Quinton Local History Society

Register of Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, The Quinton, 1919 to 1964

The register has been printed with the kind permission of the rector of Christ Church, The Quinton.

Imformation provided here is already in the public domain. However, please notify us if you have special reasons for wanting an entry removed from this website.

11919 Mar 8thUC 206Arthur Wellington Best132 Pottery Road Warley74W.A.Rowlands Rector
21919 Mar 17thUC 202John SheldonRound Hill Quinton49W.A.Rowlands Rector
31919 Mar 22ndC 48Ann GoodeHancox Street Warley74W.A.Rowlands Rector
41919 Mar 26thUC 143Frances Lyle Sharp120 Wigorn Road30W.A.Rowlands Rector
51919 Mar 29thUC 207William Yeomans120 The Hawthorns59W.A.Rowlands Rector
61919 Apr 4thUC 45Mary Phipps247 Hill Top Road2yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
71919 Apr 5thUC 29Daniel GuestThe Rookery Carters Lane82W.A.Rowlands Rector
81919 Apr 10thUC 208William Henry Smith3 Anderson Road Bearwood56W.A.Rowlands Rector
91919 Apr 29thUC 204Muriel Maud MallinWhiteheath Gate Blackheath8yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
101919 Apr 30thUC 270Emma Mary CluleePax Hall Quinton50W.A.Rowlands Rector
111919 May 17thC 131Elizabeth PoundHawthorn Cottage62W.A.Rowlands Rector
121919 May 20thC 292Alice Jane Richmond149 Birch Road65W.A.Rowlands Rector
131919 May 20thOCYDavid DetheridgeHagley Road Quinton79W.A.Rowlands Rector
141919 May 21stC 59Samuel MasonSpies Lane Quinton72W.A.Rowlands Rector
151919 Jun 6thUC 190Richard Cooper6 Prestbury Road Aston60W.A.Rowlands Rector
161919 Jun 10thUC 203George CoxRidgacre Lane Quinton73W.A.Rowlands Rector
171919 Jul 12thUC 201Stephen BarnettFrederick Road Beech Lane48W.A.Rowlands Rector
181919 Jul17thUC 69Ruth Amelia Neale7 Park Street Blackheath81Clement Trevor
191919 Jul 21stUC 194Harold Gould268 Birch Road Beech Lane6yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
201919 Aug 16thUC 196Frederick George Lees57 Frederick Road51W.A.Rowlands Rector
211919 Sept 20thUC 195Emma HaycockWorlds End Quinton58Gould
221919 Aug 20thUC 85Emily Garner9 Hancox Street Warley55W.A.Rowlands Rector
231919 Oct 1stUC 194Olive Seeley252 Beech Lane6yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
241919 Oct 2ndUC 433Allen Griffiths378 Beech Lane70W.A.Rowlands Rector
251919 Oct 25thUC 197Alfred Joseph GlazeHigh Street Quinton39W.A.Rowlands Rector
261919 Nov 8thC 332Martha MucklowBk. 15 Rushton Road Birmingham23W.A.Rowlands Rector
271919 Nov 13thUC 187Catherine Newman97 Long Lane Blackheath88W.A.Rowlands Rector
281919 Nov 27thC 327Mary Ann BrownBeech Lane82W.A.Rowlands Rector
291919 Dec 8thC 207Clara Nightingale314 Station Road Langley41C.E.Barlow Curate
301919 Dec 18thUC 188Joan Dora WhitehouseCauseway Green Farm3mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
311920 Jan 6thUC 208Henry Hazleton210 Lightwood Road Hill56W.A.Rowlands Rector
321920 Jan 7thUC 297Keziah HillCarters Lane64W.A.Rowlands Rector
331920 Jan 9thUC 299Charles Grafton42 George Road Warley38W.A.Rowlands Rector
341920 Mar 4thUC 439Christine Magdalen YoungRidgacre Lane2mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
351920 Mar 6thUC 213Harold Thomas Davison69 Frederick Road Beech Lane25W.A.Rowlands Rector
361920 Mar 10thUC 209Harry Stanley Evans290 Beech Lane10W.A.Rowlands Rector
371920 Mar 13thUC 292Isaac Jones15 New England Long Lane2mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
381920 Mar 19thUC 234Theresa Lilian GreggThe Hawthorns Quinton1mnthW.A.Rowlands Rector
391920 Mar 20thUC 192Thomas Pimley64 Beech Lane66W.A.Rowlands Rector
401920 Mar 27thUC 41Reginald John Sadler58 New England Long Lane14mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
411920 Apr 7thUC 149William MullettRidgacre Lane Quinton70W.A.Rowlands Rector
421920 Apr 14thUC 210Ada Loisa HadleyPendennis Beech Lane52W.A.Rowlands Rector
431920 Apr 28thUC NNRichard Wells32 New England Long Lane13 daysW.A.Rowlands Rector
441920 May 6thUC 211Mabel Florence Wildman46 Abbey Road Oldbury27W.A.Rowlands Rector
451920 May 8thUC 396Mary YoungHagley Road Quinton70Fletcher
461920 May 14thUC 214Rose Emily Sherrington69 Beakes Road Bearwood70Fletcher
471920 May 24thUC 212Mary Ann Brit226 Long Lane64W.A.Rowlands Rector
481920 Jun 5thUC 189Vera May RudgeHogh Street Quinton5yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
491920 Aug 13thUC 92Stephen Higgins30 Hurst Green Blackheath58W.A.Rowlands Rector
501920 Aug 21stC 398Rachel BarlowFour Dwellings Farm Quinton81Fletcher
511920 Aug 24thUC 191Gretchen Winnifred MarsWorlds End Quinton23Fletcher
521920 Sept 15thUC 93Gladys Kathleen Thomson ValesHigh Street Quinton14mnthsFletcher
531920 Sept 22ndUC 190Alfred Wilson89 Lightwoo Road71W.A.Rowlands Rector
541920 Oct 2ndUC 267Alfred BartlettPolice Station Warley43W.A.Rowlands Rector
551920 Nov 6thC 68Henry HadleyPendennis Beech Lane81W.A.Rowlands Rector
561920 Nov 20thUC 266John Parsons3 Edward Road Long Lane6yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
571920 Dec 2ndUC 301Leslie William Moore24 Rathbone Road Warley Woods16A.Hulbert
581920 Dec 13thUC 46Edwin Eyles Wallis2 Raddle Barn Road Selly Oak68W.A.Rowlands Rector
591920 Dec 23rdUC 265Sarah ThompsonThe New Inns Quinton43W.A.Rowlands Rector
601921 Jan 6thC 159Samuel John Ernest Nealey7 Keeley Road Selly Oak13mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
611921 Feb 28thUC 298Thomas HillCarters Lane Lapal77Clement Trevor
621921 Mar 17thUC 144Mary Butler4 Birch Road Beech Lane26W.A.Rowlands Rector
631921 Mar 24thUC 263John Vernon BricknellWoodlands Road Blackheath49W.A.Rowlands Rector
641921 Apr 14thUC 262William Birch124 Pottery Road Warley53W.A.Rowlands Rector
651921 Apr 26thUC 261Alfred William WiseD Hosp West Heath R.Worlds End42Clement Trevor
661921 May 4thUC 260Mary Ann WinfieldGipsy Tent Hagley68W.A.Rowlands Rector
671921 May 4thUC 257Winnifred Betty Hadley2 Bristnal Hall Road Warley11mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
681921 May 23rdUC 259Tom Bench251 Galton Road Warley Wood79W.A.Rowlands Rector
691921 May 28thUC 171Esther ShawGeorge Road Warley67W.A.Rowlands Rector
701921 May 30thUC 265George CoxD W/Bromwich Inf.R 53 Devon Rd.66Clement Trevor
711921 Jun 6thC 135Emma Rose WoodSchool House19Clement Trevor
721921 Jun 11thUC 268Mary Hadley349 Moat Road Warley76W.A.Rowlands Rector
731921 Jun 13thUC 258Sidney Raymond VickersThe Hawthorns4mnthsC.Trevor
741921 Jun 28thUC 256Helaer Hanley OakesRidgacre Lane Quinton23W.A.Rowlands Rector
751921 Jul 2ndUC 235James Billington267 Hagley Road65W.A.Rowlands Rector
761921 Jul 19thUC 283Phyllis Edna HancoxRidgacre Lane Quinton11 YearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
