Listed Buildings - The Nailer's Cottage

Nailers' Cottage Frontage

This photo, taken recently, shows the “Nailer’s Cottage”, which stands on the corner of High Street and Ridgacre Road West. The cottage is presently the only Grade II listed building that remains in Quinton. Parts of the building reputedly date back five hundred years. In the garden, to the rear of the cottage, is a small stone building which contains an old fireplace where the metal was heated and shaped into nails. All the floors upstairs and down are stone, and the oak beams are as they were when the cottage was built. The oak panelling, that lines the hall, was taken from Witley Court in Worcestershire. Witley Court was destroyed by fire before the Second World War. Over the fireplace is a hand-carved mantel with a tapestry insert. In one of the corners is a Flemish stained glass panel, believed to be from the fourteenth century. Downstairs in the far wall are a pair of wrought-iron Gothic windows which were taken from the old Quinton Toll House, prior to its demolition in 1946, reputedly the windows contain the original glass. The kitchen floor is made of red quarry tiles and the building contains many stone Gothic arches. The nailers traded as small cottage industries and the nail-factor, a man by the name of Samuel Dingley, would deliver raw materials, and then collect the finished article, paying out only a few pence to the nailers as recompense for their labours.

Nailers' Cottage - rear
Rear of the Nailers' Cottage

Nailers' Cottage - Hallway
Entrance Hall, showing panelling acquired from Witley Court

Fireplace with tapestry
Fireplace with tapestry mantel

Fireplace with arches
Fireplace with gothic arches on both sides

Oak beams
Downstairs to left of fireplace, showing oak beams

Stained glass window
Stained glass window depicting Brangäne

Ornate panel
Ornate wooden display panel over fireplace

Roof Beams
Second floor - ceiling showing roof beams

Rear Window
The windows at the rear of the house (shown above)
were originally part of the old toll house on the
Kidderminster - Birmingham turnpike road,
now Hagley Road West.

Rear door
Rear door to the cottage

Out building, built much later -
Believed to be a nailers' workshop.

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