Quinton Local History Society

Register of Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, The Quinton, 1964 to 1987

The register has been printed with the kind permission of the rector of Christ Church, The Quinton.

Imformation provided here is already in the public domain. However, please notify us if you have special reasons for wanting an entry removed from this website.

21964 Aug 19thHorace Williams86 Gower Rd70AP ClarkCremation
31964 Setp 4thPhoebe Ann Mary Lea38 Stuart Rd83AP ClarkCemetery
41964 Sept 28thEmily Catherine Evans9 Harborne Rd81AP Clark?
51964 Oct 5thLouisa Davies65 Perry Hill Rd82AP ClarkCremation
61964 Oct 27thWilliam John Wilson Young98 Perry Hill RD66AP ClarkCremation
71964 Oct 30thGladys Price52 Lyttleton Avenue82AP ClarkCremation
81964 Nov 18thHarriet Louisa Bishop177 Wolverhampton Rd79AP ClarkCremation
91964 Nov 20thFrank Golding Hill208 Carters Lane52AP ClarkCremation
101964 Dec 22ndFlorence Annie Robbins9 Flemings Rd88AP ClarkCemetery
111965 Jan 25thThomas Albert Edward Wood24 Holby Dale Rd67AP ClarkCremation
121965 Jan 27thNellie Rebecca Bradley26 Frederick Rd62AP ClarkCemetery
131965 Jan 28thJohn Charles Holloway149 Apeley Rd57AP ClarkCemetery
141965 Jan 28thAda GregoryGreenhill Rd59AP ClarkCemetery
151965 Feb 3rdFrank E.B. Bill12 Catherine St Old HillAP ClarkCemetery
161965 Jan 7thJack D Bennett724 Hagley Rd West50AP ClarkCremation
171965 Jan 8thDouglas LloydAldridge46AP ClarkCremation
181965 Feb 15thAlfred Lane29 Edenhall Rd64AP ClarkCremation
191965 Feb 18thEric CattellLuton48AP ClarkCemetery
201965 Feb 19thRaymond John SummerLower White Rd53AP ClarkCemetery
211965 Mar 15thCarol Norma StokesNewlands Drive Blackheath10AP ClarkCemetery
221965 Mar 26thClarence Leslie Crump1 Westbourne Rd54AP ClarkCemetery
231965 Mar 29thEdwin Bertie Theodore Jones95 Shenstone Valley Rd83AP ClarkCemetery
241965 Mar 31stWilliam H Barber13 Woodgreen RdCemetery
251965 Apr 28thMary Ann HadleyLangley83AP ClarkCemetery
261965 May 5thFrank AckrillPerry Hill Rd77AP ClarkCremation
271965 May 10thSidney John Steven Newman45 Kingsway70AP ClarkCemetery
281965 May 20thJames Harry Edwin Smith399 Ridgacre Rd42AP ClarkCemetery
291965 May 31stGordon Ray Webley8 East Rise32AP ClarkCemetery
301965 May 31stShirley Ann Webley8 East Rise29AP ClarkCemetery
311965 May 31stHelen Jane Webley8 East Rise5AP ClarkCemetery
321965 May 31stJohnathan Patrick Webley8 East Rise3AP ClarkCemetery
331965 Jul 16thIvan Edwin Huaking22 The Parade Dudley70A.P. ClarkCemetery
341965 Aug 11thFrancis William Preece78 Merrivale Rd Smethwick47HW MajorCemetery
351965 Aug 20thArchibald Eli TaylorCourtland Mucklow Hill71HW MajorCemetery
361965 Sept 6thCharles James Hodges26 Chestnut Rd87A.P. ClarkCremation
371965 Sept 16thFlorence HathawayHagley Rd West78A.P. ClarkCemetery
381965 Sept 22ndPhylis Mary GriffithsHaglet Rd West Perry Hill Rd64A.P. ClarkCremation
391965 Sept 30thWilliam George JamesClydesdale A.P. ClarkCemetery
401965 Oct 4thMajor General Weldron7 Maple Rd80A.P. Clark
411965 Oct 19thJames Henry Capewell103 Oldacre Rd32H.W. MajorCemetery
421965 Oct 25thCharles Edward Everitt210 Ridgacre Rd55A.P. ClarkCremation
431965 Oct 28thMabel Alice Waterhouse21 Lyncourt Grove52A.P. ClarkCremation
451965 Dec 23rdPercy Frank Davison69 Frederick Rd64A.P. ClarkCremation
461965 Dec 23rdEmily ParkesHarcourt Belle Vue Drive87A.P. ClarkCemetery
471966 Jan 18thElizabeth Brooks Round669 Hagley Rd WestA.P. ClarkCemetery
481966 Jan 20thWilliam Austin Woodgate11 Percy Hill Lane80A.P. Clark
491966 Feb 3rdReuben Stokes125 Kingsway66AP Clark
501966 Feb 9thMary Ann Willson37 Birch Rd85AP Clark
511966 Mar 5rdClifford Albert WoodwardCarters Lane57AJ Nelsa
521966 Mar 11thFrederick Thomas Jeffs3 Stanley Rd76AP Clark
531966 Mar 12thMinerva Proffitt676 Hagley Rd West79AP Clark
541966 Apr 26thGeoffrey Herbert Morris73 Chestnut Rd69AP Clark
551966 Apr 27thThomas BubbLong Lane88AP ClarkConsecrated
561966 Apr 1stMinnie Sheldon23 Elm Croft?AP Clark
571966 May 17thRaymond Oliver Evans6 Harborne Rd47NJ NelsaCemetery
581966 May 19thWilliam Howard Jones5 Lyncourt Grove78HW MajorCramation
591966 May 19thPercy Kidger29 High St67HW MajorCramation
601966 Jun 20thAgnes Caroline Holt28 Woodgreen Rd82AP ClarkCemetery
611966 Jun 27thRoland William Smith33 Barston Rd49AP ClarkCramation
621966 Jun 28thFrederick Herbert AllenRidgacre Rd64AP ClarkCemetery
631966 Jul 13thClara Ellen JonesKenilworth Rd78AP ClarkBurial Ground
641966 Aug 1stGeorge David Boxalld.?rge David Boxall?65NJ NelsaCemetery
651966 Sept 2ndAmy Hasllett6 Bissell St85AP. ClarkCremation
661966 Sept 21stReginald Howard Guest105 Kingsway69AP. ClarkCemetery
681966 Oct 27thArnold John Crowson56 Beech Wood Rd65AP. ClarkCemetery
691966 Nov 2ndMaud Saddington27 Toronto Gdns Harborne75NJ NelsaCemetery
701966 Nov 9thGladys Page24 Willbrook Rd65AP. ClarkCremation
711966 Nov 15thVictor Daniel Charles Breaswell51 Wagmore Rd Harborne57AP. ClarkCremation
721966 Nov 15thEthel GreenLinden Ave77AP. ClarkCemetery
731966 No 25thOswald Charles PotterQuinton Rd West65APClarkCremation
741966 Nov 25thViolet Ellen Partridge176 Ninavah Rd Winson Green57APClarkCemetery
751966 Nov 23rdBertha Cornelia JeffsStanley RdAPClark
761966 Nov 30thAlbert Bentley46 High St61APClark
771966 Dec 8thFrances Maud Hadley125 KingswayAPClark
781966 Dec 14thMary Elizabeth Richardson21 Lewis Rd82APClark
791966 Dec 19thFlorence Lilian Breswell815 Hagley Rd West58APClarkCemetery
801967 Jan 5thRobert Clark7 Maple Rd21APClarkCemetery
811967 Jan 10thMuriel Joyce RayaerDines Green Worcester40AP ClarkCemetery
821967 Feb 6thDoris Nellie HandlingWhiteley Court RdAP ClarkCremation
831967 Feb 10thGladys Moore58 Eden Hall Rd45AP ClarkCemetery
841967 Feb 14thErnest Charles Goer11 Victoria AveAP ClarkCremation
851967 Feb 24thReginald William Daelman71 Frederick Rd64AP ClarkCemetery
861967 Mar 13thElizabeth Fox305 Hagley Rd West79AP ClarkCemetery
871967 Mar 31stFrederick Bevan32 Lockington Close59AP ClarkCremation
881967 Apr 6thSarah Ann Jones560 Hagley Rd West82NJ NelsaCemetery
891967 Apr 21stEthel May Harrington60 Holby Rd72APClarkCremation
901967 Mar 6thGeorge Eric CottonFlat 15 Coder Tennal Rd49AP Clark Cemetery
911967 May 1stEdward Joseph Reynolds15 Goodrest Ave72AP ClarkCemetery
921967 May 9thAnthony Colin Wilkes11 Birdlife Grove34AP ClarkCemetery
941967 May 17thMary Conley47 Merrivale Rd36AP ClarkCremation
951967 May 26thPhylis Worralls47 Kellield Rd Harborne53nj NelsaCemetery
961967 Jun 16thKate Georgina Philpott178 Spies Lane80nj Nelsa
971967 jun 9th William John Watson34 Gregswood Park Rd79A.P.Clark
981967 jun 9th Evelyn Gladys Hall 44 Wheatley Rd56A.P.ClarkCemetery
991967 Jun3rd Myra Tibbetts3 Gtreenhill Rd90A.P.ClarkCemetery
1001967 Jun 29thJohn Orlando Turner63 Wilmington Rd84A.P.ClarkCemetery
1011967 Jul 10thFredrick PageWillowbrook RdA.P.ClarkCrenation
1021967 Aug 2ndEmily Crowson59 Stanley Avenue69A.P.ClarkCemetery
1031967 Aug 14th Emily Elizabeth Hayne671 Hagley Rd West 86A.P.ClarkCremation
1041967 Aug 9th Archibald HordernQuinton HallA.P.ClarkCemetery
1051967 Aug 16 th Ada Grubb4 Lepid Grove 78A.P.ClarkCemetery
106!967 Aug 25thEllen Horoobin26 High sy65N.J NelsonCremation
1071967 Sept 13th Ellen Horobin8 Bissell st77A.P.ClarkCemetery
108 1967 Aug 24th John Stephen RobinsGreenhill Rd 73A.P.ClarkCremation