771921 Aug 13thUC 253George BarleyFranks Cottage Quinton69C.Trevor
781921 Aug 13thUC 253John Twigg2 Harborne Lane64C.Trevor
791921 Sept 10thUC 251George HallMeadow Road Quinton63W.A.Rowlands Rector
801921 Sept 16thUC 254Elizabeth Lenton296 Beech Lane74W.A.Rowlands Rector
811921 Sept 20thUC 295Reginald Warwick148 Park Road Oldbury14 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
821921 Oct 1stUC 237Elizabeth Wood126 Long Lane56W.A.Rowlands Rector
831921 Nov 10thUC 250Mary Ann BerrillSpies Lane Quinton76W.A.Rowlands Rector
841921 Nov 16thUC 249William John Thornhill Oldaker42 Galton Road53C.Trevor
851921 Dec1stUC 248Mary Ann Woodhouse6 Edward Road Long Lane52W.A.Rowlands Rector
861921 Dec 21stOCYElizabeth KraftRidgacre Lane Quinton60W.A.Rowlands Rector
871922 Jan 3rdC 197William AdamsLong Lane79W.A.Rowlands Rector
881922 Jan 6thUC 442Thomas Williams65 Himmings Road Balsall Heath35W.A.Rowlands Rector
891922 Jan 13thC 243Edwin Easthope188 Belgrave Road BalsalHeath27W.A.Rowlands Rector
901922 Jan 23rdUC 35Frank Doggett559 Park Road3yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
911922 Feb 1stUC 141Joseph Dearn272 Beech Lane47W.A.Rowlands Rector
921922 Feb 2ndUC 74Maria Elons160 Park Road Warley Woods78W.A.Rowlands Rector
931922 Feb 13thC 145Elizabeth Jones35 New England Long Lane79O.Cutler Minister
941922 Feb 27thC 262Sarah Jane Downing96 Lightwood Road75C.Trevor
951922 Mar 1stUC 247Mary Maria CoxPlough Inn Warley48W.A.Rowlands Rector
961922 Mar 9thUC 246Maud Lilian Broom112 Birch Road Beech Lane43W.A.Rowlands Rector
971922 Mar 5thUC 366Edith Helen Keay28 Hospital Road Edgbaston58Bircherngh Rector
981922 Mar 25thC 134Iney Peggy Wharton ?Bissell Street Quinton14 mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
991922 Apr 3rdUC 245Edna Dearn294 Beech Lane2yearsC.Trevor
1001922 Apr 3rdUC 367Joseph Henry RogersCalthorpe Field Edgbaston54Hubert Metcalfe Vicar
1011922 Apr 5thC 268Ebeneezer Pewtress12 Naen Terrace Conway78C.Trevor
1021922 Apr 7thUC 78Elizabeth ClayAbbey Road Warley74C.Trevor
1031922 Apr 13thUC 242Edith Emily LoweGreenHill Farm Mucklow Hill14C.Trevor
1041922 Apr 18thUC 302Abel Jones356 Moat Road Warley57W.A.Rowlands Rector
1051922 Apr 24thUC 308Edward John GreenThe Crown Inn Lapal37W.A.Rowlands Rector
1061922 Apr 27thC 325Eliza RobbinsThe Cottages College Road70C.Trevor
1071922 Apr 27thUC 31Ellen Jones154 Lightwood Road Warley75C.Trevor
1081922 May 4thUC 206Emma Best132 Pottery Road Warley67C.Trevor
1091922 May 9thUC 243Elsie Edith Harris94 Birch Road30W.A.Rowlands Rector
1101922 May 13thUC 309Annie Laura Hayne76 Park Road33W.A.Rowlands Rector
1111922 Jun 7thUC 244Emily FieldD.1 Vivian Rd.Harborne R Holly Bush Hill54C.Trevor
1121922 Jul 5thUC 305Bertha Hyams86 Beech Lane23W.A.Rowlands Rector
1131922 Jul 17thUC 310George Harry Read54 Frederick Road Beech Lane65W.A.Rowlands Rector
1141922 Jul 8thUC 315Edith Alice Wright29 Hancox Street Warley35W.A.Rowlands Rector
1151922 Jul 22ndUC 316Charles Baits ?87 Abbey Road Warley Woods63Hulbert
1161922 Jul 26thUC 314Ernest DarbyFairview Bloxkley32W.A.Rowlands Rector
1171922 Aug 8thUC 317George Bricknell546 Hawthorns87C.Trevor
1181922 Aug 10thUC 313Elizabeth GrosvenorMoat Road Warley73C.Trevor
1191922 Aug 16thUC 312Mary Elizabeth HareD.General Hosp..R Glenroy Beech Lane53C.Trevor
1201922 Aug 16thRowland Ibberson ?43 Devon Road72C.Trevor
1211922 Aug 19thC 247Mary Ellen InstonMoors Farm Woodgate37C.Trevor
1221922 Sept 7thUC 258Sidney VickersQuinton Hill35W.A.Rowlands Rector
1231922 Sept 25thUC 311Leslie Thomas HadleySpies Lane6 yearsW.A.Rowlands Rector
1241922 Oct 4thUC 241William PriceHolly Cottage Narrow Lane Blackheath54C.Trevor
1251922 Oct 5thUC 391Joseph William Harvey31 Birch Lane Beech Lane22 daysC.Trevor
1261922 Oct 12thUC 368William Dakin39 George Road Warley51C.Trevor
1271922 Oct 12thUC 227Mary Neale23 New England Hill57C.Trevor
1281922 Oct 21stC 287Elixabeth MaleThornycroft Farm Beech Lane90W.A.Rowlands Rector
1291922 Oct 25thUC 254Robert LentonLyle Close Farm Woodgate74W.A.Rowlands Rector
1301922 Nov 1stC 340Albert Edward WillettsRidgacre Lane Quinton47W.A.Rowlands Rector
1311922 Nov 10thUC 319Elizabeth Ward83 Aubrey Road52W.A.Rowlands Rector
1321922 Nov 13thC 267Sarah Ann HancocksUnion Road Erdington80W.A.Rowlands Rector
1331922 Nov 22ndC 240Joseph Dearn120 George Road82W.A.Rowlands Rector
1341922 Dec 14thUC 321George Miller39 Frederick Road54C.Trevor
1351922 Dec 15thUC 163Sarah Ann Hunter413 Moat Road70W.A.Rowlands Rector
1361923 Jan 10thUC 232Betsey Coles4 New England80C.Trevor
1371923 Jan 23rdUC 221Harriet Rose351 Moat Road Warley63W.A.Rowlands Rector
1381923 Feb 1stUC 323Amy McIntoshLong Lane47W.A.Rowlands Rector
1391923 Feb 12thUC 370George Elias Hodgson109 Park Road62W.A.Rowlands Rector
1401923 Feb 14thC 415Arthur William Downing15 Rawlings Road Bearwood10mnthsW.A.Rowlands Rector
1411923 Feb 24thUC 103John Winwood47 New England Long Lane62W.A.Rowlands Rector
1421923 Feb 24thC 416Samuel Law64 New England Long Lane66W.A.Rowlands Rector
1431923 Mar 22ndUC 365Louisa Wright81 Aubrey Road73C.Trevor
1441923 Mar 24thC 417Gerald Edward BubbBank House Farm Long Lane16C.Trevor
1451923 Apr 4thC 50Samuel Joseph Williams128 Birch Road Beech Lane6mnthsC.Trevor
1461923 Apr 19thUC 395Lily Osborne6 Harmitage Road Edgbaston33C.Trevor
1471923 May 5thC 418Gwendoline Felton46 Katherine Road Warley4yearsHulbert
1481923 May 17thC 418Samuel Turley258 Long Lane61C.Banks Gale Vicar
1491923 May 23rdUC 87Joseph ClayIvy House Farm Quinton79W.A.Rowlands Rector
1501923 May 28thC 433Joseph Percy RobbinsHigh Street41W.A.Rowlands Rector
1511923 Jun 18thUC 371Ada Annie AshworthMeadow Road Quinton53W.A.Rowlands Rector
1521923 Jul 17thUC 268Samuel Hadley349 Moat Road Warley68C.Trevor
1531923 Sept 14thC 120Joseph Ball197 Galton Road Bearwood65Moore
1541923 Sept 15thUC 418Mary Ann Swain250 Halesowen Lane Londonderry89W.A.Rowlands Rector
1551923 Sept 26thUC 363Mary Margaret HarperRound Hill Farm Oldbury9mnthsC.Fisher Vicar
1561923 Sept 27thC 434Mary Jane HaglingtonHighfield Farm Quinton60C.Banks Gale Vicar
157923 Oct 18thC 432Elizabeth Withers116 Hales Lane Smethwick68Saliner Rector
1581923 Nov 5thUC 464Eliza Judd242 Beech Lane68Saliner Rector
1591923 Dec 10thC 421Thomas Wright10 Beech Lane64Saliner Rector
1601923 Dec 20thC 422John Oliver ButlerDevon Road Warley32Saliner Rector
1611923 Dec 29thOCYErnest Raymond Rudge453 Ridgacre Lane Quinton12daysSaliner Rector
1621923 Dec 29thC 66Ann Thompson Yates33 High Street Quinton59Saliner Rector
1631924 Jan 14thC 59Elizabeth MasonSpies Lane Quinton78Saliner Rector
1641924 Jan 18thC 372Louisa Dutton1 Birch Avenue Beech Lane52Saliner Rector
1651924 Jan 19thUC 141Martha DearnQuinton46Saliner Rector
1661924 Jan 21stC 423Walter Leslie HodgesBeech Lane7yearsSaliner Rector
1671924 Jan 26thC 243Annies Easthope88 Hallam Street50Saliner Rector
1681924 Feb 23rdC 424Harry James Taylor4 Frederick Road Warley44Saliner Rector
1691924 Feb 23rdC 431Mary Ann Willetts157 Long Lane Halesowen77Saliner Rector
1701924 Feb 28thUC 414Mary BrintonPerry Hill Farm Quinton75Saliner Rector
1711924 Mar 7thC 425Rachel BanfordWarley67Saliner Rector
1721924 Mar 8thUC 200Dorothy Cater88 Hallam Street28Saliner Rector
