Quinton Local History Society

Register of Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, The Quinton, 1987 to 2001

The register has been printed with the kind permission of the rector of Christ Church, The Quinton.

Imformation provided here is already in the public domain. However, please notify us if you have special reasons for wanting an entry removed from this website.

11987 Dec 7thBessie Georgina Hallam481 Hagley Rd West Oldbury88A.J.RoseCremated Lodge Hill
21987 Dec 15thMercy Hawkes28 Apsley Rd95D.PenroseCremated Lodge Hill
31987 Dec 16thAlice Whittaker160 Quinton Rd Quinton83D.PenroseCremated Lodge Hill
41987 Dec 31stFrank David Lowe50 Westbourne Rd Halesowen45A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
51988 Jna 19thErnest Druce74 Apsley Rd Oldbury79D.PenroseCremation Perry Bar
61988 Jan 20thEunice Marty Spiers27 Gower House Lockington Croft60A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
71988 Feb 12thJeanne Mary Bradshaw9 Oaklands Spies Lane Halesowen061D.PenroseCremated Lodge Hill
81988 Feb 16thJohn Parker Limsdon12 Peter Rennett Close Harborne76D.PenroseCremated Lodge Hill
91988 Feb 17thLucy Hardwick125 Long Lane Halesowen73A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
101988 Feb 17thFrancis Lake64 Royal Oak Rd Halesowen86D.PenroseCremated Powke Lane
111988 Feb 22ndJohn Francis Perry10/3 Hollybush Grove Quinton45A.C.Fennell
121988 Feb 22ndKeith Edward John Savine78 Higgins Lane Quinton46T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
131988 Feb 23rdJohn Falconer Emery15 Askley Avenue Halesowen79A.C.FennellCremated Rowley Regis
141988 Mar 3rdEthel Florence LloydOakdene Nursing Home Hagley Rd Edg87A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
151988 Mar 9thRonald Watkins70 Rilstone Rd Quinton76A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
161988 Mar 18thKathleen Ellen May Mcleod22 Merrivale Rd Halesowen65A.C..FennellBuried Quinton Cemetery
171988 Apr 11thWilfred Underhill22 Ridgacre Lane Quinton77A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
181988 Apr 15thLeonard Hugh Anthony Bell116 Woodbury Rd Halesowen57
191988 Apr 15thEric Edward Elvins75 Upper Meadow Rd57N. BellCremation Lodge Hill
201988 Apr 20thEdna Thomas234 Hagley Rd West Oldbury69A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
211988 May 9thRobert Christopher Jones33 Narrow Lane Halesowen34D.PenroseBurial Powke Lane
221988 May 19thBeryl Irene Round22 Daventry Grove Quinton74A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
231988 May 27thMabel Hilary Shenton162 Spies Lane Halesowen61T.WallerBurial Whitchurch Cemetery Shropshire
231988 May 27thGordon Arthu William Rogers320 Hagley Rd Birmingham90D.PenroseBurial Quinton Cemetery
241988 May 27thSarah Josephine Stobbs28 Rosafield Avenue HalesowenD.PenroseCremation Powke Lane
251988 Jun 3rdIda Rosser36 Wilmington Rd Quinton81A.J.RoseBurial Quinton Cemetery
261988 Jun 6thDavid John Buffey227 Stourbridge Rd Halesowen54A.J.RoseBurial Quinton Cemetery
271988 Jun 7thEileen Mary Mahood25 Lyttleton Avenue Halesowen73A.J.RoseCremated West Bromwich
281988 Jun 8thEmily Mabel Hill51 Chichester Drive Birmingham87T.WallerCremated Rowley Regis
291988 Jun 8thGeorge Farman26 Eden Hall Rd Birmingham66D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
301988 Jun 9thAnthony Eric Morton13 Gower Rd Halesowen41T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
311988 Jun 22ndDorothy Mary Badger4 Linden Avenue Halesowen97A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
321988 Jun 24thRobert Pegg20 Lockington Croft Halesowen63D.PenmerCremated Rowley Regis
331988 Jun 29thMary O'Driscoll4 Lye Close Lane Bartley Green42Buried Quinton Cemetery
341988 Jun 30thGeorge Henry TomlinsonHill Cottage 48 Mucklow Hill96D.PenmerBuried Old Grave Yard
351988 Jul 8thMary Elizabeth Davies1 Oakhurst Drive Bromsgrove64J.M.WhiteBuried Quinton Cemetery
361988 Jul 8thWilliam Edward Brace218 Selsy Rd Edgbaston80A.C.FennellBuried Quinton Cemetery
371988 Aug 15thGeorge Arthur Bearley21 Astbury Court Hereford Rd Oldbury67A.J.RoseBuried Uplands Cemetery
381988 Aug 19thBeatrice Elsie Mansell26 Green Lane Quinton80D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
391988 Sept 1stLeslie Harold Bridgewater44 Woodhouse Rd Quinton67T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
401988 Sept 16thLee Taylor254 Wolverhampton Rdl dayD.Penmer
411988 Sept 16thLike Taylor254 Wolverhampton Rd1 dayD.Penmer
421988 Sept 30thWalter Noel Blackham52 Bleakhouse Rd Oldbury76D.PenmerCremated Lodge Hill
431988 Oct 6thFrederick George Parsons8 Crofters Court Harrisons Rd Edg77A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
441988 Nov 4thFrances Ivy Gillett25 Stennels Avenue Halesowen85D.PenmerBuried Uplands
451988 Nov 4thGeorge Harry Dodd2 Hansom Rd QuintonJ.M.WhiteBuried Quinton Cemetery
461988 Nov 9thWatkin Green39 Edenhall Rd Quinton70A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
471988 Nov 17thHetty Williams131 Worlds End Lane Quinton78A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
481988 Nov 21stEdith Gladys Lloyd85 Kingsway Oldbury87B.CompBuried Quinton Cemetery
491988 Niv 22ndKeith Thomas Lloyd1 Perry Hill Crescent Warley48D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
501988 Nov 25thViolet Beatrice May PerkinsWillowsbrook Rd Halesowen83D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
511988 Nov 30thClare Henrietta Smith30 Wilmington Rd Quinton80A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
521988 Dec 6thElsie Parsons8 Crofters Court Harrison Rd Edg74A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
531988 Dec 7thRonald William Ernest Ridler40 Monkton Rd Oldbury72A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
541988 Dec 23rdJane Carr45 Castle Rd West85D.PenmerBuried Uplands
551989 Jan 4thIvy Wicketts42 Ruskin Close Aldridge Rd Oldbury76D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
61989 Jan 5thEdna Mary Marsh137 Bleakkhouse Rd Oldbury71D.PenmerBuried Uplands
571989 Jan 9thPauline Mary Williams72 Clydesdale Rd Quinton47A.J.RoseCremated Rowley Regis
581989 Jan 10thMargaret Ellen Sillifant215 Wolverhampton Rd Warley77T.Waller
591989 Jan 12thJoan Lyall46 Bleakhouse Rd Oldbury69D.PenmerCremated Lodge Hill
601989 Jan 19thLilian Clara Powell1 Apsley Close Oldbury93A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
611989 Jan 20thAnnie Martha Darby6 Woodbury Close Hurst Green74J.M.WhiteBuried Rood End Cemetery
621989 Jan 31stDouglas Vernon Lee2 Mavis Gardens Oldbury71D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
631989 Feb 3rdPatricia Kathleen Lucock30 Hilston Avenue Halesowen44A.J.EtheridgeBuried Quinton Cemetery
641989 Feb 7thArthur Fred Smith166 Chichester Drive Quinton77D.PenmerCremated Lodge Hill
651989 Feb 9thCatherine Lucy Thompson6 Hollymount Halesowen71J.M.WhiteBuried Quinton Cemetery
661898 Feb 9thHorace George Brown12 Metchley Drive Harborne72P.D.Hayne
671989 Feb 15thJoseph Harold Griffiths5 Birch Rd Oldbury60A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
681989 Feb 24thMarguerite Betty White4 Belgrave Court Hanley Hill Surrey58T.Waller
691989 Mar 2ndLilian MARY Warner18 Maypole Rd Brandhall61D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
701989 Mar 13thElizabeth Jane Reading39 Oak Rd Oldbury82A.J.RoseCremated West Bromwich
711989 Mar 16thDorothy Brace30 Alexander Rd Smethwick78Cannon D.Fennell
721989 Mar 17thStevenson Stubbs28 Rosofield Avenue Halesowen85D.PenmerCremated Powke Lane
731989 Mar 20thJames Arthur Jones4 Norfolk Rd Oldbury65A.J.RoseBuried Uplands Cemetery
741989 Mar 21stGladys Hedges8 Holly Rd Oldbury82D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
751989 Mar 29thKenneth Leonard James Walker64 Simmons Leason Woodgate Valley60D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
761989 Mar 29thChristine Eva CrowsonThe Oaklands 31 Weather Oaks Harborne86A.C.Curel
771989 Apr 2rdRichard Vivian Bate32 Frank Tommy Close Rowley Regis82A.J.Rose
781989 Apr 4thSydney Harris558 Hagley Rd West Oldbury78A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
791989 Apr 4thWalter Henry Overton38 Valley Rd Halesowen82A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
801989 Apr 17thLena Sophia Hayward251 Quinton Rd West Quinton74A.C.FennellBuried Quinton Cemetery
811989 Apr 17thHorace James Rose29 Westbourne Rd Halesowen92A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
821989 Apr 19thJean Dorothy Saxton2 Hillbrow Crescent Halesowen61A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
831989 May 19thMay Stafford111 Greenhill Rd Halesowen92D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
841989 May 22ndLilian Mabel Reeves33 Lawrence Court Aldridge Rd Oldbury70A..Ellenclyn
851989 May 23rdEllis Horner18 Birch Lane Oldbury85T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
861989 May 26thAnn Lesley Powell23 Corville Rd Halesowen40D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
871989 May 26thDoris Bradshaw1 Brennand Close Oldbury59D.Penmer
881989 Jun 2ndFrank Henry James24 Halesowen Rd Halesowen67T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
891989 Jun 9thMinnie Ivy Erratt68 Oak Rd Oldbury87D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
901989 Jun 12thBrook William Calverley22 Greenhill Rd Halesowen74A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
911989 Jun 15thAlice Marjorie Freeman100 Worlds End Lane87A.C.FennellBuried Quinton Cemetery
921989 Jun 19thCharles Edwin Crook116 Quinton Lane Quinton83A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
931989 Jun 20thIda Jane Stokes50 Frederick Rd Oldbury89A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
941989 Jun 21stMand Shepherd37 Willowsbrook Rd Oldbury88D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
951989 Jul 6thLeslie George Fox14 Broadway Croft Oldbury81D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
961989 Jul 17thHenry Cecil Jones233 Highfield Lane Quinton74A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