1091967 Oct 13thWalter Amos Hearne33Summerfield AvenueA.P.ClarkCemetery
1111967 Oct 26thEdith Eliza Willimans21 Victoria Avenue77A.P.ClarkCremation
1121967 Aug 9 thMaurice Lornas Grosvenor Rd Harborne28A.P.ClarkCemetery
1131967Nov21stHilda Pickering216 West Boulevard64A.P.Clark
1141967Nov 23 RdGladys Winifred Fletcher171 Spies Lane 53A.P.Clark
1151967Dec 5thPercy Joseph Round17 Clydesdale Rd75A.P.Clark
1161967 Dec7 th Evan Gwyan209 Quinton Lane 83A.P.Clark
117196Dec 7thSylvia Clara Adams 56 Westbourne Rd54A.P.Clark
1181967Dec 6thWilliam Henry Rowlias44 Goodrest Avenue83A.P.Clark
1191967Dec 21st Hosula Eilica Wilson2 Warple Rd 39A.P.Clark
1201968 Jan 8thHarry Jesse ThatcherCollege Rd77A.P.Clark
1221968 Jan 99thRalph Henry Taylor20 Edward Rd69A.P.Clark
1231968 Jan 16thAlice Mary Wilkes37 Kingsway90A.P.Clark
1241968 Jan 16thJohn Thomas Dearn36 Birch Rd82A.P.Clark
1251968 Jan 31stKate SeymourCoventry85A.P.Clark
1261968 Feb 1stIvy Wood64 Trevanie Avenue63A.P.Clark
1271968 Feb 11thSelina Minnie Dearn294 Hagley Rd West86A.P.Clark
1281958 Feb 19thEvelyn WrightHagley Rd West66A.P.Clark
1291968 Feb 23rdMarian Goode18 Boamsote Rd82AP. Clark
1301968 Mar 14thEthel Elizabeth Ludlow31 Josiah Rd B'ham 3170Internment Methodist Minister
1311968 Mar 14thHenry Jones560 Hagley Rd West87AP. Clark
1321968 Mar 18thFlorence Matilda ProffittHagley Rd West79AP. Clark
1331968 Mar 29thAnn Maria HastingsHawthorn Croft79AP. Clark
1341968 Apr 5thBernard James Robinson53 Goodrest Avenue58AP. Clark
1351968 Apr 9thArthur William Keyte52 Perry Hill Rd81AP. Clark
1361968 Apr 13thFrederick Charles Marshall5 Stanley Rd57AP. Clark
1371968 May 1stRobert Frank Talbot77 Fitzroy Avenue Harborne53N.J.Nelson
1381968 May 1stClarice Minnie Summers70 Lower White Rd52N.J.Nelson
1391968 May 10thDorothy Winifred RuffClydesdale Rd75AP Clark
1401968 May 14thHilda Maud RudmanTennels Rd74AP ClarkConsecrated Burial Ground
1411968 May 20thAda Elizabeth Preece104 Gladys Rd82AP Clark
1421968 Jun 7thAda CheshireWhite Rd84AP Clark
1431968 Jun 27thGladys Louisa Penrise36 Trevanie Avenue86AP Clark
1441968 Jul 4thWalter Horace Wynn47 Gower Rd75AP Clark
1451968 Jul 9thAlfred John Moulder21 Wood Green Rd77A.P. Clark
1461968 Jul 11thCharles Ronald Turner680 Hagley Rd West48A.P. Clark
1471968 Aug 1stJennifer Alison Price5 Perry Hill Crescent20A.P. Clark
1481968 Aug 1stJeffrey William Thomas234 Hagley Rd West24A.P. Clark
1491968 Aug 2ndEileen Firth15 Wilmington Rd90A.P. Clark
1501968 Aug 8thLilian RoundRomillleyN.J. Nelsa
1511968 Aug 30thHerbert Willetts5 Ramsey Rd71A.P. Clark
1521968 Aug 30thGeorge Stoppard42 Hwley Grange Rd64A.P. Clark
1531968 Sept 25thMinnie Goodwin4 Lyncroft Grove87A.P.Clark
1541968 Sept 27thRonald Spencer6 Maypole Rd51A.P.Clark
1551968 Oct 7thJoseph Samuel Floyd34 Sunnybank Rd60A.P.Clark
1561968 Oct 5thEvelyn Griffiths96 Perry Hill Rd93A.P.Clark
1571968 Oct 18thClara Isabel Harborne10 Warwick Rd94A.P.Clark
1581968 Oct 21stAnnie Harris5 Fulwood AvenueA.P.Clark
1591968 Nov 19thAlbert Henry Colley684 Hagley Rd West7A.P.Clark
16019968 Dec 10thMaurice HardingWilmington RdA.P.Clark
1611968 Dec 12thCyrich PowellAstley Crescent61A.P.Clark
1621969 Jan 1stJean RobertsGregswood Park Rd30A.P.Clark
1631969 Jan 27thFlorence Annie Partridge258 Hagley Rd West66A.P.Clark
1641969 Feb 3rdBertha BrookesHagley Rd West76A.P.Clark
1651969 Feb 15thBeryl Freda Marcylaos12 Conway Avenue58A.P.Clark
1661969 Feb 27thAlfred Arthur GittinsHagley Rd WestA.P.Clark
1671969 Mar 5thHarold Arthur Parkes50 Perry Hill Rd67A.P.Clark
1681969 Mar 5thArthur Ernest Finney5 Woodgreen Croft58A.P.Clark
1691969 Mar 5thMaud Gertrude Gould Broome150 Greenhill Rd80A.P.Clark
1701969 Mar 6thSmith466 Hagley Rd West78A.P.Clark
1711969 Mar 8thLaura AshmanVictoria AvenueA.P.Clark
1721969 Apr 29thElizabeth Partridge2 Mill Farm RdA.P.Clark
1731969 Apr 30thMary Frost Pierson14 Gregswood Park Rd54A.P.Clark
1741969 May 8thPhilip Vaughan Owen260 Ridgacre Rd63A.P.Clark
1751969 Jun 4thMarian GibbsLong Lane72N.J. Nelsa
1771969 Jun 30thFrank Priddy55 Woodgreen Rd77A.P.Clark
1781969 Jul 2ndFrederick Charles Luca14 Kenilworth Rd81A.P.Clark
1791969 Jul 2ndMarjorie Nellis Collins9 Oak Rd64A.P.Clark
1801969 Jul 7thViolet Irene Parkes523 Hagley Rd West62A.P.Clark
1811969 Jul 14thClarence Joseph Holland215 Quinton Lane65A.P.Clark
1821969 Aug 1stPatricia Lilian Heath1 Mae Rd31A.P.Clark
1831969 Aug 14thDoris Ida Gwendoline MeadowcroftFrederick Rd77A.P.Clark
1841969 Aug 25thDaisy Eveline Thomas22 Havelock Rd Shrewsbury83A.P.Clark
1851969 Sepy 5thHerbert WhyleRidgacre Rd77A.P.Clark
1862969 Sept 9thRichard Harry Adams56 Westbourne Rd63A.P.Clark
1871969 Oct 2ndEdna Lucy RayVictoria Avenue53A.P.Clark
1881969 Oct 16thSarah Brazier71 Norman Avenue87A.P.Clark
1891969 Oct 27thCharles Harry Ashman4 Victoria Avenue79A.P.Clark
190 Robert Gandy54 Lewis Rd61A.P.Clark
1911969 Nov 13thElizabeth Walton130 Quinton Lane78A.P.Clark
1921969 Nov 14thAnnie Matilda Jarvis34 Walters Rd7A.P.Clark
1931969 Nov 20thIrene Nison43 Oak Rd56A.P.Clark
1941969 Nov 20thAlice Edith SmithProspect Rd56A.P.Clark
1951969 Nov 21stWinnifred Hancock18 Springfield Drive66A.P.Clark
1961969 Dec 3rdEdith Floretta WalkerRidgacre Rd80A.P.Clark
1971969 Dec 4thHannah Elizabeth SwancottBleakhouse Rd72A.P.Clark
1981969 Dec 24thCharles Bertram Victor GoughQuinton Lane66A.P.Clark
1991969 Dec 30thAmy PetersLunt Grove74A.P.Clark
2001969 Dec 31stBarbara Leach41 Holly Rd92A.P.Clark
2011970 Jan 6thDorothy Eliza Morris166 Ridgacre Rd74A.P.Clark
2021970 Jan 6thSamuel DarbyAubrey Rd66A.P.Clark
2031970 Jan 9thStanley Wilkins281 Quinton Rd West59A.P.Clark
2041970 Jan 15thFrances Mary Reeves131 Ridgacre RdA.P.Clark
2051970 Jan 16thHubert Clarence WoodcockGreenhill Rd77A.P.Clark
2061970 Jan 20thArthur WigleyBrearley Court RdA.P.Clark
2071970 Jan 30thThomas Peter Shaw66 Highfield Rd Alum Rock100A.P.Clark
2081970 Feb 5thAnne CooperSweet Meadow Chichester58A.P.Clark
2091970 Feb 9thElsie Fuloman53 Edmond Rd WarleyA.P.Clark
2101970 Feb 10thAnnie Marie Bates13 Astley AvenueA.P.Clark
2111970 Feb 13thAlbert Henry East31 White Rd81A.P.Clark
2121970 Feb 127thThomas Henry WoottonLangleyA.P.Clark
2131970 Mar 6thFrederick Schenoick11 Herachurst59A.P.Clark
2141970 May 14thReginald Leonard Dare473 Hagley Rd West74A.P.Clark
2151970 May 15thEdith Turner134 Balden Rd84A.P.Clark
2161970 May 27thMinnie Allbrooke98 Bleakhouse Rd80A.P.Clark
2171970 Jun 10thRose Lily Morley84 Quinton Lane71A.P.Clark
2181970 Jul 2ndJohn Harry Whittingham462 Hagley Rd West83A.P.Clark
2191970 Jul 16thEdith Elizabeth Butler67 Clifton Rd Rugby78A.P.ClarkConsecrated Ground
2201970 Aug 21stTheodora Round17 Clydesdale Rd80L.W. Circus
2211970 Sept 21stWilliam Ernest Elvius113 Kingsway93L.W. Circus
2221970 Dec 10thGladys Warburton5 Grayswood Park Rd78P.P.Wood
2231970 Dec 11thGerald Marshall68 Bolway Rd65L.W. Circus
2241970 Dec 15thFrederick George Hill6 Brindley Court Kingsway66P.P.Wood
2251970 Dec 21stMary Amy PattersonEduball Rd76P.P.Wood
2261970 Dec 31stHarold John Robinson Massam15 Spies Lane75L.W.Circus
2271971 Jan 12thElsie Patchett19 Beech Avenue73L.W.Circus
2281971 Jan 25thElsie Beatrice Bailey14 The Grange Halesowen Rd81L.W.Circus
2291971 Feb 3rdAnnie Mullip731 Hagley Rd West96P.P.Wood
2301971 Feb 4thWilliam Henry Gooding76 Brennand Rd47L.W.Circus
2311971 Feb 6thIda Eileca Thorneywork157 Apsley Rd49L.W.Circus