1731924 Apr 7thC 480Mary Elizabeth Morris52 Frederick Road Warley48Saliner Rector
1741924 Apr 9thUC 325Thomas AllenHalesowen72Saliner Rector
1751924 Apr 9thC 241Timothy PriceBleakhouse Road Oldbury76Saliner Rector
1761924 Apr 12thC 414Alfred Thomas Brown19 George Road Oldbury50Saliner Rector
1771924 Apr 26thC 443Ellen Powell78 Hagley View Beech Lane39Saliner Rector
1781924 Apr 30thC 442James Hingley393 Abbey Road Warley77Saliner Rector
1791924 May 1stC 435Emma Moore8 Hancox Street Warley68Saliner Rector
1801924 May 9thC/YHarold FreemanMoulton Road Oldbury3 yearsSaliner Rector
1811924 May 12thC 133William Frederick Gibson3 Inglesby Street Birmingham81Saliner Rector
1821924 May 15thC 411Harry LyonHandsworth Birmingham36Saliner Rector
1831924 May 20thC 436George Thomas RudimanBirmingham70Saliner Rector
1841924 May 20thUC 467Joseph Southam39 Birch Road Beech Lane59Saliner Rector
1851924 Jun 23rdOCYElizabeth Rosalind PlautFeldon Lane Long Lane4 yearsSaliner Rector
1861924 Jul 5thC 426Ernest Reeves57 New England18Saliner Rector
1871924 Jul 11thC 240Joseph Dearn120 George Road Warley45Saliner Rector
1881924 Jul 12thC 437James William Riley15 Resevoir Road Edgbaston83Moore Chaplain
1891924 Sept 3rdC 429Kathleen Nason8 Pottery Road Warley15Saliner Rector
1901924 Sept 9thUC 302Minnie Jones356 Moat Road Warley59Saliner Rector
1911924 Oct 6thC 427Thomas BradleyGalton Road Beech Lane60Saliner Rector
1921924 Oct 9thC 410Edward Lowe105 Augustines Road Edgbaston72Saliner Rector
1931924 Oct 15thC 438John Wheeler107 Galton Road Warley65Saliner Rector
1941924 Oct 18thOCYErnest Reeves70 New England Long Lane3mnthsSaliner Rector
1951924 Oct 25thC 409John Wilmott1 Edward Road Long Lane87Saliner Rector
1961924 Oct 29thC 437Margaret Riley15 Resevoir Road Edgbaston81Saliner Rector
1971924 Oct 30thC 56James Garner175 Hill Top Road Warley72Saunderson
1981924 Nov 1stC 136Thomas WoodSchool House Quinton59Saliner Rector
1991924 Nov 15thC 439Walter Arthur HarveyBalden Road20Saliner Rector
2001924 Nov 15thC 428Samuel Roger Williams118 Birch Road65Saliner Rector
2011924 Nov 19thC 408Charles Evans33 Frederick Road Warley40Saliner Rector
2021924 Nov 28thUC 292George Verdun Moore143 Great Colmore Street Birmingham8 yearsSaliner Rector
2031924 Dec 8thC 31William Henry White69 Richmond Hill Langley63Saliner Rector
2041924 Dec 15thC 161Henrietta Smallwood7 Wheeleys Lane Edgbaston64Saliner Rector
2051924 Dec 22ndUC 37Jane MantonMonckton Road Quinton60Saliner Rector
2061924 Dec 27thC 440John Cox1 Western Road61Saliner Rector
2071925 Jan 7thC 426John Reeves57 New England Long Lane50Saliner Rector
2081925 Jan 8thC 407Francis CrawfordAubrey Road Beech Lane12 yearsSaliner Rector
2091925 Jan 13thOCYEmma DetheridgeChapmans Hill Bromsgrove78Saliner Rector
2101925 Jan 17thC 71Ann Maria Thompson5 Birch Road74Saliner Rector
2111925 Jan 17thUC 116Thomas Guest127 Halesowen Street Blackheath75Saliner Rector
2121925 Jan 22ndC 220William Henry Parkes7 Calthorpe Rd Edgbaston65Lloyd Vicar
2131925 Feb 14thC 420Louisa Ball197 Galton Road Warley70Moore
2141925 Mar 3rdOCYJohn Herbert ClayLowes Ridgacre Farm Quinton42 daysSaliner Rector
2151925 Mar 11thOCYWilliam Payne30 College Road Quinton83Rev.Anderson N/C0
2161925 Mar 12thC 237Clemence Lees43 Hancox Street Warley10mnthsSaliner Rector
2171925 Mar 21stC 441Thomas Edward MooreNew England Long Lane36Saunders Curate
2181925 Apr 2ndC 442Edith Fanny Thompson Yates40 High Street Quinton32Saliner Rector
2191925 Apr 16thUC 259Esther BenchGalton Road Beech Lane65Saliner Rector
2201925 Apr 16thUC 75Arthur Thomas Cooper98 Arden Road Acocks Green64Morris Vicar
2211925 May 16thC 444Emily Russell39 Hill Top Road Warley51Saliner Rector
2221925 May 22ndC 445Wilfred Du Cras284 Beech Lane13 yearsSaliner Rector
2231925 Jun 3rdUC 312John William Hare ?265 Beech Lane Quinton62Saunders Curate
2241925 Jun 15thC 446Walter Bradley2 Birch Road Beech Lane50Saunders Curate
2251925 Jun 29thUC 413Samuel GillMoor End Farm Quinton72Saliner Rector
2261925 Jul 4thC 447Iris Hilda Dunn57 New England9mnthsSaliner Rector
2271925 Jul 7thUC 190Emma Wilson89 Lightwood Road Smethwick81Saliner Rector
2281925 Aug 31stUC 18Herbert Wheale409 Moat Road Warley82Saliner Rector
2291925 Sept 18thC 448Thomas Walter JordanHalesowen Road Quinton53Saliner Rector
2301925 Oct 12thC 449Kezia Georgina Massey233 Monument Road Birmingham55Saliner Rector
2311925 Oct 15thUC 448Eliza Fulford58 George Road Warley77Saliner Rector
2321925 Oct 27thC 450John Mathew ThomasMeadow Road Quinton65Saliner Rector
2331925 Nov 11thC 29John Green169 Long Lane Halesowen74Saliner Rector
2341925 Nov 13thUC 221Jane Rose251 Moat Road Warley28Saliner Rector
2351925 Nov 28thC 30William Lees23 Hancox Street Warley69Saliner Rector
2361925 Dec 5thUC 300Thomas John TaylorHagley Road Quinton45Saliner Rector
2371925 Dec 19thC 451Eleanor Brennand42 Bishopton Road Smethwick77Saliner Rector
2381925 Dec 17thC 371Catherine Robinson171 Long Lane Halesowen80Owen Cutler N/C
2391925 Dec 21stC 381Angelina ClayRose Cottage Halesowen Road91C.E.Richards N/C
2401925 Dec 31stUC 210Elizabeth Ward Reed54 Frederick Road Warley Woods63Saliner Rector
2411926 Jan 9thC 452Jason PriceBeech Lane75Saliner Rector
2421926 Jan 15thUC 14Anne Coley264 Beech Lane Quinton69Saliner Rector
2431926 Jan 18thOCYWilliam ClayFern Cottages High Street Quinton83Saliner Rector
2441926 Jan 30thC 267Clara Partridge496 Hawthorns Quinton Hill63Saliner Rector
2451926 Feb 3rdC 453Megan Ruth WaldrowMonckkton Road Quinton15 mnthsSaliner Rector
2461926 Feb 13thC 238Jesse SmithMeadow Road Quinton87Saliner Rector
2471926 Feb 20thC 6Ann Allen485 Ridgacre Lane Quinton80Saliner Rector
2481926 Feb 24thC 77Elizabeth Payne49 Hancox Street Warley67Saliner Rector
2491926 Mar 24thUC 97Mary Tromans172 Long Lane Halesowen66Saliner Rector
2501926 Apr 14thC 30Alice Grace Lees23 Hancox Street Warley59Saliner Rector
2511926 Apr 17th C 339George Leonard Vaughan606 Hagley Road Quinton34Saliner Rector
2521926 Apr 27thC 413Lucy Emma Powell78 Hagley Road Warley64Saunderson Curate
2531926 May 15thUC 147Dorothy Joan Hayward36 Meadow Road Quinton3yearsSaliner Rector
2541926 Jun 3rdC 398Ethel Ellen LangleyHagley Road West10 yearsSanderson Curate
2551926 Jun 10thC 200Enoch Kings791 Hagley Road West67Sanderson Curate
2561926 Jun 14thC 382Hilda Rudge4 Bissell Street7 yearsSaliner Rector
2571926 Jun 23rdC 452Elizabeth Ricie ?767 Hagley Road78Saliner Rector
2581926 Jul 9thC 50Geoffrey Harper14 College Road2mnthsSaliner Rector
2591926 Jul 10thUC 27Elizabeth Jones50 Chuck Road Nuneaton63Naun
2601926 Jul 14thC 264Beatrice FieldThe Hawthorns46Saliner Rector
2611926 Jul 30thUC 391Emma Cook108 Milcote Rpad Smethwick83Saliner Rector
262926 Sept 18thUC 84Frederick Trowmans178 Long Lane43Saliner Rector
2631926 Nov 11thC 308John Joseph Benjamin WilsonPaks Farm25Saliner Rector
2641926 Dec 4thC 244Elizabeth Mountford Dickens17 Hill Top Road Warley75Saliner Rector
2651926 Dec 11thUC 138Caroline Thompson76 Hagley Road Quinton79Saliner Rector
2661927 Jan 13thC 220Charlotte Moore24 Rathbone Road Warley83Saliner Rector
2671927 Jan 29thC 151Ann Elizabeth Garner102 George Road Warley60Saliner Rector
2681927 Feb 5thC 171Thomas Shaw61 George Road Warley75Saliner Rector
2691927 Feb 7thOCYConstance Jean Wheeler107 Galton Road Bearwood9mnthsSaliner Rector