971989 Jul 31stJoyce Brown37 Ridgacre Lane Quinton68A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
981989 Aug 3rdMarjorie Sarah King34 Worcester Rd Oldbury71A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
991989 Aug 7thCharles Joseph Pritchard40 High Street Quinton74A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1001989 Aug 7thPhilip Walkin Meakin37 Bourne Green Quinton87T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1011989 Aug 14thElsie Annie Leach9 Linden Avenue Halesowen66T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1021989 Sept 11thHoward Hancox27 Trevanie Avenue Quinton75A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1031989 Sept 12thEdith May Morris54 Frederick Rd Quinton87D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1041989 Sept 13thBertram Harold Roberts31 GowerHouse Lockington Croft70A.J.RoseCremation Lodge Hill
1051989 Sept 13thCatherine Jane Evans78 Quinton Rd West Quinton88D.Penmer
1061989 Oct 2ndWilliam Osborne WiddettWyncroft Nursing Home Moss Grove Kingswinford82A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1071989 Oct 5thHelen Glover50 Chestnut Rd Oldbury78A.J.RoseBuried Uplands Cemetery
1081989 Oct 12thDennis Martin Alfred Elleman193 Spies Lane Halesowen66A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1091989 Oct 17thEllen Spooner6 Severn House Queensway Oldbury89A.J.RoseBuried Oldbury Cemetery
1101989 Oct 24thJohn Yeoman134 Chichester Drive Quinton45A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1111989 Oct 26thAdrian Boliver Forrest7 Beverley Court Rd Quinton7A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1121989 Nov 1stGeorge Lea119 Maltmill Lane Halesowen89A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1131989 Nov 9thJames Samuel Godwin30 Chester Rise Oldbury73D.PenmerBuried Uplands
1141989 Nov 9thGeorge Geoffrey Griffiths73 White Rd Quinton59D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1151989 Nov 4thAlbert Colley Willetts37 Summerfield Avenue Halesowen60A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1161989 Nov 16thElsie May Davey21 St Albans House Salcroft Avenue Harborne83D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1171989 Nov 20thPhyllis Ellen JonesThe Church Inn Great Hampton Street Hockley68T.WallerBuried Lodge Hill Cemetery
1181989 Nov 22ndErnest Joseph Rollason22 Suncroft Quinton84A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1191989 Nov 24thEsther Griffiths19 Oldacre Rd61D.PenmerCremated Powke Lane
1201989 Dec 1stLilian Mabel Vaughan Owen260 Ridgacre Rd Quinton92D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1211989 Dec 12thLilian Arabella Osborn6 Sycamore Rd Smethwick85T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1221989 Dec 12thEthel Lilian Agnes Brown65 Forest Rd Oldbury83A.J.RoseCremation Lodge Hill
1231989 Dec 21stDoris Conlon14 Bramcote Rd Quinton70A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1241989 Dec 21stIvy Florence Trivett14 Astbury Court Hereford Rd Oldbury74A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1251990 Jan 2ndArthur Edward Clift10 Astbury Rd Oldbury81D.PenmerBuried Uplands Cemetery
1261990 Jan 3rdKenneth Francis Williams12 Compton Rd Halesowen65D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1271990 Jan 8thEdna May Clay33 Meadow Rd Quinton68A.J.RoseCremated Lodge Hill
1281990 Jan 10thElsie Morby33 Bourne Green Quinton90T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1291990 Jan 15thAlice Rose6 Perry Hill House Perry Hill Rd Oldbury88A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1301990 Jan 18thElizabeth Lawton77 Stourbridge Rd Hagley88A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1311990 Feb 5thRobert Victor Redford26 Gower House Lockington Croft Halesowen65T.WallerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1321990 Feb 14thDuncan Albert Willetts37 Summerfield Avenue29B. Comp
1331990 Feb 26thFlorence Rastall35 College Rd Quinton88A.J.RoseBuried Uplands Cemetery
134190 Mar 1stViolet Winifred Alcock91 Finnimore Rd Bordesley Green B'Ham66A.J.RoseBuried Quinton Cemetery
1351990 Mar 5thMargaret Gladys Byrne47 Hanley Close Halesowen65T.Waller
1361990 Mar 8thWilliam Slack34 College Rd86D.PenmerBuried Quinton Cemetery
1371990 Mar 28thGillian Irene Humphreys61 Oak Rd Warley51P.D.HazelCremation Lodge Hill
1381990 Apr 11thMary Allbrooke99 Bleakhouse Rd Oldbury76D.PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1391990 Apr 18thEvelyn Hazel Harrison57 Lightwoods Rd Bearwood54M. MasseyBurial Quinton Cemetery
1401990 Apr 24thFrancis Masters15 Narrow Lane Halesowen81D. PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1411990 May 2ndFrancis Reginald Homer14 Kingsway Oldbury Warley78D. PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1421990 May 21stNorman Trivett14 Astley Rd Hereford Rd75D. PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1431990 May 1990Douglas Roland John Grubb85 Cornwall Avenue Oldbury73L. EtheridgeBurial Uplands Cemetery Smethwick
1441990 Jun 1stJoseph Henry Rann18 Clive Rd Oldbury76J. WoodfieldBurial Quinton Cemetery
1451990 Jun 5thBarbara Bruce74 Apsley Rd Oldbury73D. PenmerCremation Rowley Regis
1461990 Jun 18thSydney Lloyd White14 Green Lane Quinton75D. PenmerCremation Rowley Regis
1471990 Jun 18thLeonard George Miller106 Higgins Lane Quinton69D.PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1481990 Jun 19thJoseph Frederick WarrenderWallace Lawler Old People's Home Selly Oak77P.D. HayesBurial Lodge Hill
1491990 Jun 27thWilliam Phillip Whitehouse6 Broadway Oldbury69B. CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
1501990 Jun 29thIvy Ada Carter15 Wisley Way Quinton72B. CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
1511990 Jun 29thMargaret Ann Hayne2 Grayswood Park Rd Quinton50M. WhiteBurial Quinton Cemetery
1521990 Jun 29thAnn Elizabeth TigheFlat 2 45 Warple Rd Quinton29M. WhiteBurial Quinton Cemetery
1531990 Aug 10thDorothy Bottrell91 Castle Rd West Oldbury80M. WhiteBurial Quinton Cemetery
1541990 Aug 10thDemelza Jayne Daniels64 Summerfield Avenue Oldbury24G.GoodsCremation Lodge Hill
1551990 Aug 13thArnold Samuel Smart74 Frankley Avenue Halesowen48G.GoodsBurial Rowley Regis
1561990 Aug 16thFrederick Oakley Jones6 Windermere House Vincent Drive Edgbaston80M. ReaBuriaal Quinton Cemetery
1571990 Sept 3rdReginald Harrington Brogden27 Highfield Lane Quinton66D.PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1581990 Sept 11thCyril Henry Tomlinson6 Westbourne Rd Halesowen71D.PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1591990 Sept 18thJohn Thomas Beardsmore2 Instone Rd Halesowen76D.PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1601990 Sept 24thAlfred Ernest Tullett12 Gower House Lockington Croft76D.Penmer
1611990 Sept 26thIrene Elizabeth Evans21 Radnor Rd59D.PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1621990 Sept 27thGilbert Howard Thompson152 Spies Lane Halesowen84D.PenmerCremation Rowley Regis
1631990 Oct 1stBenjamin Thomas Homer42 Shenstone Valley Rd Halesowen67AcramisCremation Rowley Regis
1641990 Oct 5thSusan Janette Scambler25 Flemming Rd Quinton25T.WallerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1651990 Oct 8thMary Ann ToddNo AddressNo AgeD.PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1661990 Oct 12thDoris Marguerita Clarkson28 Woodgreen Rd Oldbury82G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
1671990 Oct 22ndFlorence Rebecca Williams2Sunny Bank Rd Oldbury87M. NealeBurial Quinton Cemetery
1681990 Nov 5thGillian Alison Turner42 Chichester Drive Quinton34D. PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1691990 Nov 23rdStanley Thomas Wigley21 Brookmans Avenue Quinton74M.RacuinBurial Quinton Cemetery
170 1990 Nov 26thEdith Minnie Barton11 Warple Rd Quinton94Burial Quinton Cemetery
1711990 Nov 28thElsie May WheelerRedditch Rest Home Moseley 1/10 Hollybush Grove90D.JeffriesBurial Quinton Cemetery
1721990 Nov 30thJames Graham Lewis146 Greenhill Rd Halesowen53T.WallerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1731990 Dec 20thLeonard HartFlat 8 Rodney Close Ladywood78T.WallerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1741990 Dec 24thEmma Jane Hill62 Pitfields Rd Oldbury16G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
1751991 Jan 2ndMargaret Elizabeth Baker7 Lyttleton Avenue Halesowen62A.FrancisBurial Quinton Cemetery
1761991 Jan 8thEllen Turley2 Quintrell Bolton Lancs 22 Belney Rd Quinton85D.HayesBurial Quinton Cemetery
1771991 Jan 10thLillian Alice White2 Old Crescent Court Tame Rd Oldbury77A. PembertBurial Uplands Cemetery
1781991 Jan 10thAlice Olivia EllisFrederick House Frederick Rd Selly Oak78D.M.WhiteCremation Lodge Hill
1791991 Jan 16thArthur Herbert Westwood1 Highfield Lane Quinton81G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
1801991 Feb 4thFlorence Amy Hamblin57 Maypole Rd74D.PenmerCremation Rowley Regis
1811991 Feb 5thPeter Cooper68 Country Park Avenue41G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
182 1991 Feb 6thNellie Margaret Munslow14 Ombersley Rd Halesowen63J.M.WhiteBurial Quinton Cemetery
1831991 Feb 11thFlorence Ada Shingleton414 Bromsgrove Rd Hunnington89M.GoodeBurial Quinton Cemetery
1841991 Feb 18thAlfred Gerald Hadley17 Kiniths Way Halesowen78D.PenmerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1851991 Feb 18thAlbert Mountford84 Elm Croft Oldbury65P.HayesBurial Quinton Cemetery
1861991 Feb 22ndPhyllis Carr60 Pit Leason Close Kings Heath75M. HaleBurial Quinton Cemetery
1871991 Mar 8thHilda Agnes GreenHolbeach Nursing Home Wallllheath Kingswinford82M.HaleBurial Quinton Cemetery
1881991 Mar 8thColin Somerville18 Lyncourt Grove Quinton35D.PenmerCremation Rowley Regis
1891991 Mar 13thLeslie Wheeler31 Jasmond Grove Pypa Hayes Erdington61J.SaltBurial Quinton Cemetery
1901991 Mar 13thFrances Rebecca Hardley45 Barn Piece Woodgate Valley Quinton83E.PittBurial Quinton Cemetery
1911991 Mar 15thVictor Frederick Dittrich66 Franley Avenue Quinton87G.GoodsCreamtion Lodge Hill
