Quinton Local History Society

Register of Nonconformist Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, The Quinton, 1891 to 1934

NOTE: Burials of Non-Conformists were recorded separately until 1948.
After that, they were included in the main Parish Registers of the Church.

The register has been printed with the kind permission of the rector of Christ Church, The Quinton.

Imformation provided here is already in the public domain. However, please notify us if you have special reasons for wanting an entry removed from this website.

This Register has been transcribed by Carole Bradley, Jackie Hill and Doreen Bright.
We apologise for any spelling errors. Where any doubt has arisen, the query has been marked with a question mark.

The complete set of registers is available together with births and marriages. For further enquiries please contact either of the following:-

Carole Bradley, 283 West Boulevard, Quinton, Birmingham - Tel. 0121 426 1951 or

Jackie Hill, 367 Shaftmoor Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 8TB (Tel. No. 0121-777-2552)

No.Date of BurialRef.NameAddressAgePresiding
11891 Jan 26thG 331Calet PowellQuinton34E.Shepherd
21891 Mar 20thNNBenjamin Charles PreedyQuinton18G.Middleton
31891 Apr 27thNNWilliam HillQuinton39E.Shepherd
41891 Jun 7thNNLouisa FieldQuinton15E.Shepherd
51891 Jun 7thNNArthur HopkinsLondonderry3mnthsG.H.Stanier
61891 Jun 23rdNNSamuel Walter MucklowTinkers Land4mnthsE.Shepherd
71891 Aug 27thNN James CutlerSpies Lane2mnthsE.Shepherd
81891 Oct 16thNNAbel PerryQuinton49Henry Platten
91891 Nov 27thNNEthel Marie ChapmanQuinton17E.Shepherd
101891 Dec 10thNN Benjamin HillBleakHouse Lane22 mnthsE.Shepherd
111892 Jan 16thNNThomas HaycockSpies Lane80Soshia Haigh
121892 Feb 16thNNDoris Winnifred ShepherdStation Road Blackheath7 mnthsGeorge Middleton
131892 Apr 13thNNHarry PowellQuinton23mnthsE.Shepherd
141892 Jun 17thNNRebecca MucklowHurst Green56John Smart
151892 Jul 15thNNMartha ClarkeRood End Road3 yearsJ.Hollis
161892 Jul 18thNNJohn NealLong Lane Hill85J.Smart
171892 Sept 8thNNJoseph JonesSparkhill3mnthsE.R.Davies
181892 Sept 29thNNOswald James DingleyHigh Street Quinton2 yearsGeorge Middleton
191892 Dec 27thNNJoseph PriceQuinton82George Middleton
201893 Jan 17thNNAgnes Sarah Louise DingleyMain Street8 yearsGeorge Middleton
211893 Mar 18thNNWilliam HillBleakHouse Lane Warley8 yearsDavis
221893 Jun 29thNNJohn RoseCollege Road Quinton15George Middleton
231893 Jul 23rdNNWilliam HadleyQuinton38George Middleton
241893 Nov 4thG 55Alfred BaileyWest Bromwich6 yearsW.Cathbertson
251893 Nov 19thJoseph Cyril GuytonEdgbaston26Plattern
261894 Feb 12thLora Ella PerryCollege Road Quinton13James Jones Rectpr
271894 Aug 4thWilliam PowellBissell Street Quinton43James Jones Rector
281895 Jan 28thHarriett PriceSpies Lane Quinton73Middleton
291895 Apr 24thG 8Mary Ann NealeNew England Hill64J.Smart
301895 May 4thG 163Jane RobbinsMeadow Road Quinton69James Jones Rector
311895 Aug 1stDavid Douglas WoodCollege Road Quinton2yearsMiddleton
321895 Oct 10thSamuel ClarkeRound End Road Langley3mnthsS.Hollies
331895 Dec 14thBenjamin PriddyRidgacre Lane65J.Hollies
341895 Dec 15thPhoebe May PayneDudley Road Birmingham4 yearsWilliam Forth
351895 Dec 16thAnnie GreavesNew Road Quinton22 daysMiddleton
361895 Dec 27thG 336Annie PayneDudley Road Birmingham2yearsWilliam Forth
371896 Apr 20thG 9John Harvey Parkes1 Newhall Hill Birmingham4mnthsJames Harvey Mellor
381896 Jun 5thMiriam Whitehouse11 Pool Lane Langley19 nthsMiddleton
391896 Sept 24thG 7James ParkesCollege Road Quinton53Middleton
401896 Nov 1st G 380Elsie Mary AustinSmethwick18 mnthsMiddleton
411896 Nov 16thWilliam Harold GraingerHigh Street Quinton5 mnthsJames Jones Rector
421897 Jan 9thG 163Frederick RobbinsMeadow Road Quinton74James Jones Rector
431897 Jan 12thG 342Phoebe AndrewsCollege Road Quinton27Middleton
441897 Mar 5thSarah BatchelorLong Lane Hill56J.Smart
451897 Apr 12thThomas DanksGlengarth House Quinton30 minsThomas Allen
461897 Jun 30thEmmanuel HallCollege Road Quinton59Middleton
471897 Jul 7thG 9Thomas Parkes65 Linwood Road Handsworth32Middleton
481897 Aug 8thFlorence Ann PartridgeBirmingham10 mnthsMiddleton
491897Oct 7thDora Harriet DingleyMeadow Road Quinton70Rev. R.Dunnett
501897 Oct 25thRichard HardwickBirch Road Warley5mnthsRev.W.Smith
511897 Oct 25thJoseph HardwickBirch Road Warley5mnthsRev.W.Smith
521897 Nov 2ndSarah PartridgeCollege Road Quinton3yearsMiddleton
531898 Jan 15thAlice ParkesBissell Street Quinton10 mnthsRev.W.Smith
541898 Mar 6thJoseph MucklowLangley Green Road 2 yearsJ.Hollis
551898 Mar 7thG 386Ernest George HaskinsCollege Road Quinton13James Jones Rector
561898 Mar 21stWilliam Harvey DanielsBirch Road Warley4mnthsG.Dunnett
571898 Apr 1stJoseph HarvisHalesowen Road Quinton21 daysMiddleton
581898 Apr 27thDaisy Hilda Payne173 Dudley Road Birmingham2 yearsRev. M. Nicholas
591898 Oct 3rdMary Smart75 Dingle Street Oldbury66Rev.w.h. Taylor
601898 Oct 11thG. 164Agnes Annie RoseCollege Road Quinton24Middleton
611898 Dec 10thSarah MucklowHigh Street Quinton35Rev. M.Haigh
621898 Dec 15thG 55Sarah Walker43 Hubert Street WestBromwich81Rev M.Haigh
631899 May 23rdFanny NealLong Lane Hill26J.Hollis
641898 Jul 3rdEdwin HillBleakhouse Road Warley8 daysJames Jones
651899 Jul 3rdArthur HillBleakhouse Road Warley4 daysJames Jones Rector
661899 Aug 18thFrederick NealLong Lane Hill12 mnthsJames Jones Rector
671899 Nov 7thGeorge Harold HarrisThe Hill Road Quinton1mnthMiddleton
681899 Dec 26thHorace Medlicott DavisCollege Road Quinton6mnthsMiddleton
691900 Jan 24thGeorge StevensCollege Road Quinton20 minutesJ.Allen
701900 Jan 24thWilliam StevensCollege Road Quinton24 hoursJ.Allen
711900 Feb 12thWilliam NealLong Lane The Hill9 daysThomas Hooson
721900 Feb 27thLloyd NealLong Lane The Hill34J.Hollis
731900 May 5thG 61Martha RoseOld Toll House Quinton71Frank Cox
741900 May 8thGeorge LovettLong Lane Quinton24 hoursMiddleton
751900 Jul 17thG. 110Ann HomerCrock Street Hill73.Hollis
761900 Dec 6thJoseph GlazeHadley Road Quinton53F.Cox
771901 Jan 29thDora HardwickBirch Road Warley13 daysMiddleton
781901 Feb 25thWilliam Howard NealeNew England Long Lane Hill9 mnthsThomas Evans
791901 Mar 1thEliza RoseCollege Road Quinton49Middleton
801901 Apr 3rdAnson Anthony LovettLong Lane 4 hoursMiddleton
811901 Jul 13thG 64Sarah Alice Barratt12 Alfred Road Sparkhill45James Lockhart
821901 Jul 16thJohn SmartPark Street South Wolverhampton65W.Taylor
831901 Jul 20thHannah GuestRidgacre Lane Quinton82Dunnett
841901 Jul 23rdMajor Coley11 Rutland Road Edgbaston15 mnthsMiddleton
851901 SeptAllen NealNew England The Hiill4 mnthsJames Jones Rector
861901 Dec 31stEliza MasonManor Lane Lapal61Edward Luckhart
871902 Jan 25thG 165Agnes Sarah BissellMeadow Road Quinton24Middleton
881902 Feb 8thJoseph JonesSparkbrook Birmingham2E.Evans
891902 Feb 10thG 325Elizabeth Ryland Guyton17 Kingsbury Road Edgbaston67Joseph Dawson
901902 Feb 20thSidney Charles William WestonCollege Road Quinton4 mnthsRev. E.Luctkare
911902 Mar 29thHarvey Thomas HarrisBirmingham Road Quinton1mnthJ.Evans
921902 Jul 19thMay JonesD. Solihull Hosp. R Sparkbrook2 yearsJ.Evans
931902 Jul 31stGeorge GreavesRidgacre Lane Quinton61Dunnett
941902 Oct 25thG. 58Reginald Wood167 Vincent Street2Rev. E.Luctkare
951902 Nov 5thG 325Joe Guyton4 Jaffray Road Edgbaston81Dawson
961903 Jan 5thG 166Bevan ChantrillEdgbaston68James Jones Rector
1903Jan 10thGeorge Bissell65 Church Road Smethwick42Middleton
981903 Jan 20thOlive Blanche PartridgeBrittania Wharf Prinncip Street8 mnthsRev. E.Luctkare
991903 Feb 7thG 342Elsie MasseyHagley Road Quinton3 mnthsRev. E.Luctkare
100903 Mar 9thJoseph Howard NealNew England Long Lane9 mnthsj.Hollis
1011903 Apr 4thJo Parkin18 Bearwood Road Smethwick58James Jones Rector
1021903 Jun 8thG 345William ParkinsonGeneral Hospital Birmingham59James Jones Rector
