Quinton Local History Society

Register of Nonconformist Burials in the Parish of Christ Church, The Quinton, 1934 to 1947

NOTE: Burials of Non-Conformists were recorded separately until 1948.
After that, they were included in the main Parish Registers of the Church.

The register has been printed with the kind permission of the rector of Christ Church, The Quinton.

Imformation provided here is already in the public domain. However, please notify us if you have special reasons for wanting an entry removed from this website.

This Register has been transcribed by Carole Bradley, Jackie Hill and Doreen Bright.
We apologise for any spelling errors. Where any doubt has arisen, the query has been marked with a question mark.

The complete set of registers is available together with births and marriages. For further enquiries please contact either of the following:-

Carole Bradley, 283 West Boulevard, Quinton, Birmingham - Tel. 0121 426 1951 or

Jackie Hill, 367 Shaftmoor Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 8TB (Tel. No. 0121-777-2552)

No.Date of BurialRef.NameAddressAgePresiding
11934 Sept 20th G 16Sarah Clarke261 Long Lane Blackheath71Owen Cutler
21934 Oct 6thG 406Eliza WindgwayWindy Ridge Romsley78A.E.Palmer
31934 Oct 25thG 262Bessie Birch1b Raddlebarn Road Selly Oak66A.E.Palmer
41935 Jan 21stG 356Annie Jane Smith154 Hadley Road Edgbaston82A.E.Palmer
51935 Jan 30thG 157Kate Elizabeth Jackson108 Birch Road Quinton58A.E.Palmer
61935 Mar 23rdG 210Frank Hadley275 Hagley Road West57A.E.Palmer
71935 Mar 27thG 230Henry Powell PriddyD. Selly Oak Hospital R. 1a Raddlebarn Road77W.Russell
81935 Aug 3rdG 233George Rose37 Crosswell Road Langley82J.S.Wearsley
91935 Aug 8thG 345Eliza Parkinson10 Stanmore Road Edgbaston91W.Sissons
101935 Sept 11thNNJane Bissell23 Meadow Road Quinton77W.Russell
111936 Apr 13thG 463Charles James Evan Fox11 Aubrey Road Harborne76A.E.Palmer
121936 Apr 22ndG 296Samuel Parkes14 Southwick Road74Owen Cutler
131936 Jul 2ndNNFrederick Plant39 New England Blackheath62E.Allport
141936 Jul 7thG 229Ellen Read22 High Street Quinton74N.Upright
151936 Sept 1stG 143Emma Louisa Watson SharpEdgbaston81A.E.Palmer
161936 Nov 9thG 198Ethel IngramThe Taylor Home Sparkhill47A.E.Palmer
171936 Nov 14thG 441Eve Howe2 Edward Road 38A.E.Palmer
181936 Nov 26thG 204James Mallin167 Oldbury Road Rowley Regis47A.E.Palmer
191936 Dec 14thG 340Louisa Dingley177 Wallford Road Sparkhill85A.E.Palmer
201937 Jan 25thG 358Sarah Rose481 Ridgacre Lane Quinton78W.Russell
211937 Mar 28thG 476AAlice McWhister70 Monmouth Road Smethwick61F.Rutherford
221937 Apr 13thG 447Martha Webb44 Green Lane59A.E.Palmer
231937 May 1stG 434Edward Phillips2 b Park Road Smethwick59A.E.Palmer
24 1937 May 5thG 331Hannah Powell28 College Road Quinton70A.E.Palmer
251937 May 8thG 162 AJohn Clough Vandray71 Westfield Road Edgbaston83A,E,Palmer
261937 May 13thG 295George Walter Warwick148 Park Road Smethwick67N.G.L.Beasley
271937 Jul 3rdG 140 John Willetts29 Park Road Smethwick90A,E,Palmer
281937 Jul 24thG 368Lilian Dakin39 George Road Warley90A,E,Palmer