1921991 Mar 21stConstance Heath2 Beverley Court Rd Quinton86G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
1931991 Mar 21stDaisy Gwendoline Hudson16 Goodrest Avenue Halesowen77G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
1941991 Mar 25thHorace John Corbett16 Trevaine Avenue Quinton78Burial Quinton Cemetery
1951991 Mar 28thBeatrice May Hobley393 Quinton Rd West Quinton76G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
1961991 Apr 5thDoris Ruth Price53 Glyn Farm Rd Quinton83G.GoodsBurial Lodge Hill
1971991 Apr 10thRonald Henry Sargent67 Pomeroy Rd Bartley Green65R.GreavesBurial Quinton Cemetery
1981991 Apr 12thMargaret Ann AldridgeDevon House 810 Hagley Rd Halesowen52R.EtheridgeCremation West Bromwich
1991991 Apr 16thDoris Flora Woodhouse14 Malt Close Harborne77J. LeppardBurial Quinton Cemetery
2001991 Apr 16thRuth Violet Nash426 Hagley Rd Hayley Green Halesowen68M.HaleBurial Quinton Cemetery
2011991 Apr 26thGeorge Bettley HaycockChandos Lodge 77 Stourbridge Rd Hagley77B.CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
2021991 May 1stJack Jasper Hardy12 Newlands Drive Halesowen69G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2031991 May 2ndChristine Peggy Roberts14 Mayfield Rd Hurst Green65A.C. DetanallCremation Lodge Hill
2041991 May 3rdDorothy Young36 Apsley Rd Oldbury64G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2051991 May 21stWalter Fisher 4 Lombardy Close Halesowen76D.BoyceBurial Quinton Cemetery
2061993 Apr 22ndDoris Marian Elliott2 Powell Avenue Quinton81G.GoodsCremation Lodge Hill
2071991 May 24thWinnie Pound185 Long Lane Halesowen72D.CircusBurial Quinton Cemetery
2081991 May 29th0James William Henry Jacques160 Spies Lane Halesowen83W.BunbuchananCremation Lodge Hill
2091991 Jun 11thRose Jones50 Abbey Crescent Warley84A.C. ManallCremation Lodge Hill
2101991 Jun 11thDoris May Wiggins49 Beverley Court Rd Quinton88B.LambBurial Quinton Cemetery
2111991 Jun 17thRichard Keneth Taylor51 Westbourne Rd Halesowen48B.LambBurial Quinton Cemetery
2121991 Jun 21stEva Pillinger927 Warwick Rd Tyseley67B.LambBurial Quinton Cemetery
2131991 Jun 21stJudith Myers15 Brinklow Towers Highgate Street40Rev. BrothertonBurial Quinton Cemetery
2141991 Jun 28thWayne Evans79 Brennand Rd 0ldbury11B.CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
2151991 Jul 12thRose Tomlinson19 Flemming Rd Quinton80B. PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
2161991 Jul 30thEdward Geoffrey Pryce37 Newburn Croft Quinton74G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2171991 Aug 1stJohn Hill27 Daventry Grove Quinton77G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2181991 Aug 16thDarren John Dowell64 Hawley Grange Rd Halesowen16S. BushBurial Quinton Cemetery
2191991 Aug 29thHoward Stafford Welch78 Harborne Rd Warley89A.C.DetanallBurial Quinton Cemetery
2201991 Sept 9thIvy Florence Jordan11 Goodwyn Avenue77G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2211991 Sept 17thMolly Tromans83 Mayswood Grove Quinton77A.C.DetanallBurial Quinton Cemetery
2221991 Sept 24thViolet Gertrude Durnell52 Ridgacre Rd Quinton93R.LeighBurial Quinton Cemetery
2231991 Oct 1stEsther CliftKingsmeadow Queensway Oldbury82G.GoodsBurial Uplands Cemetery
2241991 Oct 8thJohn Sutch43 Hawley Grange Rd Halesowen89G.GoodsLodge Hill
2251991 Oct 16thWilfred Clarence Ray42 Beverley Court Rd Quinton82G.GoodsCremation Lodge Hill
2261991 Oct 17thEdith Thornton59 Bodenham Rd Oldbury81G.GoodsUplands Cemetery
2271991 Oct 18thEdna Wood9 Hernehurst Quinton76G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2281991 Oct 29thStefan Kanski30 Edenhall Rd Quinton66K.WillingtonBurial Quinton Cemetery
2291991 Oct 29thDorothy May Smith86 Oak Rd Warley94G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2301991 Oct 31stMaurice Jones291 Quinton Rd West Quinton69G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2311991 Nov 15thWilliam Francis Williams131 Worlds End Lane Quinton87G.GoodBurial Quinton Cemetery
2321991 Nov 19thMary Florence McNally248 Perryhill Rd Oldbury62PendletonBurial Rood End Cemetery
233191 Nov 26thStanley Neville PughWarren Hall 218 Oakham Rd Tividale79J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
234191 Nov 26thDouglas Reginald Wheatley71 Edenhall Rd Quinton88PendletonCremation Lodge Hill
2351991 Nov 19thHelen Frances Ethel HortonRichard Lawn House St, Vincent St Edgbaston99J. BarnettCremation Perry Barr Crematorium
2361991 Nov 20thEric Carr19 Yardley Wood Rd Moseley77J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2371991 Dec 23rdOlive Cooper24 Hawthorn Croft Oldbury86B.SlaterCremation West Bromwich
2381991 Dec 30thLeslie John Channon509 Ridgacre Rd West Quinton77j. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2391992 Jan 2ndAlbart Edward Wyatt8 Dunstall Rd Halesowen71j. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2401992 Jan 7thErnest William Payne195 Ridgacre Rd Quinton75j. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2411992 Jan 7thArthur John CopsonFlat 7 Witton Bank61j. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2421992 Jan 7thJoseph Arthur Stokes96 Blandford Rd Quinton82j. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2431992 Jan 10thJack Albert Cash60 Wedgewood Rd Quinton72PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
2441992 Jan 14thJohn Franklin19 Tame Rd Oldbury78K.CrooksCremation Rowley Regis
2451992 Jan 16thBrian Charles Haycock3 Edinburgh Rd Oldbury56G.GoodsBurial Uplands Cemetery
2461992 Jan 21stDonald Suffolk163 Birch Rd Oldbury74J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2471992 Jan 24thMary Ann Hadley46 Tame Rd Brandhall67J. BarnettOldbury Cemetery
2481992 Jan 28thEllen Gertrude Davies1 Severn House Queensway85J. BarnettOldbury Cemetery
2491992 Jan31stEdward Henry Annis34 Barston Rd Oldbury71J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2501992 Feb 3rdGladys May Basterfield37 Summerfield Avenue Halesowen93B.CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
2511992 Feb 6thEmily Frankland Horner18 Birch Lane Quinton85J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2521992 Feb 7thEdith Ellen Rock28 Senary Rd Selly Oak82J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2531992 Feb 13thEdith Ruby Broomes10 Willes Court Binswood Rd Halesowen87G.GoodCremation Powles Lane
2541992 Feb 19thEdith May Agnew1 California House 2 Millmead Court Bartley Green85J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2551992 Feb 21stChristine Anne Bubb17 Clydesdale Rd Quinton52G.GoodCremation Lodge Hill
2561992 Feb 25thHorace Bottrell91 Castle Rd West Opldbury82G.GoodBurial Quinton Cemetery
2571992 Mar 20thDoris Irene Knopinski36 Halesowen Rd Halesowen70J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2581992 Mar 26thJennifer Margaret Chadwick23 Eloma Rd Oldbury44J. BarnettCremation West Bromwich
2591992 Apr 3rdEvelyn Taylor15 Oldacre Rd Oldbury69J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2601992 Apr 7thEthel Davis289 Quinton Rd West Quinton77G.GoodCremation Powke Lane
2611992 Apr 8thDavid Stanley Adams386 Ridgacre Rd Quinton69B.CompCremation Lodge Hill
2621992 Apr 14thElizabeth May Fry61 Holly Rd80J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2631992 Apr 15thThomas Peyton19 Asbury Court Hereford Rd78J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
2641992 Apr 24thNorman Nehemiah Smith36 Brookwillow Rd Halesowen71J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2651992 Apr 28thKenneth Hardwick22 Ridgeway Edgbaston70J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2661992 May 5thEmily Irene Forrester32 Maypole Lane77j. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
2671992 May 7thClara Jane JonesAnnie Wood House 131 Alma Way Walsall84j. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2781992 May 8thJohn Edward Silvarus Stock50 Grayswood Park Rd Quinton78j. BarnettCremated Lodge Hill
2691992 May 8thEthel Ball9 Linden Glade Halesowen73B.CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
2701992 May 14thErnest Arthur Hooper312 Quinton Rd West Quinton61G.GoodBurial Quinton Cemetery
2711992 May 19thJohn Reader22 St Davids Drive Quinton47j. BarnettBurial Lodge Hill
2721992 May 21stDennis Aubrey James Neale41 Warstone Avenue Woodgate Valley74j. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2731992 May 28thMadge Emily Mills11 Chestnut Rd Oldbury77J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2741992 May 28thDoris Alice Cready37 Barston Rd Oldbury90J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2751992 Jun 2ndMarjorie Maria MendezClent View N/ Home 8 Gower House Lockington Croft81J. BarnettCremation Rowley Regis
2761992 Jun 9thNina Eileen Richards226 Quinton Lane Quinton81J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2771992 Jul 3rdPhyllis Price152 Castle Rd West Oldbury78J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
2781992 Jul 17thJoseph Deakin35/3 Hollybush Grove Quinton78C.ColdridgeBurial Quinton Cemetery
2791992 Jul 23rdEdward Arthur Britton64 Queensway Oldbury77J. Barnett
2801992 Aug 14thJames Mathew Goff107 Glyn Farm Rd Quinton85J, BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2811992 Aug 14thArthur Hyde32 Leamington Croft Quinton79G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2821992 Aug 20thIvy Margaret FisherPark Lodge N/Home Selly Oak69F.OwenBurial Quinton Cemetery
2831992 Aug 26thNorman Richards3 Astbury Court Kingsway Oldbury69G.GoodsBurial Uplands Cemetery
2841992 Aug 28thGladys May Gould195 Pound Rd Oldbury89EtheridgeBurial Quinton Cemetery
2851992 Aug 28thMary Edna Barber86 Perryhill Rd Oldbury76G.GoodsPowkes Lane
2861992 Sept 2ndPatricia Ann Davis60 Munks Street Small Heath57W.JacksonBurial Quinton Cemetery
2871992 Sept 7thMark Simon Beech11 Beech Avenue Quinton22J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2881992 Sept 15thGeorge William Masters15 Narrow Lane Halesowen79J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2891992 Sept 21stEva Remmett95 PerryHill Rd Oldbury93J. BarnettCremation Rowley Regis