1031903 Jul 31stElsie Vincent Davis20 Bearwood Road12James Jones Rector
1041903 Aug 29thCharles RoseThe Flat Beech Lane58James Jones Rector
1051903 Dec 11thJoy May HarvisCollege Road Quinton3 mnthsRev. E.Luctkare
1061903 Dec 31stG 387Robert Harry WillettsBissell Street Quinton12 mnthsRev. E.Luctkare
1071904 Jan 28thErnest Davies Wood8 Shermoor Road Smethwick1 mnthMiddleton
1081904 Mar 5thC/S/B.Parents R Carters LaneNilJohn Allen Serton
1091904 Apr 11thTom JonesLong Lane Hill57James Jones Rector
1101904 Apr 18thG 388Horace Foley McDonaldHalesowen Road66Middleton
1111904 Apr 23rdBertram CliftMeadow Road Quinton23 mnthsRev. E.Luctkare
1121904 Apr 27thAllan NealNew Englland Hill7 weeksRev. E.Luctkare
1131904 May 5thBetsy Haycock RudgeHigh Street Quinton48Middleton
1141904 May 5thWilliam NealeLong Lane The Hill77J.Hollis
1151904 May 11thMary Jane Harber140Milcote Road Smethwick34Rev.E.Luctkare
1161904 May 20thG 168Samuel BissellCollege Road Quinton63Middleton
1171904 Aug 17thG 288Elizabeth AndrewsCollege Road Quinton66Middleton
1181904 Sept 28thThomas ColeyWest Bromwich Workhouse73Jones
1191905 Jan 14thAnnie CutlerHagley Road Quinton17Jones
1201905 Jan 14thAnn ParkesBeech Lane81James Jones Rector
1211905 Apr 1stMary HallCollege Road Quinton65Rev. E.Jones
1221905 Apr 12thPaul Burck HaviotBill Barn Road Birmingham43James Jones Rector
1231905 May 20thG 438Moses HarrisCollege Road Quinton36Rev. W. Cole
1241905 May 24thG 221Edward RoseHancox Street50Rev. S.R. Wardle
1251905 May 29thLily Elizabeth ParkesLong Lane10 mnthsJames Jones Rector
1261905 Jul 6thG 169Charles Parkes27 Somings Bank Oldbury59G.H.Griffiths
1271905 SeptThomas BatchelorChapel Street Blackheath62J.Hollis
1281905 Oct 2ndG 349Ruth LeesBleakhouse Road Warley23J. Napier Milne
1291905 Oct 12thG 377/378Elizabeth DanksApsley House Quinton71T.Richards
1301905 Nov 8thG 350Hannah HodgettsCarters Lane Lapal68E.Jones
1311905 Dec 4thEdward HardwickBleakhouse Road Warley1 dayMiddleton
1321906 Jan 31stC/S/BParents 407 Moat Road WarleyJohn Allen
1331906 Feb 1stElizabeth GuestHalesowen Street Blackheath56James Jones Rector
1341906 Feb 7thDora Winnifred ParkesRidgacre Lane Quinton3mnthsE.Jones
1351906 Mar 31stG 389Tom ParkesBissell Street Quinton62James Jones Rector
1361906 AugG 113Joe NealLong Lane36James Jones Rector
1371906 Sept 9thG 351Samuel Pitcher77 William Street Birmingham57S.S. Leedal Wely. Min
1381906 Sept 9thLily Wood69 Ethel Street Smethwick6mnthsBen Walton
1391906 Oct 15thBetsey RoseBeech Lane Warley72James Jones Rector
1401907 Feb 16thG 110Emma HomerLong Lane18Tom Saudford
1411907 Feb 16thJames GreavesHigh Street Quinton2yrs 3mnthsBen Walton
1421907 Feb 28thG 170Gladys Maud Bissell44 Frederick Road Quinton2 yearsMiddleton
1431907 Mar 28thJoseph WoodNew England The Hill4 daysBen Walton
1441907 Mar 30thThomas WoodNew England The Hill16 daysBen Walton
1451907 Jun 17thG 261William RoseHagley Road81William Wood
1461907 Jun 29thNNLucy CutlerHagley Road22Benjamin Walton
1471907 Aug 31stG 71Agnes Hilda BissellBissell Street4 yearsMiddleton
1481907 Oct 12thG 285Philip Guest30 Hancox Street53George Robbins
1491907 Nov 6thG 375/376George MiddletonQuinton77Rev.Cook
1501907 Nov 23rdG 172Ernest William HallHigh Street26James Jones
1511908 Sept 21stG 340Henry Dingley31 Durham Road Sparkhill69Sexton
1521908 Nov 8thNNSamuel NealeLong Lane43Rev. Maland
1531907 Nov 18thEmma SwainNew England10 mnthsJ.Hollis
1541907 Nov 28thDavid WoodRidgacre Lane71Ren. J.M Owen
1551909 Feb 6thG 222Mary Guest25 Cyprus Street Oldbury46C.U.Ink Asst Curate
1561909 Feb 8thThomas JonesNew England3 yearsJames Jones Rector
1571909 Mar 6thG 173William BissellBissell Street Quinton43Walton
1581909 Apr 28thIsabella RoseHagley Road Quinton42Walton
1591909 Aug 17thMary Ann Cutler14 Banack Street Aston67W.Turner
1601909 Sept 6thG 225William Hall3 Poplar Avenue High Street Langley62J.Flemming
1611909 Sept 6thConnie TilleyNew England11 weeksJ.Hollis
1621909 Sept 25thAnnie WhitehouseLong Lane4yearsJames Jones Rector
1631909 Dec 1stEdward Alzey13 Gillot Road Birmingham73Rev. W. Huneer
1641910 Feb 3rdAlfred Hewill Bissell67 Pargelor Road Oldbury21mnthsTurner
1651910 Feb 27thG 168Sarah BissellCollege Road Quinton71Turner
1661910 Mar 6thG 108Elizabeth Goodwin128 Birch Road Oldbury77James Jones Rector
1671910 Mar 16thG 54John Lees23 Hancox Street Warley50Ind
1681910 Mar 16thG 422Frederick FirkinsThe Cottage Castle Road Warley13Ind
1691910 May 27thG 452Rose Hilda MossThe Flat Beech Lane8James Jones Rector
1701910 May 31stGeorge Guest37 Thimblemill Lane Smethwick46Ind
1711910 Jun 11thHenry ReadThe Hill39James Jones Rector
1721910 Jun 16thHannah HadleyLong Lane81James Jones Rector
1731910 Jun 20thJoseph Frederick AldertheyBristnall Hall Road Oldbury20Ind
1741910 Jul 8thG 53Lily Latham4 Aubrey Road Quinton19Ind
1751910 Aug 17thG 273William GraingerRidgacre Lane Quinton48C.K.Mastyn
1761910 Sept 1stG 450Annie Garner17 Hill Top Road Warley33Ind
1771910 Oct 15thG 421William James BlundellQuinton City Hospital9C.K.Mastyn
1781910 Oct 17thG 107Martha ReadNew England8mnthsC.K.Mastyn
1791910 Oct 26thG 475William Stanley TilleyNew England2mnthsC.K.Mastyn
1801910 Nov 5thG 474Constance Rose Ellen WoolonNew England8mnthsInd
1811910 Nov 17thG 469Samuel Ellen BarberLong Lane37C.K.Martyn
1821910 Nov 17thDavid Jones49 Hancox Street33Ind
1831910 Nov 24thG 106Alfred Smith123 Wigorn Road Warley71Ind
1841910 Dec 9thJames Cutler14 Barrack Street Birmingham69Turner
1851911 JanG 473Arthur Postman120 Langham Hill Halesowen3 weeksInd
1861911 Jan 3rdG 52Tom WalkerHancox Street Oldbury58Ind
1871911 Jan 14thG 420Samuel Thompson50 New England Long Lane71Ind
1881911 Jan 24thG 351Elizabeth PitcherThe Rise Swanshurst Lane Billesly61F.W.Beaumont
1891911 Feb 18thG 174Marie BissellMeadow Road Quinton2 yearsTurner
1901911 Apr 11thG 450Ann Garner17 Hill Top Road Oldbury68Ind
1911911 Apr 10thG 468Thomas Reaney44 Birch Road Beech Lane52C.K.Martyn
1921911 May 10thJoseph NealNew England86J.Hollis
1931911 MayGladys JonesLong Lane15 mnthsT.R.Maland
1941911 MayAnnie NealeNew England4 yearsT.R.Maland
1951911 May 19thErnest Lorenzo FieldThe Hawthorns2 yearsC.K.Martyn
1961911 Jul 1stG 52Caroline WalkerCarters Lane Lapal85Maland
1971911 Jun 28thJohn Fox92 Beech Lane Birmingham73C.K.Martyn
1981911 Jun 29thG 449Ethel HackettMeadow Road Quinton3 yearsC.K.Martyn
1991911 Jul 10thG 467Flora Emily Southam37 Birch Lane22C.K.Martyn
2001911 Aug 9thG 353George Wood178 Long Lane Hill85Maland
2011911 Aug 19thWilliam Jewkes10 Mill Lane Langley53Rev. J. Barnes
2021911 Aug 26thMary Jane Nash56 Mount Pleasant Bilston43Turner
2031911 Oct 16thAnne HancoxRidgacre Road Quinton3 daysTurner
2041911 Oct 16thGeorge HancoxRidgacre Road Quinton14 hoursTurner
2051911 Aug 7thG 51Amy McCullock29 Hancox Street Warley65Ind
2061911 Aug 12thG 419Sarah Fox92 Beech Lane62Ind
2071911 Sept 23rdDaniel SmithLion Hill Quinton68C.K. Martyn
2081911 Oct 14thSarah NealeBeaumont Road Cakemore79G.K..M.Green
2091911 Oct 28thLucy Gough114 George Road Oldbury49Ind
2101911 Nov 25thDavid Partridge8 Birch Road Oldbury50C.K.Martyn
2111911 Dec 21stSarah HancoxRidgacre Lane Quinton35Turner
2121912 Jan 4thG 392Harriet Alexandra PerryIvy Tavern Icknield Street Bham48Ind
2131912 Jan 27thG 418Joseph Swain12 Hales Lane Oldbury77C.K.Martyn
2141912 Feb 1stG 448Henry Fulford48 George Road Warley61C.K.Martyn
2151912 Feb 3rdHoward Jones49 New England16 mnthsC.K.Martyn
2161912 Feb 3rdG 103Anne Winwood64 New England72C.K.Martyn
2171912 Feb 7thG 466Samuel Farr22 Frederick Road Warley67C.K.Martyn
2181912 Mar 16thG 327Stephen RutterPerry Hill Road Warley61Walton
2191912 Mar 23rdG 472Elsie Judd260 Beech Lane12 mnthsC.K.Martyn
2201912 Mar 14thG 49Ruth Robinson44 New England44C.K.Martyn
2211912 Apr 6thSamuel MucklowNarrow Lane Cakemore77Maland
2221912 Apr 27thHarry George Holman Dingley47 Milcote Road Bearwood27E.G.Chapsman
