaac GoughWest Bromwich54W.A.Rowlands Rector
7081917 April 21st23 UCSarah HerbertBissell Street Quinton75W.A.Rowlands Rector
7091917 April 21st21 UCEliza GuestCarters Lane Quinton80W.A.Rowlands Rector
7101917 April 25th22 UCChristopher Fletcher18 Hancox Street Warley71W.A.Rowlands Rector
7111917 April 28th125 UCMary Elizabeth MasonSpies Lane Quinton11mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7121917 May 17th392 UCErnest Jones15 New England Long Lane2 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7131917 May 22nd20 UCAnnie FoAubrey Road Beech Lane29W.A.Rowlands Rector
7141917 June 17th384 CYvonne MucklowRidgacre Lane1mnthW.A.Rowlands Rector
7151917 June 21st471 UCCharles Leslie Taylor7 Edward Road Long Lane1mnthW.A.Rowlands Rector
7161917 July 20th127 UCCharles Henry LaneRed Lion Hill Quinton19 mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7171917 August 1st128 UCJoseph Baker14 New England Halesowen84J.S.Swatain
bers1917August 4th?Mary Goodall SmithWorcester House College Road Quinton24J.S.Swatain
7191917 August 8th129 UCAlbert Rymur114 Pottery Road Warley22J.S.Swatain
7201917 August 11th134 UCSarah Ann Taylor262 Beech Lane54J.S.Swatain
7211917 August 1th130 UCSamuel George Williams49 Frederick Road Beech Lane5mnthsJ.S.Swatan
7221917 August 14th138 UCGeorge Henry ThompsonD. Infirmary R.Beech Lane66J.S.Swatan
7231917 September 1st131 UCMartha SadlerD. Infirmary Selly Park R. Meadow Road84J.S.Swatan
7241917 September 28th137 UCAnnie Elizabeth Rose158 High Street Blackheath35W.A.Rowlands Rector
7251917 October 6thNN CLilian Florence Brown73 Frederick Road Beech Lane4 daysW.A.Rowlands Rector
7261917 October 11th22 UCPeter Swan84 Lightwoods Hill1hourW.A.Rowlands Rector
7271917 October 13th136 UCAlma SeeleyBirch Road50W.A.Rowlands Rector
7281917 October 27th137 UCEliza Parkes54 New England Long Lane82W.A.Rowlands Rector
7291917 November 20th133 UCAlfred Rose157 Long Lane16 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7301917 November 26thINCAlex Malcolm Chance SperialWallot Torquay73W.A.Rowlands Rector
7311917 November 27thOCYJoseph ClayInfirmary Selly Oak73W.A.Rowlands Rector
7321917 December 4th343 UCMary Ann Glaze36 Heeley Road Bournbrook72W.A.Rowlands Rector
7331917 December 12th207 CGeorge NightingaleStation Road Oldbury39W.A.Rowlands Rector
7341917 December 24th162 UCAlice Helena Vaudrey71 Westfield Road Edgbaston63Metcalf Vicar St.George
7351918 January 3rd392 UCCorbett Samuel Perry112 Icknield Street Birmingham63W.A.Rowlands Rector
7361918 January 8th136 CWilliam Wood500 The Hawthorns77W.A.Rowlands Rector
7371918 January 10th131 UCWilliam SadlerMeadow Road91J.S.Swatan
7381918 January 14th394 UCHarriet Lawson4 Lightwoods Hill Warley75J.S.Swatan
7391918 January 17th140 UCMaria WillettMelville Beech Lane71Hulbert Curate
7401918 January 19th88 UCLucy Hadley252 Beech Lane55J.S.Swatan
7411918 January 25th290 CWilliam Jared DunnHigh Street Quinton58A.T.Burbridge Minister
7421918 February 6th6 CJohn AllenRidgacre Lane Quinton70W.A.Rowlands Rector
7431918 February 8th162 UCAnne Williams32 St. James Road Edgbaston29Walker Wale Minister
744 1918 February 9th?Elizabeth Guest103 Wood Lane Harborne69Lucas Assistant Curate
7451918 February 14th106 UCFanny Smith123 Wigorn Road76W.A.Rowlands Rector
7461918 February 15th141 UCAnnie DearnBeech Lane11mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7471918 March 6th142 UCEliza MullettRidgacre Lane Quinton68J.S.Swatan
7481918 March 8th159 UCAlbert PowellRavenswood Blossomfield Road Solihull44J.S.Swatan
7491918 March 14th143 UCWilliam SharpQuinton Hill64W.A.Rowlands Rector
7501918 March 14thNN UCDouglas Charles ClayHagley Road3mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7511918 March 23rd144 UCFrances Fanny DearnBirch Road57W.A.Rowlands Rector
7521918 March 27thNN UCKaye Currin11 Edward Road Long Lane32W.A.Rowlands Rector
7531918 April 6th135 UCRobert GuestBristnal Hall Warley66W.A.Rowlands Rector
7541918 April 6th146 UCGeorge Stale92 Beech Lane Oldbury60J.S.Swatan