2901992 Sept 22ndPhyllis Hilda Crocketts396 Ridgacre Rd Quinton71J,BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2911992 Sept 29thJohn Roland Charles Vyse2 Hopendale Rd Quinton72G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2921992 Oct 2ndMuriel Chalker34 Clydesdale Rd Quinton74J.BennettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2931992 Oct 9thKathleen Hancox43 Whitley Court Rd Quinton80J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2941992 Oct 13thGladys Marguerita Stock50 Grayswood Park Rd Quinton77G.GoodsCremation Lodge Hill
2951992 Oct 23rdHilda Mary Burton Cadby68 PerryHill Rd Oldbury82J.BennettBurial Quinton Cemetery
961992 Oct 27thLeonard Mailtard Stokes379 Quinton Rd West Quinton66G.GoodsBurial Quinton Cemetery
2971992 Nov 5thDaisy May Burlong77 Castle Rd West Oldbury77EtheridgeBurial Quinton Cemetery
2981992 Nov 9thGeorge Bent28 Hollybush Grove Quinton57B.CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
2991992 Nov 10thWinifred Mary Brough3 Worlds End Lane Quinton76J.BennettCremation Lodge Hill
3001992 Nov 12thReginald Harold Tomlinson48 Mucklow Hill Halesowen70J.Bennett
3011992 Nov 17thIvy Bates10 Narrow Lane Halesowen78J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3021992 Dec 11thElsie Giles30 Albert Rd Quinton86J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3031992 Dec 18thFrederick Edward Shuard11 Upper Meadow Rd Quinton88J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3041992 Dec 22ndMarjorie Corkindale32 Chestnut Rd Quinton86J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
3051992 Dec 29thBeatrice Kane Rann18 Clive Rd Quinton75J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3061992 Dec 30thAlfred George Reynolds32 Glyn Farm Rd Quinton75J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
3071993 Jan 11thRosa Edna Welch43 Glyn Farm Rd Quinton84J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3081993 Jan 29thSidney James Winkley30 Flaming Rd Quinton86PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
3091993 Feb 16thTheodora William Langley RemettNo Address90J.BarnettCremation Powke Lane
3101993 Mar 10thMabel Curtis8 Astbury Court Hereford Rd84J.BarnettBurial Rood End Cemetery
3111993 Mar 11thEva Hazel Rosemarie Donald63 Higgins Lane Quinton70G.GoodBurial Quinton Cemetery
3121993 Mar 18thMarjorie Olive Page16 Beverley Court Clarendon Place Hagley Rd West70G.GoodBurial Uplands Cemetery
3131993 Apr 1stWilliam Roland Barber86 PerryHill Rd Oldbury82G.GoodCremation Powke Lane
3141993 Apr 5thRichard Sidney Erratt68 Oak Rd Quinton93PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
3151993 Apr 22ndEileen Potter228 Portland Rd Edgbaston73J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3161993 Apr 28thRonald Webb15 Malvern Rd Quinton59J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3171993 May 7thLilian Lea119 Malt Mill Lane Halesowen83J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3181993 May 12thLucy Jane Antcliff48 Tame Rd Oldbury84J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
3191993 May 13thGeorge Stephen Baldwin363 Monk Rd Oldbury84J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3201993 May 14thJohn Malcolm Cooper25 Hawthorn Croft Oldbury49J. Barnett
3301993 May 20thAnna Elizabeth Melhuish1 Whitely Court Rd Quinton93J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3311993 May 26thAmy Ellen LaneFern Lodge N/Home Smethwick90G.GoodCremation West Bromwich
3321993 Jun 2ndMichael Fluck17 Lansdowne Rd Oldbury58Etheridge
3331993 Jun 4thDoris Roma NeweyOak Croft N/Home West Byfleet89G.GoodBurial Uplands Cemetery
3341993 Jun 7thIvy Ada Collins55 Edgwood Court Ellis Street Ladywood81J. BennettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3351993 Jun 17thRosina Pritchett75 Grayswood Park Rd78J. BennettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3361993 Jun 22ndEdith Smith139 Kingsway Oldbury89J. BennettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3371993 Jul 1stBarbara Clayton25 Edward Rd Oldbury54J. BennettCremation Lodge Hill
3381993 Jul 9thGeorge Henry Webb302 Hagley Rd West Quinton85J. BarnettCremation West Bromwich
3391993 Jul 15thEmeie May Bevan35 Worlds End Lane Quinton83J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3401993 Jul 16thJohn Insley15 Valley Rd Hurst Green65J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
3411993 Jul 20thIrene TuckNo Address86B. CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
3421993 Jul 20thThomas William DavisFlat 14 Guardian House Hagley Rd West84B. CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
3431993 Aug 3rdEdmund Barber66 Chestnut Rd OldburyNo ageJ.Barnett
3441993 Aug 12thLilian Brazier24 Westbourne Rd78J.BarnettCremation Powke Lane
3451993 Aug 20thAlfred Leonard Smith30 Wilmington Rd Quinton83J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3461993 Sept 10thEdna May Able125 Barston Rd Oldbury81J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3471993 Sept 17thFlorence Annie Craddock82 PerryHill Rd Oldbury95J.BarnettBurial Lodge Hill Cemetery
3481993 Sept 17thMark Joseph ThomasR.A.F. Cottermore19A.CattellCremation Rowley Regis
3491993 Sept 24thFrederick Poole45 Whitley Court Rd Quinton69J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3501993 Sept 24thAmy Kidger Fitzpatrick30 Grayswood Rd Quinton69J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3511993 Oct 4thFlorence Mona Betley68 Lydate Rd Halesowen66R.CreesBurial Quinton Cemetery
3521993 Oct 7thMargaret Kathleen Powell1 Bells End Rd Walton-on-Trent Swadlincote71J. BarnettCremation West Bromwich
3531993 Oct 11thJoyce Alice Weekes90 Apsley Rd Oldbury68J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3541993 Oct 14thWinifred Ivy Owen41 Birch Lane Oldbury74J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
3551993 Nov 3rdAnnie May ShinerFlat 7 Holmpark Hagley Rd Edgbaston89A.C.D.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
3561993 Nov 5thAlbert Pike25 Suncroft Quinton70A.C.D.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
3571993 Nov 5thEvelyn Thompson152 Spies Lane Halesowen83J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
3581993 Nov 23rdJohn Nelson64 Brett Drive72J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3591993 Nov 25thMargaret Helen Adkin53 Wilmington Rd Quinton82J. Barnett
3601993 Dec 2ndMary Murphy Major188 West Boulevard Quinton81J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
3611993 Dec 6thNellie Maud Hinton442 Hagley Rd West Quinton81D. FarrallCremation Lodge Hill
3621993 Dec 8thGladys Irene KnightHaunton Hall Nr Tamworth87J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3631993 Dec 13thAlice Pursall8 Elizabeth Court 107 Metchley Lane Harborne73J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3641993 Dec 20thJoyce Marian Morris606 Hagley Rd West Quinton66PendletonCremation Stourbridge
3651993 Dec 20thViolet May Allen30 Maypole Rd70J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
3661994 Jan 7thMabel Gilbert48 Staple Lodge Rd Northfield85PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
3671994 Jan 13thBeatrice Olive Marsh43 White Rd Quinton78J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3681994 Jan 17thNellie Wolfindale19 Crescent Tower Brindley Drive89A.C.D.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
3691994 Feb 1stBernard Oswald Grubb119 Cherry Tree Court Cotteridge77L.J.OakesCremation Lodge Hill
3701994 Feb 17thAda Lillian Davies14 Guardian House Hagley Rd West Quinton86J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3711994 Mar 4thRose Green105 Bleakhouse Rd Oldbury88J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
3721994 Mar 11thDennis John Fennell39 Sunnybank Rd Oldbury55J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3731994 Mar 16thHenry Taylor61 Warple Rd Quinton77J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3741994 Mar 21stAlbert James Alcock91 Finnemore Rd Bartley Green70S.OwenBurial Quinton Cemetery
3751994 Mar 22ndMarjorie Alice Wallace415 Quinton Rd West Quinton81J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3761994 Mar 25thHilda Beatrice Berry5 Woodgreen Rd Oldbury85J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3771994 Apr 11thLillian LainchburyAllbrook House Spies Lane Halesowen85D.CleesBurial Quinton Cemetery
3781994 Apr 12thDoris Irene Jerrett264 Ridgacre Rd Quinton80J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
3791994 Apr 12thBrenda Gladys Timmins36 Whitley Court Rd Quinton59J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
3801994 Apr 12thGeorge Eden Fitzpatrick30 Grayswood Park Rd Quinton80J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3811994 Apr 13thBarbara Joan Hayworth531 Hagley Rd West Quinton71J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3821994 Apr 14thMay Onions30 Maypole Rd Oldbury94J. BarnettBurial Rood End
3831994 Apr 22ndWilliam Andrew McLoud22 Merrivale Rd Hurst Green75J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
841994 Apr 26thLeonard James Wood9 Hernehurst Quinton78J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3851994 Apr 29thDavid Whitton McCarthie119 Worlds End Lane Quinton72J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3861994 May 3rdThomas Ernest DebneyMario House N/Home Morton96J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
3871994 May 5thReginald Higgs53 Bodenham Rd Oldbury55J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3881994 May 16thJohn Sajovic3 Stuart Rd Halesowen69J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3891994 May 18thErnest James Shingleton75 Cornwall Avenue Oldbury74J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
3901994 May 19thMichael David Dysen3 Edinburgh Rd Oldbury32J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
3911994 Jun 8thRose Florence SilvesterSilverway N/Home Silver Way Highcliffe Dorset92J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3921994 Jun 16thMabel Elizabeth Rushford7 Edinburgh Rd Oldbury84J. BarnettBurial Handsworth Cemetery