2231912 Apr 13thG 417Mary Ann Partridge92 Birch Road Warley77C.K.Martyn
2241912 May 2ndFrederick ClarkeMidland Counties Knowle20Turner
2251912 May 11thG 447David BootsGeorge Hotel Pottery Lane27Ind
2261912 My 29thG 465James Jones15 New England56Ind
2271912 Jun 6thG 471Edith MayTaylor16 Moor Street Kings Norton11 mnthsC.K.Martyn
2281912 Jun 18thG 359Howard Samuel Smith6 Woodbourne Road Edgbaston70Austin
2291912 Jun 26thG 102Walker Law69 New Englland5 weeksC.K.Martyn
2301912 Jun 29thG 48Thomas Harcourt21 Hurst Green Beech Lane82C.K.Martyn
2311912 Jul 11thG 151William Alfred Sherrington407 Moat Road Oldbury47Davis
2321912 Aug 1stMary Ann FoleyMonckton Road47C.K.Martyn
2331912 Aug 10thG 446Sarah Ann Munslow49 Galton Road Smethwick28Rev.C. K Martyn
2341912 Aug 10thMary Ann ColeyHigh Street Quinton24Rev.C. K Martyn
2351912 Aug 17thG 464Eliza Ambrose260 Beech Lane84Rev.C. K Martyn
2361912 Nov 23rdG 101John Rounds64 Hill Top Road Oldbury70Rev.C.E.Ind
2371912 Nov 28thJoseph Swain16 New England, Long Lane11 mnthsRev.A.Wood
2381912 Dec 21stWilliam Edward Davis5 New England Long Lane12 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
2391913 Jan 15thG 47Bertie MooreRubery Hill Asylum23Rev W.A.Rowlands
2401913 Jan 18thG 47Charles Henry Moore237 Galton Road Smethwick52Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2411913 Jan 21stG 445Doris JacksonOatmount Beech Lane14 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
2421913 Feb 13th G 68Thomas NealeNew England Long Lane37Rev Arthur Ward
2431913 Mar 1stG 326Ann RobinsonCollege Road Quinton77Rev.W.Turner
2441913 Feb 1stG 415Susannah Pearson167 Long Lane Halesowen39Rev.A.Wood
2451913 Feb 8thG 463Lizzie Lydia Fox47 Frederick Road Beech Lane43Rev.W.A.Rolands
2461913 Mar 1stG 100John Joseph DolphinOld Cottage Beech Lane34Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2471913 Mar 15thGladys Mabel Beardsmore40 New England Harborne4 mnthsRev. E.A. Burr
2481913 Mar 29thG 46 Ernest David Nash34 Gasbell Street Birmingham8 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
2491913 Apr 3rdG 414John Brinton ?Perry Hill Farm Perry Hill Road60Rev.C.A.Burr
2501913 Apr 25thG 444Joseph ValeSpies Lane Lapal93Rev.C.A.Burr
2511913 May 3rdG 462Charles Harding38 Birch Road Oldbury63Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2521913 May 3rdStanley Willetts15 New England Harborne5 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
2531913 May 10thG 99George Hall Dearn403 Moat Road Oldbury65Rev..W.A.Rowlands
2541913 May 31stG 45John PhippsThe Abbey Warley Park88Rev..C.A.Burr
2551913 Jun 26thG 417Joseph HaylesMoor End Farm Quinton23Rev.C.A.Burr
2561913 Jul 26thG 277Elsie May RobbinsLonsdale College Road Quinton23Rev.W.Turner
2571913 Sept 23rdOlivia MacDonaldHarborne Road Quinton Oldbury72Rev.H.Wolstenholme
2581913 Oct 8thG 16Joseph Hollies33 Belgrave Road Blackkheath56Rev.A.Wood
2591913 Sept 29thG 44Thomas PaulerPerry Hill Road Warley69Rev.C.E.Burr
2601913 Oct 18thG 412Ruby May Ackrill ?Castle Road Warley5 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
2611913 Oct 25thG 442Thomas Clift65 Jennings Road Blackheath60Rev.C.E.Burr
2621913 Oct 30thG 97Samuel TromansLong Lane Harborne56Rev.C.E.Burr
2631913 Nov 13thG 43Walter MinerMeadow Road Quinton51Rev..W.A.Rowlands
2641913 Nov 26thGeorge Thomas Darby21 Birch Road Warley11 daysRev.W.A.Rowlands
2651913 Sept 13thJohn Neale7 Park Street Cakemore75Rev.A.Wood
2661913 Sept 6thMartha ReadThe Workhouse Wordsley62Rev.A.Wood
2671913 Sept 15thAlfred Robert Gaul473 Gillot Road Edgbaston76Rev.Dr.Rosalyn Brace
2681913 Sept 17thG 98Edith James68 Aubrey Road Quinton32Rev.C.E.Burr
2691913 Nov 26thG 411William Arthur Mills604 Quinton Hill Warley Oldbury44Rev..W.A.Rowlands
2701914 Jan 12thG 336Emma PaynePost Office Bartley Green48Rev.Turner
2711913 Dec 9thWilfred John Halford151 Birch Road Warley16 mnthsRev.C.E.Burr
2721913 Dec 27thG 96Henry HigginsMeadow Road Quinton49Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2731913 Dec 27thG 441Annie HoweEdward Street Long Lane46Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2741914 Jan 1stG 42Marion DetheridgeQuinton13 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
2751914 Jan 21stMuriel Dora GauntHagley Road Quinton6 weeksRev.W.A.Rowlands
2761914 Jan 24thG 416William Usyns ?Meadow Road75Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2771914 Feb 13thOlivia Lucinda Haughton RafterElmley Lodge OldChurch Road58Rev.Father F.Word
2781914 Feb 7thG 440Emma Jones8 Birch Road Avenue Beech Lane 88Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2791914 Feb 26thMary Coley264 Beech Lane Warley16Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2801914 Mar 24thG 361John Worsley Austin31 Wheeleys Road Edgbaston41Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2811914 Mar 28thG 402Howard Myatt19 Upper Hagley Road 18Rev.Wolstenholme
2821914 Mar 28thG 398Joseph JonesMayfield New England Halesowen46Maland
2831914 Apr 15thG 356William Arthur Smith154 Hagley Road Edgbaston68Jaks
2841914 Apr 18thGertrude EmmsSpies Lane Quinton26C.L.Tack
2851914 Mar 2ndG 95Elizabeth Smith605 Hawthornes Quinton Hill66Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2861914 Mar 19thG 41Eric David Sadler58 New England Halesowen12 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
2871914 Mar 24thG 409Sarah Parkes170 Long Lane Halesowen72Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2881914 Apr 14thBertrum James Burling84 Abbey Road Warley21 daysRev.W.A.Rowlands
2891914 Jun 3rdG 70Mary Ann CutlerCity sylum Lodge Road48LooseLea Hold
2901914 Jun 6thG 2Emma ReadHigh Street Quinton67Bissell
2911914 Jun 8thG 439Lilian Eliza YatesHagley Road Quinton20Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2921914 Jun 15thG 438Mary Hunt64 Aubrey Road Quinton25 daysRev.W.A.Rowlands
2931914 Jun 20thG 94Allen Percival RoseMeadow Road14 mnthsWilkinson
2941914 Jul 4thG 40Mary Elizabeth B BeslettBristnall Hall Road Lane Police Station6Wilkinson
2951914 Sept 26thG 386Florence Haskins20 Bertram Road Smethwick48Kelley
2961914 Jul 22ndG 408Elizabeth Dearn50 Hancox Street Warley85Wilkinson
2971914 Jul 25thG 93Leslie Thompson YalesHospital Lodge Road22 mnthsWilkinson
2981914 Sept 2ndG 433Esther Griffiths378 Beech Lane Oldbury68Rev.W.A.Rowlands
2991914 Oct 3rdG 443John MilnerBeech Lane80Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3001014 Oct 10thG 39Hannah Stokes308 Queens Road Oldbury52Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3011914 Nov 25thG 280Beatrice Mary Yeomans128 Birch Road Beech Lane33Turner
3021914 Oct 28thG 407Frances Powell PriddyHawthorns Quinton53Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3031914 Nov 7thG 92Roland HigginsLower Ridgacre Quinton32Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3041914 Nov 28thG 38James Whitehouse209 Long Lane Blackheath31Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3051914 Nov 28thG 406Maud Marion WridgwayWomens Hospital Sparkhill39Wilkinson
3061914 Nov 28thG 409William Parkes218 Long Lane75Owen Cutler
3071914 Nov 30thG 438Annie HarrisHigh Street Quinton42Turner
3081914 Dec 2ndG 91Walter Richardson114 Gesop Street Warley64Wilkinson
3091914 Dec 4thG 436May HaycockWorlds End Quinton88Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3101914 Dec 9thG 359Ellen Wilmot75 Metchley Lane Harborne25Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3111914 Dec 9thG 359Ellen Follett Smith6 Woodhouse Road Erdington66Trevor Harford
3121914 Dec 9thJohn ReadHigh Street Quinton73Bissett
3131914 Dec 19thG 405Susannah Hodgetts32 Masters Lane Cakemore85Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3141914 Dec 31stG 435Ralph SherwoodSpies Lane Quinton5 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
3151915 Jan 5thG 391Frederick Willaim Cook108 Milcote Road Smethwick73Wilkinson