2321971 Mar 1stRose OwenWolverhampton65P.P.Wood
2331971 Mar 1stJohn Parsons42 High Street68L,W,Circus
2341971 Mar 5thGeorge Corkindale17 Chestnur Rd66L,W,Circus
2351971 Mar 11thErnest Harry Weilch45 Edward Rd75L,W,Circus
2361971 Mar 17thFlorence Annie Lane49 Halesowen Rd92L,W,Circus
2371971 Mar 26thGladys May Morris108 High Rd Smethwick71L,W,Circus
2381971 Mar 31stGeorge Henry Wright19 Monckton Rd55P.P.Wood
2391971 Apr 7thJames Perkins309 Spies Lane60L,W,Circus
2401971 May 13thBetty Bluck58 Brennand Rd17L,W,Circus
2411971 Jun 16thCharles Thomas14 Victoria Avenue77L.W. Circus
2421971 Jun 18thCatherine E Gardner42 Worlds End Avenue83L.W. Circus
2431971 Jul 8thJosephine Smith20 Hillbrow Crescent40L.W. Circus
2441971 Jul 14thWilliam Henry Basterfield811 Hagley Rd West83L.W. Circus
2451971 Aug 6thMasie Wootton5 Bromsgrove Rd Rowley62L.W. Circus
2461971 Sept 6thSusan Elizabeth Willitts9 Hawthorns Croft19L.W. Circus
2471971 Sept 16thRuth Lee115 Wolverhampton Rd60L.W. Circus
2481971 Sept 20thBeatrice Wood471 Hagley Rd West79L.W. Circus
2491971 Sept 30thFrederick Howard Rigby450 Hagley Rd West83L.W. Circus
2501971 Oct 15thPercy Vincent Blunt12 Linden Avenue70L.W. Circus
2511971 Oct 20thLouisa Elizabeth Bill10 Goodrest Avenue88L.W. Circus
2521971 Nov 3rdLawrie George Lane50 Halesowen Rd93L.W. Circus
2531971 Nov 4thAgnes Laidlow Williamson622 Hagley Rd West80L.W. Circus
2541971 Nov 17thErnest Rudge21 High Street72L.W. Circus
2551971 Nov 17thWilfred Green47 Newlands Drive72L.W. Circus
2561971 Dec 7thRaymond Gerald218 Quinton Lane46L.W. Circus
2571971 Dec 18thEdward Douglas Thatcher49 Newlands Drive55L. W. Circus
2581971 Dec 18thCecilia Jones66 Stanley Avenue67P.P.Wood
2591971 Dec 20thWilliam Reginald Howl8 Warley Croft68L. W. Circus
2601972 Jan 20thAudrey Joy Nichols511 Ridgacre Rd36L. W. Circus
2611972 Feb 1stErnest Alfred Parsons6 Lyncroft Grove75L. W. Circus
2621972 Feb 3rdGladys Ruth Giddings7 Grayswood Park Rd71L. W. Circus
2631972 Feb 4thKath Flavell4 Old Chapel Rd Smethwick77L. W. Circus
2641972 Feb 24thFlorence Bill100 Upper Meadow Rd87L. W. Circus
2651972 Mar 23rdFrank Elias Williamson633 Hagley Rd West80L.W.Circus
2661972 Mar 23rdGeorge Frederick Timms742 Hagley Rd West71L.W.Circus
2671972 May 2ndIvy Parr18 High Street70L.W.Circus
2681972 May 18thFrederick Hubert Partrdige50 Abbey Crescent Warley72L.W.Circus
2691972 May 24thAlbert Jonah Williams38 Lutford Rd Bartley Green71L.W.Circus
2701972 May 26thEmily Voise64 Stanley Avenue Harborne81L.W.Circus
2711972 Jul 3rdWilliam LawrenceQuinton55L.W.Circus
2721972 Jul 27thHarold Edward30 Overdale Rd70L.W.Circus
2731972 Aug 24thJessie Muderhill273 Quinton Lane92L.W. Circus
2741972 Sept 13thGwendoline May Hill61 Highfield Lane71L.W. Circus
2751972 Sept 27thEthel Bradley1 Lockington Croft75L.W. Circus
2761972 Oct 9thEthel Amy Phipps47 Brennand Rd75L.W. Circus
2771972 Oct 9thLeslie Archibald Duggan291 Quinton Lane73L.W. Circus
2781972 Oct 11thAda May OwenHillctest Smethwick79L.W. Circus
2791972 Oct 12thNina Gilbert38 Stanley Avenue91L.W. Circus
2801972 Oct 17thAlbert MarllinSt Chads Hospital73L.W. Circus
2811972 Oct 19thEdgar Coles264 Wolverhampton Rd69L.W. Circus
2821972 Nov 30thEveline Allen535 Ridgacre Rd75L.W. Circus
2831972 Dec 4thLizzie Louise Whyle529 Ridgacre Rd80L.W. Circus
2841972 Dec 18thJane Morris541 Hagley Rd West74L.W. Circus
2851973 Jan 1stMary Johnson12 Birch Rd80L.W. Circus
2861973 Jan 1stEmily Irene Jane Hart45 Braudwall Rd53L.W. Circus
2871973 Jan 4thAlice Elizabeth BurkeTaunton69L.W. CircusCrematedRemains
2881973 Feb 8thNellie Kathleen Whymper47 King Charles Rd73L.W. Circus
2891973 Feb 8thWilliam Cecil Timms105 Bareton Rd59L.W. Circus
2901973 Feb 23rdRachell Wherton5 Severn House Queensway63L.W. Circus
2911973 Mar 7thGertrude Mary Whent527 Ridgacre Rd77L.W. Circus
2921973 Mar 12thJohn Sidney Broome6 Oakham Rd58A.F.Rickett
2931973 Mar 22ndHenry James Wheeler17 Whitby Court Rd60L.W. Circus
2941973 Mar 26thHannah Therea Alsop355 Ridgacre Rd52L.W. Circus
2951973 Mar 29thGeorge Alexander Kirkham36 Walmead Croft Harborne77A.F.Rickett
2961973 Apr 13thEthel Ellen Harborne10 Warwick Rd71L.W. Circus
2971973 Jun 12thKathleen Barbara Watts3 Elsma Rd52L.W.Circus
1981973 Jun 15thCarol Angela Reynolds15 Goodrest Avenue18L.W.Circus
2991973 Jun 25thWilliam Amos Barton4 Walters Rd72A.F.Ricketts
3001973 Jun 27thClara Felkin485 Ridgacre Rd84L.W.Circus
3011973 Jul 3rdHenry Francis Turner98 Shenstone Valley Rd63L.W.Circus
3021973 Jul 12thGladys Ruth Mills6 Bissell St71L.W.Circus
3031973 Aug 1stEthel Miriam Clair Brettle895 Hagley Rd West90A.F.Ricketts
3041973 Aug 9thCyril Hopkins70 Whitely Court Rd74A.F.Ricketts
3051973 Aug 15thRaymond Walter Harper345 Quinton Rd West41A.F.Ricketts
3061973 Aug 16thHerbert Charles88 Clent Rd74A.F.Ricketts
3071973 Aug 16thPhyllis Talbot WholeyFairhaven Highland Ridge65A.F.Ricketts
3081973 Aug 31stGrace Maud Evans30 Edenhall Rd74L.W.Circus
3091973 Sept 20thElizabeth Siviter28 Bristnall Hall Rd78L.W.Circus
3101973 Sept 24thAnnie Hall15 Narrow Lane89L.W.Circus
3111973 Sept 26thFlorence Young7 Beechcroft Perry Hill Rd70L.W.Circus
3121973 Oct 4thPhilip Steven Howse118 Hagley Rd78L.W.Circus
3131973 Oct 4thAda Tough30 Lewis Rd78L.W.Circus
3141973 Oct 16thMary Jane Westwood94 Summerfield Avenue89L.W.Circus
3151973 Oct 16thArthur Donald Westwood94 Summerfield Avenue70L.W.Circus
3161973 Nov 8thWhiteley Courrd Law223 Baldeu Rd69L.W.Circus
3171973 Nov 16thFlorence May Merris954 Woodbury Rd74L.W.Circus
3181973 Dec 6thEdna May Pugh446 Quinton Rd West77L.W.Circus
3191973 Dec 17thGrace Clotilda Bessie Auttway WestburyRidgacre Rd84L.W.Circus
3201973 Dec 18thEdwin George ChapmanRidgacre Rd82L.W.Circus
3211973 Dec 18thFlorence Emily Parsonage11 Stanley Rd92L.W.Circus
3221973 Dec 19thEdwin Herbert Turner98 Shenstone Valley RdL.W.Circus
3231973 Dec 20thGertrude Ann Bayliss320 Ridgacre Rd56L.W.Circus
3241973 Dec 27thAnnie Eliza Harmion408 Ridgacre Rd?A.F.Ricketts
3251974 Jan 17thHam Whymper47 King Charles Rd73A.F.Ricketts
3261974 Jan 18thJohn Charles TilleyTyburn Rd Erdington69L.W.Circus
3271974 Jan 21stWilliam Arthur Hirst2 Whetstone Clo Farquhar Rd68L.W.Circus
3281974 Jan 29thHetty Rigby450 Hagley Rd West87L.W.Circus
3291974 Feb 4thBertie PoolNursing Home Kidderminster83A.F.Ricketts
3301974 Feb 6thJames Ernest Johnson40 Lydate Rd Halesowen56L.W.Circus
3311974 Feb 8thFlorence Sanders10 Birch Rd76L.W.Circus
3329174 Feb 8thMinnie Allen38 Royal Oak Rd84L.W.Circus
3331974 Feb 22ndBernard Acton16 Netley House Selcroft Avenue67L.W.Circus
3341974 Apr 4thHarold Trevor Sproson28 Waterloo Rd Smethwick55L.W.Circus
3351974 Apr 11thSarah Ann Simmons360 Ridgacre Rd75L.W.Circus
3361974 May 2ndHenry Bluck58 Brennand Rd54L.W.Circus
3371974 May 16thCyril Bowatr257 Ridgacre Rd54L.W.Circus
3381974 May 17thReginald Samuel PestridgeSutton -on Sea60L.W.Circus
3391974 May 24thMinnie Acton16 Netley House Selcroft Avenue68L.W.Circus
3401974 May 24thEdith May Hall4 Warwick Rd66L.W.Circus
3411974 May 31stEllen Gertrude Hall271 Quinton Rd West75L.W.Circus
3421974 Jun 3rdBeryl Riley5 Walters Rd42L.W.Circus
3431974 Jun 12thMabel Rose Jowett77 Gower Rd88L.W.Circus
3441974 Jun 13thMinnie Saunders35 White Rd84L.W.Circus
3451974 Jun 14thEdward Arthur Craddock48 Warple Rd64L.W.Circus
3461974 Jun 26thWilliam Henry Bartram725 Hagley Rd West73L.W.Circus