2701927 Feb 14th176Thomas Mucklow10 New England75Saunderson Curate
2711927 Feb 17thC 40Sophia Cox36 Reginald Road Smethwick72Saliner Rector
2721927 Feb 18thUC 417Thomas Partridge92 Birch Road Warley89Saliner Rector
2731927 Mar 3rdUC 87Caroline ClayIvy House Farm Quinton80Saliner Rector
2741927 Mar 3rdOCYJames Charles CutlerThe Rookery Lapal81Saliner Rector
2751927 Mar 9thUC 91Mary Jane Richardson114 George Road Warley78Saliner Rector
2761927 Mar 9thUC 317Lavinia Bricknell546 Hagley Road West78Saliner Rector
2771927 Mar 10thC 132Ada Marion HardwickBirch Road Beech Lane3 yearsSaliner Rector
2781927 Mar 23rdC 88John Lyndon315 Harborne Lane64Saliner Rector
2791927 Mar 30thUC 198John Ingram24 St.John's Road Oldbury26Saliner Rector
2801927 Mar 31stC 454John William StewartThimblemill Lane Warley69Saliner Rector
2811927 Apr 4thC 44Ernest Jones7 Birch Avenue Birch Road44Saliner Rector
2821927 Apr 6thUC 261James Ramsay McIntoshWordsworth House Long Lane59Saliner Rector
2831927 Apr 9thC 455William Parkes211 Long Lane61Saliner Rector
2841927 Apr 9thOCYBernard Leslie Malin74 Warley Road Langley19 mnthsSaliner Rector
2851927 Apr 16thC 131Samuel Seach Round?Heworth Cottage Bleakhouse Road73Saliner Rector
2861927 Apr 20thC 121Benjamin Hadley12 New England74Saliner Rector
2871927 Apr 21stC 352Mary Harriet Knight54 Galton Road55Saliner Rector
2881927 May 3rdC 456George King SisslingClaremount Narrow Lane80Saliner Rector
2891927 May 3rdUC 457Joseph Alderhay30 Bristnall Hall Road Warley69Saliner Rector
2901927 May 24thC 457Francis Price267 Hagley Road Quinton43Saliner Rector
2911927 May 27thC 380George PiperJohnstone Street83Saliner Rector
2921927 Jun 17thC 250Mary Ann Bayliss43 Bruswell Park Road91Saunderson Curate
2931927 Jun 18thOCYJune Scott315 Hagley Road Edgbaston1/2 HourSaliner Rector
2941927 Jul 5thUC 412Annie HardingThe Green Ridgacre Lane84Saliner Rector
2951927 Jul 5thC 295William BrennandPerry Hill Quinton80Saliner Rector
2961927 Jul 7thC 190George RecordHagley Road West Quinton63Saliner Rector
2971927 Jul 19thUC 313William Grosvenor54 Pound Road Warley75Saliner Rector
29819927 Sept 8thC 458Emily Eliza HillFrederick Road Beech Lane54Dudley
2991927 Sept 20thC 343Matilda Holloway Smith93 Rawlings Road Smethwick87Saliner Rector
3001927 Sept 24thUC 392Louise Elizabeth Mausell Cooper98 Arden Road Acocks Green62Maine
3011927 Oct 12thC 220Eleanor Mary Holyland24 Rathbone Road45Saliner Rector
3021927 Nov 11thC 459Daelis Segaunin Cudtons31 High Street Quinton30Saliner Rector
3031927 Nov 17thC 445Leah Dubros284 Hagley Road West Quinton52Saliner Rector
3041927 Dec 30thUC 79William HackettSpies Lane Quinton76Saliner Rector
3051928 Jan 2ndC 201William Partridge581 Hagley Road53Saliner Rector
3061928 Mar 9thUC 235Elizabeth Dolpha Billingham267 Hagley Road Edgbaston67Lloyd Vicar
3071928 Mar 15thUC 180Hilda Alic DeeleyD.Yardley Hosp R. Sandon Rd.Edgbaston20Saliner Rector
3081928 Apr 11thC 460Doris LoxleyD.25 Loveday Street R.Lightwoods Road26C.H.Tye Asst Priest
3091928 May 17thUC 450Theophilus Garner17 Hill Top Road Warley77Saliner Rector
3101928 May 19thC 19Amphlias Jenkes41 Parker Street Oldbury63Saliner Rector
311 1928 Jun 16thOCYWilliam FoleyThe Farm Quinton74W.A.Rowlands Rector
3121928 Jul 14thC 461Mary Sykes12 Moat Road Warley79Saliner Rector
3131928 Jul 17thC 404Joseph SmithPolice Station Quinton54Saliner Rector
3141928 Jul 23rdC 150Joseph Walker Johnson47 Birch Road Beech Lane77Saliner Rector
3151928 Aug 10thUC 417Betsy PartridgeHagley Road 68Saliner Rector
3161928 Aug 20thOCYJames Deeley787 Hagley Road57Saliner Rector
3171928 Sept 10thUC 19Mary Ann RichardsonD.Halesowen Hospital78Saliner Rector
3181928 Nov 5thUC 166Kate Chanthill16 Pembridge Gardens Kensington London83Saliner Rector
3191928 Nov 10thC 267James Partridge496 Hagley Road71Saliner Rector
3201928 Nov 29thUC 260James WingfieldSpies Lane Quinton79Saliner Rector
3211928 Dec 8thC 424Frederick PerksD. Hospital R. 14 Frederick Road41Saliner Rector
3221929 Jan 7thC 234Owen Greaves272 Worlds End Quinton89Saliner Rector
3231929 Jan 15thUC 126Ann Read21 Birch Road Beech Lane86Saliner Rector
3241929 Jan 19thOCYSarah Jemia Foley Wilber D. Hospital Birmingham80Saliner Rector
3251929 Feb 9thC 3George Henry Bricknell317 Harborne Lane61Saliner Rector
3261929 Feb 9thC 404George Henry BlundellThe Hawthorns54Saliner Rector
3271929 Apr 2ndOCYRonald Thomas Dyer20 New England Quinton14mnthsSaliner Rector
3281929 Apr 18thC 96Mary Betty Eliza Annie Robinson30 New England60Saliner Rector
3291929 May 2ndC 350Caroline Ash34 Derby Road Langley85Saliner Rector
3301929 Jun 17thC 95Alice HillCastle Road Quinton79Sissons Curate
3311929 Jun 24thC 405Mary Powell639 Hagley Road Quinton58Sissons Curate
3321929 Jul 12thC 153Douglas Albert Dearn94 Birch Road Warley5yearsSaliner Rector
3331929 Jul 12thUC 38George Hague46 Park Road Warley74Saliner Rector
3341929 Aug 31stUC 38Mary Whitehouse209 Long Lane Blackheath80Lamas Curate
3351929 Oct 8thUC 200Arthur Cater9 Birch Road61Saliner Rector
3361929 Oct 30thUC 37Jane MoultonMonckton Road47Saliner Rector
3371929 Nov 20thUC 360Emma Goode22 Hermitage Road Edgbaston84Sissons Curate
3381929 Nov 23rdUC 258Mary VickersHawthorn Stores Hagley Road85Saliner Rector
3391929 Dec 2ndUC 207Emily BarnettD.Longfield Buildings Hereford R.Beech Lane64Saliner Rector
3401930 Jan 2ndC 456Lawrence SislingClaremont Narrow Lane51Saliner Rector
3411930 Jan 18thC 412Sarah Hingley34 Grove Lane Handsworth79Saliner Rector
3421930 Feb 3rdUC 307Harriet Eliza Moore24 Rathbone Road50E.Lane Minister
3431930 Feb 4thC 406Eliza Swindell46 Meadow Road Quinton87Saliner Rector
3441930 Feb 10thC 32Martha Williams31 Bank Road Red Hill59Barnett Old Hill
3451930 Feb 18thC 395Emily Haycock RudgeCollege Road Quinton63L.Kennish
3461930 Mar 8thUC 32Marion Wood461 Hagley Road70Saliner Rector
3471930 Apr 10thUC 22Keren Loppack WillettsBk. 18 Hancox Street Warley88Saliner Rector
3481930 Apr 14thUC 441John Howe2 Edward Road Blackheath64Saliner Rector
3491930 May 1stOCYJane Clay21 High Street79Saliner Rector
3501930 May 24thC 379Jane Mavis Hubball422 Chester Road Erdington57Saliner Rector
3511930 May 27thUC 258Thomas Edward Vickers567 Hagley Road86Saliner Rector
3521930 Jun 5thUC 205Laura Rosanna Waelon ?20 Anderson Road Bearwood32Saliner Rector
3531930 Jul 10thC 366William WalkerAdams Hill Woodgate80Saliner Rector
3541930 Aug 24thC 438Henrietta Jane Wheeler107 Galton Road Warley Woods73Saliner Rector
3551930 Aug 26thUC 413Maria Gill291 Worlds End Lane Quinton73Lomas Curate
3561930 Oct 1stC 424Betty PerksFrederick Road Beech Lane 8 weeksSaliner Rector
3571930 Nov 15thUC 238Rose Read53 New England Long Lane17Saliner Rector
3581930 Dec 9thOCYElsie May Johnson3 Birch Avenue Birch Road26Saliner Rector
3591930 Dec 9thOCYFrances Avery14 Terry Street Dudley68Iveen St.Johns Dudley
3601930 Dec 12th C 159Esther SimmondsWoodgate Lane Quinton76Saliner Rector
3611931 Jan 31stUC 445Alfred Herbert Jackson203 Hagley Road Edgbaston58Saliner Rector
3621931 Feb 13thC 338Elizabeth Annie Charles633 Hagley Road68Saliner Rector
3631931 Feb 19thC 280Alice Amelia Humphreys31 Hancox Street63Saliner Rector
3641931 Feb 25thUC 442Hannah Clift92 Nimmings Road Balsal Heath75Sissons