3161915 Jan 6thG 36John Willam Taylor213 Hagley Road Edgbaston57Sweetnam
3171915 Jan 9thG 90Joseph Richard Evans6 Bestbury Road Aston6 yearsWilkinson
3181915 Jan 9thG 404Frederick George BarberBromsgrove Road Hannington16Wilkinson
3191915 Feb 5thG 404Henry George Drury1 Crock Street60Sweetnam
3201915 Feb 20thG 434Sarah Phillips130 Galton Road Warley72Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3211915 Feb 27thG 403Adelaide Grimmell18 Selsey Road Edgbaston41Bruce
3221915 Mar 3rdG 402John William Paling3 Kathleen Road Oldbury9 yearsLeng
3231915 Mar 13thNNGladys May Sharrey100 Beech Lane16Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3241915 Mar 22ndG 89Winnifred Sarah Pegler112 Birch Road Oldbury16Sweetnam
3251915 Mar 29thG 401Hannah PitchfordBleakhouse Road Warley55Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3261915 Apr 17thG 272Edward HadleyHolly Cottage Kidderminster83Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3271915 Apr 21stG 35Herbert George Doggett55 Park Road Oldbury2 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
3281915 May 3rdG 400Christian Frederick WolholtIvy Cottage Worlds End Quinton56Wikinson
3291915 May 15thG 275Sarah Ann Gaunt33 Broad Street Birmingham67Morrison
3301915 Jun 16thG 34Petrus Josephine De KnoepB/R/H Warley Abbey39Belgian Priest Oratory
3311915 May 8th G 88John Frederick Hadley252 Beech Lane52Sweetnam
3321915 Jun 3rdG 87James ClayIvy House Farm Quinton34Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3331915 Jul 7thG 362James GoodeHermitage Road Edgbaston76Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3341915 Jul 16thG 363Ruth May Wilkinson39 Flandon Road Leamington39Weeks
3351915 Jul 28thG 33Raymond Henry Brennand56 Lightwood Road Hill Warley18 mnthsSweetnam
3361915 Jul 31stG 86Clare Cullen427 Moat Road Oldbury33Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3371915 Aug 30thG 45Margaret Ann PhillipsWarley Abbey Oldbury80Rev.W.a.Rowlands
3381915 Sept 1stG 399Helen Margaret Shaun10 Beech Lane Warley50Rev.W.a.Rowlands
3391915 Sept 29thG 377Edwin DanksApsley House Quinton75Shepherd
3401915 Nov 15thG 32Richard Jones175 Long Lane Halesowen6 daysOwen Cutler
3411915 Nov 13thG 32Constance Beatrice WoodThe Hawthorns18Rev.W.a.Rowlands
3421915 Dec 1stG 85William Garner9 Hancox Street Oldbury60Wilkinson
3431915 Dec 20thG 84Frederick William Tromans178 Long Lane Quinton77Wilkinson
3441915 Dec 21stG 31Charles Jones154 Lightwood Road Smethwick67Rev.W.a.Rowlands
3451915 Dec 29thG 83Doris Irene Thompson74 Beech Lane Warley3 yearsSweetnam
3461916 Jan 1stG 12Agnes Gwendoline RoseBissell Street Quinton21Bissell
3471916 Jan 16thG 398John Stanley Yeomans1 Birh Road Beech Lane32Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3481916 Jan 29thAlbert Sheldon VaunderayWarley Abbey Bearwood4 mnthsKneysmead
3491916 Feb 9thG 22Mary Walker351 Moat Road68Wilkinson
3501916 Feb 9thG 30Emma Jane CharllorBeech Lane Warley66Sweetnam
3511916 Feb 9thG 339Eliza PerryCollege Road Quinton68Bissell
3521916 Mar 8thG 124Elias LewissWarley House Perry Hill Road65Houghton
3531916Mar 8thG 13Ivy Jones164 Long Lane Halesowen3 yearsWilkes
3541916 Feb 8thG 82Thomas Charles Broom114 Birch Road Warley68Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3551916 Mar 4thG 29Eliza Guest14 Wrights Lane Old Hill71Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3561916 Mar 8thG 13Gladys TaylorEdward Road Long Lane7 daysRev.W.A.Rowlands
3571916 Mar 15thG 397Thomas Yeomans24 Richmond Hill Langley59Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3581916 Mar 20thG 81George JohnsHayley Green Hospital Halesowen21Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3591916 Mar 27thG 28Harold Joseph Randle221 Pershore Road Stirchley32Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3601916 Mar 30thG 360Louisa Mary Priestley Smith52 Frederick Road Edgbaston30R.Clare
3611916 Apr 29thG 176Matilda Neale176 Long Lane Quinton75Owen Cutler
3621916 May 22ndG 389Mary Ann ParkesBissell Street Quinton70Wolstenholme
3631916 Apr 15thG 396Henry William YoungHagley Road Quinton69Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3641916 Apr 28thG 80Doris Bache130 Birch Road Beech Lane0 daysRev.W.A.Rowlands
3651916 May 3rdG 27Lenney Franks42 Hill Top Road Warley74Wilkinson
3661916 May 5thG 395Marion May Osborne77 Aubrey Road Quinton2 yearsWilkinson
3671916 Jun 20thG 79Ellen HackettSpies Lane64Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3681916 Jul 10thG 78William Clay395 Abbey Road Warley78Wilkinson
3691916 Jul 25thG 77Edward JonesButlers College Quinton Hill73Wilkinson
3701916 Jul 27thG 416Sarah J. Sherrington66 Hancox Street Warley51Wilkinson
371 1916 Aug 4thG 76Sarah Townsend2 Bladen Road Harborne53Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3721916 Aug 5thG 464Millicent JuddSmethwick Street Redbury7 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
3731916 Aug 12thNNMary HodgesSpies Lane1 daySweetnam
3741916 Aug 14thG 75Beatrice Harrcourt Cooper27 Golden Hillock Road Small Heath28Thelwall
3751916 Aug 25thG 74William BestKing George Hospital Lambeth London33K.Bruce
3761916 Aug 30thG 281Samuel PartridgeHigh Street Quinton77Shepherd
3771916 Sept 9thG 225Mary HallGeneral Hospital Wolverhampton69Cals
3781916 Sept 25thG 73Basil Harry HardwickChildrens Hospital Birmingham10Sweetnam
3791916 Sept 26thG 433Maurice Faulkener7 Willow Road Leamington 69Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3801916 Sept 30thG 72Hannah DraperTinkers Farm Tinkers Lane76Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3811916 Oct 3rdG 26Enoch Read21 Birch Road Beech Lane74Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3821916 Nov 4thG 282Alfred Zealand Dingley47 Milcote Road Bearwood27Chapman
3831916 Nov 21stG 364Amphlias Robbins14 Moat Road Langley71Shepherd
3841916 Nov 23rdNNElizabeth Maria Henrietta SomersB/R/H Warley Abbey12 daysH. MegsMassey
3851916 Dec 4thNNAlbert Sheldon Clara Jean SomersB/R/H Warley Abbey23 daysLippeny
3861916 Dec 30thG 329Jemima PriddyMeadow Road Quinton83Shepherd
3871916 Dec 30thG 288Joseph AndrewsBissell Street Quinton77Shepherd
3881916 Dec 2ndG 398Nancy Rebecca Yeomans1 Birch Road Beech Lane72Sweetnam
3891916 Dec 9thG 101Elizabeth Tound36 Hill Top Road Warley73Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3901916 Dec 22ndG 402Mary Ann Paling3 Rathbone Road Warley80Hulbert
3911917 Jan 1stG 82Jessica BroomD Queens Hospital R 11 Birch Road34Sweetnam
3921917 Jan 2ndG 394William Thomas LawsonHill Crest Lightwood Hill70Sweetnam
3931917 Jan 3rdG 71Charlotte HadleyHigh Street Quinton50Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3941917 Jan 20thG 70 ASamuel Jones13 New England67Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3951917 Feb 10thG 170Samuel Bissell46 Frederick Road9 yearsShepherd
3961917 Feb 14thG 169Betsy Parkes27 Joinings Bank Langley71Wilkes
3971917 Feb 15thG 27Samuel Franks50 Church Road Nuneaton76Rev.W.A.Rowlands
3981917 Feb 15thG 25Rhoda Louisa Robinson28 Gateley Road Warley57Sweetnam
3991917 Feb 17thG 24Clara Nansen80 Lightwood Hill73Sweetnam
4001917 Feb 17thG 170James HallInfirmary Selly Oak59Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4011917 Feb 19thG 393James WyattThe Lodge Beech Lane51Rev W.A.Rowlands
4021917 Feb 19thG 18Mary Ann Wheale409 Moat Road Oldbury73Rev W.A.Rowlands
4031917 Mar 5thG 19William Richardson73 Abbey Road Warley68Hulbert
4041917 Mar 20thG 20Elizabeth Waldron69 Aubrey Road Quinton42Rev W.A.Rowlands
4051917 Apr 7thG 104Isaac GoughWestBromwich Infirmary54Rev W.A.Rowlands
4061917 Apr 21stG 21Eliza GuestCarters Lane Quinton80Rev W.A.Rowlands
4071917 Apr 21st G 23Sarah HerbertFire Station Bissell Street75Rev W.A.Rowlands
4081917 Apr 7thG 271Samuel Whitehouse11 Pool Lane Oldbury60Shepherd
4091917 Apr 25th G229Edward ReadHigh Street Quinton49Shepherd