291937 Sept 8thG 73Florance Elizabeth Hardwick8 Birch Road56N.G.L.Beasley
301937 Sept 22ndG 192Jane PrimleyHallam House West Bromwich72N.G.L.Beasley
311937 Sept 23rdG 250Mary Ann LinkSpies Lane Quinton68A,E,Palmer
321937 Nov 29thG 208Beatrice Hazelton210 Lightswood Hill Smethwick60J.Slim
331938 Mar 24thG 275Henry AylettD.SellyOak Hospital R.1a Raddlebarn Road79A.E.Palmer
3419938 Apr 16thNNDavid Payne28 Pargeter Road Smethwick75W.Russell
351938 May 5thG 244Joseph FieldHasbury74A.E.Palmer
361938 May 24thG 73Harry HardwickWestern Road Warley57A.E.Palmer
371938 May 31stNNPolly Whitehouse14 Ashes Road Warley78Payne
381938 Jun 15thG 186George Nock44 New England Long Lane Halesowen71A.E.Palmer
391938 Aug 13thG 398John YeomanHallam Hospital West Bromwich88F.J.G.Argus
401938 Oct 14thG 219Thomas WestonCollege Road Quinton64W.Russell
411938 Oct 28thG 147Moses LinkSpies Lane Quinton71W.Russell
421938 Nov 23rdG 337James CutlerHagley Road West Quinton78W.Russell
431938 Nov 27thG 46Louisa Ellen Nash77 Dudley Road Smethwick53A.E.Palmer
441938 Dec 1stG 370Emily Hodgson21 Harborne Road Smethwick82W.Sissons
451939 Jan 10thG 207Mary Yeomans1 Sutton Road Warley74F.J.G.Angus
461939 Jan 19thG 156Alice Felton211 Park Road Smethwick85SC McCullum
471939 Feb 3rdG 319Alfred Ward34 Lewis Road Oldbury74A.E.Palmer
481939 Mar 29thG 47Charlotte Rebecca Moore9 Herbert Road Handsworth79A.E.Palmer
491939 Apr 27thG 467Elizabeth Southam37 Birch Road Warley75A.E.Palmer
501939 May 6thNNFanny Maria Cooper290 Hagley Road West79F.J.G.Angus
511939 May 15thG 204Julia Mallin107 Whiteheath Rowley Regis69F.J.G.Angus
521939 Jul 1stG 292Ellen MooreQueens Hospital50A.E.Palmer
531939 Sept 20thG 247John Henry Cox151 Park Road Smethwick65A.E.Palmer
541939 Nov 11thNNJohn Edward Thompson11 Wigorn Road Smethwick84J.W..Wiltas
551939 Nov 15thG 405Mary Sturman32 Masters Lane Hill74E.P.Baker
561939 Dec 7thG 401William Pitchford114 Bleakhouse Road Warley84A.E.Palmer
571940 Jan 18thG 56William Samuel Prick40 Beech Road80E.W.Jones
581940 Jan 21stG 237Joseph WoodLong Lane Blackheath74Owen Cutler
591940 Jan 31stNNFrederick Robbins8 College Road Quinton84A.E.Williams
601940 Feb 10thG 1AMinnie Hadley128 Long Lane Blackheath54Allport
611940 Jul 22ndG 35Henry Brennand376 Wolverhampton Road65A.E.Palmer
621940 Jul 31stG 389Frank Parks44 High Street Quinton66Willimore
631940 Nov 11thG 182Maria Turner132 Birch Road Warley76A.E.Palmer
641940 Dec 27thG 42David Detheridge738 Hagley Road West67A.E.Palmer
651941 Mar 15thNNEmily HipkissSutton Road Kidderminster73Allport
661941 Oct 1stNNWilliam Neale2 Linden Avenue Cakemore78R.H.Quick
671941 Nov 12thG 197Lesley Ronald Grubb268 Hagley Road West14A.E.Palmer
681941 Nov 16thNNFanny Greaves503 Ridgacre Road69G.Farr
691941 Dec 15thG 197Diane Rosemary WillettsChildrens Hospital Ladywood2 mnthsA.E.Palmer
701942 Jan 6thG 387Gwendoline WillettsChildrens Hospital Ladywood2yrsA,E,Palmer
711942 Feb 12thG 92Florance Coare77 Dudley Road Birmingham57A.E.Palmer
721942 Mar 4thNNRuth Willetts23 Bissell Street Quinton64Williman
731943 Jan 21stG 56Mary Elizabeth Price119 Warwards Lane Selly Oak77M.A.Sewell