3651931 Feb 26thUC 148Mary Clifton27 Hill Top Road Warley60Saliner Rector
3661931 Mar 11thUC 421Annie Marie BlundellYeof Cottager Worlds End64Saliner Rector
3671931 Mar 14thUC 70Mary Ann Jones13 New England Quinton81Saliner Rector
3681931 Mar 31stC 415Joyce Margaret Downing43 Milcote Road Bearwood4yearsLomas
3691931 Apr 4thC 125Esther HadleyNew England Long Lane75Saliner Rector
3701931 Apr 25thUC 25Edward Thomas Robinson28 Gately Road75Saliner Rector
3711931 May 9thUC 394Eliza Martha Hope4 Lightwoods Hill84Saliner Rector
3721931 May 29thC 462Frank Harling MaudsleyWilton Bank Quinton14Saliner Rector
3731931 Jun 13thC 398Edith Kathleen Sylvia Wadman633 Hagley Road19 mnthsSaliner Rector
3741931 Jul 16thUC 440Harriet JonesRotton Park Road Edgbaston64Saliner Rector
3751931 Aug 7thC 392Joseph Gregory ?170 Long Lane Blackheath54Sissons
3761931 Aug 28thC 428Catherine WilliamsD. Hallam Hosp.70Sissons
3771931 Sept 17thC 460Herbert Arthur LoxleyWest Boulevard Quinton29Saliner Rrector
3781931 Oct 1stC 175Mary Elizabeth Downing Whitehouse44 Bloxridgest Langley77Saliner Rrector
3791931 Oct 7thC 150Mary Ann Johnson147 Birch Road Beech Lane80Saliner Rrector
3801931 Nov 6thC 461David Sykes12 Moat Road Warley85Saliner Rrector
3811931 Nov 25thC 241Emma Rose15 Birch Road Quinton77Sissons
3821932 Mar 4thAgnes Elizabeth ChanceWalcot Charles Road Torquay78Saliner Rrector
3831932 Mar 28thUC 39Victor Henry FulfordD.Childrens Hosp. R. 6 George Road8Saliner Rrector
3841932 Apr 19thUC 366Ernest Charles Keaif ?28 Westfield Road Edgbaston
3851932 May 21stUC 385Maud GreenThe Cottage Carters Lane44Saliner Rector
3861932 May 27thUC 134William TaylorD.Bromsgrove Inf. R. 262 Hagley Road76Saliner Rector
3871932 Jun 30thUC 316Rose Buston20 Falkener Street Doncaster72Saliner Rector
3881932 Aug 29thC 237John Graham Lees45 Hancox Street Warley32Lomas
3891932 Oct 8thC 463Edith Mary ShoreBradda Quinton16Saliner Rector
3901932 Nov 3rdUC 205Emma Smith20 Anderson Road Smethwick69Sissons
3911933 Feb 1stUC 407Elizabeth Powell Priddy57 Woodgate Road67Saliner Rector
3921933 Feb 4thUC 435Florence WingfieldFairview Spies Lane66Saliner Rector
3931933 Feb 7thC 415George Frederick Downing43 Milcote Road Bearwood61Saliner Rector
3941933 Feb 25thC 407Frank CrawfordAubrey Road Beech Lane41Saliner Rector
3951933 Mar 6thC 234William PelfordWorlds End Quinton77Saliner Rector
3961933 Mar 9thUC 197Arthur William Grubb268 Hagley Road71Saliner Rector
3971933 Mar 29thUC 211Thomas James Wildman46 Abbey Road Smethwick72Saliner Rector
3981933 Apr 17thUC 41Mary Ann Hadley58 New England88Saliner Rector
3991933 Jun 15thUC 75Rhoda Louisa Jennens53 Wolvehampton Road48Saliner Rector
4001933 Jun 20thC 191Rachel Rymen114 Pottery Road Warley75Saliner Rector
4011933 Jul 5thUC 308Thomas GreenThe Cottage Carters Lane74Saliner Rector
4021933 Jul 17thC 330William Thomas MucklowD. Queens Hosp Birmingham62Sissons
4031933 Jul 19thUC 154Ada Matilda HodgesSpies Lane85Sissons
4041933 Sept 13thC 324Ann Wood59 Morville Street Ladywood76Saliner Rector
4051933 Nov 14thUC 255Selomia Barley517 Hagley Road80Saliner Rector
4061933 Dec 7thC 285Thomas Clay44 Shirley Road Kings Norton59Saliner Rector
4071934 Jan 6thOCYFrank Plant127 Perry Hill Road1mnthSaliner Rector
4081934 Jan 18thOCYElizabeth Matilda CutlerThe Rookery Carters Lane85Saliner Rector
4091934 Feb 5thC 419Betssy Turley258 Long Lane71Saliner Rector
4101934 Mar 9thC 13Henry Reed1 Meadow Road74Service By N/C
4111934 Apr 18thUC 163Mathew Hunter409 Moat Road83Saliner Rector
4121934 May 2ndUC 37Charles Stephen MausonMonckton Road81Saliner Rector
4131934 May 25thUC 371Frank Maurice Lane AshworthD. Western Rd.Hospital68Saliner Rector
4141934 Jun 7thUC 318Mary Ann Ibberson6 Rock Avenue Redval81Saliner Rector
4151934 Jul 14thC 324George Alfred WoodBk of 42 Icknield Port Rd77Saliner Rector
4161934 Aug 3rdOCYHannah Wood36 Grove Avenue Moseley82Saliner Rector
4171934 Aug 30thC 404Edith Emma Smith52 Stanley Avenue Harborne59Lomas
4181934 Oct 6thUC 406Elizabeth WindgwayWindybridge Romsley78Saliner Rector
4191934 Oct 25thUC 362Bessie Birch13 Raddlebarn Road Selly Oak66Saliner Rector
4201934 Dec 24th?Joseph Knight72 Hagley Road59Saliner Rector
4211934 Dec 29thC 105Herbert Hodges20 College Road65Saliner Rector
4221934 Jan 1stC 336John MartinBirch Road50Saliner Rector
4231935 Jan 7thUC NNAnnie Jane Smith154 Hagley Road82No service I of A
4241935 Jan 30thUC 157Kate Elizabeth Jackson108 Birch Road58Saliner Rector
4251935 Feb 19thC 234Mary Metford272 Worlds End80Saliner Rector
4261935 Feb 25thOCYAgnes Ellen KraftQuinton Lane50Saliner Rector
4271935 Feb 28thC 212Maria WheatHagley Road53Saliner Rector
4281935 Mar 23rdUC 210Frank Hadley275 Hagley Road57Saliner Rector
4291935 Apr 8thOCYPauline Barbara RobertsSchool House Quinton4 daysSaliner Rector
4301935 Apr 20thC 412Lewis Wright13 Aubrey Road49J.Slim Brookworth Gloucester
4311935 Apr 25thC 446Walter Frederick BeasleyBirch Road15Saliner Rector
4321935 Jun 12thOCYHannah Queen ?The Cottage Carters Lane80Saliner Rector
4331935 Jun 3rdC 245Charles Henry Fox403 Moat Road53Saliner Rector
4341935 Jul 4thC 435John Moore81 Hancox Street Warley78Saliner Rector
4351935 Aug 8thUC 345Eliza Parkinson10 Stanmore Road 91Sissons
4361935 Aug 24thC 361Frederick John Williams36 Form Wood78Saliner Rector
4371935 Dec 4thC 425Samuel Baufort31 Regent Street Smethwick78Bird R/C Int
4381935 Dec 13thOCYMarion Frances Reeves36 Meadow Road3 weeksSaliner Rector
4391935 Dec 31stC 263Sarah Jane Lovatt38 Westfield Hurst Green51R.G.L.Beage Clay Curate
4401936 Jan 21stC 28Martha Evelyn Thomas80 Causeway Green Road Warley73Saliner Rector
4411936 Apr 14thC 441Mary Robinson67 New England79Beayeley Curate
4421936 Apr 13thUC 463Charles James Evans Fox11 Aubrey Road76Beayeley Curate
4431936 Jun 13thC 311Charlotte Lines494 Hawthorns89Saliner Rector
4441936 Sept 1stUC 143Emma Louisa Watson Sharp2Norfolk Buildings WaterWorks Edgbaston81Saliner Rector
4451936 Nov 2ndUC 198Ethel IngramHagley Road47Saliner Rector
4461936 Nov 14thUC 441Eva Rowe2 Edward Road Smethwick38Saliner Rector
4471936 Nov 26thUC 204James Mallin107 Oldbury Road Rowley Regis67Beayeley Curate
4481936 Dec 14thUC 304Louise Dingley177 Walford Road Sparkhill85Saliner Rector
4491937 Jan 21stC 413Samuel Powell78 Hagley Road73Saliner Rector
4501937 Feb 20thC 260Frederick Barnett Lovatt109 Halesowen Road Blackheath27Saliner Rector
4511937 Mar 18thC 247Ellen Brown ?223 Worlds End73Saliner Rector
4521937 Mar 21st?Fanny Amy Jordan365 Ridgacre Lane69Rutherford
4531937 Apr 21stUC 476Alice McWhisker70 Monmouth Road Warley Woods61Rutherford
4541937 Apr 19thUC 447Martha Webb44 Green Lane Handsworth59Saliner Rector
4551937 Apr 24thC 104George Henry Hodges518 Hagley Road64Saliner Rector
4561937 May 3rdC 432William WithersMiddleton Sambourne82Saliner Rector
4571937 May 5thUC 434Edward Phillips213 Park Road Smethwick71Saliner Rector
4581937 May 8thUC 162John Clough Vandrey71 Westfield Road Edgbaston83Saliner Rector
4591937 May 13thUC 295George Walter Warwick148 Park Road Smethwick67Beayeley Curate
460937 Jun 18thC 237Eliza Mary Lees45 Hancox Street76H.R.Crest Curate
4611937 Jul 3rdUC 140John Willetts29 Park Road Bearwood80Saliner Rector
4621937 Jul 18thC 1Robert Rex Woodward53 Wolverhampton Road6yearsSaliner Rector