4101917 Apr 28thG177Mary Ann Thompson17 Lokley Road Smethwick58W.H. Purchase
4111917 Apr 25thG28AChristopher Fletcher18 Hancox Street Warley71Rev W.A. Rowlands
4121917 Apr 28thG125Mary Elizabeth MasonSpies Lane Quinton11 monthsRev W.A. Rowlands
4131917 May 17thG382AErnest Jones15 New England Halesowen2 yearsRev W.A. Rowlands
4141917 May 22ndG80Annie FoxCity Isolation Hosp West Heath27Rev W.A. Rowlands
4151917 May 22ndG126Martha Jones7 New England Halesowen25Cutler
4161917 Jun 21stC275Portia Aylett192 Conybere St BK 66 Cambridge St58Shepherd
4171917 Jun 28thG 178Samuel Neale31 New England Halesowen84Arthur Wilkes
4181917 Jun 28thG 127Albert Edward Parton153 Birch Road Blackheath1 hourA. Adams
4191917 Jul 20thG 127Charles Henry LaneRed Lion Hill Quinton19 monthsRowlands
4201917 Jun 21stG 471Charles Leslie Taylor7 Edward Road Long Lane 1 monthRowlands
4211917 Aug 1stG128Joseph Baker14 New England Halesowen84Sweetnam
4221917 Aug 8thG 129A. Rymer ?No addressSweetnam
4231917 Aug 11thG 134Sarah Ann Taylor262 Beech Lane Oldbury54Sweetnam
4241917 Aug 11thG 130Samuel George Williams49 Frederick Rd Oldbury5 monthsSweetnam
4251917 Aug 14thG 138George Henry ThompsonWest Brom Infirmary66Sweetnam
4261917 Sept 1stG131Martha SadlerSelly Oak Infirmary84Sweetnam
4271917 Sept 28thG 137Annie Eliza RoseD Queens Hosp R 158 High St 35Rev W. A. Rowlands
4281917 Oct 11thG 22Peter Swan84 Lightwood Hill Warley10 minutesRev W. A. Rowlands
4291917 Oct 13thG 136Alma SeeleyD Barnsley Hall Broms R Beech Rd50Rev W. A. Rowlands
4301917 Nov 26thG 291Linda PayneChildrens Hospital Ladywood10 monthsShepherd
4311917 Oct 27thG 132Eliza Parkes54 New England Long Lane 82Rev W. A. Rowlands
4321917 Nov 22ndG 133Alfred Rose157 Long Lane Haleswoen16Rev W. A. Rowlands
4331917 Dec 4thG 343Mary Ann Glaze36 Heeley Road Bournbrook72Rev W. A. Rowlands
4341917 Dec 24thG 162AAlice Helena Vaudrey71 Westfield Road Edgbaston63Herbert Metcalfe
4351917 Dec 29thG 353Esther Wood179 Long Lane Halesowen86Wilkes
4361918 Jan 3rdG 392Corbett Samuel Perry112 Icknield Street Birmingham63Rev W. A. Rowlands
4371918 Jan 7thG 72Edna Annie Holt DraperTinkers Farm Tinkers Lane Warley2 monthsShepherd
4381918 Jan 10th G 131William SadlerMeadow Road Quinton91Sweetnam
4391918 Jan 14thG 394Harriet Lawson4 Lightwood Hill75Sweetnam
4401918 Jan 17thG 140Maria WilletsMelville Beech Lane Quinton71Lacy Hulbert
4411918 Jan 19thG 88Lucy Hadley252 Beech Lane Oldbury55Sweetnam
4421918 Jan 19thG430Charlotte Gaul473 Gillot Road Edgbaston77Dr Rosslyn Bruce
4431918 Feb 8thG 162Annie Williams32 St James Road Edgbaston29W.Wale
4441918 Feb 14thG 106Fanny Smith123 Wigorn Road Warley76Rev W. A. Rowlands
4451918 Feb 15thG 141Annie DearnChildrens Hospital Ladywood11mnthsRev W. A. Rowlands
4461918 Mar 6thG 142Eliza MullettRidgacre Lane Quinton68Sweetnam
4471918 Mar 8thG 159Albert PowellRavenswood Road Blossomfield Rd44Sweetnam
4481918 Mar 14thG 158Douglas Charles ClayHagley Road Quinton3 mnthsRev W. A. Rowlands
4491918 Mar 23rdG 143William SharpRed Lion Hill Quinton Oldbury64Rev W. A. Rowlands
4501918 Mar 23rdG 144Frances Fanny DearnCounty Asylum Barnsley Hall Bromsgrove57Rev W. A. Rowlands
4511918 Mar 27thG 145Kate Currin11 Edward Road Long Lane32Rev W. A. Rowlands
4521918 Apr 6thG 135Robert GrantBristnall Hall Road Oldbury66Rev W. A. Rowlands
4531918 Apr 6thG 146George Steele90 Beech Lane Oldbury61Sweetnam
4541918 May 18thG 161Richard Henry DavisDovedale Beech Lane Quinton66Rev W. A. Rowlands
4551918 Jun 1stG 148William Edward CliftonD. Queens Hospital R. Hill Top Road41Rev W. A. Rowlands
4561918 Jun 17thG 149Frank Hart Fallows544 Hawthorns Quinton63Rev W. A. Rowlands
4571918 Jul 2ndG 160Harry Albert Green32 Galton Road Oldbury46Sweetnam
4581918 Jul 4thG 179Dennis BrookesSpringfield Road Hill32Sweetnam
4591918 Jul 20thBT G 13/14Connie Reed53 New England Hill10 mnthsSweetnam
4601918 Jul 23rdG 157Josh Jackson108 Birch Road Oldbury3 yearsRev..W.A.Rowlands
4611918 Aug 2ndG 156John William Felton211 Park Road Oldbury63Rev..W.A.Rowlands
4621918 Aug 30thG 55William GroveD Hawkings Camp R/A/F/R College Rd.41Sweetnam
4631918 Sept 9thG 139Margaret Cartwright3 Birch Avenue Birch Road31Sweetnam
4641918 Sept 12thG 230Benjamin PreedyMeadow Road Quinton29Anderton
4651918 Oct 21stG 435Thomas George SherwoodSpies Lane58Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4661918 Oct 28thG 231Edith RowleyCounty Mental Hospital Stafford25Allport
4671918 Nov 6thNNGeorge HodgesSpies Lane78Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4681918 Nov 6thG 289Lizzie Guest51 Hancox Street Warley34Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4691918 Nov 9thNNEric Jones15 New England10 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
4701918 Nov 14thG 75Ernest Arthur Cooper20 Craddock Road Birmingham32Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4711918 Nov 16thNNAnnie Smith15 New England32Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4721918 Nov 16thG 147Maud Amy Link183 Willows Avenue Edgbaston20Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4731918 Nov 20thG 395Charles Osborne266 Lordswood Road Harborne34Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4741918 Nov 22ndG 225Sidney William GoodyearCanal Side High Street Oldbury3 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
4751918 Nov 22ndG 180Ethel DeeleyD. Queens Hospital R. Anderton Road40Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4761918 Nov 25thG 152Edna Jones11 Hill Top Road Warley5 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
4771918 Nov 25thG 181Reginald Knowles Ludlan85 Barclay Road Oldbury36Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4781918 Nov 30thG 151Henry James Gould407 Moat Road Oldbury68Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4791918 Dec 2ndG 182James Moseley Turner152 Birch Road Warley51Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4801918 Dec 12thG 216Annie MucklowConvallescent Road Cakemore46Owen Cutler
4811918 Dec 10thEsther Beard65 Thimblemill Road Oldbury27Hulbert
4821918 Dec 18thG 406Herbert Frederick Thomas Wridgway128 Pottery Road Oldbury16Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4831918 Dec 23rdG 184Henry Wright110 Beech Lane Oldbury23Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4841919 Jan 6thG 400Leonard Ash126 Pottery Road Oldbury2 daysRev.W.A.Rowlands
4851919 Jan 27thG 405John PalingWestBromwich Infirmary80Hulbert
4861919 Jan 29thG 185Charles Butler Davis582 Hawthorns Quinton46Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4871919 Feb 5thG 237Henry Coley4 New England Long Lane76Owen Cutler
4881919 Feb 13thG 48Fanny HarcourtHurst Green Cakemore71Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4891919 Feb 14thG 1501922 May 9th.?4th?re?ne??Wr37 Frederick Road Beech Lane9 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
4901919 Feb 22ndG 186Mary Ann Nock44 New England Long Lane45Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4911919 Feb 25thG 395Raymond Henry Osborne226 Lordswood Road Harborne6 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
4921919 Feb 28thG 200Florence Cater9 Birch Road Oldbury50Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4931919 Mar 8thG 198Kate Ingram103 Park Road Oldbury50C.Trevor
4941919 Mar 8thG 206Arthur Wellington Best132 Pottery Road Oldbury74Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4951919 Mar 8thG 233Thomas Rose37 Crosswells Road Oldbury35E.Cato
4961919 Mar 17thG 202John SheldonRound Hills Quinton49Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4971919 Mar 26thG 143Frances Lysle Sharp120 Wigorn Road Oldbury30Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4981919 Mar 29thG 207William Yeomans500 Hawthorns Quinton59Rev.W.A.Rowlands