3471974 Jun 27thWalter Pritchard36 Upper Meadow Rd65L.W.Circus
3481974 Jul 3rdGeorge Underhill71 Kingsway68L.W.Circus
3491974 Jul 5thKathleen Henrietta Niblet32 Wilmington Rd74L.W.Circus
3501974 Jul 8thMary Ann Thompson58 Frankly Avenue69L.W.Circus
3511974 Jul 8thVictor Vivian Barrow32 Albert Rd69L.W.Circus
3521974 Jul 11thSylvia Mabel Chapman22 Tedstone Rd Harborne46L.W.Circus
3531974 Jul 11thAlbert Lee31 Frederick Rd74L.W.Circus
3541974 Jul 19thLeo Smith32 Tremaine Avenue79L.W.Circus
3551974 Jul 31stOlive Woodward33 Manor Lane74W.Hone
3561974 Jul 31stReginald Griffin217 Spies Lane59W.Hone
3571974 Aug 1stAnne Hall14 Rosa Field Avenue54W.Hone
3581974 Aug 2ndFlorence Jones5 Lyncroft Grove78W.Hone
3691974 Aug 12thIris Bertha Merris6 College Rd Quinton57W.Hone
3601974 Aug 20thEthel Mary Harvey686 Hagley Rd West84L.W.Circus
3611974 Aug 23rdNorman Stephen Richards73 Brennand Rd17L.W.Circus
3621974 Sept 19thMartha Horner102 White Rd93L.W.Circus
3631974 Oct 4thMary Florence Hinett10 Grayswood Park Rd63L.W.Circus
3641974 Oct 9thPhilip John Oldacre18 Grayswood Park Rd56L.W.Circus
3651974 Oct 9thAlec Burton Riley746 Hagley Rd West76L.W.Circus
3661974 Oct 17thDoris Winifred Rees65 Middlefield Avenue58L.W.Circus
3671974 Nov 4thRhoda Belinda Osborne100 Hagley Rd West67L.W.Circus
1681974 Nov 29thClara Lewis102 Hagley Rd West83L.W.Circus
3691974 Nov 29thClara Lewis102 Hagley Rd West83L.W.Circus
3701974 Dec 2ndMary Julia Boulton87 Oak Rd60L.W.Circus
3711974 Dec 6thBlanche Lyn Morris109 Worlds End Lane83L.W.Circus
3721974 Dec 23rdFlorence Rosita May KnightWales62L.W.Circus
3731975 Jan 2ndAnnie Elizabeth Wiles14 Edenhall Rd74L.W.Circus
3741975 Jan 9thMarion Louise Morgan100 Quinton Rd West61L.W.Circus
3751975 Jan 10thTerrissa Kay Smith5 Dale Rd20L.W.Circus
3761975 Jan 17thLilian Howse118 Hagley Rd West79L.W.Circus
3771975 Jan 22ndWilliam Henry Horrobin26 High Street72L.W.Circus
3781975 Jan 24thAlbert Sutch51 Holly Rd71W.Hone
3791975 Jan 28thCecil George Spilsbury150 Simmons Rd53L.W.Circus
3801975 Jan 28thArthur Edward Willliams31 Highgate Rd Balsall Heath63L.W.Circus
3811975 Jan 29thCyril Benjamin Priest10 Goodrest Avenue56L.W.Circus
3821975 Feb 5thFred Morris106 Higgins Lane81L.W.Circus
3831975 Feb 6thLily Rowley70 Meadowbrook Rd Halesowen84L.W.Circus
3841975 Frb 14thHarry Parkes9 Roundhill Terrace77L.W.Circus
3851975 Feb 14thHorace John Fern26 Stanley Rd59L.W.Circus
3861975 Feb 14thLily Hermenia Margaret Corbett16 Treoannie Avenue64L.W.Circus
3871975 Feb 28thPaula Elizabeth FinneyRedditch30R.Adams
3881975 Feb 28thRuby Nellie Smith286 Quinton Lane69L.W.Circus
3891975 Mar 7thGladys May Thompson397 Rodgacre Rd68L.W.Circus
3901975 Mar 14thHorace James Wilder63 Glyn Farm Rd66L.W.Circus
3911975 Mar 17thFrederick Albert Gross15 Norwich Drive72L.W.Circus
3921975 Mar 21stEdward Weekes90 Apsley Rd60L.W.Circus
3931975 Apr 4thAmelia LudlowKings Meadow Queensway97L.W.Circus
3941975 Apr 4thWilliam Hunt243 Tennal Rd Harborne57L.W.Circus
3951975 Apr 14thArthur Edwin Hall271 Quinton Rd West76L.W.Circus
3961975 May 5thWilliam Rowland Parkes22 Worlds End Lane63L.W.Circus
3971975 May 7thJoseph Charles Monk31 Edeenhall Rd58L.W.Circus
3981975 May 9thDorothy Shanian275 Long Lane76L.W.Circus
3991975 May 23rdMargaret Evelyn HeathShenstone Valley Rd82L.W.Circus
4001975 May 23rdEllen Maud Norris30 Upper Meadow Rd70L.W.Circus
4011975 Jun 6thArthur Samuel Morall79 Glyn Farm Rd67L.W.Circus
4021975 Jun 9thRichard Harry Lancaster124 Ridgacre Rd74L.W.Circus
4031975 Jun 11thKenneth Jack Butwood36 Lewis Rd60L.W.Circus
4041975 Jun 11thLeah Nellie Margery Howain Graham36 Eleuha Rd60L.W.Circus
4051975 Jul 18thErnest Edward Kelly57 Westbourne Rd65L.W.Circus
4061975 Jul 18thNatalie Tina Hunt80 Wolverhampton Rd5L.W.Circus
4071975 Jul 29thEva Lilian Dalby13 Kent House Rowley Regis69L.W.Circus
4081975 Aug 7thWilliam Henry Mullins78 Overdale Rd69L.W.Circus
4091975 Sept 2ndAmy Beatrice Blake31 Beech Avwnuw Quinton88L.W.Circus
4101975 Sept 11thMary Joyce Lawton8 Birch Lane58L.W.Circus
4121975 Sept 19thHerbert George Hunt60 Halesowen Rd86L.W.Circus
4131975 Sept 25thSteven Clayton116 Oldacre Rd82L.W.Circus
4141975 Sept 26thEthel Furness409 Ridgacre Rd79L.W.Circus
4151975 Oct 9thFlorence May Spriggs63 Grayswood Park Rd79L.W.Circus
4161975 Nov 18thKenneth Donald Wilde33 Bourne Avenue75L.W.Circus
4171975 Nov 20thAlfred James Patrick38 Stanfield Rd62L.W.Circus
4181975 Nov 21stLilian Crump1 Westbourne Rd69L.W.Circus
4191975 Dec 9thElsie Symonds23 Worlds End Lane65L.W.Circus
4201975 Dec 17thClifford Brookes70 Goodrest Avenue61L.W.Circus
4211975 Dec 17thGertrude Florence Gardner2 Rosafield Avenue69L.W.Circus
4221975 Dec 23rdMinnie Wyle4 Mountford WaLK Bartley Green78L.W.Circus
4231975 Dec 31stWilliam George Swancott95 Bleakhouse Rd86L.W.Circus
4241976 Jan 2ndWilliam Edward Merris954 Woodbury Rd69L.W.Circus
4251976 Jan 2ndHerbert John Whent527 Ridgacre Rd83L.W.Circus
4261976 Jan 9thMyra Jean Alford378 Ridgacre Rd61L.W.Circus
4271976 Jan 9thElsie Flynn44 Grayswood Park Rd79L.W.Circus
4281976 Jan 18thDenis Joynes3 Grove Hill Rd63L.W.Circus
4291976 Feb 9thEvelyn Mary Pritchard74 Frankley Avenue79L.W.Circus
4301976 Feb 13thElsie Dawes36 Tedstone Rd Harborne90L.W.Circus
4311976 Feb 23rdThomas Tindale31 Halesowen Rd Harborne73L.W.Circus
4321976 Feb 23rdHarold Thomas Newby68 Frankley Avenue67L.W.Circus
4331976 Mar 9thAda Parkes117 Bleakhouse Rd82L.W.Circus
4341976 Mar 12thHarold William Woodward33 Manor Lane75L.W.Circus
4351976 Mar 12thFlorence Cartwright22 Fitzroy Avenue Harborne57L.W.Circus
4361976 Mar 26thLeonard Charles Rock60 Lewis Rd69L.W.Circus
4371976 Apr 21stMabel Canswick21 Newburn Croft62L.W.Circus
4381976 Apr 22ndEdith Ellen Brookes70 Goodrest Avenue76L.W.Circus
4391976 Apr 23rdMadge Hollingworth2 Whiteley Court Rd66L.W.Circus
4401976 Apr 23rdAnthony Stringer14 Chadbury Rd Halesowen66L.W.Circus
4411976 May 14thMabel Florence Carwright1 Sunny Bank Rd70L.W.Circus
4421976 May 18thGeorge Evers36 Tame Rd65L.W.Circus
4431976 May 26thAnnie Lilian Hollyhead46 Stewart Avenue61L.W.Circus
4441976 Jul 7thWilliam Lewis14 Waters Rd64L.W.Circus
4451976 Aug 5thMary Alice BristowLate of Quinton67L.W.Circus
4461976 Aug 24thFlorence Emily Cooper68 Shenstone Valley Rd89L.W.Circus
4471976 Aug 26thAlfred Corbin Hale?67L.W.Circus
4481976 Sept 3rdLily Cotterill9 Worlds End Lane68L.W.Circus
4491976 Sept 7thDorothy Stanton Neale58 Manor Lane Halesowen86L.W.Circus
4501976 Sept 30thGheorge William Sykes19 Hollybush Grove57L.W.Circus
4511976 Oct 7thJohn Austin Fox104 Harvest Rd Smethwick70L.W.Circus
4521976 Oct 11thFlorence Rose SiddawayInmate Loxley Hosp Hawthorn Croft79L.W.Circus
4531976 Oct 22ndElizabeth Ellen Smallwood51 Daventry Grove76L.W.Circus
4541976 Oct 22ndHarold Thomas Clarkson28 Wood Green Rd70L.W.Circus
4551976 Oct 8thRosalie May TaylorMucklow Hill Halesowen80L.W.Circus
4561976 Oct 8thHarold Cotterill9 Worlds End Lane66L.W.Circus
4571976 Dec 30thGeorge Timms19 Carters Lane75A.F.Ricketts
4581977 Jan 19thAda Amelia Mawdsley174 Woodbury Rd Halesowen69A.F.Ricketts
4591977 Jan 19thComfort Vernalls208 Carters Lane Halesowen95L,W,Circus
4601977 Jan 20thWilliam Henry Furness409 Ridgacre Rd Quinton83L,W,Circus
4611977 Feb 25thKathleen Sophia Stephens28 Hawthorn Croft Oldbury64L,W,Circus
4631977 May 3rdAvarina Beatrice Bath50 High Street Quinton84J.R.Hawkins