4631937 Jul 24thUC 368Lilian Dakin39 George Road22F.A.Payne
4641937 Seept 8thUC 73Florence Elizabeth Hardwick8 Birch Road56Beayeley Curate
4651937 Sept 15thNN N/SJames Dutton42 Kenilworth Road uinton77Beayeley Curate
4661937 Sept 22ndUC 192Jane Pinley26 Bull Street Harborne72Beayeley Curate
4671937 Sept 23rdUC 750Mary Ann LuikSpies Lane67Saliner Rector
4681937 Oct 21stN/S 3Clifford George Harris22 Elm Croft4mnthsBeayeley Curate
4691937 Oct 21stN/S 4Doris Victoria Collier758 Hagley Road37Saliner Rector
4701937 Nov 29thUC 208Beatrice Hagleton210 Lightwoods Smethwick60Sissons
4711937 Dec 30thN/S 6Eliza Holyland74 Springfield Road Kings Norton80Saliner Rector
4721938 Jan 8thN/S 7William Rudge453 Ridgacre Lane81Saliner Rector
4731938 Jan 27thC 113Sarah Jane BlackOak House Road Warley68Saliner Rector
4741938 Feb 9thC 403Edmund PowellD. Hallam Hospital71Saliner Rector
4751938 Feb 22ndC 380Jim GoodeMaxstoke73Saliner Rector
4761938 Mar 24thUC 275Henry Aslett10 Greenfield Road Harborne79Saliner Rector
4771938 Mar 26thOCYJoseph Benynon David29 Forest Road Quinton3 weeksSaliner Rector
4781938 Apr 9thC 74George Thomas WithersPound Road63Saliner Rector
4791938 Apr 19thC 332Eleanor Augusta Mucklow1/15 Ruston Street Ladywood71Saliner Rector
4801938 May 7thUC 244Joseph FieldBeech Lane74Saliner Rector
4811938 May 24thUC 473Harry HardwickWarley57Saliner Rector
4821938 Jun 8thC 9Joseph William TozerHagley Road68Saliner Rector
4831938 Jun 15thUC 186George Nock44 New England71Saliner Rector
4841938 Aug 13thUC 398John Yeomans616 Hagley Road88Saliner Rector
4851938 Aug 16thOCYOwen Harris22 Slimcroft 21 hoursNo service by request
4861938 Aug 23rdC 436Sarah Ann Redman37 Wadhurst Road Edgbaston83Angus Curate
4871938 Aug 25thC 411Sarah Ann IzouBeech Walk Sutton Coldfield59W.Weets Vicar
4881938 Aug 29thC 10Barbara Mavis Jackson56 Kenilworth Road Quinton6 yearsCurate
4891938 Oct 28thUC 107Moses LinkSpies Lane71Saliner Rector
4901938 Nov 29thUC 46Louisa Helen Nash31 BK 34 Garbetts Street Ladywood53Saliner Rector
4911938 Dec 1stUC 370Emily Hodgson21 Harborne Road82J.Smith
4921938 Dec 2ndC 11Mary Jane Firkin38 Kenilworth Road62Saliner Rector
4931938 Dec 17thOCYEliza Ann Avery5 Terry Street Dudley78B.H.Green Vicar Dudley
4941938 Dec 29thC 440Hannah Cox293 Worlds End79Saliner Rector
4951939 Jan 10thUC 207Mary Yeomans48 Marshall Road74Cengas Curate
4961939 Jan 19thC 156Alice Felton211 Park Road Warley Woods85Callon Curate
4971939 Feb 2ndC 12Eleanor Maria DavisQuinton Hill Hagley Road77Saliner Rector
4981939 Feb 3rdUC 319Alfred Ward34 Lowes Road74Saliner Rector
4991939 Mar 28thUC 47Charlotte Rebecca Moore9 Herbert Road Handsworth76Saliner Rector
5001939 Apr 16thC 352Jessie Regan19 Perry Hill48Saliner Rector
5011939 Apr 27thUC 467Elizabeth Jonathan37 Birch Road75Saliner Rector
5021939 May 6thUC 119Fanny Maria Cooper290 Hagley Road
5031939 May 13thUC 204Julia Mallin107 Whiteheart Rowley Regis65Cingus Curate
5041939 Jul 1stUC 292Ellen Moore143 Great Colmore Street Birmingham52Saliner Rector
5051939 Sept 16thC 13Edgar Louis CooperHagley Road51Saliner Rector
5061939 Sept 20thUC 247John Harry Cox157 Park Road Bearwood65Saliner Rector
5071939 Nov 4thC 20Albert Edward Ubnderhill492 Hagley Road62Saliner Rector
5081939 Nov 6thC 14William Richard Dearn614 Hagley Road59Saliner Rector
5091939 Nov 15thUC 405Mary Sturman32 Masters Lane Cakemore74Baker Asst Curate
5101939 Dec 7thUC 407William Pitchford114 Bleakhouse Road Warley84Saliner Rector
5111939 Dec 16thC 19Frank Harry Taylor3 Glynsina Road59Saliner Rector
5121939 Dec 29thC 18Emily Wood52 George Road69Saliner Rector
5131939 Dec 29thC 15Henry Jones236 Hagley Road79Saliner Rector
5141940 Jan 11thC 36Charles Edward JonesThe Bungalow Quinton62Saliner Rector
5151940 Jan 16thC 21David Dearn7 Birch Road70Saliner Rector
5161940 Jan 18thC 429Charlotte Nason8 Pottery Road63D.W.Payne Minister
5171940 Jan 20thC 17William Henry JacksonHagley Road69Saliner Rector
5181940 Feb 1stC 16Lottie Teague ?66 Hagley Road61Saliner Rector
5191940 Feb 22ndOCYMichael John Stevens82 Ridgacre Road2yearsHeely Curate
5201940 Feb 22ndC 22Charles Joel Bell612 Hagley Road53Jones Curate
5211940 Feb 23rdC 87Sarah Ann Randall66 Hagley Road77Lawes Curate
5221940 Mar 5thC 35Neville Frank Wade153 White Road6 yearsSaliner Rector
5231940 Mar 19thOCYMichael John KerryKing Charles Road6 daysSaliner Rector
5241940 Mar 23rdC 34Joseph Aston WaellsThe Wolverhampton Road78Saliner Rector
5251940 Mar 27thC 33George Edward Rudge879 Hagley Road53Saliner Rector
5261940 Apr 11thC 392Sarah Ann Gregory138 Olive Lane Blackheath66Saliner Rector
5271940 May 13thC 32Florence Wood61 George Road65Saliner Rector
5281940 May 24thHelen Harriet Iuffley73 Birch Road73Jones Curate
5291940 May 13thC 31Walter Platt140 Birch Road80Saliner Rector
5301940 May 20thC 458William Hill38 Swan Crescent66Saliner Rector
5311940 May 22ndUC 33Henry BreanaudPark Road65Saliner Rector
5321940 Jul 29thC 30Archibald WersbyMoat Road53Saliner Rector
5331940 Sept 21stC 29Thomas Lownes15 Perry Hill83Saliner Rector
5341940 Oct 5thC 28Alfred Thomas Conwell24 Holly Road67Saliner Rector
5351940 Oct 15thC 270Lilian Iris Isitt ?5 Colville Road Quinton38Saliner Rector
5361940 Oct 30thC 39William Alvins EllisWhite Road Quinton74Saliner Rector
5371940 Oct 31stC 42John BestThe Hawthorns54Saliner Rector
5381940 Nov 11thUC 182Maria Farmer132 Birch Road76Saliner Rector
5391940 Dec 10thC 449William MasseyD.Highcroft Erdington71Saliner Rector
5401940 Dec 27thUC 42David DetheridgeThe Cottage Hagely Road67Saliner Rector
5411941 Feb 5thC 382Elizabeth Smith50 Meadow Road85Saliner Rector
5421940 Feb 18thC 117Florence Gertrude Guest102 White Road Quinton61Saliner Rector
5431940 Feb 25thC 40Annie Bissell411 Ridgacre Road58Saliner Rector
5441940 Feb 27thC 43Louisa Jane Giford ?Devon House Quinton75Saliner Rector
5451940 Mar 3rdC 183William AttwoodHalesowen Road69Williams N/C
5461940 Apr 12thC 43Elias Walter Haglington16 Highfield Lane43Saliner Rector
5471940 Apr 19thOCYChristopher Anthony Barnes2 King Charles Road1mnthSaliner Rector
5481940 Jun 3rdC 53Francis James HadleySlone Lane56Saliner Rector
5491940 Jun 20thC 54Frank Wollon21 Perry Hill Lane72Saliner Rector
5501940 Aug 14thC 326Joseph RobbinsVictoria Avenue88Saliner Rector
5511940 Sept 3rdC 7Harriett RudgeRidgacre Lane83Saliner Rector
5521940 Sept 18thC 55John Rose255 Hagley Road74Saliner Rector
5531941 Oct 14thC 340Lizzie Willetts487 Ridgacre Road66Saliner Rector
5541941 Oct 17thC 85Samuel Haddock56 Summerfield Road Edgbaston77Saliner Rector
5551941 Nov 12thUC 197Leslie Ronald Grubb268 Hagley Road14Saliner Rector
5561941 Dec 1stC 72Emma RobinsonNarrow Lane Quinton89Saliner Rector
5571941 Dec 15thUC 197Diane Rosemary Cox268 Hagley Road2mnthsSaliner Rector
5581941 Dec 18thC 56Harry RaybouldHeathy Farm Woodgate62Saliner Rector
5591942 Jan 1st570Charles Morgan ?328 Hagley Road60Saliner Rector
5601942 Jan 6thUC 387Gwendoline WillettsBissell Street2 yearsSaliner Rector
5611942 Jan 27thC 50Gwendoline Katherine Barnett50 Frankly Avenue Hawley Grange25Saliner Rector
5621942 Feb 2ndC 414Walter Davies313 Bradshaw Road80Saliner Rector
5631942 Feb 12thFlorence Coare77 Dudley Road Perry Barr57Saliner Rector
5641942 Feb 16thC 26Arthur William Jones3 Birch Road71Saliner Rector