3931994 Jun 20thAlbert William Cottrell51 Edenhall Rd Quinton80J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hil
3941994 Jun 21stBetty Williams43 Merrivale RD66J.BarnettCremation West Bromwich
3951994 Jun 24thFrancis William Mytton11 Lockington Croft Halesowen79J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
3961994 Jun 29thLilian Jones54 Cumsorand Rd Oldbury61J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
3971994 Jul 1stSydney Herbert Vann7 New Lealow Sutton Coldfield62J. DavisBurial Quinton Cemetery
3981994 Jul 11thFlorence Winifred Barnett310 Ridgacre Rd Quinton73J.BarnettBurial Handsworth Cemetery
3991994 Jul 21stAgnes Matilda Cocking5 Toronto Gardens80Cremation Lodge Hill
4001994 Aug 8thFlorence Ellen Harris201 White Rd Quinton90J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4011994 Aug 12thHelen Rachel Bowyer34 Dominic Drive Kings Norton17B.CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
4021994 Aug 17thDouglas Grant Freeman48 Honeybourne Rd Halesowen59M.D.CombBurial Quinton Cemetery
4031994 Aug 18thViolet Ann Billington2 Bodenham Rd Oldbury79J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
4041994 Aug 18thJoseph Dowell85 The Kingsway Oldbury75B.CompCremation Stourbridge Crem
4051994 Aug 19thReginald Hiram Munslow14 Ombersley Rd Hayley Green75J.DermotBurial Quinton Cemetery
4061994 Aug 23rdAlbert Francis Fisher16 Rose Avenue Oldbury93J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
407 1994 Aug 24thDorothy Horton82 Oak Rd Oldbury82J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4081994 Aug 26thAda Wyer84 Dimmingsdale Bank Quinton82B.RobinseyBurial Quinton Cemetery
4091994 Sept 1stRoma Phyllis Thomas30 Holly Rd Oldbury68J.BarnettBurial Brandwood End Kings Heath
4101994 Sept 7thEsther Lillian Whitehouse6 The Broadway Oldbury74J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4111994 Sept 13thJohn Hickie20 Gleads Croft Lapal Lane Halesowen74J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4121994 Sept 27thWilliam James Smyth135 Summerfield Avenue Oldbury72J.BarnettCremation Powke Lane
4131994 Oct 7thRoy Wenman42 Garland Crescent Halesowen68J.Barnett
4141994 Oct 25thJoe Messenger22 Broadway Oldbury82M.SiftBurial Quinton Cemetery
4151994 Oct 28thWilliam Albert Bright200 Overdale Rd Quinton76M.CombBurial Quinton Cemetery
4161994 Nov 4thEdward James Warwick76 Apsley Rd Oldbury63J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4171994 Nov 7thAlice Dewis15 Herald Court Dudley75D. PendletonCremation Perry Barr
4181994 Nov 8thHoward Charles Evans9 Witton Bank75J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
4191994 Nov 9thKatie Hinks2 Spies Lane Halesowen95J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4201994 Nov 14thLily KitchingHawthorne N/Home Rotton Park Rd Edgbaston74A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
4211994 Nov 14thDouglas Joseph Aston28 Bromsgrove Street Halesowen63D. PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
4221994 Nov 16thGordon Raymond Fennell33 Maidstone Drive Wordsley53J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4231994 Nov 21stHilda May Gretton113 Barston Rd Oldbury88J.BarnettCremation Rowley Regis
4241994 Dec 15thRenee Sherwood85 Apsley Rd Oldbury86J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4251994 Dec 23rdPhilip George Dale124 Bleakhouse Rd Oldbury79J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
4261994 Dec 29thDoreen Stephens28 Hawthorn Croft Oldbury84J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4271994 Dec 29thDerek Ernest Glaze37 Edenhall Rd Quinton71J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4281995 Jan 6thGeorge William Smith29 Moonckton Rd Oldbury79J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4291995 Jan 11thHarry Willoughby Williamson8 Lyncourt Grove Quinton64J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
4301995 Jan 16thRosa Kathleen Barber37 Edward Rd Oldbury83J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4311995 Jan 20thDorothy Mary HealyRichard Lawn Home 102 Vincent St Ladywood82M.DoddBurial Quinton Cemetery
4321995 Jan 20thMona Doreen Spencer139 Hanover Rd Rowley Regis72M.DoddBurial Quinton Cemetery
4331995 Jan 31stEdna DugganChandos Lodge 77 Stourbridge Rd Stourbridge93D.PendletonCremation Stourbridge
4341995 Feb 6thGwen Parr187 Woodbury Rd Halesowen83J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4351995 Feb 7thEthel Winifred Smith68 Bleakhouse Rd Oldbury86B.CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
4361995 Feb 9thRaymond Francis Cox17 Ledsam Grove Court Oak Rd86A.C.FennellCremation Lodge Hill
4371995 Feb 13thDoris Forrest23 Seven Acre Rd Halesowen76J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4381995 Feb 16thEnid Marion Robson24 Perry Court Hagley Rd West Quinton73J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4391995 Feb 20thFrederick Thomas Clay33 Meadow Rd Quinton75J.BarnettCremation Powke Lane
4401995 Feb 23rdLillian Ann Turley14 Maypole Rd Oldbury51J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
4411995 Feb 24thOlive Selwna Payne10 St Pauls Court Long Lane Blackheath87A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
4421995 Mar 2ndWilliam Devereux28 Highfield Lane Quinton70J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4431995 Mar 16thEdith May Eden6 Warley Crodt Oldbury84A.C.FennellBurial Uplands Cemetery
4441995 Mar 16thWilliam Boyle30 Tame Rise Brandhall79J.BarnettBurial Rood End
4451995 Mar 21stGeorge Thomas Haley24 Astbury Court Hereford Rd77J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
4461995 Mar 28thPhoebe Gwendoline Davis25 Monckton Rd Oldbury87J.BarnettCremation Stourbridge
4471995 Apr 5thJean Mary Hewitt80 Clent View Rd Bartley Green64J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4481995 Apr 12thMarian Norah Cash197 Spies Lane Halesowen84J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4491995 Apr 13thMary Ethel GoodeFlat 10 Perry Court Oldbury76J.Barnett
4501995 Apr 21stRobert Wilfred Coles47 Apsley Rd Oldbury62J.BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4511995 May 16thThomas Hadley46 Tame Rd OldburyNo ageJ.BarnettOldbury Cemetery
4521995 May 23rdMichael Arthur Newman14 Bodenham Rd Oldbury46J. DentonBurial Uplands Cemetery
4531995 May 25thBachen Dal Verdi100 Higgins Lane Quinton33J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4541995 Jun 5thJohn Marcus Hayne1 Monckton Rd Oldbury88A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
4551995 Jun 5thBeatrice Norah Florence Brettell895 Hagley Rd West Quinton100J.DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
4561995 Jun 7thArthur Leslie Leonard31 Glendene Crescent Kings Norton83E.BaylisBurial Quinton Cemetery
4571995 Jun 20thSydney Herbert Turner10 Mayfield Rd Hurst Green Oldbury80M.J.ClarkeBurial Quinton Cemetery
4581995 Jun 22ndElsie May Price42 Somerfield Rd Woodgate Valley Quinton84D. MerchantBurial Quinton Cemetery
4591995 Jun 23rdJoan Beryl Richards1 Arden Grove Langley64D.MawsleyBurial Quinton Cemetery
4601995 Jun 28thLillian Winifred May ReadFlat 79 Victoria Court Binswood Rd Oldbury72J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4611995 Jul 4thLillian May Scott59 Tinmeadow Crescent Rednal76R.EtheridgeBurial Quinton Cemetery
4621995 Jul 4thJessie May ArcherKings Meadow Resident Home88J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
631995 Jul 5thJoan Clara Cash60 Wedgewood Rd Quinton75D. PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
4641995 Jull 6thMarjorie Catherine CrumplerHeath House N/Home 81 Walkers Heath Rd Kings Norton91D.C. MursboneBurial Quinton Cemetery
4651995 Jul 7thColin Samuel Hatch28 Regent Court Binswood Rd Oldbury51J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
661995 Jul 12thElizabeth Astley604 Hagley Rd West Oldbury68J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4671995 Jul 21stMabel Elizabeth BartonWestern Park N/Home Macclesfield87J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4681995 Jul 31stAmelia EadesKings Meadow Residential Home96J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4691995 Aug 10thHarold Geoffrey Bate27 Newburn Croft Quinton70J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
4701995 Aug 15thRosina Clarke18 Heath Green Rd Winson Green97S. OwenBurial Quinton Cemetery
4711995 Aug 21stGurbachan Singh Verdi100 Higgins Lane Quinton55J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4721995 Aug 23rdAudrey Lillian Murray20 Eves Green Shell Lane Meriden74J. JacksonBurial Quinton Cemetery
4731995 Aug 23rdVictor Edwards106 Claygate Lane Barley Green73A. PenBurial Quinton Cemetery
4741995 Aug 31stGladys Evelyn Leary23 Higgins Lane Quinton74J,BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4751995 Sept 7thStanley Victor Lindquist84 Dimmingsdale Bank Quinton61J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4761995 Oct 4thErnslie Randall Trussell Bryan43 Milveryton Court Binswood Rd82J.BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4771995 Oct 10thAlbert Frederick Smith139 Lingsway Oldbury66J.Barnett
4781995 Oct 11thBasil Chesleigh Harvey Wilks463 Ridgacre Rd West Quinton72J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
791995 Nov 16thRose Jean Vickers25 Malvern Rd Oldbury73J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4801995 Nov 24thBetty Lewis146 Greenhill Rd62J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4811995 Dec 4thHarriett CharlesFlat 20 Kings Court Four Oaks Sutton Coldfield89B.WilliamsBurial Quinton Cemetery
4821995 Dec 11thIvor Richard Evans9 Harborne Rd74J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4831995 Dec 12thLillian Laura Avery23 Birdlip Grove Quinton83J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4841995 Dec 14thBarry Moore8 Norfolk Rd Oldbury59J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
4851995 Dec 14thAmy Nellie Wren5 Lockington Croft Halesowen90J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4861995 Dec 18thAlice Beatrice GriffinMelville Nursing Home96J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