7551918 April 11th270 CCaroline Humphries36 Hancox Street Oldbury83J.S.Swatan
7561918 April 19thOCYTeresa Mary Lewis40 Blake Lane Small Heath17 mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7571918 May 18th161 UCRichard Henry DavisDovedale Beech Lane66W.A.Rowlands Rector
7581918 June 1st148 UCWilliam Edward CliftonHill Top Road Warley41W.A.Rowlands Rector
7591918 June 8thOCYHannah Greaves33 Langley Road Oldbury73W.A.Rowlands Rector
7601918 June 17th149 UCFrank Hart Fellows544 The Hawthorns63W.A.Rowlands Rector
7611918 July 2nd160 UCHarry Albert Green32 Galton Road Oldbury46J.S.Swatan
7621918 July 4th179 UCDennis BrooksSpringfield Road Hill32J.S.Swatan
7631918 July 16thOCYElizabeth Overy14 Terry Street Kates Hill83W.A.Rowlands
7641918 July 20thNN UCConnie Reed53 New England Hill10 mnthsJ.S.Swatan
7651918 July 23rd157 UCJosh Jackson108 Birch Road Beech Lane3 yearsW.A.Rowlands
7661918 August 2nd156 UCJohn William Felton211 Park Road Warley Wigorn63W.A.Rowlands
7671918 August 30th155 UCWilliam GroveCollage Road Quinton41W.A.Rowlands
7681918 September 9th139 UCMargaret Carteright3 Birch Avenue Birch Road31J.S.Swatan
7691918 October 14th269 CFrederick Challen Pewtress?D. County Asylum R. Sly Hall13 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7701918 October 21st435 UCThomas George SherwoodSpies Lane Quinton58W.A.Rowlands Rector
7711918 November 6th155 UCGeorge HodgesSpies Lane Quinton78W.A.Rowlands Rector
7721918 November 6th289 UCLizzie Guest51 Hancox Street Warley34W.A.Rowlands Rector
7731918 November 9th392 UCEric Jones15 New England Long Lane10 mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7741918 November 14th75 UCErnest Arthur Cooper20 Cradocks Road Birmingham32W.A.Rowlands Rector
7751918 November 15th389 CWilliam Cyril Jelf133 Pershore Road Birmingham29W.A.Rowlands Rector
7761918 November 16th153 UCAnnie Smith15 New England Long Lane32W.A.Rowlands Rector
7771918 November 11th147 UCMaud Amy LinkSpies Lane20W.A.Rowlands Rector
7781918 November 20th395 UCCharles Osborne266 Lordswood Road34W.A.Rowlands Rector
7791918 November 22nd225 UCWilliam GoodyearCanal Side High Street Langley3 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7801918 November 22nd180 UCEthel Deeley12 Anderson Road Bearwood40W.A.Rowlands Rector
7811918 November 23rdOCY UCCharles PartridgeThe Hawthorns Quinton79W.A.Rowlands Rector
7821918 November 23rd153 UCEdna Jones11 Hill Top Road5 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7831918 November 25th181 UCReginald Knowles Ludlow85 Barday Road Warley Wigorn36W.A.Rowlands Rector
7841918 November 28th251 CWilliam Reade61 Wigorn Road Warley Wigorn74W.A.Rowlands Rector
7851918 November 30th151 UCHenry James Gould407 Moat Road Warley68W.A.Rowlands Rector
7861918 December 2nd182 UCJames Morely Turner132 Birch Road Beech Lane51W.A.Rowlands Rector
7871918 December 10th?Esther Beard65 Thimblemill Road27Hulbert Curate
7881918 December 18th406 UCHerbert Frederick Thomas Wingway?128 Pottery Road16 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7891918 December 23rd184 UCHenry Wright110 Beech Lane23W.A.Rowlands Rector
7901919 January 6th400 UCLeonard Ash126 Pottery Road Warley2 daysW.A.Rowlands Rector
7911919 January 24th301 CEmma MorrisWarley Hall Farm73W.A.Rowlands Rector
7921919 January 27th402 UCJohn Paling?3 Rathbone Road80Hulbert Curate
7931919 January 29th185 UCCharles Butler Davis582 Hawthorns Quinton46W.A.Rowlands Rector
7941919 February 13th48 UCFanny HarcourtHurst Green71W.A.Rowlands Rector
7951919 February 14th150 UCFrederick William Powell37 Frederick Road9mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7961919 February 21st18 CCharles Henry Johnson73 Biirch Road72W.A.Rowlands Rector
7971919 February 22nd186 UCMary Ann Nock44 New England Long Lane45W.A.Rowlands Rector
7981919 February 22nd395 UCRaymond Henry Osborne226 Lordswood Road Harborne6mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
7991919 February 28th200 UCFlorence Cater9 Birch Road50W.A.Rowlands Rector
8001919 March 8th198 UCKate Ingram103 Park Road50C.Trevor