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Quinton National School Log 1881-1900

Many thanks once again to Bill Yates for his painstaking work in transcribing these logs.

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Monday 24th February
Transferred 16 boys and 12 girls to the mixed school.

Monday 19th –24th June
Good attendance. Most of the children who have had measles have returned to school having had the disease in a very mild form-six are absent with glandular swellings.

Monday 17th – 22nd July
The marriage of Miss Gem of Belle Vue House, Halesowen caused a few children to absent themselves from school on Tuesday. Rev C H Oldfield visited the school on Friday morning and gave a short account of his tour to Switzerland.

Monday 28th August
A change has been made to the timetable this week to allow gasfitters time to lay in service pipes.

Monday 11th – 16th September
The children of the first class have been very irregular in their attendance during the week; some have been kept away to assist in gleaning

Monday 13th – 15th November
A holiday was given on Tuesday in honour of the marriage of Miss Oldfield, eldest daughter of the Rector on Wednesday. The Reverend C H Oldfield, accompanied by his sister Mrs Marden, visited the school and presented each child with an apple and a bun. On Thursday only nine children assembled in the morning and nineteen in the afternoon as the snow rendered the roads almost impassable.


Monday 5th – 10th February
The usual half-holiday was given on Shrove Tuesday to enable the children to attend and entertainment given by the Scholars of the Mixed School.

Monday 26th February
I have to report the death of Joseph Wood from Croup.
End of 1st quarter of School Year, compared with corresponding quarter.
 1882 1883
Average Attendance 57 60
Number on Register 87 87
Amount of Fees £5.6s.9d £5.19s.7d

Monday 17th – 23rd September
Several children absented themselves from school on Monday to attend Rowley Wake. Henry Everton returned to school after 12 weeks absence from sickness.

Monday 12th – 17th November
Tuesday Government Examinations – Every child on the register was present. Mr Barrington Ward examined the Writing and Arithmetic and Mr Brindle, assistant inspector, Reading, Singing, Sewing and General Knowledge.

Infant School Report 1883
In the first Infant Class the writing is remarkably good, the Reading very fair. The second class Infants write well from copier, but few of them are able to form capital letters from dictation. In this class the Reading was only tolerable, but the lowest division showed a good knowledge of the letters of the alphabet. With respect to Arithmetic the work can hardly be considered satisfactory. The subject is apparently taught mechanically and simple elementary calculation has not yet been mastered save by a few Infants in each class.


Monday 3rd – 7th March
A very small attendance on Monday. The managers of the Chemical Works gave a tea to those children whose fathers are employed in the works.

Monday 19th September
Mrs Oldfield visited the school to wish the children goodbye as she was leaving the Parish for some months. On Tuesday a complaint was made to the headmaster that a boy had been punished too severely.


Received Diocesan Inspectors report – “There seems considerable improvement in this school during the past year under Miss Dunton”.

Head teacher - Margaret Dunton
Pupil teacher - Sarah Green

Friday 25th March
A holiday was given on Wednesday for the Queen’s visit to Birmingham.


March 2nd
Mistress absent all the week. Scripture taken every morning by the Reverend A L Manby.


July 4th
The attendance this week has been rather poor considering the number on books. 92 on books, average for this week 66.3. On Monday registers could not be marked because there were so few children present. Edgar Woolvin has consumption.

September 26th
One boy away with measles. Re-admitted Edgar Woolvin after an absence of 16 weeks.


December 18th
Mr John Dingley called on Wednesday morning for six monthly average attendances. Average for this week is 46 with 65 on the books. 11 of the children on the books have been absent all week. Medical certificates have been received for 4; most of the others are under compulsory age.


February 20th
The staff for the year ending October 31st 1892
Elizabeth Green Certificated Mistress
Clara Ash Pupil Teacher
Rev. James Jones Chairman of Managers

March 18th
Most of the children away suffering from chilblains


December 20th
This school was closed all day on the 17th for the Polling for the District Council.


July 22nd
This school will be closed tomorrow because of the Polling for the General Election.


February 10th
The following children are worthy of special mention:-

Division I
J Field; M Clarke; E Horton; Annie Whitehouse; B Wood; S Hall; E Rudge
Division II
Emily Darby; S F Whitehouse; F Partridge; N Bissell; B Smith; A Hadley; F Kraft; L Rose; Elsie Harper; Chas Clews; Ethel Marler; F Rose


June 18th
This school will be closed today till Monday 28th June on account of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

August 27th
Mary Allen commenced helping in this school on Thursday August 19th.

September 3rd
Two children prevented from attending because of fever. Beatrice Green was absent on Thursday morning with toothache. Two children, Lucy and Arthur Parkes, cannot attend school because of diphtheria in the house.

September 17th
Two more cases of Scarlet Fever and one of Diphtheria. 16 children staying away because of fever or diphtheria. Rowley Wake has slightly reduced the attendance for this week.

School Staff 1897-1898

Miss Elizabeth Green Head Teacher
Lucy Parkes Pupil teacher of 2nd year
Bessie Whitehouse Pupil teacher of 1st year
Mary Allen Candidate on Probation
Beatrice Green Pupil teacher of 4th year for st.1


January 15th
Voluntary Schools Act 1897 – Received notice from the Education dept. that they had granted £80 to this school for the following purposes – Increasing salary of Head Teacher and improving Staff and apparatus.


January 31st
Elizabeth green resigned the Head Teachership of the Quinton National Infants School on this date.

February 1st
The following changes in the School Staff take effect from this date :-

Miss Bertha Allen appointed Head Teacher of the Infants School
Miss Mary Troman appointed assistant in the Infants School
Miss Beatrice Green appointed assistant mistress

During Miss Allen’s absence this school is placed under temporary Superintendence of Mr Burns, the Head Teacher of the Mixed Dept.

April 29th
Miss Beatrice green has terminated her agreement and Miss Mary E Harris is appointed from today as Head Mistress of this Infants School.

School Staff 1899 – 1900
Elizabeth Green
Lucy Parkes
Annie Garner
Fanny Allen