871995 Dec 28thHilda May Gibbs25 Askey Court Hereford Rd Oldbury78J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
4881996 Jan 4thLeonard George Deakin26 Bristnall Hall Rd Oldbury68J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
4891996 Jan 5thJack Sherwood85 Apsley Rd Oldbury85J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
901996 Jan 18thLily Campbell55 Forest Rd Oldbury82J. BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
911996 Jan 19thMary Greaves38 Highfield Lane Quinton62J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4921996 Jan 23rdWilfred Francis Akers8 Priory Rd Halesowen91J. BarnettCremation Stourbridge Crem
4931996 Jan 24thJonathan Keith Leary23 Higgins Lane Quinton77J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4941996 Jan 25thIvy Maude Rose8 Barston Rd Oldbury86J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
4951996 Jan 29thFrederick WhitePenhos Llanddewin Llandrinclod Wells Harborne70B. CompBurial Quinton Cemetery
4961996 Feb 1stAmy Doreen Foakes67 Sheepmore Close Harborne70J. DentonCremation Lodge Hill
4971996 Feb 6thGeorge Round4 Chester Rise Oldbury87J.BarnettBurial Uplands Cemetery
4981996 Feb 7thWalter Vernon Cornforth30 Hawthorn Croft Oldbury88J.BarnettCremation Powke Lane
4991996 Feb 12thMillicent Dorothy PritchettAshley Court Fountain Rd Edgbaston93R. RemhaurBurial Quinton Cemetery
5001996 Feb 19thMary McLuckie Miley310 Quinton Rd West Quinton64D. PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
5011996 Feb 23rdViolet Agnes Lowe36 Amersham Close78J. Barnett
5021996 Feb 27thNellie BoxallKingsleigh 78 Barrow Rd Burnahm - on Sea87D. PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
5031996 Mar 1stAgnes Ivy Edwards33 Edenhall Rd Quinton86C. WaundbyCremation West Bromwich
5041996 Mar 6thLeslie James Ryder19 Wedgewood Rd Quinton82S. OwenCremation Powke Lane
5051996 Mar 7thAlice Elizabeth Jones233 Highfield Lane Quinton79J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5061996 Mar 11thNellie K/A Bella Gregson35 White Rd Quinton83L.J.OakesBurial Quinton Cemetery
5071996 Mar 28thGrace BirdFlat 2 Beechdale Perryhill Rd Oldbury87J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
5081996 Mar 29thAlice Elizabeth Rushton242 Spies Lane Halesowen87J. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
5091996 Mar 29thThomas William Hall20 Green Lane Quinton91J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5101996 May 3rdMalcolm Smith99 Summerfield Rd Oldbury62J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5111996 May 9thLaura Mullett6 Bissell St Quinton88F. HodleBurial Quinton Cemetery
5121996 May 9thJohn Albert Vernon Evans57 Daventry Grove Quinton75J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5131996 May 10thJeffrey John Griffin18 Monckton Rd Oldbury71J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
5141996 May 10thGeorge Turner17 Lockington Croft Halesowen85J. BarnettCremation West Bromwich
5151996 May 15thEllen Elizabeth Palmer66 Ridgacre Lane Quinton80J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5161996 May 31stMinnie KettleGray Gables N/Home 39 Foxhollies Rd Acocks Green91B. LambBurial Quinton Cemetery
5171996 Jun 25thFlorence Marshall73 Ford Street Smethwick90R. PriceBurial Quinton Cemetery
5181996 Jul 2ndIda Emma Lake32 Guardian House Hagley Rd Oldbury83J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
5191996 Jul 4thVera Spencer34 Daleswood Park Romsley83A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
5201996 Jul 4thEmma Lillian Pritchard40 High Street Quinton80J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5211996 Jul 12thWilliam Walter Hayne18 Guardian House Hagley Rd Oldbury86J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5221996 Jul 23rdCharlotte Violet Drew39 Edenhall Rd Quinton92J. BurkettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5231996 Jul 30thArnold Austin Basil Watkins31 Filton Avenue Hawfold Bristol87J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5241996 Aug 19thLaurence Charles Pearson20 Brennand Rd Oldbury82N.J. NelsaCremation Powke Lane
251996 Aug 22ndMadge TraceyOakdene Nursing Home74M.D. CastleBurial Quinton Cemetery
5261996 Aug 23rdCharles HarbourPark Lodge Nursing Home Harborne Rd79A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
5271996 Aug 30thAmy Austin412 Bromsgrove Rd Hunnington96A.C.FennellCremation Lodge Hill
5281996 Sept 3rdWilliam Arthur Jones71 Barston Rd Oldbury76J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5291996 Sept 5thIvy Hill230 Littleton Street West Bromwich81J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5301996 Sept 23rdEdward Russon8 Gower House Lockington Croft Haleswoen67S. CatesBurial Witton Cemetery
5311996 Sept 27thDoris Coll5 Ventnor Close Oldbury87J. BarnettCremation Rowley Regis
5321996 Oct 1stKenneth George Brinton63 Halesowen Rd Halesowen77J. BarnettCremation Rowley Regis
5331996 Oct 1stThomas Bruce Smith6 Balholm Mucklow Hill Halesowen69B. CompBurial in Scotland
5341996 Oct 2ndEvelyn May Clements48 Gorsy Rd Quinton78A.C.FennellCremation Lodge Hill
5351996 Oct 10thNeville Ivan Green17 Mucklow Hill Halesowen55A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
5361996 Oct 29thEdith Alice Hewston36 Shenstone Valley Rd Halesowen95J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5371996 Nov 1stShirley Eileen Darby83 Barston Rd Oldbury60J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
5381996 Nov 5thReginald James Pugh6 Eva Rd Oldbury85J. BarnettCremation West Bromwich
5391996 Nov 7thGladys Evelyn Shellis170 Ridgacre Lane Quinton69C. Monstoy
5401996 Nov 11thNora Davis40 Flemming Rd Quinton82D. PendletonBurial Quinton Cemetery
5411996 Nov 18thTommy Lee Yates58 Sommerfield Rd Bartley Green25 minutesBurial Quinton Cemetery
5421996 Nov 22ndVictor Arthur Samuel Smyth9 Edward Rd Oldbury76J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
5431996 Nov 28thLynn Robbins31 Worcester Rd Oldbury47S. CatesBurial Uplands Cemetery
5441996 Nov 29thLillian WhittallAllenbrook Nursing Home Spies Lane83J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5451996 Nov 29thBeatrice Johnson335 Quinton Rd West Quinton81J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
5461996 Dec 5thIris Lillian Deeley11 Harvington Rd Oldbury65S. CatesBurial Rood End Cemetery
5471996 Dec 12thJeffrey Arthur Woolman95 Chestnut Rd Oldbury68S. CatesBuried Quinton Cemetery
5481996 Dec 13thJessie Bosworth211 Quinton Lane Quinton73J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5491996 Dec 18thDorothy Edith DaviesGrafton Lodge Grafton Rd Hurst Green81J. BarnettCremation Rowley Regis
5501996 Dec 19thJames WhittallAllenbrook Nursing Home Spies Lane84J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5511996 Dec 20thFrances Muriel WhitehouseClent Cottage Odnell Lane Clent83J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5521997 Dec 20thBernard Stokes135 Apsley Rd Oldbury74S. CatesCremation West Bromwich
5531997 Jan 3rdFrances Muriel WhitehouseHomestead Nursing Home Prestwood Stourbridge91A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
5541997 Jan 3rdDerek John43 Swindon Rd Edgbaston61A.C. FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
5561997 Jan 31stEmily NobleHigh MeadwosTimbersbrook Congleton Cheshire77J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5571997 Feb 4thHarold Sessions67 Cornwall Avenue Oldbury75J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
5581997 Feb 17thGordon Josiah DewisSunnybank Nursing Home84J. BarnettBurial Witton Cemetery
5591997 Feb 18thJohn Findley Stirling25 Goodwyn Avenue Oldbury73S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
5601997 Feb 18thAnnette Giddings11 Newburn Croft Quinton84J. Barnett
5611997 Feb 19thMay Florence Turner17 Lockington Croft Halesowen80J. BarnettCremation West Bromwich
5621997 Feb 20thFrederick Bert Cotton21 Gower House Looockington Croft66J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5631997 Feb 21stGeorge Glover50 Chestnut Rd Oldbury88S. CateBurial Uplands Cemetery
5641997 Feb 21stNorah Hollyoak24 Cumberland Rd Oldbury75S. CateBurial Rood End Cemetery
5651997 Feb 28thAlan Harry Cox141 Ridgacre Lane Oldbury58Burial Quinton Cemetery
5661997 Mar 3rdJune Edith Annie Tattonr 17th.?th Annie Tatt58J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
5671997 Mar 6thDora Surridge41 Forest Rd Oldbury82S. CateCremation Lodge Hill
5681997 Mar 10thWilliam Albert BrazierHolly Lodge Nursing Home Stourbridge83S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
5691997 Mar 27thElisha Partridge5 Astbury Court Hereford Rd Oldbury83J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5701997 Apr 4thEdna May Hancocks27 Travanie Avenue Quinton81Burial Quinton Cemetery
5711997 Apr 25thLillian Emily Davies248 Spies Lane Halesowen84J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5721997 Apr 28thMarjorie Edwards102 Ridgacre Lane Quinton64A. BulwellBurial Quinton Cemetery
5731997 May 15thDouglas Arthur James Chalker34 Clydesdale Rd Quinton80J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5741997 May 28thJamie Leigh Cooper70 Four Acres Quinton2 daysJ. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5751997 May 30thGeorge John Robert Heath1 Birch Grove Oldbury77J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
5761997 Jun 9thIvy Rosin Clarke15 Culmington Rd Turves Green74S. OwenBurial Quinton Cemetery
5771997 Jun 10thVera Iris Parton159 Hagley Road West Harborne79J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
5781997 Jun 17thAlice Payne195 Ridgacre Rd Quinton74J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
5791997 Jun 25thJenny Poolton2 Imperial Avenue Nightingale N/ Home Kidderminster85H. BurtBurial Quinton Cemetery
581997 Jun 30thCharles Gomer Pritchard28 Hanson Rd Quinton78J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
591997 Jul 10thArthur Sharpe/ Ivy May Sharpe31 Hawthorn Croft Oldbury83/79S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