741943 Jan 29thG 264Edith Fanny McWhister92 Devon Street Smethwick56E.D.Clapman
751943 Feb 20thG 158Charles Clay33 Meadows Road Quinton63A.E.Palmer
761943 May 6thG 55aCharles Ernest Gould353 Moat Road Warley68A.E.Palmer
771943 May 29thG 95Elizabeth Higgins35 Astley Road Quinton77Williman
781943 Jul 21stG 32Joseph Wood461 Hagley Road West93A.E.Palmer
791943 Aug 17thNNElizabeth Bissell32 Dawson Street Smethwick84Williman
801943 Sept 20thG 157John Thomas SalisburyQueen Elizabeth Hospital Edgbaston70A.E.Palmer
811944 Feb 17thG 151Elizabeth Ann Salisbury407 Moat Road Oldbury66A.E.Palmer
821944 Feb 23rdG 36Mary TaylorRaddlebarn Road SellyOak84A.E.Palmer
831944 Mar 25thG 422 AWinifred Eleanor Mathews1 Wood Lane Harborne27A.E.Palmer
841944 Apr 19thG 160Louisa Beatrice Green31 Stoney Lane Quinton71A.E.Palmer
851944 Apr 27thNNSamuel Bissell23 Meadow Road Quinton85Willimans
861944 Jun 5thNNJoseph Jabey Austin1 Wood Lane Harborne74Willimans
871944 Jul 12thG 39Harry StokesSt.Chads Hospital Edgbaston80A.E.Palmer
881944 Jul 31stG 145John Francis CussonWitton60A.E.Palmer
891944 Aug 4thG 174Majorie Rose GreenAstley Road Quinton30Williman
901944 Nov 10thG 242Edith Louisa LoweSt.Chads Hospital Edgbaston70A.E.Palmer
911944 Nov 27thG 106George Smith123 Wigorn Road Smethwick67A.E.Palmer
921944 Dec 7thG 127Charles LaneRaddlebarn Road SellyOak60A.E.Palmer
931944 Dec 13thG 251Ann Hall29 Meadow Road Quinton85A.E.Palmer
941945 Jan 11thG 421William BlundellRaddlebarn Road SellyOak85A.E.Palmer
951945 Mar 24thG 71Thomas George Hadley39 High Street Quinton80A.E.Palmer
961945 May 30thG 350William Hodgetts35 Bissell Street74Williman
971945 Jan 16thG 367Nellie Coulson Rogers198 Hagley Road Edgbaston77J.Rogers
981945 Dec 12thG 399Emily Elizabeth Shann10 Hagley Road West93A.E.Palmer
991946 Feb 8thG 108 APamela ParksHigh Street Quinton69Williman
1001946 Mar 30thNNDavid Woodhouse63 Edward Road Hill73A.E.Palmer
1011946 May 16thG 358Thomas Rose545 Ridgacre Road72Williman
1021946 May 25thG 451Maria Alderthay1St Katherines Road Warley85A.E.Palmer
1031946 Jul 13thG 256Lizzie Parkes527 Ridgacre Road Quinton72W.G.Moore
1041946 Sept 11thG 168Elizabeth Stanger17 Spies Lane Quinton76W.Russell
1051946 Nov 27thG 407Francis Alfred Powell PriddyGeneral Hospital Birmingham58A.E.Palmer
1061946 Dec 6thG 33Irene Ruby BrennandHospital Lichfield36A.E.Palmer
1071946 Dec 7thG 386George Henry Haskins149 Cheshire Road Smethwick83A.E.Palmer
1081947 Feb 11thG 133John Rose157 Long Lane74A.E.Palmer
1091947 Feb 14thG 268Mary Ann HadleyGeneral Hospital Birmingham60A.E.Palmer
1101947 Jun 23rdNNHenry Greave181 Highcroft Road80W.G.Moore
1111947 Mar 11thG 138Lily Thompson503 Ridgacre Road75A.E.Palmer
1121947 Jun 23rdG 193Mary Jane Glaze21 High Street Quinton67A.E.Palmer
1131947 Sept 29thG 162 AMary E. Cecil Vaundrey114 Fountain Road Birmingham49A.E.Palmer
1141947 Nov 20thG 335Elizabeth Ann Botting86 Hagley Road West7A.E.Palmer
1151948 Jan 17thG 2371 AEllen FieldHospital Sedgley67A.E.Palmer
1161947 Jul 19thG 320Timothy ColeGuest Hospital67Walter Cooper