4991919 Apr 4thG 45Mary Phipps297 Hill Top Road Oldbury2 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5001919 Apr 5thG 29Daniel GuestThe Rookery Carters Lane82Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5011919 Apr 10thG 205William Henry Smith3 Anderson Road Smethwick56Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5021919 Apr 29thG 204Muriel Maud MallinWhiteheath Gates Rowley Regis8 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5031919 Apr 30thG 270Emma Mary CluleePax Hall Quinton50Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5041919 Apr 10thG 292George Moore143 Gt Colmore Street Birmingham35Anderson
5051919 May 14thG 282Abel Dingley49 Milcote Road Smethwick84E.G.Chapman
5061919 Jun 6thG 199Richard Cooper6 Presbury Road Aston60Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5071919 Jul 23rdG293Phoebe Louisa Southall ParkesCollege Road Quinton47J.Anderton
5081919 Jun 10thG 203George CoxRidgacre Lane Quinton73Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5091919 Jul 12thG 207Stephen BarnettGeneral Hospital Birmingham48Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5101919 Jul 17thG 69Ruth Amelia Neale7 Park Street Blackheath81C.Trevor
5111919 Jul 21stG 197Harold GrubbChildrens Hospital Ladywood6 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5121919 Aug 16thG 196Frederick George LeeGeneral Hospital Birmingham51Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5131919 Aug 20thG 85Emily Garner9 Hancox Street Oldbury55Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5141919 Sept 20thG 195Emma HaycockWorlds End Quinton58T.Gould
5151919 Oct 21stG 306Louisa Wells466 Gillott Road Edgbaston67Thomas Graham
5161919 Oct 1stG 194Olive Seeley252 Beech Lane Oldbury6 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5171919 Oct 2ndG 433Allen Griffiths378 Beech Lane70Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5181919 Oct 25thG 193Alfred Joseph GlazeFern Cottages High Street39Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5191919 Nov 13thG 187Catherine Newman97 Long Lane Blackheath88Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5201919 Nov 29thG 215Mary Ann Freeth8 Frederick Road Oldbury85C.A.Lawson
5211919 Dec 18thG 188Joan Dora WhitehouseCauseway Green Pound Road Oldbury3 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5221920 Jan 2ndG 296Lizzie Perkes109 Long Lane Blackheath14Owen Cutler
5231920 Jan 6thG 208Henry Hazleton210 Lightwood Hill Oldbury56Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5241920 Jan 7thG 297Keziah HillCarters Lane Lapal64Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5251920 Feb 9thG 299Charles Grafton42 George Road Oldbury38Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5261920 Mar 4thG 439Christine Magdalen YoungClent View Ridgacre Lane2 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5271920 Mar 6thG 213Harold Thomas Davinson69 Frederick Road Oldbury25Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5281920 Mar 10thG 209Harry Stanley Evans290 Beech Lane Warley10 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5291920 Mar 11thG 128Muriel Parkes92 Station Road Old Hill3 mnthsS.Cashmore
5301920 Mar 13thG 392AIsaac Jones15 New England Halesowen2mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5311920 Mar 19thG 234Theresa Lilian GreggHawthorns Quinton Hill1 mnthRev.W.A.Rowlands
5321920 Mar 20thG 192Thomas Pimley64 Beech Lane Oldbury66Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5331920 Apr 1stG 200Cissie Emma TaylorEdward Road Long Lane72Owen Cutler
5341920 May 5thG 294Emma PayneJiggins Lane Bartley Green71Anderton
5351920 May 27thG 41Reginald John Sadler58 New England Halesowen14 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5361920 Apr 7thG 142William MullettRidgacre Lane Quinton70Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5371920 Apr 14thG 210Ada Louisa HadleyPendennis Beech Lane52Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5381920 Apr 23rdNNRichard WellsD.Eye Hospital R. 32 New England13 daysRev.W.A.Rowlands
5391920 May 5thG 396Mary YoungHagley Road Quinton70Fletcher
5401920 May 8thG 211Mabel Florence Wildman46 Abbey Road Oldbury70Fletcher
5411920 May 14thG 214Rose Emily Shervington69 Beakes Road27Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5421920 May 24thG 212Mary Ann Britt226 Long Lane Halesowen64Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5431920 May 11thG 326Elizabeth DanielsRidgacre Lane Quinton81Anderton
5441920 Jun 5thG 189Vera May RudgeChildrens Hospital Ladywood5 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5451920 Aug 13thG 92Stephen Higgins20 Hurst Green Blackheath58Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5461920 Sept 4thG 470Ann WoodRidgacre Lane Quinton84Anderton
5471920 Aug 21stG 398Rachel BarlowFour Dwellings Farm Quinton81Fletcher
5481920 Aug 24thG 191Gretchen Winnifred MeersD Hospital R IvyCottage Worlds End23Fletcher
5491920 Sept 15thG 93Gladys Kathleen Thompson YatesHigh Street Quinton14 mnthsFletcher
5501920 Sept 22ndG190Alfred Wilson89 Lightwood Road Warley71Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5511920 Oct 2ndG 267Alfred BartlettPolice Station Warley43Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5521920 Nov 18thG 307Roy Priestly Smith32 St.James Road Edgbaston9 hoursN/M A.Adams
5531920 Nov 20thG 266John Parsons9 Edward Road Long Lane6 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5541920 Dec 2ndG307Leslie William Moore24 Rathbone Road Warley16Hulbert
5551920 Dec 13thG 46Edwin Eyles Wallis2 RaddleBarn Road Selly Oak68Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5561920 Dec 23rdG 265Sarah ThompsonThe New Inns Quinton43Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5571921 Feb 11thG 264Stanley Norman McWhirter92 Devon Road6 yearsChapman
5581921 Feb 28thG 298Thomas HillCarters Lane Lapal77C.Trevor
5591921 Mar 17thG 144Mary ButlerMaternity Hospital Loveday Street26Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5601921 Mar 24thG 263jJohn Vernon BricknellWoodlands Road Blackheath49Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5611921 Apr 4thG 262William Birch124 Pottery Road Warley53Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5621921 Apr 26thG 261Alfred William WiseCity Hospital West Heath42C.Trevor
5631921 May 4thG 260Mary Ann WinfieldGipsy Tent Hagley68Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5641921 May 4thG 257Margaret Betty Hadley2 Bristnall Hall Road Oldbury11 mnthsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5651921 Mat 23rdG 259Tom Bench88 Hallam Street79Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5661921 May 30thG 269George CoxD.88 Hallam Street R 53 Devon Road66C.Trevor
5671921 Jun 11thG 268Mary Hadley349 Moat Road Oldbury76Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5681921 Jun 13thG 258Sidney Raymond VickersThe Hawthorns Quinton4 mnthsC.Trevor
5691921Jun 28thG 256Herbert Hanley ParkesRidgacre Lane23Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5701921 Jul 2ndG 235James Billingham267 Hagley Road Edgbaston65Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5711921 Jul 19thG 283Phyllis Edna HancoxRidgacre Lane11 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5721921 Aug 24thG 252Victoria May Wood6 New England Cakemore16Owen Cutler
5731921 Sept 6thG 236Joseph MasonD.Queens Hospital R Hagley Road54Lyndon
5741921 Aug 13thG 255George BarleyD Windmill Farm R Franks Cottage Quinton69C.Trevor
5751921 Aug 18thG 253JohnTwigg2 Harborne Lane Quinton64C.Trevor
5761921 Sept 10thG 251George HallMeadow Lane Quinton63Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5771921 Sept 12thNNC/S/B Parents Chas DarbyClovelly BlackheathSexton
5781921 Sept 16thG 254Elizabeth Lenton296 Beech Lane Oldbury74Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5791921 Sept 20thG 295Reginald Warwick148 Park Road Oldbury14C.Trevor