601997 Jul 15thWilfred Stanley Harris26 Astley Avenue Halesowen80A. BulwellCremation Powke Lane
611997 Jul 22ndEvelyn Maud Woodall18 Springfield Drive Halesowen90J. ParsonsBurial Quinton Cemetery
621997 Jul 31stJohn Herbert Clement56 Grayswood Park Rd Quinton84J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
631997 Aug 28thRonald Edward Ravenhill29 Hollybush Grove Quinton69J. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
641997 Sept 18thJessie Winifred Nelson64 Brett Drive Bartley Green75F. BushBurial Quinton Cemetery
651997 Sept 22ndCharles Edward Joyner71 Bolney Rd69S. Cate
661997 Oct 14thClifford Reading39 Oak Rd Oldbury83S. CateCremation West Bromwich
671997 Oct 15thDorothy Woodfield53 Warple Rd Quinton70J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
681997 Oct 21stHilda PetchSelly Park N/Home 84 Glyn Farm Rd Oldbury86J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
691997 Oct 22ndDoris May Paul34 Shenstone Valley Rd Halesowen85J. BarnettCremation Stourbrdige
701997 Nov 18thGladys WilliamsAllenbrooke N/Home Spies Lane Halesowen91J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
711997 Nov 28thDoris Vera Hitchen27 Glyn Farm Rd Quinton90J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
721997 Dec 8thAlbert James Ellison55 Chestnut Rd Oldbury83S.Cate
731997 Dec 11thMabel Edna Cornforth30 Hawthorn Croft Oldbury86S.CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
741998 Jan 8thAmy PriceSt Georges Home Shirley 59 Daventry Grove95J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
751998 Jan 9thEva OwensOrmonck House 46 Halesowen Rd Halesowen80J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
761998 Jan 9thRuth Presty163 White Rd Quinton85J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
771998 Jan 20thSarah Amelia Reeves58 Firsby Rd Quinton89J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
781998 Jan 22ndJohn Glyndwr Davies25 Monckton Rd Quinton85S. CateCremation Stourbrdidge
791998 Jan 23rdWilliam Thomas BreakwellUpper Lodge Farney Omibury88J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
801998 Jan 26thArthur Wall HomerJohn Baynham N/Home Kidderminster91R. EllenfeBurial Quinton Cemetery
811998 Feb 3rdJanice Lillian Johnson33 Trevarne Avenue Quinton65J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
821998 Feb 4thGeoffrey Haynes63 Sunnybank Court Sunnybank Rd Oldbury73J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
831998 Feb 6thMorgan Louise Chadwick42 Graham Rd Halesowen4 mnthsJ. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
841998 Feb 18thHoward Griffiths25 Trevanie Avenue Quinton76J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
851998 Feb 19thDorothy Leanora CutlerFieldhouse Rest Home West Hagley Stoney Lane94J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
861998 Feb 27thFlorence Ada Gree28 Perryhill Rd Oldbury83S. CateBurial Uplands Cemetery
871998 Mar 3rdAda Louise FairbrotherPark Lodge N/Home Oak Rd90S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
881998 Mar 3rdMaurice Arthur Goule68 Apollo Rd Oldbury65D. HartCremated West Bromwich
891998 Mar 13thHarold Plant91 Frankly Avenue Halesowen74Burial Quinton Cemetery
901998 Mar 20thGerald William Gough1 Westbourne Rd Halesowen68J. Barnett
911998 Apr 17thGladys Ethel ClaytonKings Meadow Residential Home Queensway92B. Atkins
921998 Apr 20thPeter Hurst Marshall9 Dale Rd Halesowen57D. Wisher
931998 Apr 22ndJane Margaret Lee47 Blandford Rd Quinton88A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
941998 Apr 23rdDoris Foster15 Valley Rd Hurst Green Halesowen83J. BarnettBurial Stourbridge
951998 Apr 24thSophie Alexandra HannaHighfield House 7 Linthurst Rd Barnt Green10J. BarnettBurial Bromsgrove Cemetery
961998 Apr 28thJames Albert Wise436 Quinton Road West Quinton57J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cmetary
971998 May 13thErnest John Williamson899 Hagley Rd West Oldbury72J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
981998 May 22ndVictor Leonard Williams59 Grayswood Park Rd Quinton58J. BarnettCremation WestBromwich
991998 Jun 2ndSylvia Godwin130 Narrow Lane Halesowen77B. WhiteBurial Quinton Cmetary
1001998 Jun 4thDoreen Maud GregoryApsley Rd Oldbury72J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cmetary
1011998 Jun 17thBernard Graham36 Edenhall Rd Quinton82M. WallisCremation Lodge Hill
1021998 Jun 18thJoseph Coniff14 Tame Rise Tame Rd Oldbury89J. DentonBurial Uplands Cemetery
1031998 Jun 19thWilliam Bernard Seston21 Beverley Court Clarendon Place Halesowen75J. DentonCremation Lodge Hill
1041998 Jun 24thShelia Ann Burke129 Woodbury Rd OldburyNo AgeS. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
1051998 Jul 8thNellie Violet HydeBroome House N/Home Hagley83M.D.Castle
1061998 Jul 16thGeorge Hollyoake24 Cumberland RD Oldbury78S. CateBurial Rood End
1071998 Jul 31stGeorge Hill61 Pembridge Close Bartley Green83A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
1081998 Aug 3rdStanley EvansFlat 9 Heathcote House Vivian Close Harborne72A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
1091998 Aug 10thMarjorie Florence Wyatt8 Dunstall Rd Halesowen74A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
1101998 Aug 17thWalter Harry Corfield26 Perry Court Hagley Rd West Oldbury78D. WisherBurial Uplands Cemetery
1111998 Aug 18thDorothy Alice King-Bryan56 Frankley Avenue Halesowen90J. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
1121998 Aug 28thJoyce Florence Alderman44 Oldacre Rd Oldbury69D. EtheridgeBurial Quinton Cemetery
1131998 Sept 10thPrudence Louise Raybould19 Clay Drive Quinton68J. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
1141998 Sept 18thLeonard Slater16 Norfolk Rd Oldbury82S. CateBurial Uplands Cemetery
1151998 Sept 25thCatherine Myers14 Wynn Street Lea Bank85N.J.SkinnerBurial Quinton Cemetery
1161998 Oct 1stMary Pearson107 Bleakhouse Rd Oldbury59S. CateBurial Uplands Cemetery
1171998 Oct 9thGladys May Mullett52 Clydesdale Rd Quinton91J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
1181998 Oct 13thRobin William Leech14 Chestnut Rd Oldbury55S CateCremation Powke Lane
1191998 Oct 29thNorah RudgeRoxburgh N/Home Cradley Heath98J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1201998 Nov 5thMatilda Myra Mills2 Pitman Rd Quinton89A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
1211998 Nov 6thLeslie Arthur Taylor1 Astley Avenue Halesowen78J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
1221998 Nov 13thJoan Weavin146 Birch Rd Oldbury65S CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
1231998 Nov 23rdWilliam Edward Greenland153 Quinton Lane Quinton77S CateCremation Lodge Hill
1241998 Nov 24thRobert Swingler8 Oak Tree Crescent51J. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
1251998 Nov 25thElsie Maud SmithTrevanie Avenue Quinton94J. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
1261998 Dec 8thLeonard Hamblin12 Hawthorn Croft Oldbury77J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1271998 Dec 30thArthur Arnold Taylor734 Hagley Rd West Oldbury79J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1281999 Jan 5thWinifred Rose Henderson101 Quinton Lane Quinton89B. AtkinsCremation Lodge Hill
1291999 Jan 8thGillian Irene Rushton23 Green Lane Halesowen43J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1301999 Jan 11thRuby Nellie ArcherLench's Trust Ridgacre Rd Quinton92A.C.FennellBurial Quinton Cemetery
1311999 Jan 13thDoris Biddy Hewitt81 Quinton Lane Quinton74J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1321999 Jan 22ndThomas Henry Kenworthy4 Stork Meadow Rd Simmondig Glossop Derbys84J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1331999 Jan 25thLeon Jack Marshall14 Hill Top Avenue Oldbury9 mnthsJ. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1341999 Jan 27thAlbert Edward Lloyd9 Beaulieu Avenue Kingswinford79N. GraceBurial Quinton Cemetery
1351999 Feb 5thSylvia Lily Fennell??lvia Lily Fennell?ary?infor69J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1361999 Feb 10thRaymond Ernest Leatherland141 Tower Rd Tividale64C. Mandby
1371999 Feb 16thJohn Andrew Griffiths20 Lower White Rd Quinton59J. Barnett
1381999 Mar 17thKieran Allan Reeves26 Barn Piece Woodgate ValleyStill born F/TJ. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1391999 Mar 22ndSimon David Haddon701 Hagley Rd West Quinton27S. WilliamsonCremation West Bromwich
1401999 Mar 23rdCynthia Ethel Davies63 Clifton Rd Halesowen68J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1411999 Mar 30thDoris Gertrude Carpenter14 Clydesdale Rd Quinton90A. BudayCremation Lodge Hill
1421999 Apr 1stWilliam Joseph Saxton2 Hillbrow Crescent Halesowen75R. EtheridgeBurial Quinton Cemetery
1431999 Apr 12thLillian Violet PurvinGrange Hill N/Home Max Rd89A. Buday
1441999 Apr 13thGladys Evelyn HadleyAshley Court N/Home Fountain Rd Edgbaston89R. EtheridgeBurial Quinton Cemetery
1451999 Apr 20thMay FirkinsPark Lodge Nursing Home95C.R.ManoleyBurial Quinton Cemetery
1461999 Apr 30thElsie Lillian BaileyShenstone Hall N/Home Shenston Lichfield91C. BartlettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1471999 May 6thHilda Mary Dillon55 Edenhall Rd Quinton85J, BarnettCremation Lodge Hill Prior to Church Service
1481999 May 7thVera Jeynes56 Overdale Rd Quinton084J, BarnettCremated Lodge Hill
1491999 Jun 25thRichard Carl Letts20 Bodenham Rd Oldbury22J, BarnettCremated Powke Lane
1501999 Jun 30thEdward Thomas Morgan80 Highfield Lane Quinton67J, BarnettCremated Lodge Hill
1511999 Jul 5thCharles Edward Read19 Hernehurst Quinton85A. BuswellCremation Lodge Hill
1521999 Jul 30thIrene Brookes215 Wolverhampton Rd Oldbury79S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
1531999 Aug 2ndElsie May Crump80 Dimmingsdale Bank Quinton79Burial Quinton Cemetery