4641977 May 11thStephen Carl Heath73 Brennand Rd3 mnthsJ.R.Hawkins
4651977 May 17thHenry Needam Harwood4 Woodgreen Croft Oldbury84J.R. Hawkins
4661977 May 27thWilfred HearseAllendale Victoria Avenue Halesowen69J.R. Hawkins
4671977 Jun 1stNelly Jones21 Newburn Croft Quinton78J.R. Hawkins
4681977 Jul 4thKenneth Astley Burdett42 Halesowen Rd Halesowen72J.R. Hawkins
4691977 Jul 7thEmma Higgs150 Bleakhouse Rd Oldbury89J.R. Hawkins
4701977 Aug 8thJohn Walter Asbury1 Walters Rd Oldbury71J.R. Hawkins
4711977 Sept 9thIan Stuart Collins38 Wilmington Rd Quinton23J.R. Hawkins
4721977 Oct 6thRuth Hannah Underhill71 Kingsway Oldbury73J.R. Hawkins
4731977 Oct 20thJames A. Harper10 Kingsway Oldbury63J.R.Hawkins
4741977 Nov 10thKathleen Leonie Collins52 Gower Rd Halesowen73J.R.Hawkins
4751978 Jan 5thFlorence Jarvis34 Walters Rd Oldbury80J.R.Hawkins
4761978 Jan 10thMichael John Taaffe101 Quinton Lane Quinton18J.R.Hawkins
4771978 Jan 10thHilda Constance Powell66 Apsley Rd Oldbury68J.R.Hawkins
4781978 Jan 10thNora Muriel Wilden63 Glyn Farm Rd Quinton64J.R.Hawkins
4791978 Jan 20thGertrude May Main1 Wilmington Rd Quinton77J.R.Hawkins
4801978 Feb 1stRose Siviter65 Aubrey Rd Quinton86J.R.Hawkins
4811978 Feb 2ndHilda Margaret James30 Clydesdale Rd Quinton76J.R.Hawkins
4821978 Feb 15thGewndoline Doris Kennedy115 Lordswood Rd Harborne54J.R.Hawkins
4831978 Mar 15thWalter Lloyd Andrews11 Goodrest Avenue Halesowen63J.R.Hawkins
4841978 Apr 13thGeorge Thomas Smith29 Meadow Rd Quinton86J.R.Hawkins
4851978 May 12thJohn Arthur Rushton2 Weatheroaks Halesowen42J.R.Hawkins
4861978 May 18thEdna Elizabeth Warton77 Greenhill Rd Halesowen82J.R.Hawkins
4871978 May 19thEdith Louisa Pardoe126 Quinton Rd Quinton77J.R.Hawkins
4881978 Jun 27thElsie Satchwell92 Higgins Lane66J.R.Hawkins
4891978 Jun 28thAlbert Chapman64 Forest Rd Oldbury80J.R. Hawkins
4901978 Jul 31stRobert Hamilton Clark7 Maypole Rd Oldbury62J.R. Hawkins
4911978 Aug 9thBeatrice May Cheslin39 Flemming Rd Quinton83John de Wit
4921978 Aug 10thMaud Elizabeth Burch42 Beechwood Rd Warley Woods91John de Wit
4931978 Aug 25thGladys Ada Instone54 Clydesdale Rd71J.R. Hawkins
4941978 Sept 1stAda Nellie Butler55 Beechwood Rd Warley79J.R. Hawkins
4951978 Sept 12thDoris Rose Hudson43 Clydesdale Rd Quinton74J.R. Hawkins
4961978 Sept 15thRonald Francis Walmsley115 Perry Hill Rd Oldbury57J.R. Hawkins
4971978 Sept 20thThomas Merris6 College Rd Quinton74J.R. Hawkins
4981978 Sept 29thAmy Beatrice Hawkins63 Wolverhampton Rd Oldbury78J.R. Hawkins
4991978 Oct 6thRalph Frederick Steadman Pope170 Bristnall Hall Rd69John De Wit
5001978 Oct 11 thDennis Claude Hinett17 Hardside Close Hayley Green Halesowen70J.R. Hawkins
5011978 Nov 9thReginald Mills18 Beverley Court Rd Quinton71J.R. Hawkins
5021978 Nov 13thDavid Francis Parbutt25 Clydesdale Rd Quinton37J.R. Hawkins
503 1978 Nov 17thAlfred Thackrah Quayle3 Worlds End Lane92John De Wit
5041978 Nov 17thAlbert Edwin Parkes68 Apsley Rd80John De Wit
5051978 Nov 27th Lily Mills610 Hagley Rd West74J.R. Hawkins
5061979 Jan 2ndSidney F Mann16 Lyncourt Grove QuintonJohn De Wit
5071979 Jan 3rdEmily Shepherd45 High Street Quinton78John De Wit
5081979 Jan 3rdEdgar Walter Neal58 Manor Lane88John De Wit
5091979 Jan 18thEleanor Fellows184 Spies Lane Halesowen79John De Wit
5101979 Jan 19thWinnifred Barford67 Wilmington Rd Quinton72J.R. Hawkins
5111979 Jan 29thKathleen Victoria Watkiss6 Westpoint Hermitage Rd B'Ham87J.R. Hawkins
5121979 Feb 12thWinifred Bertha Boothby10 Loise Court Widney Lane Shirley74J.R. Hawkins
5131979 Mar 7thElsie Jane Walton60 Holly Rd Oldbury80J.R. Hawkins
5141979 Mar 12thCyril Richard Kennedy115 Lordswood Rd69J.R. Hawkins
5151979 Mar 27thErnest Albert Dyer87 Kingsway Oldbury63J.R. Hawkins
5161979 Mar 28thLilian Evelyn TalbotWonarton Rd Blakedon Kidderminster63J.R. Hawkins
5171979 Apr 2ndWilliam John Norton22 Halesowen Rd Halesowen60J.R. Hawkins
5181979 Apr 19thJohn MellardThe Hollow Frith Common Tennbury Wells69J.R. Hawkins
5191979 May 24thJoan Mary Elphee59 Castle Rd West Oldbury59J.R. Hawkins
5201979 May 25thEdith Bagley15 Clydesdale Rd Quinton69J.R. Hawkins
5211979 May 25thViolet Fletcher104 Edinburgh Rd Oldbury75J.R. Hawkins
5221979 May 31stJohn Sibley62 Halesowen Rd Halesowen59John De Wit
5231979 Jun 1stNellie Lamsdon82 Highfield Lane Quinton67J.R. Hawkins
5241979 Jun 5thCicely Florence Brown9 Walters Rd Oldbury76John De Wit
5251979 Jul 13thLily Pritchard20 Kennedy House Oldbury82J.R. Hawkins
5261979 Jul 4thOliver Philip Turton32 Chichester Drive Quinton66J.R. Hawkins
5271979 Jul 12thHannah Mary Brettle895 Hagley Rd West Halesowen99J.R. Hawkins
5281979 Jul 20thFrederick William McCabe55 Westbourne Rd70J.R. Hawkins
5291979 Jul 24thHarold William Allart15 Elsma Rd Oldbury Warley79John De Wit
5301979 Aug 2ndFrederick John Roden62 Fitzroy Avenue Harborne68John De Wit
5311979 Aug 31stArthur Henry Croshaw99 Milcote Rd Bearwood81J.R. Hawkins
5321979 Sept 3rdAlfred George Fortugue Osborn6 Sycamore Rd Smethwick76J.R. Hawkins
5331979 Sept 13thElsie Kirkham24 St Michaels House Melville Rd Edgbaston84J.R. Hawkins
5341979 Sept 21stSamuel Bart Morris Jesson47 Beech Avenue Quinton66J.R. Hawkins
5351979 Sept 27thHilda Phoebe Wheatley71 Edenhall Rd Quinton75J.R. Hawkins
5361979 Sept 28thDoris Perfitt49 Oldacre Rd Oldbury56J.R. Hawkins
5371979 Oct 3rdFlorence Isabel East31 White Rd Quinton88John De Wit
5381979 Oct 10thJustin Kenneth Salt73 Chichester Drive Quinton77John De Wit
5391979 Oct 11thBeatrice Robins40 Greenhill Rd86John De Wit
5401979 Oct 23rdFrederick William Evans33 Clydesdale Rd Quinton83J.R. Hawkins
5411979 Nov 2ndErnest Coates Loynes17 Plimsoll Grove Quinton61John De Wit
5421979 Nov 5thEmma Wardle216 Quinton Lane90John De Wit
5431979 Nov 9thClifford Lowe89 Kingsway Oldbury77J.R. Hawkins
5441979 Nov 16thCharlotte Love130 Greenhill Rd Halesowen75J.R. Hawkins
5451979 Dec 19thWilliam Henry Cartwright51 Oak Rd Oldbury75John De Wit
5461979 Dec 28thSydney William Mills610 Hagley Rd West Quinton79John De Wit
5471980 Jan 18thNellie Cavanagh99 Pool Rd Smethwick88J.R. Hawkins
5481980 Jan 21stHorace Cattell29 Trevane Avenue Quinton62J.R. Hawkins
5491980 Jan 24thGeorge Henry Portch246 Ridgacre Rd86J.R. Hawkins
5501980 Jan 24thWilliam John Walter BristowBarnsley Hall70John De Wit
5511980 Jan 25thCatherine Swallon HerseAllendale Victoria Rd Halesowen68J.R. Hawkins
5521980 Mar 12thJane Ann Robson21 Lewis Rd Oldbury92J.R. Hawkins
5531980 Apr 17thRachel Clara Morcom58 Trevane Avenue Quinton5 weeksJohn De Wit
5541980 Apr 17thFlorence Beatrice Basterfield811 Hagley Rd West86J.R. Hawkins
5551980 Apr 18thGeorge Sprayson485 Ridgacre Rd West Quinton67J.R. Hawkins
5561980 Apr 28thJohn Walter PughQuinton Rd West Quinton88J.R. Hawkins
5571980 Apr 28thJacqueline Voss16 Holly Rd Oldbury16John De Wit
5581980 May 2ndJoan Cross142 Oldacre Rd Oldbury55J.R. Hawkins
5591980 May 19thEdward Gould195 Pound Rd Oldbury73J.R. Hawkins
5601980 May 19thDorothy Irene Guest57 Goodrest Avenue Halesowen64J.R. Hawkins
5611980 Jun 6thEmily Susannah Keyle52 Perry Hill Rd93CLV Atkins
5621980 Jun 24thDorothy Alic Pardoe126 Quinton Lane Quinton77John De Wit
5631980 Jun 3othHorace Hopewell48 Halesowen Rd Halesowen78J .R. Hawkins
5641980 Jul 4thLeslie Walter MansfieldHagley Rd West Oldbury66J.R. Hawkins
5651980 Jul 9thLouisa May EvansAstbury Court Oldbury71John De Wit