5801921 Oct 1st G 237Elizabeth Wood126 Long Lane56Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5811921 Nov 10thG 250Mary Ann BerrillSpies Lane76Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5821921 Oct 24thG 238Jesse Read53 New England Halesowen70Owen Cutler
5831921 Nov 18thG 239Eric Luck58 Beech Lane Oldbury14 daysRagg
5841921 Nov 24thG 364George Henry Robbins27 Moat Road75Anderton
5851921 Nov 24thG 388Mary Ann MacDonaldHalesowen Road Oldbury79Anderton
5861921 Nov 16thG 249William John Thornhill OldakerGeneral Hospital53C.Trevor
5871921 Dec 1stG 248Mary Ann Woodhouse6 Edward Road Long Lane52Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5881922 Jan 6thG 442Thomas Williams65 Nimmings Road Blackheath35Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5891922 Jan 23rdG 35Frank Daggett559 Park Road Warley3 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
5901922 Feb 1stG 141Joseph Dearn272 Beech Lane Oldbury47Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5911922 Feb 2ndG 74Maria Elms160 Park Road Warley78Rev.W.A.Rowlands
5921922 Feb 11thG 240Ellen Elizabeth Poole63 Devon Road Oldbury51Cripps
5931922 Feb 24thG 230Emma PreedyMeadow Road68Andeton
5941922 Mar 1stG 247Mary Maria CoxSlough Inn George Road Warley48Rev..W.A.Rowlands
5951922 Mar 25thG 366Edith Helen KeayLongmynd 58 Westfield Road Edgbaston58Birchenough
5961922 Mar 9thG 246Maud Lilian Broom112 Birch Road Oldbury43Rev..W.A.Rowlands
5971922 Mar 17thG 241Lizzie PriceD.Hayley Green Hosp.R Holly Cottage24Andeton
5981922 Apr 3rdG 245Edna Dearn294 Beech Lane Oldbury2 yearsC.Trevor
5991922 Apr 3rdG 367John Henry RogersCalthorpe Field Frederick Road Edgbaston54Metcalfe
6001922 Apr 3rdG 268Evelyn Pewtress12 Waen Terrace Conway78C.Trevor
6011922 Apr 7thG 78Elizabeth ClayD 88 Hallam Street R Abbey Road Warley74C.Trevor
6021922 Apr 13thG 242Edith Emily LoweGreen Hill Farm Mucklow Hill14C.Trevor
6031922 Apr 17thG 302Abel Jones356 Moat Road Langley57Rev.W.A.Rowlands
6041922 Apr 18thG 176Richmond Neale9 New England78C.Wilson
6051922 Apr 24thG 303Edith Maria Holden70 Alton Road Bournbrook39Anderton
6061922 Apr 24thG 308Edward John GreenCrown Inn Lapal37Rev.W.A.Rowlands
6071922 Apr 27thG 31Ellen Jones154 Lightwood Road Smethwick75C.Trevor
6081922 May 4thG 206Emma BestD.Mount Pleasant Devon R 132 Pottery Rd67C.Trevor
6091922 May 9thG 243Elsie Edith Harris94 Birch Road Oldbury30Rev..W.A.Rowlands
6101922 May 13thG 309Annie Laura Hayne96 Park Road Oldbury33Rev..W.A.Rowlands
6111922 Jun 15thG 304Mary Rathbone207 Park Road Oldbury5 yearsMassey
6121922 Jun 7thG 244Emily FieldVivian Road Harborne54c.Trevor
6131922 Jul 5thG 305Bertha HyamsD Dudley Road Hospital R. 86 Beech Lane23Rev..W.A.Rowlands
6141922 Jul 7thG 310George Harry Read54 Frederick Road Oldbury65Rev..W.A.Rowlands
6151922 Jul 8thG 315Edith Alice Wright29 Hancox Street Oldbury35Rev..W.A.Rowlands
6161922 Jul 8thG 380Lucy Austin41 Herbert Road Smethwick66Anderton
6171922 Jul 22ndG 316Charles Burton87 Abbey Road Oldbury63Hulbert
6181922 Jul 26thG 314Ernest DarbyFairview Blockley32Rev.W.A.Rowlands
6191922 Aug 23rdG 15James Clarke78 Barker Street Oldbury59Owen Cutler
6201922 Aug 8thG 317George Bricknell546 Hawthorns Quinton87C.Trevor
6211922 Aug 10thG 313Elizabeth Grosvenor88 Hallam Street West Bromwich73C.Trevor
6221922 Aug 16thG 312Mary Elizabeth HareGeneral Hospital Birmingham53C.Trevor
6231922 Aug 16thG 318Rowland Ibberson43 Devon Road Oldbury72C.Trevor
6241922 Aug 19thG 247Mary Ellen InstonMoors End Farm Woodgate37C.Trevor
6251922 Sept 7thG 258Sidney VickersD.Sanatorium Small Heath R Quinton Hill35Rev.W.A.Rowlands
6261922 Oct 2ndG 217AThomas MucklowPriory Road Bournemouth52Anderton
6271922 Ocy 19thG 271 AJohn Thomas FieldD Cottage Hospital Halesowen R Masters Lane46Curson
6281922 Sept 25thG 311Leslie Thomas HadleySpies Lane Quinton6 yearsRev.W.A.Rowlands
6291922 Oct 4thG 241Walter PriceHolly Cottage Narrow Lane54C.Trevor
6301922 Oct 5thG 391John William Harvey31 Birch Lane Oldbury22 daysC.Trevor
6311922 Oct 12thG 368William DakinDistrict Hospital WestBromwich51C.Trevor
6321922 Oct 12thG 229Mary Neale23 New England Cakemore57C.Trevor
6331922 Oct 25thG 254Robert LentonD.General Hosp B'ham R. Beech Lane Quinton74Rev..W.A.Rowlands
6341922 Nov 24thG 369Annie SwainPrivate Hospital Newhall Street Birmingham62Lyndon
6351922 Nov 10thG 319Elizabeth Ward83 Aubrey Road Harborne52C.Trevor
6361922 Dec 1stG 320Hannah Cole121 Long Lane40Curson
6371922 Dec 2ndG 286Jane Greaves441 Ridgacre Lane Quinton79Anderton
6381923 Jan 13thG 322George Adams243 Long Lane57Curson
6391922 Dec 14thG 321George Miller39 Frederick Road Oldbury54C.Trevor
6401922 Dec 15thG 163 ASara Ann Hunter413 Moat Road Oldbury70Rev..W.A.Rowlands
6411923 Jan 10thG 233Betsy Coley41 New Englands Halesowen80C.Trevor
6421923 Jan 25thG 221Harriet Rose251 Moat Road Oldbury63Rev.W.A.Rowlands
6431923 Feb 1stG 323Amy McIntoshD. Calbbett Hospital Amblecote R. Long Lane47Rev.W.A.Rowlands
6441923 Feb 12thG 370Goerge Elias Hodgson109 Park Road Warley62Rev.W.A.Rowlands
6451923 Feb 24thG 103John Winwood47 New England Long Lane62Rev.W.A.Rowlands
6461923 Mar 22ndG 365Louisa Wright81 Aubrey Road Beech Lane73C.Trevor
6471923 Apr 19thG 395Lily Osborne6 Hermitage Road Egdbaston33C.Trevor
6481923 Apr 21stG 119Emily Neale51 New England Long Lane54Owen Cutler
6491923 May 16thG 337Ann CutlerHagley Road69Anderton
6501923 May 23rdG 87Joseph ClayIvy House Hagley Road79Rev.W.A. Rowlands
6511923 Jun 18thG 371Ada Annie Ash worth15 Meadow Road Quinton53Rev.W.A. Rowlands
6521923 Jul 17thG 268Samuel Hadley49 Moat Road Oldbury68C.Trevor
6531923 Sept 15thG 418Mary Ann Swain250 Halesowen Lane Oldbury89Rev.W.A. Rowlands
6541923 Aug 25thG 19Rose Jones164 Long Lane15Curson
6551923 Sept 25thG 55 AJames Gould253 Moat Road15Anderton
6561923 Sept 26thG 363 AMary Margaret HarperRound Hill Farm Oldbury9 mnthsC.Fisher
6571923 Oct 16thG 165Hubert Basil BissellMeadow Road Quinton28Anderton
6581923 Nov 14thG 437Annie HarrisHalesowen Road Oldbury1 dayAnderton
6591923 Dec 15thG 372Edward Homer11 Edward Road Long Lane32Curson
6601924 Jan 24thG 173Elizabeth BissellHigh Street Quinton60Anderton
6611924 Mar 3rdG 369Joseph Swain40 Weston Road Smethwick64Harding
6621923 Nov 5thG 464Eliza Judd242 Beech Lane68Harding
6631924 Jan 19thG 141Martha DearnIsolation Hospital Bromsgrove46Palmer
6641924 Feb 28thG 414Mary BuntonPerry Hill Farm Perry Hill Road75Palmer
6651924 Mar 22ndG 358Jane Rose481 Ridgacre Lane Quinton86Anderton
6661924 Sept 24thG 304Edith Julia Rose K/A EthelHalesowen Road Quinton13Groves
6671924 Mar 8thG 200Dorothy Caters88 Hallam Street West Bromwich28Palmer
6681924 Apr 9thG 325 AThomas AllenBromsgrove Road Halesowen72Palmer
6691924 May 20thG 467Joseph Southam17 Birch Lane Oldbury59Palmer
6701924 Sept 9thG 302Minnie Jones356 Moat Road Oldbury59Palmer
6711924 Nov 26thG 292George Verdon MooreCity Hospital Bham8 yearsPalmer
6721924 Dec 15thG 476 AJames McWhiter70 Monmouth Road Oldbury73Binge
6731924 Dec 22ndG 37Jane MantonMonckton Road Quinton60Palmer
6741925 Feb 23rdG 416Elsie Byns35 New England Cakemore22Cutler
6751925 Jan 17thG 116Thomas Guest127 Halesowen Road Blackheath75Palmer
6761925 May 6thG 470 AHarold Joseph Hambel Grainger26 New England Long Lane43Harmen
6771925 Apr 16thG 259Esther Bench14 Raddlebarn Road Selly Oak65Palmer
6781925 May 16thG 75Arthur Thomas Cooper98 Arden Road Acocks Green64Harris
6791925 Jun 3rdG 312John William Hare265 Beech Lane Quinton62Saunderson
6801925 Jun 29thG 413Samuel GillMoor End Farm Quinton72Palmer
6811925 Jul 7thG 190Emma Wilson89 Lightwood Road Smethwick81Palmer
6821925 Sept 5thG 270 AJoseph ParkesHagley Road Quinton55Harding
6831925 Sept 30thG 270 ARobert Reeves70 New England Halesowen26Cutler
6841925 Nov 2ndG 422 AJohn Thomas Jones23 High Street Quinton41Groves
6851925 Aug 31stG 18Herbert Whale409 Moat Road Oldbury82Palmer