1541999 Aug 18thClara Winifred Schenoick11 Hernehurst Quinton76J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1551999 Oct 12thGeorge William Henry Grant4 Gleads Croft Halesowen77J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1561999 Oct 15thFrederick Taylor44 Edenhall Rd Quinton78J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1571999 Oct 18thWinifred Hill27 Daventry Grove90A. BuswellBurial Quinton Cemetery
1581999 Oct 19thGladys Firth15 Wilmington Rd Quinton90J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
1591999 Nov 8thEdith Mary HingeSummerdyne Nursing Home Bewdley96E. OwenBurial Quinton Cemetery
1601999 Nov 10thRita Joyce Foster1 Newlyn Rd Northfield71D. JonesBurial Quinton Cemetery
1611999 No 23rdIrene Isabel Dyson251 Portland Rd Edgbaston75D. JonesBurial Quinton Cemetery
162199 Nov 11thElizabeth Audrey Roberts26 Hollybush Grove Quinton87J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1631999 Dec 8thRenhold Georg Koszany154 Spies Lane Halesowen75J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1641999 Dec 9thNorman Sydney Stone476 Hagley Rd West Quinton72J. EvansBurial Uplands Cemetery
1651999 Dec 14thChristine Elizabeth Rogers134 Upper Meadow Rd Quinton62A. PerryBurial Quinton Cemetery
1661999 Dec 12Constance Marjorie Brooks83 Clent Rd94A. PerryCremation Lodge Hill
1671999 Dec 14thJohn Halifax Horton82 Oak Rd Oldbury90S. CateCremation Lodge Hill
1681999 Dec 14thYing Tai Lam (Mrs)10 Dunstall Close Webb Heath Reddith62F. CheapBurial Quinton Cemetery
1691999 Dec 16thAda Alice Veasey6 Romsley Rd Bartley Green77J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1702000 Jan 7thSarah Jane Fisher16 Rose Avenue Oldbury94S. Cate
1712000 Jan 12thEdith FloydLapal House89J. Barnett
1722000 Jan 18thHazel StephensYew Tree Nursing Home Romsley76J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1732000 Jan 28thEdith Fanny Burrows815 Hagley Rd West Quinton97J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
1742000 Feb 4thWinifred Elizabeth Blakeslay22 Greenhill Rd Halesowen91J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1752000 Feb 9th??. 175?uinton C27 Newburn Croft74J. BarnettCremation West Bromwich
1762000 Feb 9thEthian Williams Teal391 Highfield Lane Quinton13 daysJ. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
1772000 Feb 10thJohn Morris Jones33 Holly Rd Oldbury69J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
1782000 Feb 11thMay JohnsonPark Lodge Nursing Home87M.C. Ridyard
1792000 Feb 21stFlorence Olive TownrowOakkdene 328 Hagley Rd Edgbaston83B. AdamsBurial Quinton Cemetery
1802000 Feb 22ndAnnie Elizabeth Wilcox149 Quinton Lane Quinton93J. Barnett
1812000 Mar 7thWilliam George Pagett60 Edinnburgh Rd Oldbury85S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
1822000 Mar 9thLucy May Constable138 Woodbury Rd Halesowen78J. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
1832000 Mar 16thEthel May Pratt18 Anderson Rd Bearwood95A. BuswellBurial Uplands Cemetery
1842000 Mar 21stJohn Dury67 White Rd QuintonNo AgeJ. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
1852000 Mar 23rdEdna Cansick21 Newburn Croft Quinton81J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
1862000 Mar 28thJohn Wynham Matthews91 Barston Rd Oldbury72T. Anderson
1872000 Mar 30thCharles David Llooyd52 Trevarne Avenue Quinton82J. Barnett
1882000 Apr 3rdWilliam Postle69 Westbourne Rd Halesowen87M. GaneBurial Quinton Cemetery
1892000 Apr 7thMarjorie Hill15 Warwick Rd Oldbury88S. CateCremation Lodge Hill
1902000 Apr 7thJessie Greenfield57 Greenwood Avenue75Cremation Powke Lane
1912000 Apr 11thJoyce Marjorie Truslove8 Abberley Rd Oldbury77S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
1922000 Apr 20thDorothy Joan DrewNo Address77C. WandbyBurial Quinton Cemetery
1932000 May15thSusaan HassamStarnards Retirement Home Northfield87M. DennyBurial Quinton Cemetery
1942000 May 16thRosemary Evelyn Joan Lealand23 Brycinen Hill Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Wales80C. WandbyBurial Quinton Cemetery
1952000 May 23rdEmily Franklin19 Tame Rd Oldbury78S. CateCremation Rowley Regis
1962000 May 26thLillian Annie Robins18 Suncroft Quinton75S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
1972000 Jun 9thDorothy Irene Elliott59 Wedgewood Rd QuintonNo AgeBurial Quinton Cemetery
1982000 Jun 14thDavid Ronald Clarke17 Briary Rd Halesowen74S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
1992000 Jun 21stThomas William Bunting7 Firth Park Crescent Halesowen79J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2002000 Jun 22ndMary Thomas38 Daventry Grove Quinton87J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2012000 Jun 27thRuby Haynes63 Sunnybank Court Sunnybank RD Oldbury71J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2022000 Jul 4thGwendoline May Harris15 Guardian House Hagley Rd West Oldbury84S. CateCremation Lodge Hill
2032000 Jul 19thAlan John Torrance50 Bolney Rd Quinton59C. WandbyBurial Quinton Cemetery
2042000 Aug 2ndJohn Frederick McManus25 Carless Avenue Harborne77P. HeradBurial Quinton Cemetery
2052000 Aug 3rdAnne BiddleKnowle Lodge Hotel 423 Hagley Rd Edgbaston60J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2062000 Aug 8thWilliam Alfred Sale74 Harvington Rd Oldbury74J. DentonCremation Powke Lane
2072000 Aug 18thPaul John Willis282 Simmonds Drive Quinton36J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2082000 Aug 30thChristine Diane Uldah8 Arkwright Rd Quinton48C. WannnndbyBurial Quinton Cemetery
2092000 Sept 6thJoan Iris Mills205 Woodbury Close Oldbury71S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
2102000 Sept 11thLeonard Albert Breakspear54 Beckbury Rd Weoley Castle78D. WeaverBurial Quinton Cemetery
2112000 Sept 11thMavis Beatrice Mullins41 Mayswood Grove Quinton62R. HughesBurial Quinton Cemetery
122000 Sept 12thSydney George Presdee163 White Rd Quinton86J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2132000 Sept 22ndBarbara Doreen LaneCamberley Long Lane Halesowen77J. BarnettCremation Powke Lane
2142000 Oct 4thIrene Anona Cooke46 Warston Avenue Woodgate Valley Quinton52J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2152000 Oct 19thAnnie May NewnesKingsmare Nursing Home Kingsbury Rd93G. PonerBurial Quinton Cemetery
2162000 Oct 25thRonald Smith29 Meadow Rd Quinton79J. Barnett
2172000 Oct 26thHenry Thomas Constable138 Woodbury Rd Haleswoen80J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2182000 Oct 31stEunice Edna Williams144 Woodbury Rd Halesowen97R. HughesBurial Quinton Cemetery
2192000 Nov 28thFrances Roma Ainge137 Blakedown Rd Halesowen74J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2202000 Nov 29thVivianne Francine Sansom130 James Turner Street Winson Green48J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2212000 Dec 1stDennis John Guest55 Warple Rd Quinton78J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2222000 Dec 12thBrian Geoffrey Dodd33 Portdown Rd Halesowen56J. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
2232000 Dec 13thBernard Francis CooperWest Croft Sheep Street Chipping Campden Herts94J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
224200 Dec 14thVera Annie Slater16 Norfolk Rd Oldbury82S. CateBurial Uplands Cemetery
2252000 Dec 22ndStanley William Booth34 Northbrook Street Ladywood75J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2262000 Dec 15thLawson Arthur Darby83 Barston Rd OldburyNo AgeJ. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2272001 Jan 2ndAmy Kathleen Chandler111 Apsley Rd OldburyNo AgeJ. Barnett
2282001 Jan 5thEdna May Goff107 Glyn Farm Rd Quinton88J. Barnett
2292001 Jan 9thDoris May WinstanleySebright Lodge South Rd Smethwick77S. CateCremation Lodge Hill
2302001 Jan 9thElsie Dorothy Loftus Kilby18 Astley Avenue Halesowen86J. Barnett
2312001 Feb 1stDoris Harriett Seymour Lee31 Frederick Rd Oldbury92R. LudgeBurial Quinton Cmetary
2322001 Feb 8thEdith May Reeve45 Grayswood Park Rd Quinton86R. HodgesCremation Lodge Hill
2332001 Feb 27thAmy SprosonLapal House81J. DentonBurial Quinton Cmetary
2342001 Feb 27thLeonard John White7 Kent Rd Halesowen70J. EwainBurial Quinton Cmetary
2352001 Mar 1stLeslie Joseph HardwickBearwood Nursing Home86S. Cate
2362001 Mar 2ndGordon Phillips53 Kent Rd Halesowen76J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2372001 Mar 21stLillian Marie Cash12 Old Quarry Close Rubery64V. GasteBurial Quinton Cemetery
2382001 Mar 28thAlma Thornton33 Barn Piece Quinton70C. WandbyBurial Quinton Cemetery
2392001 Apr 5thIvy Bevan471 Ridgacre Rd West Quinton87J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2402001 Apr 10thHilda May Bannister254 Worlds End Lane Quinton80A. WandbyBurial Quinton Cemetery
2422001 Apr 24thLeslie Goule13 Tame Rise OldburyNo AgeS. CateCremation Powke Lane
2432001 Apr 27thCharles Thomas Burke238 West Boulevard Quinton82M. SaundersBurial Quinton Cemetery
2442001 May 8thDerek Peter John Lee9 Green Lane Quinton66J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2452001 May 9thDavid Rowley16 Henderson Court Queensway Oldbury49S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
2462001 May 9thGertrude Dolly Hill14 California House Millmead Rd Bartley Green88C. MandbyBurial Quinton Cemetery
2472001 May 23rdCatherine Doreen Allen40 Littlewoods Hunt End Redditch82J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2482001 Jun 1stWilliam Stanley Blundell5 Linley Crescent Oldbury88J. BarnettBurial Quinton Cemetery
2492001 Jun 5thJohn Anthony Wheeler49 Roundhills Rd Halesowen61J. BarnettCremation Lodge Hill
2502001 Jun 6thElizabeth Mountford24 ElmcroftNo AgeJ. DentonBurial Quinton Cemetery
2512001 Jun 14thWilliam Henry Connor52 Royal Oak Rd Halesowen71M. RidyardCremation Lodge Hill
2522001 Jun 22ndEthel Dyson3 Edinnburgh RD Oldbury76S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
2532001 Jun 22ndDoris Joan Rose Pugh6 Eva Rd Oldbury81S. CateCremation West Bromwich
2542001 Aug 1stGladys BayleyWoodview House N/Home Hayley Green Halesowen77S. CateBurial Quinton Cemetery
2552001 Aug 8thMary Moore8 Norfolk Rd Oldbury74N. ShortBurial Uplands Cemetery
2562001 Aug 9thJohn Charles Bartley21 Dwellings Lane Quinton84N. ShortBurial Quinton Cemetery