5661980 Jul 10thCharmaine Patricia Buckley84 Quinton Lane Quinton51J.R. Hawkins
5671980 Jul 24thGertrude Irene BallBarnsley Hall Hosp Bromsgrove86J.R. Hawkins
5681980 Sept 1stThomas Henry Partridge50 Abbey Crescent75J.R. Hawkins
5691980 Sept 2ndEdward Hallam481 Hagley Rd West Quinton83J.R. Hawkins
5701980 Sept 12thWilliam Eddy Taylor66 Chestnut Rd Oldbury61J.R. Hawkins
5711980 Sept 17thFrancis Eden84 Apsley Rd Oldbury81J.R. Hawkins
5721980 Sept 17thAlice Marjorie Andrews762 Hagley Rd West Oldbury78J.R. Hawkins
5731980 Oct 13thGeoffrey Richard Sankins55 The Kingsway Oldbury55J.R. Hawkins
5741980 Oct 16thEleanor Cox16 Worlds End Avenue Quinton71J.R. Hawkins
5751980 Oct 17thViolet Little54 Highfield Lane Quinton64J.R. Hawkins
5761980 Nov 17thFreda Ellen Tindale31 Halesowen Rd70J.R. Hawkins
5771980 Dec 4thArthur Henry Heath310 Ridgacre Rd Quinton67J.R. Hawkins
5781980 Dec 8thJulia Anne Kelleher61 Mayswood Green Quinton83J.R. Hawkins
5791980 Dec 10thReginald Herbert Morgan83 Clydesdale Rd Quinton74John De Wit
5801980 Dec 22ndBeatrice Martha Tooley754 Hagley Rd West Oldbury89John De Wit
5811981 Jan 16thFlorence May Overton38 Valley Rd Hurst Green Halesowen69J,R Hawkins
5821981 Jan 22ndGeorge Bernard Hurst46 Manor Court Binswood Rd Halesowen77John De Wit
5831981 Jan 23rdFlorence Such43 Hawley Grange Rd83J.R. Hawkins
5841981 Jan 23rdGertrude Phyllis Woodall100 Clent Rd Oldbury85John De Wit
5851981 Feb 2ndMary Anne WilliamsSilverdale Old Peoples Home Smethwick88John De Wit
5861981 Feb 20thRobert Maneylaws12 Conway Avenue Quinton43John De Wit
5871981 Feb 26thWilliam Henry Jordan7 St Davids Drive Quinton42John De Wit
5881981 Mar 23rdWilliam George Berry5 Wood Green Rd Oldbury72John De Wit
5891981 Apr 3rdCharles Griffiths209 Woodbury Rd Halesowen74J.R. Hawkins
5901981 Apr 4thLouisa Smith219 Quinton Lane Quinton89John De Wit
5911981 Apr 24thElizabeth Jones51 Higgins Lane71J.R. Hawkins
5921981 May 11thErnest Brazier48 Westbourne Halesowen64J.R. Hawkins
5931981 Jun 9thLeslie Litchener Twining225 Worlds End Lane Quinton65J.R. Hawkins
5941981 Jun 16thClarice Maud Shaard?111 Upper Meadow Rd Quinton79J.R. Hawkins
5951981 Jul 8thCharles Eric Hampton47 Halesowen Rd Halesowen74J.R. Hawkins
5961981 Jul 8thAlfred William Reynolds35 Meadowbrook Rd Halesowen60J.R. Hawkins
5971981 Jul 9thGordon Pinchbeck17 Worlds End Lane Quinton70J.R. Hawkins
5981981 Jul 13thGeorge Edward Jordan11 Goodwin Avenue Oldbury68J.R. Hawkins
5991981 Jul 21stAlec Henry Fordham Giddings11 Newborn Croft Quinton70J.R. Hawkins
6001981 Aug 26thAlice Parkes9 Roundhill Terrace Hurst Green81J.R. Hawkins
6011981 Sept 8thMatthew Whaerton5 Sercum House Queensway Oldbury66J.R. Hawkins
6021981 Sept 8thTom Heron157 Wolverhamptest Oldbury87J.R. Hawkins
6031981 Sept 30thLeslie Francis Lamb26 Middlefield Avenue Hurst Green63J.R. Hawkins
6041981 Dec 10thLucy Louisa Seeley37 Edward Rd Oldbury89J.R. Hawkins
6051981 Dec 30thChristina Roberts133 ApsleyRd Oldbury83J.R. Hawkins
6061981 Dec 30thBeatrice Alice Rowland Bolton70 Chestnut Rd Oldbury88J.R. Hawkins
6071982 Jan 13thBernard Arthut Simmons105 Apsley Rd Oldbury57J.R. Hawkins
6081982 Jan 15thJohn Frank Rooker25 White Rd Quinton70J.R. Hawkins
6091982 Jan 22ndGeorge Cooper68 Shenstone Valley Rd Halesowen93J.R. Hawkins
6101982 Feb 4thPhilomena Emmeline Vera Ashe129 Perry Hill Rd Oldbury88J.R. Hawkins
6111982 Feb 23rdHenry Joseph Brown65 Forest Rd Oldbury79J.R. Hawkins
6121982 Mar 4thJonathan Peter Cork?95 Chichester Drive Quinton3mnthsJ.R. Hawkins
6131982 Apr 23rdKenneth Vivian Clode87 Apsley Rd Oldbury63J.R. Hawkins
6141982 May 13thDorothea Ellen Strong57 Birch Rd Oldbury80L.T.Edwards
6151982 Jun 17thAlbert Donald Moulding15 Lapal Lane North Halesowen73J.R. Hawkins
6161982 Jun 17thMary Ellen PeglerEdingburgh Rd Olton73J.R. Hawkins
6171982 Jun 21stElsie Newman254 Hagley Rd West Quinton81J.R. Hawkins
6181982 Jul 2ndThomas Ward1 Warple Rd Quinton77J.R. Hawkins
6191982 Jul 23rdNorman Maneylaws12 Conway Avenue Quinton72J.R. Hawkins
6201982 Aug 4thRose Elizabeth Larkman9 Shepherds Place Boycott Estate Droitwich63P.J. Harris
6211982 Aug 6thJohn Wentworth54 Halesowen Rd Quinton60P.J. Harris
6221982 Aug 28thColin Thomas Whittingham35 Oak Rd Quinton77P.J. Harris
6231982 Oct 5thDavid James Haddon201 Spies Lane Quinton74P.J. Harris
6241982 Oct 21stAlbert William George Lovatt11 Hill Bran Crescent Hurst Green65J.R. Hawkins
6251982 Nov 1stDavid Parker Heath13 Horne Rd Teddington Telford4 yrsJ.R. Hawkins
6261982 Dec 10thJames Gordon Jelbart155 Knighton Rd Harborne48J.R. Hawkins
6271983 Feb 10thSarah Alice Mills18 Barnsley Court Rd Quinton87J.R. Hawkins
6281983 Feb 16thDoris Havatt19 Barston Rd74P.J. Harris
6291983 May 17thJoseph Leslie Nixon41 Oak Rd Oldbury66P.J. HarrisCremated Lodge Hill
6301983 Feb 24thEric TattonCarlton House 51 Peel Street80J.R. HawkinsCremated Lodge Hill
6311983 Apr 14thDoris Roe4 Lunkley Court Kingsway78L.J.EdwardsBurial Rood End
6321983 May 6thHarold George Davis289 Quinton Rd West74J.R. HawkinsCremated Lodge Hill
6331983 Jun 8thEva Pine11 Edward Rd82J.R. HawkinsInternment Oldbury Crematorium
6341983 Jun 10thArthur Charles Davies1 House Queensway Oldbury77J.R. HawkinsInternment Oldbury Crematorium
6351983 Jun 15thSidney George Wonallo47 Kelfield Avenue Harborne70J.R. HawkinsInternment Quinton Cemetery
6361983 Jun 16thClarence French43 Pitfields Rd Oldbury68J.R. HawkinsInternment Rood End
6371983 Jun 17thFrank Alfred Kettle23 Elm Croft Oldbury76J.R. HawkinsInternment Quinton Cemetery
6381983 Jun 27thDennis Reginald Kenerton71 Old Harborne Lane Halesowen54J.R. HawkinsCremation at Stourbridge Crem
6391983 Aug 4thIvy Catherine Hughes36 Hamilton Avenue Harborne59P.J. HarrisInternment Lodge Hill Cemetery
6401983 Aug 16thViolet Kate Hunt243 Tennal Rd Harborne73P.J. HarrisInternment Quinton Cemetery
6411983 Aug 18thThomas Edward Morgan100 Quinton Rd West Quinton89J.R. HawkinsInternment Quinton
6421983 Aug 19thConstance Grace Tilley311 Yardley Wood Rd78J.R. HawkinsInternment Quinton
6431983 Aug 26thRuth WatsonGrayswood Park Rd Quinton94J.R. HawkinsInternment Lodge Hill
6441983 Sept 1stGladys Rosa Coley19 Perry Hill Lane Oldbury83J.R. HawkinsInternment Yardley
6451983 Sept 14thSarah Evelyn Taylor21 Lloyds Rd Halesowen81J.R. HawkinsInternment Quinton
6461983 Seot 22ndMarjorie Rose Whittingham35 Oak Rd Oldbury83P.J. HarrisInternment Lodge Hill
6471983 Oct 12thHilda Louise Cottrell51 Edenhall Rd Quinton67J.R. HawkinsInternment Lodge Hill
6481983 Oct 19thClare Crowshaw32 Wilson Rd Warley85J.R. HawkinsInternment Quinton
6491983 Oct 19thEileen Nancy Marshall68 Boliney Rd70P.J. HarrisInternment Quinton Cem
6501983 Oct 21stLilian Florence Hayne708 Hagley Rd West Quinton72J.R. HawkinsInternment Quinton Cem
6511983 Oct 21stWilliam Edward Giffard24 Monkton Rd77P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6521983 Nov 3rdHarvey Dawson Brittan112 Glyn Farm Rd68P.J. HarrisInternment Quinton Cem
6531983 Nov 22ndThora MayWyle3 Hawley Grange Rd70P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6541983 Nov 24thIvy Lily May Clement56 Grayswood Park Rd Quinton73J.R. HawkinsCremation Lodge Hill
6551983 Nov 28thRonald Islwyn Powell90 Cobham Rd Halesowen53J.R. HawkinsBurial Quinton Cem
6561983 Dec 16thPhoebe Ann Hayfield241 Wolverhampton Rd Quinton84J.R. HawkinsCremation Lodge Hill
