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Letters and Emails to the Editor 2011

Dear Mr Taylor,

I came across your books during a visit to the Birmingham Archives and Heritage Service and the books have led me to your website!

I am currently writing the biography of my relation, the late Larry Stephens, a scriptwriter for the Goon Show and Army Game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Stephens

Larry was born in West Bromwich in 1923 but by the age of 5 he & his parents, Albert & Nancy, had moved to Perry Hill Road. His sister Margaret was born in the Quinton family home in 1929.

Larry’s father Albert worked at the SW & S Power Company at Mucklow Hill and later became Secretary of the MEB. During the Second World War he took an active part with the Home Guard in Quinton.

Thanks to your website I now know that Larry & Margaret attended the Church School but I am eager to learn more about the Stephens’ lives in Quinton. I have discovered that immediately before or after the War Larry was pianist with the Dennis R Hinton Band but have been unable to find out exactly when & where they were performing.

If any members of the Society remember the Stephens family or Dennis R Hinton band I would love to hear from them and can be contacted by email on julie.warren@vathena.eu or telephone number 0203 287 3632

Kind regards and thanks,

Julie Warren
Wickford, Essex

Hi Bernard


I would like to start by thanking you and the Quinton Local History Society for your Web Site. It has given me information on schooling and deaths in my family, but I wonder if you can help me with some other information or point me in the right direction?

My Grandfather's family name is Bricknell who lived at The Hawthorns, Quinton for a number of years, sometimes the records say Hawthorn House or The Hawthorns and in later years a number followed by Hawthorns. In my Great Grandfather's will in 1922 he left a freehold property of 2000 square yards known as The Hawthorns Quinton. A number of the Bricknell family were Ivory and Bone Turners by trade, but I cannot find any information about the residence or their trade.

I am more than happy to purchase any books or articles, or join your society which may give me some information.



Ed’s Comment-Always a pleasure to receive thanks from the public for the society’s website-it makes all the work so worthwhile.

Dear Bernard

I always look forward to receiving the latest edition of the Oracle, but on receiving the November issue by post; imagine my surprise and pleasure on viewing the cover picture that took me back to a very pleasurable time of my life. I was actually in the audience when "Home for Christmas" was performed in the Parish Hall way back in 1956. My husband John was a member of the Guild Players as was my dear friend Trixie Robins and our young neighbour Doreen Grice. What I am unsure of is when the performance actually took place. I think it was near to the Christmas season but whether at the beginning of 1956 or towards the end of that year. 1956 was the year my son David was born in the September, and whilst we were living in Monckton Road.  John was 29.

In the picture, John is standing, second from the left, right behind my friend Trixie, seated. On the extreme left of picture Doreen Grice is playing the part of the maid. Second from the right of the picture, seated is Roy Shannion, ex member of the YSC (of which I have written before), and next to him, third from the right is Trixie's sister Glenyss. The others I remember but the names have slipped my memory.

Happy days.  Would you be interested in a piece for the Oracle sometime about my first holiday away from home, in wartime, with my cousin Josephine, known always as Jo? We were both working at the Prudential Assurance Co. in Colmore Row Birmingham, and were aged 16 and 15 respectively. We stayed a week in Stratford-on-Avon. Let me know.

All good wishes to you and other members of QLHS for Christmas and the New Year.

Doreen Crowder

Ed’s Comment-Thank you Doreen and the article should be in this issue I hope. Also some more photographs from the archive of the Quinton Guild Players

Quinton Guild Players

Quinton Guild Players - March 1956

Quinton Guild Players-“Mad About Men” in 1958

Quinton Guild (Sorry no details for this one-anyone know?)

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