5651942 Aug 17thC 25Ronald Jerome Parkes22 Worlds End11mnthsSaliner Rector
5661942 Aug 22ndC 48William Williams606 Hagley Road73Saliner Rector
5671943 Jan 18thC 16Valerie Teague376 Wolverhampton Road2 daysSaliner Rector
5681943 Jan 28thC 46Richard William Daclman61 Frederick Road Quinton69Saliner Rector
5691943 Feb 20thUC 158Charles Clay33 Meadow Road63Saliner Rector
5701943 Mar 2ndC 59Joseph Dickens94 Windmill Lane Smethwick89Saliner Rector
5711943 Mar 31stC 37Timothy Timothens RoundQuinton86Saliner Rector
5721943 Apr 12thC 194Edith Maud Peace192 Quinton Moat Road49Saliner Rector
5731943 May 1stC 60Harry Hedges8 Nederwink Road60Saliner Rector
5741943 May 6thUC 55Charles Ernest Gould353 Moat Road68Saliner Rector
5751943 Jun 12thC 151John Garner102 George Road81Saliner Rector
5761943 Jun 22ndC 467Jane Brennauds69 Perry Hill Road91Saliner Rector
5771943 Jul 19thC 61Clarice Simcox100 King Fellows Road Halesowen50J.Atkinson Vicar
5781943 Jul 21stUC 32Joseph Wood461 Hagely Road93Saliner Rector
5791943 Sept 20thUC 151John Thomas Salisbury407 Moat Road70Saliner Rector
5801943 Oct 30thC 62Margaret Elizabeth Wallis94 High Street Harborne64Saliner Rector
5811943 Nov 15thC 32George Wood61 Green Road Warley ?75Saliner Rector
5821943 Dec 9thC 390Robert Fletcher805 Hagley Road78Saliner Rector
5831944 Jan 14thC 440Margaret Ann Lowe10 St. Augustines Edgbaston80Vicar Edgbaston
5841944 Feb 17thUC 151Elizabeth Ann Salisbury407 Moat Road66Saliner Rector
5851944 Feb 18thC 49Allen Mann49 Wolverhampton Road72Saliner Rector
5861944 Feb 18thC 63Dorothy Sault18 Clent Road34Saliner Rector
5871944 Feb 23rdUC 36Mary Taylor147 Ravenhurst Road Harborne84Saliner Rector
5881944 Mar 25thUC 422Winnifred Eleanor Mathews1 Wood Lane Harborne27Saliner Rector
5891944 Apr 12thC 64Irene Elizabeth Scott CostainHamilton Avenue Hagley Road25Saliner Rector
5901944 Apr 12thC 29Agnes Haycock426 Ridgacre Road63Saliner Rector
5911944 Apr 19thUC 160Louisa Beatrice Green ?31 Stoney Lane Quinton71Saliner Rector
5921944 May 2ndC 65William Rose813 Hagley Road74Saliner Rector
593 1944 Jun 5thC 66Alice Plucknell Brown19 Clydesdale Road88Saliner Rector
5941944 Jun 5thC 272Florence Elizabeth Hall491 Ridgacre Road80Saliner Rector
5951944 Jun 30thC 73Phillip Collins8 Oak Road6 yearsSaliner Rector
5961944 Jul 12thUC 39Harry Stokes Green Road80Saliner Rector
5971944 Jul 27thC 72Arthur Bird27 Parsons Hill50Saliner Rector
5981944 Jul 31stUC 145John Francis Cursim ?515 Ridgacre Road60Smith Curate
5991944 Aug 5thC 73Maud Alice Wane1 Elmscroft74Saliner Rector
6001944 Sept 30thC 18Elizabeth Martha Cooper806 Hagley Road61Saliner Rector
6011944 Oct 10thC 70Arthur Ernest Williams9 York Road Edgbaston79J.H.Richards Provost.
6021944 Nov 9thC 439Louise Frances Massey36 Alfred Road Bearwood67Saliner Rector
6031944 Nov 10thUC 412Edith Louisa Lowe239 St.Pauls Road Smethwick70Saliner Rector
6041944 Nov 27thUC 106George Smith123 Wigorn Road Smethwick67Saliner Rector
6051944 Dec 7thUC 127Charles LaneWorlds End Lane Quinton60Saliner Rector
6061944 Dec 8thC 12Lucy David604 Quinton Hill Quinton85Saliner Rector
6071944 Dec 13thUC 267Ann Hall29 Meadow Road Quinton85Saliner Rector
6081944 Dec 29thC 172Emily Hickin11 Aubrey Road Beech Lane75Saliner Rector
6091945 Jan 6thC 299Alice Davis87 Wood Lane Harborne77Saliner Rector
6101945 Jan 11thUC 421William BlundellD. Queens Hospital80Saliner Rector
6111945 Jan 16thUC 367Nellie Coulson RogersCalthorpe Fields Edgbaston77J.C. Rogers Curate
6121945 Feb 21stC 398Eva Cissie Steane292 Hagley Road40Saliner Rector
6131945 Mar 24thC 71Thomas George Hadley39 High Street Quinton78Saliner Rector
6141945 Jun 9thC 55Louisa Rose255 Hagley Road Quinton73Saliner Rector
6151945 Aug 22ndC 52John James Jordan421 Ridgacre Road Quinton80Saliner Rector
6161945 Aug 25thC 75Reginald Snige ?75 Lewis Road Quinton45Saliner Rector
6171945 Oct 15thC 29Ellen Lownes66 Ballot Street Sethwick87Henry J.Gould Curate
6181945 Oct 26thC 21Elizabeth Dearn7 Birch Road Quinton72Saliner Rector
6191945 Oct 29thC 75Thomas Owen Thomas93 Chestnut Road Quinton63Saliner Rector
6201945 Nov 14thC 26Rosella Whymper47 King Charles Road Quinton75Saliner Rector
6211945 Nov 26thC 200Ann Maria Kings291 Hagley Road Quinton81Saliner Rector
6221945 Dec 12thUC 399Emily Elizabeth Shaw10 Hagley Road Quinton93Saliner Rector
6231945 Dec 12thC 77Samuel Day93 White Road Quinton72Saliner Rector
6241946 Jan 2ndC 10Elizabeth Parkes21 Birch Road Quinton79Saliner Rector
6251946 Mar 5th78Kate GreenManor Lane Quinton72Saliner Rector
6261946 Mar 30thUC 248David Woodhouse6 Edward Road Blackheath73Saliner Rector
6271946 May 1stC 79George Isaac Mallett16 Bissell Street Quinton67Saliner Rector
6281946 May 25thUC 457Maria AlderhaySt. Katherines Road Warley85Saliner Rector
629194Aug 22ndC 69Selina SladePerry Lane Quinton71Saliner Rector
6301946 Sept 13thC 13Ann Read1 Meadow Road Quinton80S.Marsh Meth/Min
6311946 Sept 16thC 206Mary Ann Jennings37 Westfield Road Smethwick86Guest Curate
6321946 Nov 27thUC 407Francis Alfred Powell K/A PriddyWoodgreen Road Quinton58Saliner Rector
6331946 Dec 6thUC 33Irene Ruby BrenandD.Brentwood Hosptial Lichfield36Saliner Rector
6341946 Dec 7thUC 486George Harry Haskins149 Chestnut Road Smethwick83Saliner Rector
6351946 Dec 27thC 132Harry Hardwick15 Marshall Road Warley52Saliner Rector
6361947 Jan 6thC 72Sarah Ann Washbrook26 Wood Street Ladywood77Saliner Rector
6371947 Feb 11thUC 133John Rose159 Long Lane Blackheath74Saliner Rector
6381947 Feb 14thUC 268Mary Ann Hadley349 Moat Road Warley60Saliner Rector
6391947 Mar 11thUC 138Lily Thompson18 High Croft Erdington75Saliner Rector
6401947 Mar 14thC 321Thomas Moore37 Bristnall Hall Road Warley72Saliner Rector
6411947 May 29thC 430Joseph Thomas Harris54 Frederick Road Quinton73Saliner Rector
6421947 Jun 23rdUC 193Mary Jane Glaze21 High Street Quinton67Saliner Rector
6431947 Jun 27th71Elsie Elizabeth Partridge13 Barnsley Road Edgbaston59Saliner Rector
6441947 Aug 16thC 132Marion Hardwick15 Marshall Road Warley52Saliner Rector
645 1947 Sept 15thC 427Joseph Daniel PriceAubrey Road Beech Lane69Saliner Rector
6461947 Sept 29thUC 162Mary Emily Cecelia VandreyEdgbaston49Saliner Rector
6471947 Oct 16th44Alice Davies1 Sutton Road Kidderminster84Guest Curate
6481947 Nov 19thC 58Chales Richard Cooper806 Hagley Road Quinton61Saliner Rector
6491947 Nov 20thUC 305Elizabeth Ann Botting86 Hagley Road Quinton7Saliner Rector
6501948 Jan 14th69Vincent Slade9 Perry Lane Quinton75Saliner Rector
6511948 Mar 19thC 446Emma BeasleyWarley57Saliner Rector
6521948 Jul 21stC 308Alice Elizabeth Wilson10 Colmore Road Hurst Green74Saliner Rector
6531948 Aug 12thOCYSarah AveryD. Hospital Bromsgrove68Saliner Rector
6541949 Jnan 1stNNLouisa Catherine Wood529 Ridgacre Road84Compton Rector
6551949 Jan 17thUC 412Henry Thomas Ackrill106 Park Road Bearwood69Compton Rector
6561949Feb 14thC 15Elizabeth Toues ?236 Hagley Road86Compton Rector
6571949 Feb 25thUC 148Mary Haren118 Lightwood Road75Compton Rector
6581949Mar 26thUC 245Eliza Ann Davinson69 Frederick Road Oldbury83Compton Rector
6591949 Apr 16thWilliam Dearn294 Hagley Road68Compton Rector
6601949 Apr 16thC 59Ada De Akeas96 Windmill Lane Smethwick63Compton Rector
6611949May 7thC 206Phoebe May Jennings37 Westfield Road Smethwick47Compton Rector
6621950 Jan 7thC 429James Arthur Nason16 Royston Road Oldbury76Compton Rector
6631950 Jan 7thC 398Walter Langley292 Hagley Road78Compton Rector
6641950 Jan 18thUC 411Emilt Maud Mills604 Hagley Road84Compton Rector
6651950 Mar 17thC 454Fanny Mary Stewart1 Vera Road Birmingham 2689Compton Rector
6661950 Jun 5thC 231Mary Ann Guest219 Spies Lane73Compton Rector
6671950 Aug 11thUC 257Edwin Hadley39 Wheatley Road Warley64Compton Rector
6681950 Sept 8th72Grant Washbrook26 Wood Street69Compton Rector
6691950 Oct 9thUC 211Kate Wildman46 Abbey Road Smethwick81Compton Rector
6701950 Oct 23rdC 261Aaron Lovatt38 Westfield Cakemore73Compton Rector
6711951 Jan 1stUC 242Thomas William Lowe77 Dudley Road76Compton Rector
6721951 Jan 2nd76Edith Bay ?93 White Street76Saliner Rector
6731951 Jan 21stUC 309Annie Hague677 Hagley Road93Compton Rector
6741951 Jan 29thC 46Charles ClayIlley Hall Farm78Compton Rector
6751951 Feb 15thC 40Thomas Joseph Cox42 Birch Road62Compton Rector
6761951 Feb 19th31Ethel PlattSelly Oak Hospital80Kenneth Howard Vicar
6771951 Mar 17thC 249Hannah Eliaabeth Nickle Wright15 Thimblemill Lane Smethwick84Compton Rector
6781951 Mar 17thC 72George Robinson17 Meadow Road64Compton Rector
6791951 Apr 10thC 17Clara Jackson266 Hagley Road73Compton Rector
6801951 Jun 16thB/AAlice Eleanor Haynes323 Shenley Fields47Compton Rector
6811951 Jun 29th11Samuel Henry Firkin38 Kenilworth Road78Compton Rector
6821951 Sept 8thC 5Eli Yates33 High Street87Saliner Rector
6831951 Oct 27thC 390Mary Fletcher190 Flanshaw Lane Wakefield87Saliner Rector
6841951 Dec 12th70Mary Ann WilliamsMoorland Court Edgbaston86Cecil Rhodes
6851952 Jan 14thC 281Frances Tromans64 Franley Avenue68E.Brynn Letts
6861952 Jan 24thUC 255Rosa Alice BarleyDudley Road Infirmary67B.Waters
6871952 Mar 22nd66Henry Francis Brown19 Clydesdale RoadCompton Rector
6881952 Apr 9th82Anne Elizabeth Foxall825 Hagley Road79Compton Rector
6891952 May 22nd14Mary Ann Dearn614 Hagley Road70Compton Rector
6901952 Jul 3rdC 444George RussellCounty Hospital Whiston79Compton Rector
6911952 Dec 30thC 30Mary Ann Worthy47 Holly Road73Saliner Rector
6921953 Jan 5th64Emily Brazier22 Hamilton Avenue72Compton Rector
6931953 Jan 8thUC 321Rose Ellen Miller22 Florence Avenue Norden83Compton Rector
6941953 Jan 23rdC 183Phoebe Robinson17 New England Cakemore79Owen Cutler N/C Min
6951953 Feb 25thUC 55Elizabeth Gould353 Moat Road Cakemore73Compton Rector
6961953 Mar 27thUC 264David Re Whirtes92 Devon Road Warley75Compton Rector
6971953 Apr 13thC 130Betsy Lloyd649 Hagley Road71Compton Rector
6981953 Jun 7thC Prudence Brown19 George Road Warley83J.C.McCallum
6991953 Jun 29th37Elizabeth Ellis?88Simons
7001953 Aug 28thUC 317Arthur Bricknell48 Harborne Road79Saliner Rector
7011953 Oct 9thC 61Emily Bradford11 Heathfield Road Sutton Coldfield85Compton Rector
7021954 Mar 25thC 428Ethel May Hodges82 Hagley Road65Saliner Rector
7031954 Apr 21stC 407Florence CrawfordHawbush Road Brierly Hill64Saliner Rector
7041954 May 24thUC 420Charles FirkinQuinton79Compton Rector
7051964 May 27thVaultRichard Thompson MaudersleyWitton Bank Halesowen78Compton Rector
7061954 Jun 29th82Charles Foxall825 Hagley Road85Compton Rector
7071954 Jul 2nd73John Henry Collins9 Oak Road54Compton Rector
7081954 Jul 7thUC 422Annie Firkin90 Stonely Lane Quinton ?79Compton Rector
7091954 Oct 11thC 455Mary Parkes10 Burton Road Swdgley81Compton Rector
7101955 Jan 17th9Mary Ann Goye ?799 Hagley Road82Compton Rector
7111955 Jan 26thUC 90Joseph BrookeHarborne Road Warley71Compton Rector
7121955 Mar 7thC 434Walter Jones Haglington636 Hagley Road86Compton Rector
7131955 Mar 11thC 352Charles Henry Knight54 Galton Road85Compton Rector
7141955 Mar 11thUC 203Richard SmithHollies Farm Spies Lane71Compton Rector
7151955 Mar 18thB/A George Wesley Costain22 Hamilton Avenue72Compton Rector
7161955 Mar 28thFlorence Anne Mathews ?48 Mary Road Birmingham87Compton Rector
7171955 Apr 18th43William George Alford810 Hagley Road78Compton Rector
7181955 Jul 2ndC 295Elizabeth Grace Brennand69 Perry Hill Quinton96Compton Rector
7191955 Jul 25thC 453Laura Waldron52 Clent Road Warley62Compton Rector
7201955 Aug 20th29Harry Richard Lownes38 Kenilworth Road54Compton Rector
7211955 Aug 23rdB/APhoebe Parkes838 Hagley Road83Compton Rector
7221955 Oct 21stB/AClaud Alfred Gaul36 Geabon Road Weston Super Mare84Compton Rector
7231955 Nov 9th62Alfred Wallis94 High Street 76Compton Rector
7241955 Nov 23rdC 245Clara Fox403 Moat Road70Compton Rector
7251955 Dec 3rdUC 251Agnes Hall29 Meadow Road61D.L.Bumphrey
7261956 Jan 3rdB/AAlice Bertha Winnifred Nineth106 Alston Street Ladywood72Compton Rector
7271956 Feb 8th 64Minnie Grace Costain22 Hamilton Avenue?Compton Rector
7281956 Feb 15thB/AWaldenRidgacre Road??
7291956 Feb 26thUC 42Elizabeth Detheridge738 Hagley Road89Compton Rector
7301956 Mar 27thUC455Anne Elizabeth Bissell46 Frederick Road Oldbury78G.G.T.P. Withers
7311956 May 2ndUC 183Annie Wood65 Thimblemill Lane Smethwick77Compton Rector
7321956 May 10thC 4William Massey?82Compton Rector
7331956 May 22ndUC NNAlice Judd76 Grange Road Erdington73Compton Rector
7341956 May 30th?Elizabeth Clara JacksonHagley Road55Compton Rector
7351956 Nov 15thB/A UC79Alice DaviesRidgway House Alcester Road70Compton Rector
736 1956 Nov 16th36Ada Jones155 Lordswood Road76Compton Rector
7371956 Nov 19thUC NNGeorge Frederick Jackson108 Birch Road Quinton81Compton Rector
7381957 Feb 23rdC 419Sarah Ellen BuffLong Lane Quinton80Cutler
7391957 Aug 2ndC 339Alice Gertrude Vaughan606 Hagley Road Quinton63R.W.Paul
7401957 Aug 13thUC 12Emily Haden57 New England78Compton Rector
7411957 Aug 22ndC 427Annie Bradley67 Aubrey Road84Compton Rector
7421957 Oct 9thUC 261Catherine WiseWorlds End Lane78Brandon
7431957 Dec 11thFull 49Emma Munn49 Wolverhampton Road84Compton Rector
7441958 Feb 10th?Elizabeth Emily Steocks ?620 Birch Road73Compton Rector
7451958 Feb 22ndC 426Amelia Record2 Moat Drive81Compton Rector
7461958 Feb 27thC 404Myra Blundell83 Castle Road78Compton Rector
7471958 Apr 15thUC 158Edith Clay33 Meadow Road72Compton Rector
7481958 Apr 23rdC 104Elizabeth Hodges74 Lowes Road87Compton Rector
7491958 Apr 24th UC 445Lydia Elizabeth Rebecca Jackson48 Woodside Plymouth85Compton Rector
7501958 May 8th13Arthur Harry Cooper16 Haddon Road Warley ?74Compton Rector
7511958 Jun 12thB/A UC319Albert Middleton34 Wigorn Road ?55Compton Rector
7521958 Jul 17thC 440Bertha Cox33 Boleyn Road ?68Compton Rector
7531958 Aug 18thUC NNBertha Payne32 College Road76Compton Rector
7541958 Sept 1st45Alice Williams686 Hagley Road87Compton Rector
7551958 Oct 2nd56Ellen Raybould179 Jiggins Lane Bartley Green71Compton Rector
7561958 Oct 6th57Mabel Alice TomlinsonHill Cottage Mucklow Hill64Compton Rector
7571958 Dec 15thC 423 FullWalter Tom Hodges82 Hagley Road70Compton Rector
7581959 Jan 24th13Alice Cooper66 South Road Smethwick78Compton Rector
7591959 Feb 3rdUC 368Sarah Dakin100 Apsley Road77Compton Rector
7601959 Mar 28thNNMartha Mary Taylor802 Hagley Road77J.H.arris
7611959 Apr 8thOCYJames Ernest Avery10 Burton Road Sedgley93Compton Rector
7621959 Apr 13th81Roland William Mullett?45Compton Rector
7631959 Nov 17th9James Whent881 Hagley Road77Compton Rector
7641959 Dec 21st48Ernest Stevens62 A Birch Road Quinton74Mathew Reeves
7651960 Feb 6thB/ARoselyna Rose Gaul2 Milton Pasture Road Weston Super Mare78Compton Rector
7661960 Feb 8thUC NNCharles William Rose10 Avenue Road Cakemore86W.M.Wilson
7671960 Ap 7th65Susannah RoseHagley Road83Compton Rector
7681960 Sept 9th18William Wood52 George Road90W.C. Farmer
7691960 Dec 22nd155Mary Elizabeth Grove58 Long Lane Blackheath84Robert Pax
7701961 Feb 1stCemeteryNorman Fairbrother37 Oak Road55A.P.Clark
7711961 Feb 8thCemeteryAlice Mary Parker66 Chestnut Road74A.P.Clark
7721961 Aug 14th19Ada Catherine Blanche Taylor3 Elsma Road82A.P.Clark
7731961 Jun 10thNNHarriet Elizabeth DaelmanFrederick Road82A.P.Clark
7741962 Feb 27thNNEmma ClegIlley Hall Farm82A.P.Clark
7751962 Mar 13thNNElizabeth MaudsleyKenilworth Court82A.P.Clark
7761962 Apr 4thUC 144Kate DearnBirch Road81A.P.Clark
7771962May 25thNNMary Jane Price Wotton49 Spring Hill Rise Bewdley90A.P.Clark
7781963 Jan 13thNNSamuel BissellWorcester80A.P.Clark
7791963 Aug 6thCemeteryMabel Bay55 Frankly Avenue66A.P.Clark
7801963 Aug 12thCemeteryWilliam Henry Robinson804 Hagley Road63A.P.Clark
7811963 Sept 12thUC NNCora Winnifred Hadley17 51 Davids Drive76A.P.Clark
7821963 Sept 13thCrematedCharles Robinson27 Frederick Road64A.P.Clark
7831963 Oct 3rdCemeteryIda Lilian Smith194 Perry Hill Road66A.P.Clark
7841963 Nov 4thCemeteryThomas William Fox305 Hagley Road68A.P.Clark
7851963 Nov 11thNNJohn Hugh Barker289 Brinton Lane62A.P.Clark
7861963 Nov 14thNNAda Florence RudmanHarborne88A.P.Clark
7871964 Jan 27thCemeteryElsie May Felton185 Park Road Bearwood65A.P.Clark
7881964 Feb 3rdCemeteryAlbert Victor Eoaas ?30 Elderhall Road63A.P.Clark
7891964 Feb 6thUC NNJohn Edward Thompson8 Merrivale Road Bearwood77A.P.Clark
7901964 Mar 5thCemeteryArthur Barnaby MoakPound Road79A.P.Clark
7911964 Mar 16thLodge HillGeorge Thomas Westbury249 Ridgacre Road81A.P.Clark
7921964 Apr 13thCemeteryFrank Charles Poolton112 Merrivale Road Bearwood51A.P.Clark
7931964 Apr 17thCemeteryEmma DearnThe Hollies Mucklow Hill84A.P.Clark
7941964 Apr 22ndC 294Charles Haycock1 Western Road82A.P.Clark
7951964 May 21stCemeteryBenjamin Frederick Bagley15 Clydesdale Road80A.P.Clark
7961964 May 22ndCemeteryElsie Gladys Thurston48 White Road69A.P.Clark
7971964 May 5thLodge HillNorman Owen WestonHighfield Lane63A.P.Clark
79881964 Jun 10thLodge HillWilfred Lawrence Howse8 Highland Ridge Halesowen63A.P.Clark
7991964 Jun 15thCemeteryKate Guest105 Kingsway68A.P.Clark
8001964 Jun 25thCemeteryJoseph Hellawell32 Wood Green Road53A.P.Clark
1964 Jun 25thUC 267Mary Hannah Bartlet40 Bristnall Hall Crescent84A.P.Clark
1964 Jun 30thCemeteryMary Jane Wilkes8 Bissell Street74A.P.Clark