6571983 Dec 19thErnest Albert Nicholls57 Apslet Rd Oldbury71P.J. Harris
6581983 Dec 22ndDonald Niggell CaleMax Rd Quinton73L.J. Edwards
6591983 Dec 22ndHazel Doreen Sadler13 Cornwall Avenue Oldbury59J.R. HawkinsCremation West Bromwich
6601984 Feb 15thDanielle Parkes8 Newburn Croft QuintonStilll BirthP.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6611984 Feb 24thViolet Mabel Williams12 Westbourne Rd79C. TonBurial Quinton Cemetery
6621984 Mar 15thDora Caroline Walker809 Hagley Rd West88P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6631984 Mar 28thPhyllis Maude BoroughsSussex87P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6641984 Apr 30thDorothy James2 King Charles Rd Halesowen85P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6651984 May 8thWilliam Thomas Walker58 Royal Oak Rd Halesowen80P.J. HarrisInternment Quinton Cemetery
6661984 May 16thViolet Elizabeth Heron192 Castle Rd West85P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6671984 May 17thBetsy Jane Tooton5 Dinnington Bank74P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6681984 May 31stWilliam Arthur Chandler111 Apsley Rd68P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6691984 Jul 18thIvy Andrews6 High Street82P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6701984 Jul 19thEdward George Van Geveld66 Harborne Rd Warley85P.J. Harris
6711984 Aug 24thLilian BarberNo Address85P.J. HarrisCremation Stourbridge
6721984 Aug 29thWilliam Thomas Milward83 Kent Rd66A.J.PembertonCremation Lodge Hill
6731984 Sept 5thIrene Pinchbeck17 Worlds End Lane73A.J. PembertonBurial Quinton Cemetery
6741984 Spet 6thRose Randall Delacie134 Apsley Rd89P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6751984 Sept 11thAda May ParkesSpar Nursing Home Llandindred Wells82A.J. PembertonBurial Quinton Cemetery
6761984 Sept 12thConstance Hope Miller25 Goodwyn Avenue Oldbury87A.J. PembertonBurial Quinton Cemetery
6771984 Sept 19thConstance Alice Finch69 Carters Lane Halesowen80A.J. PembertonCremation Rowqley Regis
6781984 Sept 21stWilliam BrittainPrincess Rd Oldbury65A.J. PembertonBurial Quinton Cemetery
6801984 Oct 3rdCharles ParkesNo Address81P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6811984 Oct 8thAlice Maud PotterNo Address83P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6821984 Oct 22ndLilian Delecie Benyard134 Apsley Rd61P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6831984 Nov 18thJoseph Herbert Poyser26 Lyttleton Avenue63P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6841984 Nov 18thRaymond Harold Sands87 Wolverhampton Rd South63P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6851984 Nov 23rdThomas Crowther Graham54 Shenstone Valley R Halesowen66P.J. HarrisCremation Rowley Regis
6861984 Dec 11thOlive Lydia Mercer19 Upper Meadow Rd70P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6871984 Dec 11thElizabeth Noke2 Hollybush Grove75P.J. HarrisBurial Quinton Cemetery
6881984 Dec 31stWilfred Horace Clayton25 Edward Rd46F. ClementCremation Lodge Hill
6891985 Jan 8thWalter Leonard Dighton150 Overdale Rd66A.J. PembertonBuried Quinton Cemetery
6901984 Dec 18thHilda Davey7 Hawthorn CroftNo AgeP.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
6911985 Jan 18thFrank Edwin Rowe100 Kent Rd59Jean DentonCremation Lodge Hill
6921985 Feb 25thAlice Edith Parker8 Conniston House Harborne74P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
6931985 Feb 28thBetty HeronAberystwyth56P.J. HarrisCremation West Bromwich
6941985 Mar 11thJohn Archibald Horedern111 Ridgacre Lane64P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
6951985 Mar 12thLeonard Wythe4 Malvern Rd66P.J. HarrisBuried Rowley Regis
6961985 Mar 29thJames Lisburn62 Meadow Rd Quinton76P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
6971985 Apr 1stElsie Mary CrossNo Address87P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
6981985 Jun 13thGertude May Pratt23 Queen Drice Rowley Regis89P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
6991985 Jun 13thWinifred May WardFlat 1 27 Turf Pits Lane Erdington70P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7001985 Jun 28thReverend Arthur Gilbert Pound185 Long Lane Halesowen83P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7011985 Jul 4thRose Slack34 College Rd Quinton87P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7021985 Jul 25thElsie Amm Mallin12 Broadway Quinton83P.J. HarrisAshes in Graveyard
7031985 Jul 31stWilliam Reginald SymonsWorlds End Lane Quinton76P.J. Harris
7041985 Aug 7thMarjorie Mathewson23 Gower House Lockington Croft66P.J. HarrisInternment Quinton
7051985 Aug 16thWilliam Johnson335 Quinton Rd West68P.J. HarrisCremated Rowley Regis
7061985 Sept 20thMarie Louise Lisburn62 Meadow Rd Quinton76P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7071985 Oct 17thBevan Stephens14 Seven Acres Rd Halesowen63P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7081985 Oct 18thGladys Ethel Bickley1 Tedstone Rd Quinton85P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7091985 Oct 31stWinifred Annie Logley608 Hagley Rd West77P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7101985 Nov 20thEdwin John Thompson20 Paget Drive Chase Terrace Walsall79P.J. HarrisBuried Lodge Hill
7111985 Nov 20thFreda Ethel HiggsNo Address78P.J. HarrisCremation Lodge Hill
7121986 Jan 10thThomas HackettShenstone House Kent Rd89P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7131986 Jan 2ndGladys Joness18 Westbourne Rd73P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7141986 Jan 16thBernard Wilfred Walter29 Edward Rd63P.J. HarrisCremated Lodge Hill
7151986 Jan 16thIsabella Tomlinson6 Westbourne Rd Halesowen70P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7161986 Feb 4thFrederick Davis40 Flemming Rd72P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7171986 Feb 4thDoris Nellie PlantNo Address84P.J. HarrisCremated Lodge Hill
7181986 Feb 11thDoris May Brawn5 Gorsy Rd Quinton75P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7191986 Feb 20thBessie Mary Taylor98 Hawley Grange Rd67P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7201986 Feb 20thAustin ButlerNo Address81P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7211986 Feb 27thHarry Thompson Tromans53 Mayswood Grove Quinton73P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7221986 Mar 4thElsie Thirza Cottrell285 Quinton Lane85P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7231986 Mar 4thFrances Downing36 Walters Rd Oldbury85P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7241986 Mar 11thArthur Atkins13 Birch Rd Quinton88P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7251986 Mar 14thSamuel Henry Lancaster390 West Boulevard Quinton67P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7261986 Mar 25thVincent Dore82 Grosvenor Avenue81D. PendletonCremation Lodge Hill
7271986 Mar 28thMikalay Petraszewicz54 Heron Rd Oldbury72D. PendletonBuried Quinton Cemetery
7281986 Mar 27thSamuel Messenger28 Warwick Close Oldbury84D. PendletonBuried Quinton Cemetery