6861925 Oct 15thG 448Eliza Fulford58 George Road Oldbury77Palmer
6871925 Nov 13thG 221Jane RoseHallam Hospital WestBromwich28Palmer
6881925 Dec 19thG 471Kenneth Donald Crump273 Long Lane Blackheath9 mnthsCutler
6891925 Dec 23rdG 54 AJohn BissellAsylum Bromsgrove60Groves
6901925 Dec 5thG 306Thomas John TaylorHagley Road Quinton45Palmer
6911925 Dec 31stG 310Elizabeth Ward Reed54 Frederick Road Oldbury63Palmer
6921926 Jan 15thG 14Ann Coley264 Bissell Lane 69Palmer
6931926 Apr 7thG 294John Payne71 Jiggins Lane Bartley Geen82Turner
6941926 Jun 6thG 452 AEliza ReevesIsolation Hospital Bromsgrove27Cutler
6951926 Mar 24thG 97Mary Tromans172 Long Lane Halesowen66Palmer
6961926 May 15thG 147Dorothy Joan Haywood36 Meadow Road Quinton3 yearsPalmer
6971926 Jul 10thG 27Elizabeth Jones50 Church Road Nuneaton63L.Mann
6981926 Jul 30thG 391Emma Cook108 Milcote Road Smethwick83Palmer
6991926 Aug 7thG 57Edith Emily McCullockD. Queens Hospital R. 27 Meadow Road22Anderton
7001926 Sept 18thG 84Frederick TromansD.Queens Hospital R.178 Long Lane43Palmer
7011926 Dec 11thG 138Caroline Thompson76 Hagley Road79Palmer
7021927 Jan 5thG 327Jane Rutter386 Ridgacre Lane Quinton83Ireland
7031927 Jan 18thG 16Mary Hollies33 Belgrave Road Blackheath68Cutler
7041927 Jan 22ndG 7Elizabeth Parkes6 College Road Quinton89Woodward
7051927 Feb 18thG 417Thomas Partridge92 Birch Road Oldbury89Palmer
7061927 Mar 3rdG 87Caroline Clay767 Hagley Road Quinton80Palmer
7071927 Mar 9thG 91Mary Jane Richardson114 George Road Oldbury78Palmer
7081927 Mar 9thG 317Lavinia Bricknell546 Hagley Road Quinton78Palmer
7091927 Mar 10thG 216Joseph MucklowSpringvale Narrow Lane55Anderton
7101927 Mar 19thC.S.B.Parents New England HalesowenWatson
7111927 Apr 30thG 188 ABarton ParkesD. Tollens Hospital R. 44 High Street55Woodward
7121927 Mar 30thG 198John Ingram24 St Johns Road Oldbury26Palmer
7131927 Apr 6thG 216 AJames Ramsay McIntoshWordsley House Long Lane59Palmer
7141927 May 3rdG 451Joseph Alderhay30 Bristnall Hall Road69Palmer
7151927 Aug 31stG 109 AMary Maria WinwoodFeldon Road77Price
7161927 Jul 5thG 462Annie HardingThe Green Ridgacre Lane84Palmer
7171927 Jul 19thG 313William Grosvenor54 Pound Road Hill Cakemore75Palmer
7181927 Sept 24thG 392 BLouise Elizabeth Mansell Cooper98 Arden Road Acocks Green62Harris
7191927 Dec 30thG 79William HackerSpies Lane Halesowen76Palmer
7201928 Feb 23rdG 233Mary Rose37 Crosswells Road Langley73Argall
7211928 Mar 9thG 235Elizabeth Dolphins Billingham267 Hagley Road Edgbaston67Lloyd
7221928 Mar 15thG 180Hilda Alice DeeleyD. City Hosp. R 12 Anderson Road Bearwood20Palmer
7241928 May 17thG 450Theophilus Garner17 Hill Top Road Warley77Palmer
7261928 Aug 3rdG 278Sarah Robbins8 College Road Quinton71Nelaud
7271928 Jul 30thG 375Mary MiddletonPotters Bar85Ireland
7281928 Aug 10thG 147Betsy PartridgeHallam Hospital68Lamas
7291928 Sept 10thG 19Mary Ann RichardsonHallam Hospppital70Palmer
7301928 Nov 1stG 166Kate Chantrill16 Penbridge Road83Palmer
7311928 Nov 26thG 260James WinfieldSpies Lane Quinton79Palmer
7321929 Jan 14thG 26 Ann Read21 Birch Road Beech Lane86Palmer
733 1929 Jul 12thG 309George Hayne46 Park Road Warley Woods74Palmer
7341929 Aug 31stG 38Mary Whitehouse209 Long Lane Blackheath80Rev.Lownrs
7351929 Oct 5thG 281Mary Partridge28 High Street Quinton91Kemisls
7361929 Oct 10thG 330Sarah Powell825 Hagley Road Quinton78Kemisls
7371929 Oct 8thG 200Arthur Cater9 Birch Road Beech Lane61Palmer
7381929 Oct 30thG 37Jennie WantonMonckton Road Quinton47Palmer
7391929 Nov 20thG 362Emma Goode22 Hermitage Road Edgbaston84Sissons
7401929 Nov 23rdG 258Mary VickersHawthorns Store Hagley Road85Palmer
7411929 Dec 2ndG 201Emily BarnettLongfield Buildings64Palmer
7421930 Feb 3rdG 301Harriet Eliza Moore24 Rathbone Road WestBromwich50Rev.Shaw
7431930 Feb 25thG 103Alice Plant29 New England Blackheath53Kelley
7441930 May 5thG 256David ParkesRidgacre Lane Quinton61Sheldon
7451930 May 8thG 32Marion Wood461 Hagley Road Quinton70Palmer
7461930 Apr 10thG 22AKeren Happuch WilltettsBk 18 Hancox Street Warley88Palmer
7471930 Apr 14thG 411John Howe2 Edward Road Blackheath64Palmer
7481930 May 27thG 258Thomas Edward Vickers567 Hagley Road Harborne86Palmer
7491930 Jun 5thG 205Laura Rosamund WaltonD.Queens Hospital32Palmer
7501930 ul 15thG 58James Rose10 High Street Quinton80Kelley
7511930 Aug 26thG 413Maria Gill291 Worlds End Lane Quinton73Kelley
7521930 Nov 15thG 238Rose Read53 New England Blackheath17Palmer
7531931 Jan 31stG 432Thomas George Myatt19 Upper Hagley Smethwick73Howard
7541931 Jan 31stG 445Alfred Herbert Jackson203 Hagley Road Edgbaston58Palmer
7551931 Feb 5thNNBetsy Guest50 Normans Road72Kevish
7561931 Feb 24thG 374Thomas James Stewart Hooson184 Hagley Road Edgbaston69Anderton
7571931 Feb 25thG 442Hannah Clift93 Nimmings Road Blackheath75Palmer
7581931 Feb 26thG 148Mary Clifton27 Hill Top Road Warley60Palmer
7591931 Mar 12thG 178Emily Annie NealeIsolation Hospital Bromsgrove25Kelly
7601931 Mar 11thG 421Anne Maria BlundellGolf Cottage Quinton64Palmer
7611931 Mar 14thG 70 AMary Ann Jones13 New England Blackheath81Palmer
7621931 Mar 21stG 219Sarah WestonCollege Road Quinton60Kenuish
7631931 Apr 25thG 25Edward Thomas Robinson28 Gateley Road75Palmer
7641931 May 9thG 394Eliza Martha Hope449 Lightwood Hill Warley82Palmer
7651931 Jul 16thG 440Harriet JonesSelly Oak Institution64Palmer
7661931 Nov 20thG 58Selina Rose1 Hoodbrooks Road Bournbrook79Kenuish
7671931 Dec 12thG 470 ADavid GraingerBungalow New England85Kenuish
7681932 Feb 8thG 181Francis Hannah GaskinQueens Hospital Birmingham73Howard
7691932 Feb 9thG 390Mary Ann GraingerBungalow New England64Owen Cutler
7701932 Feb 18thG 360Ellen Harcourt Priestly SmithSt.Chads Hosp Hagley Road63Rossington
7711932 Feb 29thG 432Harriet Alice Myatt19 Upper Hagley Road Smethwick75Howard
7721932 Mar 26thG39 Victor Henry FulfordChildrens Hospital Ladywood8 yearsPalmer
7731932 Apr 29thG 366Ernest Charles Keay28 Westfield Road Edgbaston79Rev. Brorchevough
7741932 May 21stG 308Maud GreenThe Cottage Hospital Halesowen44Palmer
7751932 May 27thG 134William Taylor12 A Birmingham Road Bromsgrove76Palmer
7761932 Jun 30thG 316Rose Burton20 Talknest Gloucester72Palmer
7771932 Nov 26thG 328Arthur Priddy448 Ridgacre Lane Smethwick62Russell
7781932 Nov 3rdG 205Emma Smith20 Anderson Road Smethwick69Palmer
7791932 Dec 17thG 285Jane Guest1a Raddlebarn Road Selly Oak76Russell
7801933 Feb 1stG 407Elizabeth Pavell Priddy57 Wood Green Road Hawthorns67Palmer
7811933 Feb 4thG 435Florence WinfieldFairview Spies Lane66Palmer
7821933 Feb 13thG 282Sarah Dingley47 Milcote Road Smethwick85Chapman
7831933 Mar 9thG 197Arthur Willam GrubbHallam Hospital WestBromwich71Palmer
7841933 Mar 29thG 211Thomas James Wildman46 Abbey Road Smehtwick72Palmer
7851933 Apr 17thG 41Mary Ann Hadley58 New England Cakemore88Palmer
7861933 May 3rdG 360Joseph Questly Smith52 Frederick Road Edgbaston87Palmer
7871933 Apr 11thG 476 BMyra McWhite79 Monmouth Road Smethwick79Denham
7881933 Jun 15thG 25Rhoda Louisa Jennens53 Wolverhampton Road48Palmer
7891933 Jul 5thG 124Thomas GreenCarters Lane Quinton74Palmer
7901933 Jul 19thG 134Ada Matilda HodgesSpies Lane Quinton85Palmer
7911933 Nov 4thG 250Leonard Maurice LinkSpies Lane Quinton16Russell
7921933 Nov 14thG 255Selvinia Barlley517 Hagley Road Quinton80Palmer
7931933 Dec 9thG325 AMary Ann Allen351 Ridgacre Lane83Eden
7941934 Feb 24thG 296Mary Parkes109 Long Lane Blackheath72Owen Cutler
7951934 Mar 28thG 273Lavinia Grainger481 Ridgacre Lane Quinton73Russell
7961934 Apr 13thG 163 AMathew Hunter409 Moat Road Oldbury83Palmer
7971934 Apr 22ndG 37Charles Stephen MautonMonckton Road Oldbury81Palmer
7981934 May 25thG 371Frank Maurice Lane Ashworth1 Western Road Birmingham68Palmer
7991934 Jun 7thG 318Mary Ann IbbersonCliff Rock Road Rednall81Palmer
8001934 Jun 19thG 66Samuel Haycock Rudge1a Raddlebarn Road Selly Oak82Russell