7291986 Apr 4thHarriet SimkinNo Address91P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7301986 Apr 17thArthur Alan Mills2 Pitman Rd Quinton77P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7311986 May 1stWinnifred ParkesNo Address77P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7321986 May 16thAlbert Edwin Heath2 Beverley Ct Quinton81P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7331986 May 16thArthur Henry Simkin104 Dingle St Rounds Green96P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7341986 Jun 5thWilliam Baden Podmore442 Quinton Rd85P.J. HarrisCremated Lodge Hill
7351986 Jun 13thWilliam Alfred Oakey26 CumberlaND Rd Oldbury74P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7361986 Jun 17thMargaret Susan NicholasThe Stag& Three Horseshoes36P.J. HarrisBuried Quinton Cemetery
7371986 Jun 25thMinnie HancockNo Address94D. PenroseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7381986 Jul 1stAlbert Arthur Collett14 Long Mynd Way Stourport67D. PenroseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7391986 Jul 1stLeah Elsie Sullivan31 Coxmore House Grove Rd Kings Heath66D. PenroseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7401986 Jul 2ndStanley John Abel94 Higgins Lane Quinton75D. PenroseCremation Lodge Hill
7411986 Jul 11thGeorge TuckWoodbury Rd Halesowen76D. Penrose
7421986 Jul 14thWilliam George Grafton118 Summerfields Avenue Quinton75D. PenroseCremation Rowley Regis
7431986 Jul 28thGeorge Victor Burling77 Castle Rd West Oldbuty75D. PenroseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7441986 Aug 1stGeorge Henry Woodall18 Springfield Drive72D. PenroseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7451986 Aug 7thHarold Ernest Kilminster667 Hagley Rd West Quinton73D. PenroseCremated Lodge Hill
7461986 Sept 1stBeatrice May Green24 Suncroft Warple Rd Quinton78D. PenroseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7471986 Sept 8thJack Marsh110a St Matthews Rd Oldbury69D. PenroseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7481986 Sept 8thBeatrice Ruth Billington42 Causeway Green Rd Oldbury82D. PenroseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7491986 Sept 17thJosephine Anne Mellor1 Holly Grove Quinton42D. PenroseCremated Lodge Hill
7501986 Sept 19thIda Maud Sidney WaterhouseDudley Rd Hospital Sandwell85D. PenroseReceived into Bishampton
7511986 Sept 19thFrances Emma GilbertBushcroft Rest Home Rotten Park Rd Edg87D. PenroseCremated Lodge Hill
7521986 Sept 22ndStanley Osborne100 Hagley Rd West Smethwick78D. PenroseCremated Lodge Hill
7531986 Sept 24thNorah Edith Newman67 Higgins Lane Quinton73A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7541986 Oct 3rdRoy McWhirter127 Manor Lane Halesowen54A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7551986 Oct 10thFrant Palnt127 Perry Hill Rd80A.J. RoseCremated Lodge Hill
7561986 Oct 13thHarriett Coleman120 Kidderminster Rd South West Hagley80A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7571986 Oct 17thIda May Hampton10 The Grange Halesowen79A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7581986 Oct 22ndRose Sarah Ann Mullins78 Overdale Rd Quinton80A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7591986 Oct 27thCtril Frederick Hollyhead46 Stenells Avenue Halesowen73A.J. Rose
7601986 Oct 28thMaude Gertrude Shuck218 Ridgacre Rd Quinton73A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7611986 Nov 3rdEllen Sophia Rosina Van Creveld105 Westfell Lane Old Hill78A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7621986 Nov 4thTerence Jessie James Kilby18 Astley Avenue Halesowen73A.J. RoseCremated Stourbridge
7631986 Nov 6thFreda Joyce Clark7 Maypole Rd Oldbury65A.J. RoseCremated Lodge Hill
7641986 Nov 17thFrank AstonSunnybank Rd Oldbury79A.J. RoseBuried Smethwick Cemetery
7651986 Nov 19thWilliam Henry Marshall85 New England Halesowen78A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7661986 Nov 21stGary Lee Dumbleton170 Chichester Drive Quinton12A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7671986 Dec 22ndBenjamin James Rose12 Vernon Close Halesowen73A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7681986 Dec 30thGladys Slim18 Norman Rd Bearwood76A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7691986 Dec 31stViolet Strain12 Chewley Grove Quinton86A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7701987 Jan 6thJanice York21 Oldacre Rd Oldbury37T. WalterBuried Quinton Cemetery
7711987 Jan8thElsie Wilson6 Parsons Hill Oldbury87T. WalterBuried Quinton Cemetery
7721987 Jan 9thMay Roberts21 Lunt Grove Quinton92T. WalterBuried Quinton Cemetery
7731987 Jan 20thEthel PatrickKings Meadow Nursing Home Salop Drive84T. Walter
7741987 Feb 19thLuther Parkes35 Kingsway Oldbury80A.J.RoseCremated Rowley Regis
7751987 Mar 23rdNora Constance Joyner54 Forest Rd Oldbury82A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7761987 Mar 23rdGladys Haines7 Perry Hill Lane Oldbury90A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7771987 Mar 24thNelly BetteridgeNo Address80A.J.Rose
7781987 Mar 24thClara Annie ChaplinSpringfield Middle Lane Wellington Shropshire81A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7801987 Apr 8thWalter Talbot27 Warple Rd Quinton74A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7811987 Apr 10thLeslie Frank Noble267 Quinton Lane Quinton73A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7821987 May 11thWinifred Doris Gillett21 Ormsby Court Richmond Hill Rd Edg70A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7831987 May 12thIvy Hadley222 Quinton Lane Quinton74A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7841987 May 18thAnn Gwendoline Legg108 Galton Rd Bearwood72A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7851987 May 21stMinnie Emily CowardWilliam Rathbone Home Dimingsdale Bank81A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7861987 May 22ndJoyce Betty Edwards106 Clapgate Lane Bartley Green66E.BellBuried Quinton Cemetery
7871987 May 29thJonathan Edward Benkwitz105 Waterfall Lane Rowley Regis20A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7881987 Jun 1sttAnnie Gertrude Mytton11 Lockington Croft Halesowen69A.J. RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7891987 Jun 17thEdna Kathleen Kilminster499 Hagley Rd West Quinton72A.J. RoseCremated Lodge Hill Ashes
7901987 Jul 13thJohn Burrows815 Hagley Rd West Quinton88A.J. RoseCremated Lodge Hill
7911987 Aug 7thHarold Fox75 Ferndale Rd Oldbury78A.J. RoseBuried Old Grave Yard 24
7921987 Sept 21stFrances Alice Sawbridge35 Glyn Farm Rd Quinton76A.J. RoseCremated Lodge Hill
7931987 Oct 13thJohn Gurney4 Cumberland Rd Oldbury62A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7941987 Oct 21stWinifred Dora Perry103 Hollybush Grove Quinton76A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7951987 Oct 21stBernard Richard Sillifant215 Wolverhampton Rd Oldbury70A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7961987 Oct 22ndWilliam Lewis16 Aldridge Rd Oldbury71A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7971987 Oct 28thNellie Blanche Gardner209 Woodbury Rd Halesowen91A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7981987 Oct 10thEthel Lucock24 Middlefield Avenue Hurst Green84A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
7991987 Nov 19thEdward Pearson6 Kemelstone Crescent Hayley Green71A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
8001987 Nov 23rdCaroline Fitter43 Highfield Lane Quinton80A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery